K - L - M - N

  Samuel Kahl- CO. I, 163RD OH. Infantry

  Andrew Kaho- CO. E, 66TH ILL. Infantry

  Asbury D. Keifer- CO. I, 10TH KANS. Infantry

  Corwin B. Keith- CO. A, 2ND ILL. Cavalry

  Harvey B. F. Keller-1ST KS. Light Artillery

  James Kellerman- CO. F, 138TH PA. VOL. Infantry

  Elvina Kelley- Army Nurse, Cumberland Field Hospital

  Woodson H. Kelley- CO. G, 40TH IND. Infantry

  William Kelsey- 8TH IOWA Infantry

  Peter B. Kennedy- CO. H, 130TH IND. Infantry

  William H. Kennedy- 103RD OH. Infantry

  John B. Keys- CO. E, 5TH KANS. Cavalry

  John Kiddoo- Co. K, 102ND ILL. Infantry

  Abraham Kightlinger- CO. K, 4TH OH. VET. VOL. Infantry

  Edward A. Killian, CO. A, 17TH MO. Infantry

  B. H. Killion- CO. F, 28TH ILL. Infantry

  J. H. Kimmey- CO. F, 9TH DELAWARE Infantry

  Wilson Kincaid- CO. D, 6TH OH. VOL. Cavalry

  Joseph F. King- CO. A, 12TH IND. Infantry

  Thomas N. King- CO. B, 2ND KY. Cavalry

  Milton A. Kirkpatrick- CO. G, 91ST OH. Infantry

  James M. Kittrell- CO. A, 2ND TENN. Infantry

  Jasper N. Knock- CO. G, 50TH ILL. Infantry

  Robert B. Knock- CO. G, 50TH ILL. Infantry

  Tobias S. Kramer- CO. I, 5TH REG. PA. Cavalry

  John Kreiss- CO. K, 1ST TENN. VOL. Infantry

  Dewitt C. Krone- CO. E, 45TH ILL. Infantry

  Duquesne H. Krone- CO. E, 41ST ILL. Infantry

  Newton Krow- CO. D, 87TH PENN. Infantry

  Martin L. Lacey- CO. H, 3RD MI. VOL. Cavalry

  Benjamin W. Ladd, CO. A, 48TH OH. Infantry

  Leroy O. Ladd- 110th N. Y. Infantry

  John A. Lang- CO. D, 144TH OH. Infantry    

  James H. Lane- Commander, Frontier Guard

  William Lassey- CO. A, 4TH MICH. Infantry

  John W. Leeka- CO. A, 48TH REG. OHIO VOL. Infantry

  James Lemon- 54TH OH. Infantry

  Fredrick F. Lenhart- CO. H, 6TH W. VA. VOL. Cavalry

  Thomas B. Lenoir- Capt. Montgomery's Indpt. Co., State Troops (Herndon Rangers) Mississippi

  Porter N. Lewis- CO. I, 3RD ILL. Cavalry

  Isaac T. Light- CO. C, 38TH IND. Infantry

  Joseph H. Light- CO. C, 145TH IND. Infantry

  John D. Lindsay- 64TH ILL. VOL. Infantry

  Ebeneezer Linn- CO. E, 19TH IOWA VOL. Infantry

  William H. Linton- CO. C, 32ND OH. VOL. Infantry

  G. H. List- CO. A, 20TH ILL. Infantry

  Thomas Lloyd- 7TH INDPT. BATTERY, OH. Light Artillery

  Thomas Loman- CO. E, 6TH KANS. Cavalry

  Charles W. Long- CO. E, 123RD OH. VOL. Infantry

  Dennis Long- 16TH ILL. VOL. Infantry

  Henry C. Loomis- 154th N. Y. Infantry

  John Loudybarger- CO. H, 8TH IND. Infantry

  Amos P. Loveland- CO. F, 86TH ILL. Infantry

  James M. Lowry- CO. D, 107TH ILL. Infantry

  Reason Lucas - CO. C, 129TH ILL. Infantry

  A. B. Lupher- CO. E, 63RD PENN. VOL. Infantry

  Andrew W. Lyman- CO. A, 76TH ILL. Infantry

  Ephraim Lyon- 8TH MICH Infantry

  Harrison G. Mace- CO. D, 8TH IA. VOL. Cavalry

  Charles F. Maclary- 6TH DEL. Infantry

  John A. Magill- CO. K, 11TH IND. Cavalry

  William T. Mahan- Co. E, 11th KANS. Cavalry

  John Makemson- CO. D, 2ND KENTUCKY Cavalry C. S. A.

  Sawyer Makinson- 1ST IA. Cavalry

  Gustavas A. Malmquist- CO. K, 1ST ME Heavy Artillery

  Martin W. Malone- CO. F, 3RD IA. Cavalry

  Arad H. Mann- 26TH ILL. Infantry

  James Mansfield- CO. F, 101ST PA. Infantry

  Clement March- CO. B, 5TH ILL. Cavalry

  Joseph Marsh- CO. G, 107TH ILL. Infantry

  Joseph L. Marshall- CO. L, 6TH KANS. Cavalry

  Augustus Martin- CO. F, 1ST PENN. Light Artillery

  Wooster B. Martin- CO. A, 2ND W. VA. Cavalry

  John Wesley Mason- CO. E, 10TH KANS. Infantry

  Lycurgus C. Mason- CO. F, 58TH IND. VOL. Infantry

  John M. Massey- 7TH MO. VOL. Infantry

  Benjamin F. Masterman- CO. E, 5TH IND. Cavalry

  David Matteson- CO. A, 10TH WI. Infantry

  William M. Mattocks- CO. I, 9TH MO. Cavalry

  Charles May- CO. F, 2ND IA. VOL. Infantry

  George A. McAdam- CO. G, 74TH OH. Infantry

  William L. McAlexander- CO. E, 113TH OH. Infantry

  William McBrown- 1ST WIS. Cavalry

  George W. McCarty- CO. H, 15TH ILL. Infantry

  William H. McClure- CO. I, 71ST OH. Infantry

  Samuel McCombs- CO. F, 98TH OH. Infantry

  John McCormick- CO. E, 1ST IA. Cavalry

  Jeremiah D. McCue- CO. 17TH ILL. Infantry

  W. A. McCulley- SURGEON, 65TH OH. Infantry

  J. W. McDaniels- --- --, ---- N. C. Infantry

  William J. McDougall- 2ND COLO. VOL. Infantry

  Jesse McDowell- CO. K, 121ST OH. Infantry

  John A. McElhany- CO. E, 16TH IA. Infantry

  William T. McElroy- CO. D, 196TH OH. Infantry

  John C. McGinness-CO. E, 131ST PA. Infantry

  James McGlinn- Co. C, 68th IND. Infantry

  Robert P. McGregor- Co. B, 152nd IND. Infantry

  Frank McGuire- CO. A, 2ND MO. Cavalry

  Samuel W. McGuire-CO. B, 7TH MO. Cavalry

  George H. McIntire- CO. C, 11TH KANS. Cavalry

  Clark McKay- CO. F, 12TH KANS. Infantry

  George W. McKey- CO. A, 1ST IA. Cavalry

  Thomas J. McKibben- CO. B, 25TH ILL. Infantry

  Aaron McKinney- CO. B, 153RD ILL. Infantry

  William McKinney- CO. K, 33RD IA. Infantry

  John A. McLaughlin- 47th IND. Infantry

  John H. McLin- CO. K, 143RD IND. Infantry

  John M. McNay- CO. B, 45TH ILL. Infantry

  Elisha McNew- CO. B, 8TH TN. VOL. Cavalry

  Robert McPherson- CO. C, 1ST N. Y. Sharpshooters

  Daniel McTaggart- CO. C, 111TH U. S. C. I.

  Edward Miles- CO. E, 5TH WIS. Infantry

  Robert P. Miles- CO. E, 14TH MO. VOL. Cavalry

  Alfred W. Miller, CO. I, 112TH N. Y. VOL. Infantry

  Henry Miller, CO. F, 4TH ILL. Cavalry

  John A. Miller, CO. E, 35TH OH. VOL. Infantry

  William Miller- CO. C, 79TH ILL. VOL. Infantry

  John Milliron, CO. I, 166TH OH. VOL. Infantry

  Amos Milner- CO. B, 99TH IND. VOL. Infantry

  Hannibal Mills- 26TH IND. VOL. Infantry

  Charles J. Miner- CO. K, 36TH ILL. Infantry

  John Minnich- CO. I, 54TH ILL. VOL. Infantry

  Charles A. Mitchell- CO. K, 151st ILL. Infantry

  Jacob B. Mitchell- Surgeon, 12th TN. Cavalry

  Thomas J. Mitchell- 15th KANS. Cavalry

  James Molesworth- Co. I, 1st IA. Light Artillery

  Henry Montague - CO. D, 23RD OH. VOL. Infantry

  Patrick Montgomery- CO. F, 6TH U. S. C. Cavalry

  Osborne Mooney- CO. C, 88TH IND. Infantry

  Robert Mooney- CO. G, 8TH IND. VOL. Cavalry

  Peter S. Moore- 40TH IND. Infantry

  Thomas Moore- CO. A, 114TH ILL. Infantry

  William A. Moore- CO. C, 80TH IND. Infantry

  James A. Morgan- 16TH OH. VOL. Infantry

  Orlin E. Morse- CO. D, 5TH KANS. Cavalry

  Paul J. Mueller- __. __, _____ N. Y. Infantry

  Thomas B. Murdock- CO. B, 9TH KANS. Cavalry

  George B. Murray- CO. F, 15TH IA. Infantry

  Willard Musson- CO. H, 107TH ILL. Infantry

  Walker Mustain- CO. A, 30TH OH. Infantry

  Hammond C. Muzzy- 1ST INDPT BTRY, KANS. Light Artillery

  Calvin N. Myers- CO. D, 63RD IND. Infantry

  William Nadelhoffer- CO. H, 17TH ILL. VOL. Cavalry

  John H. Nafus- CO. F. 9TH IND. VOL. Infantry

  Seth Nation - CO. A, 8TH IND. VOL. Infantry

  Thomas E. Nation- CO. E, 6TH KANS. Cavalry

  W. C. Newkirk- CO. G, 50TH IND. Infantry

  Isaac Newland- CO. D, 78TH ILL. Infantry

  Thomas S. Newland- CO. D, 78TH ILL. Infantry

  Goodman Newton- CO. C, 53RD ILL. VOL. Infantry

  Samuel B. Newton-CO. A, 36TH OH. Infantry

  B. F. Nigh- CO. I, 146TH ILL. Infantry

  Isaac Nigh- CO. G, 115TH REGT ILL. VOL. Infantry

  Thomas Aaron Nimrod- CO. H, 151ST IND. Infantry (linked to a wonderful site for the Nimrod family made by Teddie Anne “Annie” Driggs)

  Joseph H. Norris- COOK, 86TH IND. VOL. Infantry

  William Norton- CO. C, 17TH KANS. Infantry

  George Nott- CO. A, 3RD MN. VOL. Infantry