WALLACE FILER                                  

Goodland Republic, May 14, 1909

Died:  May 9, 1909


  Wallace Filer was born November 20, 1841 in Warren county. Pa. He was married to Miss Celina Wilcox. February 14. 1868. at Youngsville. Pa. He leaves a wife, one son. Glen; two daughters. Rose and Mrs. William Walker, Jr.. to mourn his loss, all living in Goodland; and a brother, Samuel Filer, and a sister. Mrs. Martha Olds, residing at Youngsville. Pa. From this old home Mr. Filer came to Sherman county in May. 1886, the family following in April 1887.

  Mr. Filer served about three years in the civil war. His first enlistment was in G company Eighteenth infantry. August 16. 1862. discharged July 25. 1863. for disability—pneumonia of the left lung, and heart difficulty. After recovering his health he enlisted in Company D Eighty-third Pennsylvania infantry. March 30. 1864. and was discharged July 3. 1865, at the close of the war. In this last service he was wounded in the right ankle in an engagement at Reeble's Farm, September 30. 1864.

  In life he was highly esteemed and in death, will be long remembered, especially by members of the Masonic lodge and the comrades of the G. A. R. post of this city, in both of which orders he was a charter member, and a faithful and laborious officer.  Another landmark has been removed to a "better country, even a heavenly." His last words were an index of his faith. In great suffering and with dying breath, he said,
"Lord, have mercy on me!"

  The Master's address at the grave was recited by Past Master A. G. Patrick. It was thoroughly memorized and delivered in fine voice. The subject of the address is not only highly appropriate for the occasion, but lofty in its conception of the dignity and immortality of the soul. Years ago Mr. Filer and Mr. Patrick formed a "pact," that the one surviving the other, the living was to deliver the address, which both together had practiced and memorized.

  The floral offerings were profuse and beautiful. The list was as follows: Masons, large wreath with square and compass of roses in the center; the A. O. U. W., a shield; the G. A. R., and W. R. C., wreath of carnations; the teacher of the high school, wreath of lillies; the high school, wreath of roses; the grammar grade, a pillow; boquet. (sic) Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Comer, Denver; bouquet, Mrs. W. Ennis; also Miss Laurene Walker and Mrs. J. J. Knight.