The Lawrence Daily Gazette, Thursday, Apr. 11, 1918, Pg. 4

Vol. XV, No. 4




Wm. Nadelhoffer Died At home

Of Heart Trouble.


  William Nadelhoffer, one of the best known residents of Lawrence, died this morning at his home 1036 Connecticut street, of heart trouble.

  William Nadelhoffer was born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1845, and was the third child born in that town.  At the age of sixteen he ran away and joined the army, enlisting in the 17th Illinois cavalry, and served during the whole of the war.  In 1869 he came to Kansas, and settled in Lawrence, where he has lived ever since.  In March, 1869, he married to Miss Mary A. Moser.  He leaves a widow, three daughters, two brothers and three grandsons.  One of the latter, Willie Johns, is now on the way to France.  The daughters are Mrs. Will Johns, of Lawrence, Mrs. Andrew Christensen and Mrs. Minnie Hughes of Colorado Springs.

  Mr. Nadelhoffer had been in the building and contracting business in Lawrence for almost fifty years, and was held in the highest regard by the people here.  He was above and beyond all else a patriot, and he loved his country first of all.  When the boys have been called to war, he has always marched at the head of the parade that led them, and carried a flag and the sword that he wore during the Civil war.  When the first boys were called the other day, he was not able to march in the parade, but he rode in his buggy at the had of the procession carrying a flag.  He was a member of the Grand Army post, and for a long time was the commander, and held office in the Post for many years.  Since war was declared, he has many times regretted that his age prevented him from going to the front in Europe, and for months all his thoughts have been of the boys over there, and of those who were going, and the pride of his life was his young grandson, Willie Johns, who is already at the front, or on his way there.

  He was a grand old man, a man the town was proud of, and he will be greatly missed by the hundreds of personal friends who are left to mourn his death.