ROBERT T. BEAN                             GRAVESTONE PHOTO                      

The Wichita Beacon, Saturday, July 16, 1921, pg. 2

Died:  July 15, 1921





One of Most Widely Known

Civil War Veterans In




  Col. R. T. Bean, aged 79, for many years in the real estate business here, died at 2:45 a. m. today at his home 342 North Lawrence Avenue.  Heart disease was given as the cause of death.

  He was stricken ill at 6 oíclock last night while on his way to the rooming house where he lived.  He sat down to rest on a curb near his home.  John Puls passed by and saw Col. Bean was ill and helped him home.  He was unable to get upstairs to his room so he was given a room downstairs and a physician was called.  Shortly after midnight it was seen that he was getting worse and W. R. Dulaney and Joseph Brubacher, old friends were sent for.  He recognized them after they arrived and was conscious almost up to the time of his death.

Three Children Survive

  Col. Beanís wife died twenty years ago and is buried in Maple Grove Cemetery.  Three children survive.  They are Richard, president of the Louisville National Bank of Louisville, Ky., Robert, who lives in Texas, and Mary, who lives in North Carolina.  He has no relatives living in the city, but his children all lived here formerly.

  Col. Bean was a member of Gen. John Morganís famous cavalry, which was the terror of the Union forces west of the mountains during the war.  He always attended reunions of the Confederate Veterans.

  Col. Bean was president of the Southern Society which held annual meetings here in May.  Every May he used to send for country hams back to his old home in Mt. Sterling, Ky.

In Grocery Business

  Prior to coming to Wichita Col. Bean was in the wholesale grocery business at Mount Sterling.  He came here in 1886 to engage in real estate business.  For a time he was in the commission business, at the stock yards with the firm of Bean and Bleakmore, but returned to the live stock business.

  He was a member of the First Baptist Church.