Kansas " B " Counties
Barber  Barton Bourbon Brown  Butler 

William Carroll Gibson Cemetery:headstone location lost after 1917, Walnut Twp.  Great Bend 30th Mo. CO.F Enlisted Militia (Union) He was from Grundy Co. Missouri. In 1861 while serving as a private with the 30th Mo. CO.F Enlisted Militia William Carroll Gibson was shot in the hip near Spring Hill Missouri, a wound which he died of in April 29 1877 after he moved his Family to Barton Co. Kansas Chuck Gibson

William Wallace Loomis, he is buried in Fort Scott National Cemetary.
was born in 1830 in Maumee, Lucas Co. Ohio. he was married to Lucetta Deuel. They lived in the Emporia, Kansas area. He served in the Civil War, with the 2nd Reg. Kansas Volunteer Calvery Company G then transfered to Co A. He died in Feb.1863 in Fort Scott, Bourbon Co. Ks. My 2 Great Grandfather  Sandra Kerschner Green, Coeur d' Alene, Idaho

William Alexander McIntosh  is buried in Maple Grove Cemetery, Bourbon County, Kansas
William Alexander McIntosh was born March 18, 1833 in Herkimer County, New York. In 1855 he moved to Clyde, Ohio and in 1856 moved to Illinois before moving to Bourbon County, Kansas in 1858. He homesteaded 160 acres of land two miles west of present day Hammond in Bourbon County, Kansas. On January 1, 1861 he married Elmira Grubb. He joined the 6th Kansas Regiment in Company B [Infantry]. He was mustered out in March 1862 when the 6th Kansas became a Cavalry Regiment. He joined Company I of the 6th Kansas Militia and fought at the Battle of Westport in October of 1864 near Kansas City, Missouri. He was a member of the 1867 Kansas Legislature. In 1878 he bought land and started the town of Hammond, Kansas. He had Almira Grubb had nine children. She died in 1889. In 1892 he married Augusta Schwatken. They had two children. He received a Civil War pension around 1890. William
Alexander McIntosh died March 25, 1912  William McIntosh is my great-great Grandfather.
 Robert Macoubrie   Lenexa, Kansas
SAMUEL B. DURHAM  is buried in Bronson Cemetery, Bourbon County, Kansas.
He was born in Franklin, Simpson County, Kentucky May 15, 1836.  He served with the Sixth Regiment, Kansas Volunteers-Cavalry, Company M.  Samuel's parents were James and Francis (Booker) Durham.  He married Lucinda Redmon April 10, 1861 in Leavenworth County, Kansas.  He died in Iola, Kansas May 11, 1917. Submitted by his Great Grandson Donald J. Durham       Fountain Valley,CA
 LT COL Horatio Knowles (b 15 Jan 1821 in Corinna, ME, son of Caleb Chaplin Knowles and his wife, Rachel Shaw Knowles) who appears in KANSAS HISTORICAL COLLECTIONS, Vol X, 250.  In addition to serving, he was also member of Territorial House of Representatives and the first state legislature.  He was with Second Kansas (colored) Infantry, serving from 1863-1864 (mustered on Nov 17, 1863).  2nd Kansas Colored became 83rd US (colored).  Resigned at Little Rock, AR because of illness, and was murdered by border ruffians under the command of Allen Matthews & Major Courcey in Marmaton, KS.  Originally buried in Marmaton in a separate properly marked grave next to the single grave of others murdered that night, his grave was supposedly moved to Fort Scott's National Cemetery #1, but the grave is not identified there.  There is a write-up in Cutlers History of Kansas, State History Part 14.
1st Lt David C. Knowles (brother of Horatio, b 23 May 1825, d25 May 1880, m to Caroline Babbitt, 4 children), 2nd Kansas Volunteer Battery under Charles W. Blair, mustered in at Fort Scott, abt August 1862.
There is a write-up in Cutlers History of Kansas, State History, Part 15. Horatio's service record was requested on June 1st--still waiting; have not yet requested David's--whose name was changed to Daniel in the
records I believe. Please feel free to contact me. Sincerely, Ellen Knowles Bisson
Civil War Veterans Buried In Bourbon County, Kansas
 Samuel McCord was enrolled in the106th Illinois infantry, Co. G.  August 5, 1862. He was 35 years of age at the time. He was married to Rosetta Ann Dugan and they had 3 children, John, who lived only a short time after birth, Jeremiah who died in 1933 and Edward(my grandfather).  Samuel was captured  in Tennessee and was later released. He spent time in Pine Bluff, Arkansas army hospitals, suffering from diarrhea caused by bad water and poor provisions.  He was discharged 12th of July, 1865 in Pine Bluff. He and Rosetta lived in Hiatville, Kansas and he died Nov.  16th,1889 of diarrhea and blood poisoning. He is buried in Farlington, Kansas as is Rosetta. My great grandfather   Clarice Rhodes

 He was William
Henry Fundenberger  (sometimes went with middile initial A.) He is buried at Evergreen Cemtery, FortScott, Bourbon, Ks. m gg grandfather was in the 19th Ks Cavlary. Leon

I am descended thru the following, soldiers, and I have been unable to find the HISTORY, ROSTERS, and Information, on the following:
Michael Tippie, Jr. Union, 4th Kansas Vols,  CO. D, LT. b: 1837,
Ezra S. Tippie, Union  6th Kansas Militia, CO K, CO I, PVT. b: Oct 1835,  Miami Co.
Granville "Sam" C. Tippie, Union, 6th Kansas Militia, CO K Pvt.  b: 1841
Joseph D. Tippie, Union,  6th Kansas Militia, CO K, CO I, pvt
Philip T. Tippie, Union,  2nd Kansas Vols, CO I, CO C, pvtb: 1844
Hathaway D. Tippie, Union,  2nd Kansas Vols, CO I, CO C, 15th Regiment, CO M. b: 1845
Harmon Alvin Buck, Union,  10th Kansas Vols, Inf, Co. I, b: 25 May 1843
My GGGrandparents, were John Goodman Young, and Nancy Ann Tippie, who lived in Mapleton, Bourbon Co. KS, Her relatives, lived in Miami County, as well as Bourbon Co. I will appreciate any help in finding these honored relatives. Thank You,,, Michael D.Young, Houston, TX I have a FAX,,,if that is convienent...# 281-456-9431

Submitted by: Mr. Jack Rogers   Mr Rogers and his wife have spent many hours walking, researching, and compiling this information for us. I truely appreciate his sharing. kwh
Birdwell, Charles M.   Co. B, 116th IL Inf
Brown C.C.   Co. C, 5th Kan Cav
Clark, William   1836-1911   Co. K, 116th Ohio Inf
Curtis, I.J.   Co. G, 52nd IL Inf
Holden, John   Co.B, 5th Kan Cav
Knoop, James   Co. B, 5h Kan Cav
Morton, J.C.   Co. K, 5th Kan Cav
Newland, Jesse   Co. B, 5th Kan Cav
Parker, James B.   Feb 25, 1835-Apr 18, 1909.  Sgt.  2nd Kan Artillery
Sellers, Daniel   Co. C, 5th Kan Cav
Throckmorton, J.B.   Co. C, 5th Kan Cav
Worley, B.A.   Cpl. Co. F, 5th Kan Cav
    13 Unknown U.S. Soldiers
Atkins, J.T.   d. Feb 15, 1899. 58y3m. Co. B, 134th IL Inf
Jaro, John   1828-1891. Co. H, 14th PA Cav
Bayless, Jacob   Dec 24, 1801-Dec 7, 1886.  Co. __, 16th Kan Inf
Beaman, George W.   Apr 15, 1835-Aug 12, 1906.  Co. F, 130th IL Inf
Burnett, James C.   1846-1933.  16th Ohio Inf
Cubbinson, J.M.   1840-1917.  Co. K, 19th Iowa Inf
Ferris, Dwight   Dec 3, 1839-Dec 31-1909. Co. A, 136th NY Inf
Heaton, Elmore E   Feb 15 1843-May 2, 1926.  Co. A, 19th Iowa Inf
Moyer, Jacob   Oct 18, 1842-Feb 20, 1932.  Co. I, 10th Kan Inf
Mylius, Louis H.   Sep 16, 1837-Jun 1, 1918.  Co. C, 6th Kan Cav
Reno, Joseph T.  Oct 5, 1845-Aug 27 1916.  Co. A, 84th IL Inf
Smock, Noah R.   Sep 4, 1834-Jan 31, 1919.  Captain 59th U.S. Infantry
Teel, John C.   Co. F, 13th Iowa Inf
Upton, Lewis J.   May 16, 1833-Jan 30, 1915.  Co. K, 12th Kan Inf
Wright, Theodore   Apr 22, 1844-Oct 23, 1899.  Co. K, 184th IL Inf
Gray, Miles B.   d. Jul 5, 1890.  Co. G, 2nd Ohio Cav
Colebaugh, U.A.   1846-1911.  146th IL Inf
Gibson, Abel   Feb 13, 1823-Feb 17, 1889.  Lieut.  Co. B, 69th Ind Inf
Samuel, John C.   d. Jul 24, 1896. 77y9m6d.  Co. K, 146th IL Inf
Shepard, Lewis C   1842-1929.  Co. A, 70th Ohio Inf
Wilson, James F.   1837-1911.  Co. C, 13th Iowa Cav
Wiley, Robert     Co. G, 33rd MO Inf
Pippin, Richard D.   Co. C, 14th IL Cav
Evergreen Cemetery, Fort Scott, KS
Barnett, Thomas   Jul 17, 1833-May 19, 1904.  Chaplain  19th Ind Inf
Becktell, William M.   1844-1910.  Co. G, 84th Ind Inf
Cooper, H.E.   d. Mar 4, 1888. Cpl.  Co. H, 50th IL Inf
Davis, S.S.   Oct 9, 1842-Apr 19, 1899.  Co. D, 10th RI Inf
Fleming, Thomas W.   Dec 7, 1844-Mar 23, 1935.  Co. H, 16th KY Inf
Graen, Charles W.   1846-1912. "Civil War Vet."
Hayes, Charles H.   d. Mar 25, 1903. Captain  Co. B, 14th Kan Cav
Hermeling ___ d. Jan 16, 1916. 75y. Co. G, 59th Ind Inf
Howorth, William   d. 1925. Co. H, 18th Ohio Inf
Longshore, William H.   Feb 18, 1841-Dc 22, 1909. Co. D, 30th Ohio Inf
****(Medal Of Honor)****
Lyon, Francis A.   Mar 26, 1845.  Mar 26, 1845-Dec 16, 1910. Co. G, 13th MO Cav
McCombs, John   1832-1893.  Co. M, 2nd Iowa Cav
Mikesell, Crowel   1842-1933.  Co. I, 125th Ohio Inf
Morgan, B.F.   Nov 22, 1838-Oct 16, 1914.  Co. F, 118th IL Inf
Myers, George   1837-1903.  Co. C, 52nd PA Inf
Peck, E.J.   1833-1898.  Major  4th Wisc ___
Plumb, Jos. C.   Co. F, 46th Ind Inf
Roller, J.W.   1843-1926.  Co. E, 14th __ Inf
Stanley, James M.   1839-1925.  Co. K, 9th IL Cav
Sweeds, Joseph H.   d. Oct 4, 1886. 39y6m17d.  Co. B, 95th PA Inf
Akin, Moses M.   Sgt.  Co. I, 24th Ind Inf
Baucom, George R.   May 27, 1844-Feb 24, 1929.  11th MO Cav
Billings, James C.   Co. M, 1st MO Engineers
Faller, Andrew   Oct 22, 1840-Jun 8, 1929. Co. G, 151st Ohio Inf
Gwill, John Wilson   1838-1914.  Confederate Soldier
Hanway, Ezekiel   1837-1917.  Co. C, 10th Kan Inf
McNiel, David H.   Co. D, 3rd MO S.M. Cav
Shipman, Sylvester   d. Apr 10 1867. 49y6m.  Co. H, 12th Kan Inf
Stone, George L.   Co. K, 11th PA Cav
Stone, William J.  Sgt. Co. H, 12th Kan Inf
Amey, George   1835-Oct 30 1890.  Sgt. Co. A & Co. E   6th Kan Inf
Drake, Ethan A.   1836-1924.  Co. G, 47th IL Inf
Neil, Fidello   Feb 20, 1844-Jan 25, 1828. Co. C, 8th MO S.M. Cav
Skinner, Franklin G.  b. 1826.  Co. B,62nd IL Inf
Daily, William T.   Jul 30, 1849-Feb 26, 1914.  Co. A, 2nd MO Artillery
Baken, George   D. Dec 24, 1888. Co. F, 11th Kan Cav
Hills, Reuben M.   1844-1916  Co. F, 119th IL Inf
Lucas, Crager   1847-1924.  Co. B, 123rd Ind Inf
Creemer, William   Co. D, 81st Ind Inf
Stanley, John L.   Feb 19, 1820-Jan 27, 1904. Co. K, 83rd IL Inf
Wheeler, W.H.   Co. D, 10th Kan Inf
Gibson, Abeyram B.   d. May 20, 1900. 64y10m2d.  125th IL Inf
Jackman, William   Mar 28, 1834-Jul 13, 1922.  Sgt.  Co. K, 12th Kan Inf
Mason, W.E.   12th Kan Inf
Typer, Robert E.  d. Jul 29, 1909. 67y. Co. I, 201st PA Inf
Mayberry, Henry M.  Co. C, 6th Kan Cav
Anderson, Thomas H.   1840-Nov 3, 1907. 18th Iowa Inf
Ramsey, William T.   Apr 4, 1838-Nov 9, 1910.  Co. E, 10th Kan Inf
Post, John N.   d. Apr 3, 1901. 69y3m3d. 169th Ohio Inf
Rockhill, John W.   Aug 13, 1847-Mar 14, 1844.  Co. H 36th Ohio Inf
Bloom, Charles   d. Nov 24, 1902. 86y10m8d.  Co. C, 5th MO Inf
Carmean, Pearson   Co. E, 41st IL Inf
McGinnis, Charles C.   d. Apr 10, 1903. 74y. Co. G, 131 Ohio Inf
Osborn, Luther   Cpl.  Co. I, 6th Kan Cav
Stevenson, Samuel   d. Jan 15, 1862. 53y3m9d.  Captain   Co. I, 3rd Kan Cav
Horn, Marx   1830-1870  Willet's Co. Ark Provost Guards      CSA
Cunningham, Jacob   Co. I, 10th IL Cav
Gemmill, William d.   Feb 29, 1832-Mar 29,1906.  Co. B, 46th IL Inf
Strait, Oscar   Oct 7, 1832-Nov 14, 1894.  Captain   Co. E, 41st IL Inf
Funson, Jefferson   Co. G, 134th Ind Inf
Williams, Columbus J.   1843-1934.  Co. F, 15th Kan Cav
Hartman, Wesley   1845-1931.  Co. __, 6th Kan Cav
Jones, J.W.   Apr 24, 1843-Feb 18, 1911.  1st Kansas Light Artillery
Field, Stephen   817-Feb 7, 1886.  Co. D, 2nd IL Light Artillery
Hartman, John W.   Jul 20, 1823-Aug 5, 1914.  Co. F, 13th Kan Inf
Stone, James W.  Apr 24, 1845-Aug 31, 1901.  Co. B, 1st Ark Inf
Jones, Isiah   Co. E, 6th Kan Cav
Little, James   Jun 26, 1829-Aug 22, 1895. 2nd Kan Light Artillery
Rhoades, Henry C.   Mar 4, 1847-Nov 7, 1923.  Co. C, __ Kan Cav
Canaday, Hugh L.   Mar 21, 1828-Mar 16, 1903.  Co. F, 155th IL Inf
Glover, Andrew S.  Mar 19, 137-Nov 5, 105.  Major  2nd NY Cav
Connell, William    Co. H, 12th Kan Inf
Gilmore, Henry   Jul 5, 1833-Aug 10, 1898.  Co. C, 13th Iowa Inf
Lewis, Jason S.   Co. K, 34th Ohio Inf

Henry Frederick Mellenbruch  (1838-1898) Buried at Immanual Lutheran Church Cemetery in Fairview KS Co. F, 8th Indiana Cavalry  Wounded in action December 31, 1862 in the Battle of Stones River, Tennessee.  He had a bullet through the chest, and remained in the mud and rain for 5 days before being hospitalized.  Mustered out June 8, 1865.  Married Mary Sophia Dorothea Meyer a few months after being discharged.  Henry and Mary became the parents of 9 children, the families of whom had their 100th annual family reunion in June 1997  Died February 9, 1898 in Fairview, Brown Co KS  Buried at Immanual Lutheran Church Cemetery in Fairview KS Submitted by: Rebecca Chaky and Nathan Kramer
Michael Schmitt was enrolled on the 29th day of March 1864 at St. Louis, MO by Capt. Coleman, and mustered into the military service of the United States as Private in Company A, Seventh Regiment Kansas Volunteer Cavalry on the 29th day of March 1864, at St. Louis, MO by Capt. Coleman, and that he was mustered out on the 29th day of September 1865.  Michael Schmitt was the son of John Schmitt and Anna Marie Jaeger and was born 9 April 1845 in Madison County, Illinois and died 18 April 1903 at Padonia, Brown County, Kansas and buried in the Padonia Cemetery.  Me was married 10 February 1869 at Hiawatha, Kansas to Elizabeth Ann Cassidy.  They were the parents of eleven children. Lyle Hinz
Henry Schmitt served in the 2nd Nebraska Volunteer Cavalry, Company L.  He enlisted as a Private 28 February 1863 at Falls City, NE and was discharged at Falls City on 24 December 1863.  Near Crow Creek in the Dakatos on 15 August 1862 while on the march from Fort Randall north to Crow Creek Henry was taken with the bloody-flux.  When the command left Crow Creek he was sent down the river to Fort Randall.  He did not do any duty after this as he never recovered from that sickness.  The result being derangement of his bowels causing costiveness and severe pains in the abdominal region and especially on his right side.  He was treated in the hospital as follows:  at Crow Creek, Dakato, was treated at Fort Randall by Post Surgeon, and on march between Fort Randall and Crow Creek by Dr. Bowen, Regimental Surgeon in August 1862.  Henry Schmitt, son of John Schmitt and Anna Maria Jaeger was born 6 April 1835 in Ruchheim, Bavaria and died at Fairview, Brown County, Kansas 27 November 1892 and is buried in the Powhattan Cemetery.  He was married at Oregon, Missouri 28 March 1856 to Kahrina Elizabeth Weiss and they were the parents of seven children and raised one child from the Orphan Train.  Lyle Hinz
Alfred Lyman enlisted in Company F, Twenty-fifth Infantry Regiment, Illinois Volunteers as a Private.  He was 21 years old and stood at 5 feet 5 and one half inches, hair was brown, complexion was fair, he was single and a farmer.  He was born 6 June 1840 at Belmont, Iroquois County, Illinois and enrolled for a term of 3 years on June 4, 1861 at Onarga, Illinois by Captain Andrew and was mustered into service August 6, 1861 at St. louis, Missouri by Captain Tracy.  Alfred was mustered out of service September 5, 1864 at Springfield, Illinois by Lieutenant Sumner.  He died 30 December 1911 at Fairview, Brown County, Kansas and is buried in the
Mount Hope Cemetery at Hiawatha, Kansas.  He was never married. Lyle Hinz
Jacob N. Lyman enlisted as a Private in Company I, Twentieth Infantry Regiment Illinois Volunteers on June 13, 1861 for a term of 3 years at Joliet, Illinois by Captain Walser and mustered into service June 14, 1861 at Joliet, Illinois by Captain Pitcher.  He was discharged June 14, 1864, term having expired.  He was 23, 5feet 7 inches tall, light hair, gray eyes, light complexion, single and a farmer. He was born 6 April 1846 in Iroquois County, Illinois and died 17 November 1920 at Fairview, Brown County, Kansas and buried in the Mount Hope Cemetery at Hiawatha, Kansas.  He never married. Lyle Hinz
John Lyman enlisted as a Corporal in Company A, Seventy-sixth Infantry Regiment, Illinois Volunteers on July 24, 1862 for a term of 3 years, mustered into service August 22, 1862 at Kankakee, Illinois by Lt. Tibbatts.  He was discharged for disability March 12, 1863 at Memphis, Tenn.  John was born 26 June 1836 at Stark County, Ohio and died 1 February 1878 in Brown County, Kansas and buried in the Ununda Cemetery north of Robinson, Brown County, Kansas.  He was married 24 December 1868 in Iroquois County, Illinois to Margaret Freeman and they were the parents of five chidlren. Lyle Hinz
Henry S Spiker  He is buried in Brown county at the Horton Cemtary He was born on 11-1-1838 died on 9-25-1909 he served with Company G Ohio 78 Inf   My GGGrandpa,Thanks David Spiker

Daniel Butcher Anderson  Company F, 13th Kansas Volunteers He was born in Carpentersville, Putnam county Indiana on Dec. 22, 1840 and died at his home in Horton Kansas on Jan. 17, 1921, aged 80 years and 26 days.  He was united in marriage to Sarah Ann Keener on July 30, 1860 in Buchanan county Missouri.  Three children were born to this union - Mary Frances, George Edward and Hattie J.  Mrs. Anderson died on March 22, 1877.  He was united in marriage to Martha Catherine Housh on Aug. 31,1877.  They had seven children: Ava Dell, Carrie Bell,David Edgar, William Houston, Robert J, Jesse C,and Daniel E. He came with his parents to Missouri in 1856, and came to Kansas in 1861.  He lived for five years in Kingman county, but spent the rest of his life in Brown County.  He enlisted and served 3 years, 3 months and 13 days in Company F of the 13th Kansas Volunteer Infantry.  He was a member of the Christian Church of Horton.  He was buried Jan. 19, 1921 in the Horton cemetery.

John Stuart, Wesley Zollars, Jesse Hawes--Green Valley cemetery near Furley, KS
Josephus Claypool Shaeffer Cemetery, section 1 Murdock twp. Butler co. KS

Richard D Wheeler.  He was born abt 1837 Monroe Co Ky and he
died June 16 1905.  He is buried in the Fowler-Bogle Cemetery near Leon KS.  He
served in Co I 15th KS Infantry from March 1864 to Oct 1865.  His headstone
makes note of his CW service. My ggrandfather Colleen Lill



Kathy Welch Heidel 


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