THOMAS BETTES           GRAVESTONE PHOTO                      

The Elsmore Leader, Friday, Jun. 14, 1907

Died:  Jun. 8, 1907




  Thomas Bettes was born in Independence county, Arkansas, June 6, 1833, died Saturday, June 8, 1907, aged 74 years and 2 days.

  Mr. Bettes lived in Arkansas until 1887, when he married Miss Mary Ball and moved to Kansas, having resided in this state up to his death.  He leaves an aged wife four brothers, and two sisters, two brothers and one sister having passed beyond.

  Uncle Tom, as he was known, was a Lincoln soldier in the civil war and was honorably discharged after his term of service and was an honored member of Elsmore G. A. R. Post, No. 13, and his comrades had charge of his funeral.  Rev. L. J. Gillham preached his funeral sermon Sunday afternoon at the M. E. church, interment at the Elsmore cemetery.

  Mr. Bettes was a man of considerable means and one of the heaviest property owners in the City of Elsmore, and had before the January fire a solid block of good one and two story buildings, but the fire caught it at a time when it was not insured and he suffered a great loss with others.  At the time of his death he owned several dwelling houses and some valuable lots and was considered wealthy in money, paper and lands.

  Uncle Tom suffered for many years with asthma and also catarrh of the head in a bad form but the cause of his death was cancer on the face, which spread to his mouth and throat.  He was a great sufferer and his death was not unexpected at any time, for a number of weeks.  He has been confined to his room for over nine months.  He was taken to the Soldiers Home at Leavenworth, a few months ago, with the hopes that under hospital treatment he might recover but the change did not prove beneficial and he was brought back after a few days.

  To his beloved wife and near relatives is extended the sympathy of the entire community.  Had Uncle Tom had hunted the world over he could not have found a more patient, loving, devoted, and estemable little lady then Aunt Polly and she cared for him to the limit of her strength throughout his years of suffering and last illness.