SAMUEL JAMES EALES                               



Samuel James Eales (Born Nov. 22, 1841)  (Died April 29, 1934)


Served in the Confederate Fifth Kentucky (Mounted Infantry) Regiment, 3rd Co., F Troop, in the Civil War. He enlisted as a private Sept. 5, 1862 and was promoted to 2nd Lt. April 4, 1864. (Note: The promotion was the day after his brother was killed in the battle of Chickamauga. (He was in this battle, as well.)  He was wounded in the right leg in the battle of Jonesboro August 31, 1864 and entered into the Ocmulgee hospital in Macon, Georgia Sept. 28, 1864 and was released from the hospital November 19, 1964. He surrendered in Augusta, Georgia, May 10, 1865. I believe when he was released from the hospital in Georgia that he held the rank of  Captain.


  This would be my great-great Uncle. He once owned a bank, newspaper and grain elevator in Burrton, Kansas. I'm not sure where he was buried. I'm sure somewhere in the Burrton, KS area since his son lived near Yoder, KS. (Cecil B. Eales)


Bob Eales - Lawrence, KS