WILLIAM L. WARREN                               

Goodland Republic, Oct. 26, 1906

Died:  Oct. 21, 1906



Old Time Resident of This County Succumbs to Bright’s Disease.


  When William L. Warden died at his home Sunday, two and one-half miles southeast of Edson, many people of Goodland and the east side lost a loyal friend, and Sherman county one of her old residents and honorable citizens.

  Good as religion is, a man may still have a strong and tender heart in him without being "churchy." "Bill" Warden was of this sort. If he was your friend, you would rest assured that he would be true to his profession. So admirable was this quality in hi life, that his heart had never taught his lips to deceive a friend.

  It was a short cortege that bore his body through the streets of Goodland toward the cemetery Monday in the storm and cold of winter. The sun didn't shine nor give up its heat to bless the burial, but those who knew "Bill" Warden was being taken to his bed in the earth, warmed their hearts with memories of his good fellowship.

  The life of Mr. Warden in his younger days shows that he was not without ambition, nor was of the ordinary kind of youths. When 16 years of age he came nearly getting into West Point as cadet, but in a rigorous physical examination he was rejected. That, however, did not keep him from being a good soldier, and when the civil war broke out, he enlisted in the Thirtieth Kentucky mounted infantry, and was mustered out in 1865, with a record of soldiery performances behind him.

  After the war, he held a federal appointment, that of inspector and assessor of liquors and tobacco in his district in Kentucky. He served in this office for three years and then removed from his native state to Missouri in 1873; later coming to Sherman county in 1886, where he lived until his death, which occurred at his home at 9:05 a.m. Sunday. October 21, after an illness of a week with acute Bright's disease.

  Mr. Warden never married; was born at Monticello, Wayne county, Kentucky, January 24, 1844; is survived by two brothers and three sisters. Samuel Warden of this county. Mrs. L. A. Harris of Pattonsburg, Mo., Mrs. F. F. Miller of Dallas. Tex., Mrs. Nettie C. Duncan of Monticello, Ky.. and John L. Warden of Louisville. Ky.

  It was the intention of the G. A. R. post at Goodland, of which Mr. Warden was a member, to hold the burial service of the lodge at the grave, but the severe weather prevented the carrying out of the intended arrangements.