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JOHN A. CROOK.  Chase County.  Hillside Cemetery, Toledo, KS. b 2 March 1835, England.  d 11 May 1902, Saffordville, Chase, KS. Private in Company E, 106th volunteer infantry Illinois. Enlisted 1 November 1862.  Discharged 12 July 1865.  Donna Sielert
Thomas B. Barber Chase County Hillside Cemetary in the Toledo township b. 9 February 1838 d. 25 August 1927 Company C, 11th Kansas Volunteer Infantry Enlisted - 25 August 1862, Last documented date that I have is 8 June 1865. Served alongside Major Preston B. Plumb.
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Prairie Grove Cemetery of this city contains most of the graves of the veterans. More than seventy veterans are interred here. In the list here are:
E. R. Arnold,
Joseph Arnold,
Frank Allison,
Peter Anderson,
Charles Aldrich,
L. E. Bahr,
A. Bandelin,
F. J. Beck,
E. W. Brace,
S. A. Breese,
A.M. Breese,
J. B. Campbell,
W. H. Cartter,
F. R. Cochran,
H. P. Coe,
William Craft,
E. B. Crocker,
John Cooper,
Zack Campbell,
A. J. Davis,
L. B. Davis,
J. C. Davis,
J. H. Doolittle,
J. B. Dancer,
S. J. Evans,
Ebon Forbes,
John Feetes,
Joseph Gray,
Thomas H. Grisham,
William Heskett,
J. Hollingsworth,
Warner Hayden,
Henry Howard,
Jacob Howard,
Peter Harder,
John Hulse,
Clark Hunt,
William Hunter,
Jabon Johnson,
G. W. Kilgore,
J. M. Kerr,
J. P. Kuhl.
N. R. Lee,
C. Lamer,
E. A. Kinney,
B. F. Mealey,
J. W. McWilliams,
W. A. Morgan,
M. C. Newton,
Jacob North,
S. C. Palmer,
Robert Race,
Henry Reeve,
Jacob Schimpff,
I. B. Sharp,
E. Sedoris,
W. S. Smith,
M. P. Stail,
John Shofe,
William Strickland,
J. M. Tuttle,
C. C. Witson,
Fred Willey,
A. B. Watson,
John Woodman,
S. N. Wood,
Edward Williams,
John Zimmerman.
Elmdale Cemetery are:
Alexander S. Cunningham,
Andreas Schneider,
Stephen M. Wood,
Peter B. Kennedy,
Frank Frey,
James C. Stogsdill,
James M. Rose,
A. S. Bailey,
James Eades,
George Whitney,
William H. Triplett,
J. J. Kennison,
Edward Oldenburg,
Jacob R. Critten,
William McIntosh,
William Stenzel,
John Cooper,
Joseph Faris,
Dexter May,
Dr. T. F. Johnson.
Clements Cemetery :
B. H. Chadwick,
Joseph Hartley,
Stephen Watson,
John Holland,
Alvin Taggart,
Ice Cemetery:

Adam Rufus Ice 
Milton Brown.
Matfield Green Cemetery :
Jeremiah Bansbury,
Barney Houser
Elihu Thompson,
H. R. Milliner,
John Bansbury,
Langdon Hubbard,
Robert Madden,
John Johnson,
James Fent,
Geo. W. Bray,
William Connelly,
William Fent,
Chas Johnson,
Chas. W. Rogler,
Wm. Robinet,
John C. Nichols,
David McKee,
T. J. Banks,
W. M. C. Hix,
Jerome Hull,
A. T. Johnson,
Joseph Herring,
Jeremiah Winsor,
Jonathan Minnix,
James M. Shaw.
Brandley home near Matfield Green.
Captain Henry Brandley
Strong City Cemeteries
Michael Bradburn,
David S. Cox,
David Cox,
Geo. Cox
P. W. Cunningham,
Charles F. Filson,
William Harvey,
H. C. Snyder,
Phillip Spencer,
Joseph Woodring,
Barney Catlin,
Christopher Gerardy,
Joseph Livery,
John Madden Sr.
John Quinn, Sr.
C. I. Maule,
G. W. Newman,
Nels Pennington.
Cedar Point Cemetery
P. D, Montgomery,
P.P. Schriver,
Warren Peck,
O. H. Drinkwater.
Bazaar Cemetery:
Wm. Norton,
P. B. McCabe,
John Sharp
Saffordville Cemetery is:
Aaron Jones.
Two other Chase County veterans who are buried outside of the county are:
A. B. Emerson at Florence
Jonathan Wood at Herrington.
Among the veterans of the Civil War now living in the County are:
W. W. Sanders,
G. W. Bruce,
W. J. Freeman,
Wm. James of this city.
Matfield Green.
G. W. Bocook
Chas. Golden
Strong City,
W. W. Wilson
Sylvester Miller
J. H. Frey
Respectfully submitted by Judy Lutt, Cedar Point, KS June 20, 1997.
John R. Harris, buried at Hillside Cemetery at Toledo born 24 Feb. 1820 died 29 Feb 1892, Sgt., Co. G, 13th KS Volunteer Infantry. Enlisted 22 Aug 1862, discharged 27 July 1864. Also, his son
George L. Harris, buried at Hillside Cemetery at Toledo born 18 Sept 1841 died 13 June 1899, Pvt. Co. B, 118th Ill. Volunteers. Enlisted 7 Nov 1862, discharged 1 Oct 1865
James Madison Shaw is buried in Matfield Green, Chase County. He was born August 16, 1837 in Harrison County, Virginia (now West Virginia.) He grew up in Columbiana County, Ohio and became a stonemason. On January 13, 1862 he enlisted as a private in the 3rd Independent Company, Ohio Light Artillery, serving at Shiloh, Vicksburg, and Corinth and at Atlanta with General Sherman, including the battle for Kinnesaw Mountain.  After mustering out on Febuary 24, 1865 at Nashville, he returned to Ohio and married Mary Jane Gallaher, who was born December 25, 1841 in Virginia and grew up in Columbiana County.After army discharge James was partialy diabled, so he could not continue as a stone mason. For several years Shaw ran a stage line, securing contracts for carrying the US mail on three routes.  One of his frequent passengers on the Hanover to Alliance run, was his friend, William McKinley, who later became President of the United States and personally helped Mr. Shaw obtain an army pension increase. In 1884, James and Mary Shaw moved to Chase County, Kansas to farm and raise cattle. James died September 21, 1907 and Mary died January 26, 1916. They both are buried in the Matfield Green Cemetery in Chase County. Their surviving children were Guy, James Clarence, Perry, Louella (Perkins) and Lillian (Hurst). Snowball7

JAMES HIRAM McAFEE, St. Charles Cemetery, Sedan, Kansas
Co. E. 63rd, Indiana Volunteers. St. Charles Cemetery is North of Sedan about 9-10 miles and is out in a pasture off of the gravel road. It is well cared for by the Grafton community people.
Delaney Sweeney buried in the Oak Grove Cemetery, East of Elgin in Chautaqua County.
was  born 13 October 1828 in Monroe County, Virginia,  to William Sweeney (1785-1872) and Nancy (Miller) Sweeney (1794-1893). In September 1847 in Decatur County IA, he married Elizabeth Webb, daughter of Joseph and Malinda (Blunt) Webb.  Delaney served as a Private in Co. K, 46th Iowa Infantry.  Delaney's 13 year old son, John Wesley Sweeney, accompanied him into the service and played the fife for the regiment. Delaney contracted spinal fever while in the Union Army and "was hauled home in a wagon and confined to bed for five months", according to G.S.A. records.  He was never a well man after that and died at his age 53, leaving a wife and five minor children.Delaney and his wife are buried in the Oak Grove Cemetery.    Bill Bentley
SANDY LOWE served in the civil war in Missouri as well as Kansas. He was a CPT and Liet. He served in several companies which are Co A and Co G, 7th Missouri S.M. Cavalry. he mustered in at Warrensburg.In serving Kansas,he was a Col of the 21st Kansas Militia and died in Oct 1902 in Chautauqua County, Kansas. my great great grandfather Mary Anne Lowe Wagoner



William Miller, is buried in Columbus cemetery, and was a Union soldier from Ohio.  He moved to Cherokee County after the Civil War, and purchased land that was made available to Union veterans. I don't know if he is included in the list of Union Civil War veterans from Kansas, but I doubt it since he was in an Ohio regiment.  There is a marker on his grave denoting his service during the war.              Sincerely,  Max Miller Livingston


Hardin Skaggs. served in the Illinois 12th Calvary Company F He moved to Galena Kansas around 1900.   He died  2/15/1920 and is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery.  Julie Townsend

Wm. A. Doty    (Cherokee County)    served as a Private in the 12th Kansas Volunteer Infantry, Co. C    buried in Baxter Springs Cemetery, Baxter Springs, Kansas Karen M. mailto:azkmal@cox.ne




MAILEN, George W.  Buried Greenwood Cemetary, Clay Center, KS (spelled MALAN in muster in record) served Co M, 9th KS Cav.  Born Buchanan Co., MO Mar 9, 1847 married Hannah Elizabeth Cooney Feb 14, 1869, died Oct 17, 1935. Janice Mailen  g granddaughter
Samuel Lucas Smith  78th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Resided 1870-1895 in Clay County. Wife Mary Isabella Stewart   Pamela
Old Soldiers of Clay County, Kansas
copied from"Wakefield News 9 April, 1908
submitted by Kathy Heidel
Athelstane Township
Adair Arthur, pvt Co L 16 regt. N.Y.
Bender Howard,  pvt G 138 Penn
Cotton Russell, pvt F 40 Wis
Dimon Nathan jr, pvt K 81 N.Y.
Emrich John, pvt I 12 Ohio
Eisele Jacob, pvt A---Penn
Hill Robt N, pvt E 65 Ill
Heigle Matthew, pvt A 12 Mo
Hamilton Saml B, 2nd lieut D 38 Ill
Harris Jno, W, pvt K 5 Mich
Harris Jas N, pvt 11 Mich
Harris Jas E, pvt L ---Kas
Kennedy Jas E, corp F 1 Penn
Lacey H H, --F 101 Ohio
McCosh Benj W, pvt I 12 Penn
Putnam Wm H, pvt D 127 Ill
Reagan Jno J, ensign NY US navy
Randall Seneca R, corp I 100 Ill
Ruhl Saml, pvt G 41 Penn
Robeson Francis W, pvt H 34 Iowa
Renner W H, 1st sgt E 7 Ma
Stienburn Fedk, pvt A--Mo
Vinzant W W, pvt A 57 Ind
Blaine Township
Brown Thos, pvt 8 28 Ill
Boardman S D, pvt K 28 Penn
Bloom Geo, pvt C 32 Ind
Beatty J J, pvt U S signal corps Pa
Baker Ed, pvt H 11 Ill
Chestnut T J, pvt A 18 Ind
Coffman J W, pvt H 2 Ohio
Dever Jesse, pvt ---13 Ind
Dunn J B, pvt C 168 Penn
Gilchrist Thos J, pvt H 75 NY
Hemphill Wm, sgt C 82 Ind
Hemphill J B, pvt ---22 Ind
Harris W S, pvt A 12 R I
Hare J A, pvt C 1 Ky
Lewis W A, pvt C 86 Ohio
Lathrop M, pvt K 27 Ill
McIntyre---, pvt C --Dist Columbia
Perkins G W, pvt H 8 Me
Pinkerton I H, pvt K 11 Kas
Roberts W W, pvt Ind Bat Ind
Rich C H, pvt K 13 Wis
Ross C H, pvt H 5 Ill
Rankin D K, pvt A 78 Penn
Stewart T J, pvt C Mich L A
Small H L, pvt M 1 Wis H A
Sergeant P, corp G 58 Penn
Tomlison Jos, pvt G 33 Wis
Tolles H L, pvt C 66 Ill
Van Way Jos, pvB 1 Mich.
White Wm, pvt H 5 C Ill
White James A, W Va militia
Wiley W W, pvt K 63 Ind
Walker M W, pvt H 12 Mo militia
Wingrove A, pvt M 3 W Va cav
Walker S R, pvt D 43 Mo
Bloom Township
Anderson J H, pvt K 122 Ill
Cooper H C, pvt M 7 Ohio
Crooks J W, pvt D 6 Penn
Cox W A, pvt C 18 Mo
Cooper E F, pvt D 22 Ohio
Dodds J C, pvt G 172 Ohio
Derringger Otto, pvt A 18 Ill
German Jacob, pvt E 37 Ohio
Gaston Wm, pvt K 144 Ill
Gaston Robert, pvt K 144 Ill
Geist J H, 1 sgt F 33 Ohio
Hileman, S S, pvt D 11 Penn
Heusted W V, capt B 9 Mich
Jones M A, pvt A 6 Mo
Kincaid T W, sgt G 186 Ohio
Lundry Eli, pvt G 22 NY
Miller Davis, pvt B 127 Penn
McAttee J H, pvt B 6 Mo
McElroy Wm B, pvt H 185 Ohio
Parsons G B, corp A 15 Kansas
Rasmussen M, (seaman) G B 54 Ill (navy)
Randle A, pvt B 114 Ohio
Rodgers Wilson, pvt F 80 Ill
Rodgers A, pvt E 1 Oregon
Sebold Chas, pvt B 8 Kansas
Stoneback Jacob H, pvt I 124 Penn
Schwab John, pvt A 66 Mo Militia
Tebbe Wm, pvt L 6 Mo
Tippen T K, sgt F 1 Neb
Worland G L, pvt B 9 NY
White A C, sgt B 3 Mo
Wells John, pvt 1 28 Iowa
Chapman Township
Atkinson Isaac, pvt G 62 Ill
Bellis David, pvt B 60 Ind
Cleveland Wm, pvt B 6 Mich
Emerich G W, lieut A 1 Ala
Flynn Michael, pvt A 24 NY
Face Phillip, pvt I 56 Penn militia
Ferguson G, pvt H 16 Iowa
Green Francis W, pvt I 1 Ind
Goodhue James, pvt 6 51 Ohio
Hanne Jesse, pvt C 200 Penn
Hoffman Nicholas, pvt D 58 Ill
Johnson Merritt C, pvt A 92 Ill
McCune H B, pvt --- 149 Penn
Miller Lewis F, pvt A 36 Ill
Miller Joel J, pvt F 103 Ill
McDaniel L, fifer H 25 Iowa
McGauley W W (co and regt unknown)
Price M H, qm K 9 Kansas
Reinel Micholas, pvt E 9 Wis
Reed Edward, pvt H 62 Ohio
Shears John, pvt D 58 Ill
Sweeny Wm, pvt C 110 Penn
Stroud James, pvt E Ill
Swartswood Saml, pvt A 118 Penn
Sripp jr Wm, pvt E 110 NY
Vanfleet Hiram, corp D 13 Mo (veteran)
Wetzel Nick, pvt L 1 Iowa
Clay Center Township
Allison John, pvt I 148 Ill
Brooks Aaron T, pvt I 3 NY (L A-
Brown Daniel H, ord sgt E 44 Ill
Bolton Leonard S, pvt H 3 VT
Berger George, ord sgt B 36 Ill
Barber Wm F, pvt E 21 Conn
Bewley Wn W, pvt D 12 Kansas
Chapman Alex W, pvt D 63 Ill
Drake Ara B, pvt F 105 Ohio
Disbrow Charles, sgt A 21 Ill
Eads John, corp A 116 Ill
Frel Jacob, pvt D 4 Iowa
Hesser C W, pvt A 35 Iowa
Higgins Lyons G, pvt 12 Ill
Hill Amos, pvt F 12 Iowa
Heusner, Aaron, corp I 23 Mo
Householder J W, pvt I 52 Ohio
Ingersoll Theodore, pvt E 8 Kansas
Kay John, sgt E 78 Penn
McLaughlin Charles, pvt D 19 reg U S A
Miller Rich'd K, pvt A 96 Ill
Nemich Henry, pvt 178 Ohio
Osborn John, pvt D 1 Ky
Patterson Reuben L, pvt K 14 W Va
Ryan Thos G, corp, L 11 Kansas
Reed Wm T, pvt D 49 Ind
Scott Joshua S, pvt G 18 Penn
Sanders Henry, corp I 9 Kansas
Schelnkoenig Frank, pvt I 4 NY (H A)
Sanders Thas, pvt L 11 Kansas
Starr N A, pvt C 21 Conn
Spear Epraim A, pvt M 2 Mo
Trotter Robt A, pvt B 22 Iowa
Vernor James H, pbt A 64 Ohio
Wilson Eugene C, 1st lient E 9 Ill
Clay Center City
Allen Newton, pvt F -0 Mich
Alexander C H, p m sgt 7 Ohio
Bishoff Fred, pvt D 16 Ill
Breymann Geo G, pvt L 15 Kansas
Breymann Wm, wgt mstr 1 Kansas Indian service
Bradley A N pvt L 2 Mo
Bixler Fred, pvt A 41 Mo
Brightweiser L, pvt --- 6 Md
Cook Jno C, pvt I 35 Ohio
Carr Roland T.pvt M 28 Ind Art'y
Carson W J, pvt D 45 Ill
Clifford John, pvt K 9 Ill
Deiter Nicholas, pvt L 1st U S Cav
Dudley W B, pvt B 2 Ohio
Day Wade J, corp D 22 Penn
Durrin J H, pvt E 8 Iowa
Dunable Wm, pvt E 9 Ill
Engstrom Peter, pvt I 148 Ill
Flood Ira A, capt E 98 Ill
Fletcher W H, 1st lieut G 2d U S S S
Frazell J A D, hospital steward 12 Kansas
Fenton H R, pvt H 2 Ohio
Fenton C W, wagoner H 2 Ohio
Gollober Nathan, pvt 1 Arizonia Ty (USA)
Gill E, sgt  15 Kansas
Henry James A, pvt G 9 Ill
Hall J B, pvt I 88 Ill
Hall John (colored) pvt A 1 Kansas
Jones R W, pvt --- 6 Mass
Jenkins R W, capt H 2 Colorado
Jenkins H, pvt B 124 Ill
Kress John, pvt G 11 Kansas
Leonard C S, pvt K 331 Mass
Loofbourrow P S, pvt E 139 Ind
Loader John, corp E 123 Ohio
Lowe J A, lieut ----9 Iowa
Moore Erastus D, lieut A 2 Wis
McChesney Lelander, lieut - 1 N S artillery
Murphy, John G, pvt C 66 Penn
Millen Robert H, pvt K 11 Penn
McCord R D, 1st lieut C 7 Ill
Martin John S, pvt C 2 Wis
McLaughlin Wesley, pvt F 73 Penn
Moses James W, pvt M 18 Kansas
Martin George W, sgt E 7 Iowa
McCurdy P, 1st. lieut. ---29 Ind
McJunkin E W, pvt F 123 Ohio
Newell E W, pvt F 6 Kansas
Oxley H R, p m sgt C 1 Ky
Pinkerton John H, q m sgt K 11 Kansas
Pugh O M, capt. A 12 Ill
Purdy J C, pvt A 24 Wis
Ryerson John H, F - major F 9 Maine
Stratton Gillmore M, pvt C 2 Wis (Iron Brigade)
Sterling James S, sgt H 4 Ill
Soper Geo W, pvt K 2d Ill (L A)
Schoonover Ed, Musician 10 Iowa
Shawhan J H, lieut and capt K 9 Ia
Taylor Henry H, sgt C 45 Ill
Tolles Otis P, corp F 19 Mich
Truman A , pvt C 15 Ill
Vaughan L C, pvt H 133 Ind vol infantry
Vest I T, pvt K 12 Ind
Walker John S, sgt K 11 Penn
Wingrove Chas, pvt M 3 W Va
Webster Geo, pvt F 10 N Y (tra'y)
Wilson Allen, pvt D 17 Kansas
Worley J M, pvt E 3 Iowa
Wilson E C, pvt F 10 N Y (art'y)
Exeter Township
Avery Park, pvt H 12 Vermont
Burdick John, pvt C 29 Ind
Binkley Calvin, corp, C 58 Ind
Butler Francis A, pvt A 100 Ill
Campbell E, pvt 141 Ill
Cowing O F, pvt K 11 Iowa
Coleman Jeptha, pvt K 5 Ill
Davis L, hospital steward, 7 Wis
Duckworth Edwin F, pvt K 5 Ill
Evans John, corp A 18 Penn
Fox Charles, pvt B 79 Ohio
Hill Amos C, pvt C 11 Iowa
Houston James A, pvt Ind (heavy artillery)
Hall Robert J. corp I 163 Penn (militia)
Jackson Columbus, pvt C 146 Ohio
Knox T, corp M 2 Iowa
McOhesney V S, pvt D 1 N J (LA)
Quinn P K, pvt K 74 Ohio
Robinson Homer A, pvt F 25 Iowa
Spence S A, pvt --- 12 Ind
Tompkins Francis M, pvt A 9 NY
Tubbs Roger A, 1st Lieut E 11 Vt
Five Creeks Township
Adams Silas, pvt G 32 Ill
Brown P H, blacksmith A 8 Ill
Bradley H, corp F 11 Mich
Caldwell Murat, pvt B 48 Iowa
Duncan Wm, pvt and 1st sgt F 206 Penn
Eisele Wm, pvt M 6 Kansas
Elliot Edward, pvt B 2 Ohio
Filkins Hiram, pvt K 14 Wis
Glamsor S, pvt F 37 Ohio
Greenlee R F, pvt G 100 Ill
Howe A C, pvt A 2 bat and A 61 Penn
Halbedel John, corp K 55 Ohio
Harmit Chas, pvt M 5 Penn
Isensee Samuel, pvt M 5 Penn (HA)
Kellogg J W, pvt C 2 Wis
Kelly H D, F8 Ill
Kerr James L, pvt I 2 Mo
Lack Wm, pvt L 11 Kansas
Lesage Desire, pvt A 37 Ill
Lynch John, ord sgt A --- Tenn
Logan Isaac, pvt D 162 Ohio
Marsh Eli, pvt C 4 Minn
McDonald S L, pvt I 3 Iowa
McLavy Robt, 1st lieut 21 U S A
Markey C H, pvt F 12 Mo
Mullen G W, pvt D 153 Ill
Parks M J, musician F 95 Ill
Poor D M, 7 sgt H 9 Ill
Parkey Thomas, pvt 25 Mo and E 1 Mo King's
Porter J B, corp C (Independent) Penn
Robinson J H, sgt A 78 Penn
Roberts T J, pvt Kansas militia
Rikert George R, pvt F 10 N Y
Roberts Richard, pvt H 20 Ill
Ross Walter, pvt A 33 Ill
Solts Joseph, tmstr B 9 Iowa and pvt I 10 Iowa
Sherron Chas, sgt G 1 US (Ohio) cavalry
Shields David, corp H 48 Ill
Trudell L M, pvt A 9 Vt
Trudell Eli, pvt G 13 Vt
Wallace Wm, pvt H 1 Mich
Walker W R M, pvt B 39 Mo
Wheeler John T, pvt B 52 Ill 
Gill Township
Church Othello, pvt F 39 Iowa
Durrin Zemis, pvt and cap Conn militia
Dennis Thomas, corp E 112 Ill
Downs Wm, sgt K 21 Mo
Ellis Stephen, pvt C 56 Mo
Ellis Iram, pvt C 78 Ohio
Gatchel Wm, pvt F 9 Ohio
Jevons B F, pvt I 65 N Y
Lake David, corp F 39 Ill
Money J, pvt C 31 U S A
McPheeter Jacom, pvt A 33 Iowa
Money James, G 29 Iowa
Mitchell Wm K, pvt A 141 Penn
McIntire Eugene, pvt G 15 Kansas
Ray Phil, pvt E 62 Ill
Shivers Robert, corp I 5 Ohio
Shivers David, pvt A 51 Ohio
Thompson John S, 1st sgt I  I I I U S reg
Wood A, pvt K 7 Iowa
Whipple M M, sgt C 11 Vt
Goshen Township
Clark J H, pvt D 33 Wis
Buschs Richmond, pvt G 186 Ohio
Green A C, sgt C 6 Wis
Glaca Jacob A, pvt I 13 Ind
Holmes Mathits, pvt H 186 Ohio
Hodelson Thaddeus, pvt C 53 Ohio
Hemsley Mordecai W, pvt F 14 Ky
Kulp D H, corp E 12 Ind
Kendall W H, pvt I 2 Ill
McGhie James, pvt D 98 Ohio
McArthur Clarence, pvt 1 Vt H A
Mahlor John A, pvt I 16 Kansas
Ransley Thomas, pvt B 5 N Y
Ream John, pvt B 77 Ill
Smith James, 1 lieut G 17 Mass
Smith Robt, 2 lieut B 17 Mass
Smith John, corp L 8 Mich
Snethon Wm, corp A 36 Iowa
Snethon Rollings, pvt --- 17 Iowa
Schaubel Gotleib, Capt H 48 Ind
Wisner R A, pvt A 7 Mich
Webber John, corp E 33 Ohio
Walcott Alfred W, 2 lieut 188 Ohio
Wilson Thos F, pvt A 17 Iowa
Grant Township
Burden Joshua, pvt A 15 Mo
Bradbury Joseph, corp ---10 Kansas
Burnell Samuel P, pvt F 16 Maine
Barkyoumb John, pvt ---Vt reg
Brahon James, pvt A 3 W Va
Chase Hamilton P, corp A 1 N H
Camp John, pvt --- 32 Ill
Coleman Daniel A, pvt B 11 N J
Dixon Simeon, pvt A 72 Ind
Dunham Henry R, 1 lieut 7 80 Penn
Dairymple James, pvt I 65 Ill
Elkins Riley A, pvt C 8 Vermont
Fee Nate, pvt I 12 Ind
Gates Lorenzo, pvt C ---Kan militia
Humbert Jacob N, sgt K Penn (HA)
Hartzell Stephen B, pvt C 15 Kan
Hunsinger Henry, pvt A 56 Ill
King John P, ensign C 15 Kansas
Knowlton Wm H, pvt H 3 N H
Little Wm R, corp A 2 Me
Laflin Lewis, corp L 11 Kansas
McGoffin Yemuel J, pvt O 6 W Va
Mall Jacob, pvt L 11 Kansas
Mall Samuel, pvt I 36 Ill
Ogden John, pvt F 3 N J
Pierce Delos C, 2 lieut H 14 Kansas militia
Rexroat Steward, pvt I 5 Ky
Rose Alonzo N, pvt I 20 Ill
Simpson James H, pvt L 11 Kansas
Thomas Chas A, capt E 187 Penn
Taylor Henry C, pvt --- 32 N Y
Underwood Wm C, pvt H 36 Ill
Williams Simeon C, pvt E 24 Mass
Worley Joseph, pvt I 9 Kansas
Younkin Silas, sgt E 116 Penn
Hayes Township
Ahring Fred, pvt E 1 Mo
Bloss I S, pvt Indiana militia
Dimon N H, pvt ---81 N Y
Davis B K (alias Burrel K Griffin) pst 100 U S C T
Goodwin John N,  pvt L 6 Kansas
Hodgeson Edward J, pvt G 95 Penn
Johnson George S, (colored) pst H 8 Penn
Kiner Wm, pvt B-C 1 Ill
Keeler Alonzo R, pvt K 33 Ind
Keener George I, 1st sgt E 14 Penn
Letts W H, corp I 56 Ill
Land N J, pvt B 26 Conn
Miller Alfred H, pvt K 54 Penn
Mullen Levi H, corp I 1 Penn
Munns W B, pvt G 152 Ill
Mall Joseph, pvt P 28 Iowa
Maddox J A, ond sge G 2 Ohio milita
Miller M M, corp C 45 Ill capt to col, 5 H U S A
Olson Wm, corp A 43 Ill
Richard Warner, pvt A 3 and I Ky
Sewell Lawre, pvt D 137 Ind
Taylor Henry C, pvt G 13 N J
Wood James, pvt E 55 Penn
Highland Township
Baldwin W S, pvt K 142 Ind
Branon Pat, pvt A 3 Va
Elder Rovert R, pvt B 2 Iowa
Iams Isaac, pvt C 196 Ohio
Ingram Harrison, pvt C 107 Ill
Jones Wm, pvt A 47 Ind
Lanning J M, pvt --- 24 Iowa
Maple R, pvt F 44 Ind
McBride Wm, pvt H 116 Ohio
Moon S, pvt K 10 Kansas
Osborn J P, pvt D 29 Iowa
Purchase Simeon, (seaman) Cal U S navy
Reed John, asst p m sgt E 4 Va
Sanders John, pvt B 7 W Va
Shadle R E, pvt K 75 Ind
Stone D S, sgt B 124 Ohio
Smith J W, musician, G 186 Ohio
Thinna J, pvt F 88 Ohio; pvt B 168; pvt B O N G
Ware Frank, corp B 124 Ohio
Walker John, pvt F 30 Iowa
Worley James, pvt E 3 Iowa
Walker Mose, pvt E 516 Ill
Weaver Frank W, pvt M 13 Ky
Young Nimrod, pvt H 39 Ill
Mulberry Township
Brown C, pvt L 2 Ill
Bennett F H, pvt A 95 Ill
Best W K, corp D 106 N Y
Banner W D, ord sgt B 4 Tenn
Brockway J P, sgt E 5 Col
Brooks Norman, pvt I 75 Ill
Banner A J, pvt K 8 Tenn
Bunton J H, pvt K 8 Ind
Conley Joseph B, pvt A 129 Ill
Cook Henry, pvt F 2 N J
Donaldson Joseph, pvt D 9 Mich
Doolittle Chas E, pvt --- H 3 Wis
Foster A B, corp I 96 Ill
Felter John W, pvt K 48 Mo
Konkannon N, pvt F 4 Iowa
Killingsworth D E 1 Virginia
Lynd L W, pvt E 161 Ind
Lin-bsey C L, sgt D 8 Iowa
Miller Lafayette, corp D 9 Ohio
Suprenaut R, pvt H 52 Ill
Short Albert, pvt I 8 Tenn
Sturdevant H R, capt D 111 Penn
Tillinghast H S, pvt G 185 N Y
Turner J W, pvt E 17 Ill
Taylor W H, pvt K 60 Ill
Webber Valentine, pvt C 45 I
Young Peter, pvt I 8 Ill
Oakland Township
Broughton Chas W, pvt E 30 Ind
Bracken Robt, pvt B 120 Ill
Crandall A W, pvt K 109 N Y
Dieter J Gevt D 7 U S sav
Dixon John, pvt G 11 Kansas
Ford Lyman, sgt A 65 Ohio
Gordon John, pvt E 37 Ill
Gebhart Andrew J, wagon master; Iowa
Hinton Nick G, recruiting officer Penn
Ingrarry, pvt H 73 Ohio
Kress Wesley, pvt L 11 Kansas
Knowles Elias, pvt A 26 Ill
Kimball William, A 1 Mich
Kellen Alex, corp Illinois regiment
Lockridge John W, pvt E 114 Ill
Miller Jacob, pvt K 21 Ill
Noland Abraham, corp G7 Mo
Nuckois Andrew, corp G 7 Mo
Poorman Theo, pvt H 142 Ohio militia
Paxson William, pvt A 44 Ohio militia
Schaeber A F, sgt K 15 Mo
Republican Township
Avery Henry, (high) pvt L 11 Kan
Alexander Joel pvt 7 Virginia
Beck Kenry A, pvt G 1 O vet cav
Carpenter Ferdinand, pvt E 90 N Y
Dudley David H, pvt H 92 N Y
Ellenwood Milton E, ord sgt --- 143 Ohio
Fairman  Arthur, pvt B E V vol
Fitzgerald Archibald, pvt B 18 Ohio
Griffin John D musician, D 5 Vt
Hanna James F, pvt H 170 Ohio
Harris Edward B, (high) pvt I 1st Illinois
Kempt Chas H, pvt F 80 Ill
Lawton Joseph, corp C 11 Ill
Mason Dennis F, pvt U S man
Myers John, corp H 54 Penn
Nevin William G (high) pvt E 126 Penn
Quinby Joseph B, pvt C 3 Kansas
Towle Albert H, pvt 4 reg't Kansas militia
Webb Harvey, pvt D 38 Iowa
Young Aaron De, pvt L 2 Ill
Sherman Township
Andrews F O, (high) pvt H 14 N Y
Afflick John, pvt M 7 N Y
Broughton Wm H, sgt F 145 Penn
Brodine Andrew, pvt I 122 Ill
Corey G W, sgt 11 N Y
Doane W H, pvt I 22 Ill
Dugger W A, pvt I 7 Ill
Dugger M A, pvt I 129 Ill
Edmonds Lewis, pvt 137 Ill
Edmonds Oliver, pvt D 36 Ill
Gardner A, pvt A 30 Ill
Gardner E, pvt K 102 Ill
Greenwood Joseph, pvt C 11 Ill
Greenwood W L, pvt C 11 Ill
King C, pvt E 126 N Y
Law James J, pvt H 5 US A
Levine A, pvt E 17 Ill
Miller J S, pvt D 6 H Ohio cav
Mickelson Oli, pvt Light Art (Ill)
Owen John A, 2 sgt K 93 Mich
Sutler Lewis, pvt A 9 N Y
York D P, A 96 Ill
Union Township
Blue Robert D, pvt A 45 Ohio
Lawrence A P, muscian (drummer) D 5 Vermont 

 Nathan Harvey Fee  buried in Timbercreek Cemetery near Wakefield   Cliff Gordon 


Nowels, Stephen A.  is buried in the Glasco cemetery
served as a private in co. B, 16th Regiment Ohio Infantry brn 2 Aug 1844 Berlin Holmes co Ohio
died 29 Sep 1917 Glasco Cloud co Ks  & is buried in the Glasco cemetery    Wilbur D. Russell,
John Millirons  Buried: Pleasant Hill Cem, Concordia, Cloud Co, Kansas, USA.
Civil War - Union. Enlisted February 22, 1861. Mustered Laclede, MO as a private in Co D, 1st MO Regiment Cavalry in the Missouri State Militia. Pioneer settler to Cloud County, Kansas in 1877.From: Norris Taylor, Jr.,
Andrew Jackson HOLLINGWORTH, He  and  his  wife  are  buried  at  Pleasant Hill Cemetery at Concordia. enlisted  in  32nd Reg. ILL Inf.  on  24th August 1861.  and  discharged 4 Sept. 1864 at Chattanooga, TN. He  was born  July 10, 1831 in  Windham Co.Conn., died January 5, 1914  at Concordia, KS.  They were the parentsof 12  children, many buried in KS.  He and Martha McGOVERN  were married in IL in 1857. He  is  brother to my maternal great grandfather.  Rob & Bonnie Martin

John N. BOND - 3rd Colorado Infantry-Company A-Private    Died April 9, 1891 - Buried Glasco Cemetery, Glasco Kansas.   From:  Johnny Bond bondjb@athenet.net

JOHN G. SHAWBELL, Bowman-Agate Cem., Ottumwa,
b. 6 May 1820, Mifflin/Juniata Co.,PA d. 18 Dec 1903, Ottumwa, Coffey Co.,KS. 1861: Lane's Brigade, Kansas 1862-1865:Co. C, 9th Kansas Volunteer Calvary Member and Officer of the Ottumwa Chapter of G.A.R. Listed in Kansas Pioneers (1856). USGenWeb-Kansas.
Solomon MARTZ, Big Bend Farm Cemetery, Ottumwa,
b. 13 Sep 1815 Union Co.PA d. 14 Dec 1862 of Typhoid at Paola,KS. 12th Kansas Volunteer Infantry, Company 'F'. Listed in Kansas Pioneers (1856) USGenWeb-Kansas
Isaac Newton Partridge buried in Kingfisher - Cimmaron Valley Cemetary.
was in the 12th, Co, G, enlisted at Coffey Co - served 3 yrs, received a pension and died in Ames, OK but Believe brother Robert H. Partridge was killed @ Vicksburg, May 22, 1863 and is buried there, was a private - 23rd infantry, Co. E.  Cannot locate state this unit was from - possibly MO?  My GGrandfather, Wileda Prejean                                                                         John James Daylong - Fort Scott National Cemetery, Fort Scott, Kansas. Served as a private in F Co. 12th Regiment - Infantry from Coffey County. He died of bilious colic at Fort Scott on April 19, 1863 and is buried in the Fort Scott National Cemetery, Fort Scott, Kansas. He is my great  great grandfather. Nicki Houser

Major General John B. Scott.  He retired from the Union Army in 1849 and came to Quinimo with his wife.  He opened an Indian Trading Post on the Sax and Foxx Indian Reservation near there.   He came from Des Moines Iowa where he, at one time, was the commanding officer.  When he retired he operated a ferry landing and indian trading post in Des Moines.  He had taken the script that the Indians  were given when they were placed on reservations. 
When the Indian removal act of 1830, was inacted the Sax and Foxx tribe from the Fort Des Moines area were removed to the Sax and Foxx reservartion in what soon would be Kansas Territory. 
He moved south to the current site of the town of Leroy and extablished an Indian Trading post on the Neosho River.  The Indians referred to the town as Scotts Town.  He and two othe rgentlemen named Trossel and Crabtree pooled their lands that they received when they were mustered out of the service and founded the town and changed the name to Leroy.  Gen. Scott was the first Justice of the Piece on Coffey County and his soon to be Son in Law, Alexander Hamilton, first County Clerk of Coffey County served the Bobus Legislature in 1857 at Lecompton.  
On January 29th 1861 Kansas was finally admitted into the Union as the 34th State.  On April 12th, the Confederate Forces fired on Fort Sumptner April 12th, 1861, and the war was on.  
Grandfather Scott was appointed Major General by the Governor and placed as Commanding General of the Neosho Valley Home Guard unit and dispatched to Fort Scott with the Kansas Home Guard Units of the 9th Calvary.  Grandpa is burried in the cemetery at Leroy.  
I commend you for effort to record the actions of our grandfathers of early times.  The graveyards of Southeast Kansas are full of Kansas Native Sons that  paid  the  supreme price that  we might live in freedom.  Please add Grandpa Scott to the many men who served during the time of our struggle with Statehood and the Civil War. Again Thank You.   Bill Linde   Mother Elizabeth "Hamilton" Linde;  Grandfather Stanley Hamilton, Great Grand Father Alexander Hamilton; Great Grand Mother Lucinda Jane "Scott" Hamilton; Great-Great Grandfather Major General John B. Scott.


WILLIAM PETER SAILING, Union-Graham Cemetery, Winfield,
Born October, 1844, Benton County, Missouri. Died January 8, 1917, Winfield, Kansas Served Kansas Volunteer Calvary, 16th Regiment, Company "G".
JOHN JACOB LIEBERKNECHT, Highland Cemetery, Winfield
Born May 26, 1837, Germany. Died December 19, 1915, Winfield, Kansas Served Ohio Infantry Volunteers, 12th Regiment, Company "G".
Thomas Hart Benton HOLLINGWORTH, He  is  buried near  his  grandchildren  at  Glen Grouse Creek  Cemetery  in  the Northeastern corner of Cowley County. He was a wagoner  of  Co. C, 85th Reg.ILL  Inf. Volunteers.  He  joined  23rd July 1862  at  Mason Co.ILL  and  was mustered  out  at  Washington  DC on June 5, 1865.born in Windham Co, CT.  on July 7, 1834,  married  Susan L. McCONNELL at Carlinville, ILL on May 14, 1857,  and  had  9  children.  He  had  illnesses  from  the  cold marches during  the  war,  and  died at  a  little  town  called Box in Cowley Co., KS in July 11, 1885.
The  cemetery  is  very  small,  uncared for, but his  civil war stone  was  still  intact  and standing . His  wife  outlived him by several  years  and  is  buried  at  the  Wynoochee Cemetery  in  Montesano, WA.  There are no caretakers, and  only  a  dirt road  beside  the  graveyard.  Farms are  around  it.  Part of it  is  fenced with a  wrought  iron  fence.  Several  lovely  stones  are  there,  one  little  lamb for a  baby  girl,  an  angel, etc.   This  is  my  great grandfather, but  he  may  have been  buried  in  a  simple  wooded  box  so  it  was  decided  not  to  move  his remains  to  WA state.   All  of  his  descendants  moved  on  to  Washington and westward  after  his  death,  altho  for  awhile  some  lived  at  Grenola.  I  am willing  to  share  information,  since  I  have  written  a  book  on  this  family  and  also  my  other  great  grandfather..  Rob & Bonnie Martin

Jesse LONG born 28 March 1847,  Henderson Co., Illinois.  Died 05 October 1914, at home of sister N.C Long Waggoner, Winfield, Cowley Co.,Kansas. Buried Highland Cemetery, lot 125, block 2, Diamond Division, Winfield, Cowley Co. Kansas.  Mustered in 15 September 1862 Pvt. Co. H,  11 Regt. Kansas Voulenteers, Cavalry. Discharged 13 September 1865,  Fort Leavenworth.   Never married.  Nancy John 


Sergeant Abishai Clark McGown -McCune Cemetery Crawford County, Kansas
Company I 20 Regiment of Ohio Veteran Volunteer Infantry. He served from 9th of December 1861 to 15 July 1865. My great grandfather was born 23 July 1842 at Mount Vernon, Knox County, Ohio, married 1. Louisa Benson and 2. Sarah Frances Roper.He moved to Kansas in 1873 where he farmed until his death 4 September 1926.
Franklin D. Mathias - McCune Cemetery Crawford County, Kansas   Wanda Mechling Gantt
Private in Company K 38th Regiment of Ohio Voluntary Infantry. My great grandfather was born 17 January 1841 in Burnt Cabins, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania, married 1. Sarah Jane Ely and 2. Malvia Miller. He moved to Kansas  in 1869 and farmed until his death 19 February 1908.  Wanda Mechling Gantt
Thomas Henry Mattox - McCune Cemetery Crawford County, Kansas
Enlisted as Private in Company A 70 Regiment Illinois Infantry 26 July 1862 and honorably discharged at Camp Butler, Illinois 23 October 1862. My great great grandfather was born 7 April 1834 in Kentucky, married Clara Rebecca Rohrbough and moved to Kansas in 1866. He was first a farmer and then merchant at a hotel called the Mattox House in McCune, Kansas. He died 18 August 1906. Pension claim #534378 for $6.00/month.  Wanda Mechling Gantt

Adolphus P. Minard enlisted in the Union Army at Victoria, Knox County, Illinois on 25 January 1862.
He was Mustered In the Company H of the 51st Illinois US Infantry on 27 February 1862.  He served as a Private until he was Mustered Out on 17 February 1865 at Springfield, Illinois.  He was a carpenter at the time he entered service at the age of 22.  He married Ollie R. Harris on 29 November 1865.  They moved to Crawford County, Kansas and reared their family on a farm north of McCune.  He was born on
28 July 1840 and died on 5 April 1924.  He is buried in the Southeast part of the McCune Cemetery.  He is listed on the Civil War Pensioners Roll, Certification # 87,168, and received a pension of $ 6.00 per month for a wound to the left arm.  He was my Great-Grandfather.  A picture of the gravestone is available. 
Theodore Martin Nairn, Jr. # 11 Meadowbrook Rd. Big Spring, TX 79720-0522 Phone (915) 394-4724 E-mail tnairn@crcom.net
John W. Welch    (served 14th Regiment of the Kansas Cavalry --  Co. G, Fort Levenworth, Ks.)    buried in Hosey Hill Cemetery, Weir, Ks. Thank you,  Karen M. mailto:azkmal@cox.ne


Old Arcadia (Forest Hill) Cemetery, Arcadia, Kansas
Capps, Prior  d. Nov 23, 1885. 66y8m14d.  Co. B, 14th Kan Cav
Case, Thomas H.   d. May 17, 1890. 50y1mo15d.  Co. K, 36th Iowa Inf
Gray, I.H.   Co. K, 6th Kan Cav
Hizar, Jacob M.   Co. A, 123 IL Inf
Jewell, Lewis R.  Col.  d. 11-30-1862 - Battle of Cane Hill. (per "History & Biographical Record of Crawford County, Kansas", 1905, = Lt. Col.  b. Aug 16, 1822.  6th Kan Cav. )
Lawson, A.H.   1815-1872.  Sgt. Co. E, 10th TN Cav
Logston, Dority   Co. D, 2nd Kan Cav
Martin, Jos.   Co. M, 7th Ind Cav
Nelson, W.D.   Sgt.  Co. H, 3rd Tn Inf
Potter, William J.   Co. D, 4th Kan Inf
Snodgrass, J.W.   Sgt.  Co. K, 6th Kan Cav
Taylor, J.W.  Co. K, 6th Kan Cav
Totman, Levi   Co. G, 154 IL Inf
Beulah Cemetery
Brown, Frank M.   Co. K, 144 IL Inf
Clerihan, James R.   Dec 25, 1838-Dec 15, 1913.  Co. C, 6th IL Cav
Cunningham, Priscilla A.  Jan 24, 1835-Mar 2, 1902. Nurse at Soldiers Home 1863-1865
Donald, T.P.   Co. F, 101 IL Inf
Fenton, William E.   Dec 3, 1840-Jun 25, 1906. Co. C, 70th Ohio Inf
Preston, F.W.   May 18, 1840-Jul 16, 1901.  Co. A, 46 Ind Inf
Spencer, G.W.  d. Dec 19, 1892. 72y8m7d.  Co. K, 117th IL Inf
Tyner, H.H.   Dec 28, 1841-jan 23, 1888.  Co. K, 18th IL Inf
Cherokee Cemetery, Cherokee, Kansas
Adair, A.T.   Co. A, 45th MO Inf
Bailey, C.A.   Co. A, 33rd IL Inf
Ball, F.D.   9th Wisc Light Artillery
Bass, D.S.   Co. G, 88th Ind Inf
Bates, Uriah   Mar 8, 1832-Oct 26, 1891.  Lieut. Co. E, 5th MO SM Cav
Bird, Benjamin   Co. B, 22nd IL Inf
Boyer, Samuel   Co. A, 57th Ind Inf
Brown, Balaam N.   Co. K, 124th IL Inf
Bosler, John W.   1842-1917.  Co. H, 49th Ohio Inf
Branson, William W.   Co. G, 74th Ohio Inf
Brownfield, Allen S.   Jul 19, 1817-Mar 18, 1900.  Captain  Co. F, 7th Ohio Cav
Brundage, James   Nov 28, 1842-Dec 3, 1919.  Co. A, 78th IL Inf
Chadsey, Asaph Newton   1838-1898.  Sgt.  Co. C, 119th IL Inf
Cochran, William B.   1846-1914.  Co. H, 2nd IL Cav
Collins, I.N.   QMSgt. Co. C, 4th W.VA Cav
Cooper, Nathaniel   Co. G, 12th Ind Inf
Curry, James A.   1836-1913.  Sgt. Co. C, 10th IL Cav
Davis, Lakin D.   Co. A, 28th IL Inf
Davis, Thomas  Co. C, 144th Ohio Inf
Faulkenberry, James H.   Jun 13, 1833-Feb 18, 1897.  Blacksmith  Co. A, 3rd MO SM Cav
Fields, Abram A.   Co. K, 1st Ohio Light Artillery
Frisbie, Hiram H.   Apr 10, 1840-Aug 28, 1902.  Co. D, 28th IL Inf
Foltz, Jacob   Co. K,  -- IL Inf
Gilham, Thomas J.   Co. B, 119th IL Inf
Graham, J.T.   11th MO Inf
Gould, Jas. W.   Co. B, 89th Ind Inf
Howard, William H.  Co. B, 20th Mich Inf
Hugden, Wesley   Sgt.  Co. K, 124th IL Inf
Jackson, J.L.   Co. A,  32nd Ind Inf
Jaminson, Jacob   Captain   Co. H, 47th IL Inf
Jaminson, Harlan,   Co. H, 4th Iowa Cav
Janney, Stephen   1832-1912.  Co. F, 79th Ohio Inf
Jennings, George   Co. B, 112 IL Inf
Jessup, Solomon P.   Nov 24, 1842-Jan 5, 1889.  Sgt. Co. E, 8th Iowa Inf
Jones, William B.   3rd Cal Inf
Kays, Martin   Co. H, 120 Ohio Inf
Larcom, Levi   Apr 13, 1842-Apr 2, 1893. Co. C, 121 Ohio Inf
Leech, John C.   7th MO SM Cav
Lucas, G.W.H.   1835-1907.  Lieut.  Co. F, 35th IL Inf
McFarland, John   Feb. 7, 1829-Dec 16, 1886.  Co. D, 135th Ind Inf
McNulty, Alfred   Co. H, 1st MO SM Cav
Masten, Stephel L.   Co. E, 6th Ind Inf
Mock, Abram B.   d. Oct 22, 1874. 33y2m27d.  Co. E, 9th IL Inf
Mock, William   1834-1924.  Co. E, 9th IL Inf
Norton, Charles L.   1839-1921.  Lieut.  Co. C, 21st MO Inf
Norton George P.   Co. F, 18th IL Inf
Oberman, William   Dec 23, 1833-Mar 21, 1889.  Co. H, 100th IL Inf
Olenborg, J.F.   Cpl. Co. B, 112th IL Inf
Peel, John   Co. K, 124th IL Inf
Perry, Edward A.  1845-1917.   Co. I, 151, IL Inf
Perry, W.V.   Co. M, 1st Colo Cav
Porter, Daniel   Co. B, 20th Iowa Inf
Pringle, Stephen   Co. L, 6th Kan Cav
Rennie, James   1841-1912.  Co. F, 10th MO Inf
Robinson, George A.   Co. K, 1st VT Heavy Artillery
Rodgers, Robert   1847-1924.  Co. H. 47th IL Inf
Sieber, Frederick   Mar 5, 1834-Jun 18,1909.  Pvt.  137th IL Inf
Sweeney, James N.   Jul 24, 1836-May 3, 1891.  Co. I, 7th Ohio Inf
Wallace, John M.   d. Feb 27, 1892. 51y.  Cpl.  Co. D, 118th Ohio Inf
Warner, William   Co. G, 39th IL Inf
Wiles, A.B.  July 27, 1824-Mar 26, 1889. Lieut.  Co. I, 11th Iowa Inf
Winchell, A.N.   Jul l, 1827-Sep 16, 1914.  Co. B, 119th IL Inf
Wright, Westley   1841-1912.  Lieut.  Co. H, 39th Iowa Inf
Zentmire, David   Co. K,  85th IL Inf
Fairview Cemetery, Englevale, KS
Cory, Alonzo   Feb 7, 1949-Feb 19, 1926. Teamster   118th Ind Inf
Farlington Cemetery, Farlington, Kansas
Cushenberry, Jos   Co D, 20th Kan Inf
Draper, Eli   Aug 5, 1841--Oct 9, 1924.  Co. I, 24 Ind Inf
Goad, Abraham   Co. C, 147th Ind Inf
Herlocker, C.   Co. A, 2nd Colo Cav
Howell, Andrew J.   Co. F, 149th Ind Inf
Howell, Hiram   Sep 12, 1838-Dec 14, 1893.  Co. B, 2nd Ind Cav
James, Priar L.   1835-1917.  Co. H, 2nd Cal Inf
Johnson, Thomas H.   Aug 3, 1845-Apr 2, 1922.  Co. K, 130th Ind Inf
Jones, Aaron S.   1835-1913.  Co. G, 29th Iowa Inf
Jones, Jas.    Co. K, 6th Kan Cav
Matlock, Jas. K.   1844-1909.  Co. B, 50th Ind Inf
Sleeth, James   Co. H, 6th Ind Cav
Stiteler, David   Dec 17, 1829-Aug 15, 1884.  Co. C, 77th PA Inf
Swan, Frank   7th Kan Inf
Swan, William H.  d. Nov 25, 1890. 51y5m21d.  Co. D, 6th Kan Cav
Weaver, William  1836-1909.  Co. I, 11th PA Inf
Girard Cemetery, Girard, Kansas
Adsit, Hiram F.  Co. D, 39 Wisc Inf
Armstrong, Thomas J. Co. D, 117 IL Inf
Baker, Washington   Co. H. 86th Ind Inf
Beezley, William   Captain  Co. F, 106 IL Inf
Berry, Henry   Apr 21, 1842-jan 14, 1897.  Co. A, 10th Ind Inf
Bigler, Fred K.   1844-1892. Co. E, 103 Ohio Inf
Blasketer, J.H.   Co. C, 42nd MO Inf
Boothe, James A.  1835-1906.  Co. K, 147th Ind Inf
Burnet, D.W.   Co. D, 1 Iowa Cav
Bryon, James W.  Mar 11, 1821-Mar 31, 1887.  Co. F, 22 IL Inf
Card, Benjamin F.   1stLieut.  1st Ind Heavy Artillery
Clark, Elihu S.   Cpl.  Co H, 66th IL Inf
Crow, James   Co. G, 6th U.S. Inf
Cuthbertson, John   1846-1883.  Co. K, 142nd IL Inf
Decker, Adam   1831-1908.   Co. E, 175th Ohio Inf
Deihl, Simon   Co. F, 83rd IL Inf
Demoss, Dunham P.  Co. A, 35th IL Inf
Durbin, Lorenzo D.   Lieut. Colonel  46th Iowa Inf
Ennis, Jos.   1836-1899.   Co. D, 4th Iowa Cav
Emerson, Luther M.   1840-1913.  Co. A, 11th Mich Inf
Falwell, William T.   1844-1904.  SgtMaj. Co. H, 91st Ohio Inf
Ferg, Christian G.   98th PA Inf
Fiske, J.H.   Co. I, 5th U.S. Inf
Freed, Enoch   Co. B, 138th IL Inf
Fuller, Benjamin A.  1818-1894.  1st MO Inf
Gannon, Amos   Jan 11, 1811-May 26, 1882.  Co. G, 37th Iowa Inf
Gerken, Henry   1836-1930.  Comsy.Sgt. Co. F, 13th MO Cav
Hill, Thomas B.  1836-1894.  Co. E, 39th Ohio Inf
Jones, James M.   1844-1907.  Cpl.  Co. I, 11th TN Cav
Keller, Jacob T.  1842-1909.  Cpl.  Co. C, 154 Ind Inf
Keys, R.H.   Co. A, 38th IL Inf
Killough, William T.   Co. E, 2nd Iowa Inf
Koch, Lewis   1843-1907.  Co. D, 20th PA Cav
Kyser, Orrin   1846-1925.  Co. I, 138th Il Inf
Lamb, William    Nov 14, 1842-Dec 16, 1904.  Co. K, 11th Ind Cav
Lash, H.S.   McLain's Colo Battery
Lewis, Alfred E.   1848-1933.  Co. I, 101st NY Inf
Loomis, Elmer   1834-1915.  Co. D, 177th Ohio Inf
Lucas, A.G.   Co. E, 34th IL Inf
Lyons, Thomas   Co. G, 6th U.S. Inf
McEvers, Charles N.   1837-1916.  Cpl. Co. F, 101st IL Inf
McGuire, John F.   Co. K, 13th WV Inf
Majors, Elijah W.  1836-1918.  Sgt. Co. C, 1st Iowa Cav
Marsh, Benjamin   Co. G, 82nd Ohio Inf
Maxwell, Vincent    1837-1905.  Co. I, 25th Iowa Inf
Merriweather, William H.   d. Aug 17, 1898. 60y.  Sgt. Co. B, 114th IL Inf
Miller, Henry   5th NY Heavy Artillery
Mills, Giles A.   Co. I, 138th IL Inf
Moore, Travis   1830-1908.  Sgt Co. D, 2nd MO Cav
Murdock, Greenberry   1833-1906.  Co. G, 67th Ohio Inf
Newport, J.B.   Co. H. 73rd IL Inf
Nigh, Jerome C.   1845-1924.  Cpl. Co. A, 49th Ohio Inf
Osborn, William E.   1844-1924.  Co. B, 138th IL Inf
Painton, Thomas   1840-1884. Co. G, 39th Iowa Inf
Patterson, C.D.  Co. D, 2nd Wisc. Cav
Peach, H.S.   Co. A, 20th IL Inf
Ping, Permi B.   Cpl. Co. I, 1st Iowa Cav
Ping, Thomas    Captain   Co. E, 17th Iowa Inf
Piper, C.H.   Co. C, 117th Ind Inf
Price, Charles   1845-1926.  Co. I, 36th Ohio Inf
Ransom, William L.   Co. F. 72nd Ind Inf
Reid, Amos   Mar 17, 1831-Jun 11, 1885.  Co. D, 90th Ohio Inf
Richardson, John   1834-1910.  Co. G, 140 Ind Inf
Robb, Francis E.   1845-1919.  Co. F, 3rd Iowa Cav
Robinson, John   Co. B, 14th Wisc. Inf
Rose, Crove  1841-1892.   Co. G, 15th IL Cav
Rowan, Patrick H.   1841-1919.  Co. C, 7th IL Inf
Sanborn, Daniel   7th Ohio Light Artillery
Shafer, Thomas   Co. H, 92nd IL Inf
Shannon, Henry   Co. B, 11t Ind Inf
Shaw, John W.   Co. G, 36th Iowa Inf
Shipman, Henry   Co. C, 154th Ind Inf
Smith, Asa   Co. -- 148th Ind Inf
Smith, James A.   Co. F, 17th IL Inf
Smith , William R.   1838-1904.  Co. H, 3rd Iowa Cav
Trout, John W.   1843-1915.  Cpl.  Co. D, 7th Iowa Cav
Tullis, William H.   Cco. K, 15th Ind Inf
Upham, James S.   1838-1905. Lieut.  Co. I, 17th IL Cav
VanAkers, John   1838-1914.  Co. B, 17th Ohio Inf
Vickers, Andrew J.  1835-1915.  Lieut.  Co. G, 17th WV Inf
Viets, John   1843-1918.  Lieut.  Co. D, 13th MO Cav
Vincent, David A.   Co. L, 78th IL Inf
Wagner, George H.   Cpl. Co. G, 89th IL Inf
Webb, Milus   1843-1923.  QMSgt.  Co. K, 9th TN Cav
Wheat, J.E.   Co. D, 20th Kan Inf
Whiteman, Henry F.   1845-1910.  Co. G, 33rd IL Inf
Whitesides, James A.   1836-1907.  Co. F, 29th IL Inf
Wickham, Nelson J.   1838-1907.  Lieut.  Co. I, 45 U.S.C.I.
Willoughby, N.D.  Co. D, 4th Minn Inf
Wilson, James W.  1844-932.  Co. I, 153rd Ind Inf
Wilson, J.H.   2nd Kan Light Artillery
Wilson, T.M.   2nd Kan Light Artillery
Wilson, William M.  1839-1903.  Co. B, 58th Ind Inf
Wolley, Daniel   1831-1921.  Sgt.  Co. C, 84th IL Inf
Woodson, Reuben   Co. F, 12th Conn Heavy Artillery
York, Jos. H.   Co. G, 152nd Ind Inf
Greenbush Cemetery
Daxton, Pierce Power.  d. Aug 19, 1903. 76y.  Co. G, 47th IL Inf
O'Connor, Dennis.  Apr 28, 1849-Jan 8, 1891. Co. B, 3rd NY Inf
Walsh, Thomas   1842-1897.  Co. H, 62nd IL Inf
Hepler Cemetery, Hepler, KS
Fink, John   1835-1909.  Co. E, 2nd IL Light Artillery
Frerking, Ludwig   Jun 9, 1836-Dec 20, 1926.  Co. E., 9th IL Inf
Gentle, Stephen   Aug 16, 1843-Apr 17, 1924.  Co. C, 1st KY Cav
Hatfield, H.   Feb. 29, 1840-Oct 4, 1932.  Co. H, 114th IL Inf
May, P.P.   1826-1899.  Co. H, 118th IL Inf
Pape, William   1839-1927.  Co. F, 94th IL Inf
VanArsdale, Thomas J.  1843-1899.  Co. A, 122 IL Inf
Highland Park Cemetery, Pittsburg, KS
Copen, William   Co. K, 193rd Ohio Inf
Ferguson, John W.  d. 1918.  Co. G, 21st MO Inf
McAdams, Jas.   Co. A, 39th KY Inf
Madison, Barton W.   Co. E, 20th Iowa Inf
Martin, Chalres   Co. K, 34th IL Inf
Iowa Lutheran Cemetery
Feldman, Jno.  Co. B, Benton Co., MO. Home Guard
Meyer, John Henry   1808-1897.  Co. B, Benton County, MO. Home Guard
McCune Cemetery.
Camblin, L. Asbury   Co B, 30th Iowa Inf
Cline, William J.   1840-1886.  Co. M, 3rd Iowa Cav
Ekey, William M.   1843-1913.  Co. E, 11th MO Inf
Ford, Henry M.   1836-1912.  1stSgt. Co. F, 9th KY Cav
Gaddis, Albert   1843-1926.   Co. H, 3rd Ind Cav
Gambill, Traylor   1841-1932.  Pvt. Co. F, 17th KY Cav
Gracey, John W.   1841-1930.  Sgt. Co. E, 3rd IL Cav
Knickerbocker, W.  1st IL L. Artillery
Lovencuier, J.W.   Co. F, 3rd MO Cav
Mitchael, John W.   Co. E, 115 IL Inf
Naught, Chas.   Co. G, 116 IL Inf
McGown, Abishai C.  1842-1926. Cp. Co. I, 20th Ohio Inf
Phelps, Lyman S.   Apr 11, 1827-Apr 8, 1886.  Co. I, 62nd PA Inf
Pitman, J. H.   Captain   Co. G, 152 IL Inf
Randall, Alex   Co. A, 6th Ind Cav
Riggs, Perry   1839-1923.  Co. B, 2nd Prov. EN MO Mil
Roberts, Perley P.   Aug 4, 1839-Nov 30, 1905.  Co. K, 8th VT Inf
Russell, C.F.   Lieut.  Co. M. 3rd IL Cav
Rutherford, John   Co. B, 16th MO Cav
Sawtell, Ira   Co. A, 66th Ind Inf
Sinclair, Henry A.  Cpl. Co. D, 11th MO SM Cav
Tobias, George E.   Co. K, 120th Ind Inf
Weeks, J.H.  Co. A, 1st Miss Mar Brigade
Winters, Cornelius   Sep 15, 1823-Jan 20, 1906.  Co. F, 39th MO Inf
Winters, Abraham   b. Mar 28, 1832-Jul 3, 1906.  GAR Marker On Grave
Whitlock, Jr.   1846-1904.  16th ND Cav
Vanamsdeln, John L.  Co. C, 30th Iowa Inf
McGonigle Cemetery - Crawford County
Adams, Solomon   Nov 13, 1832-Mar 1, 1887.  Co. K, 6th Kan Cav
Crabtree, Walter   Co. A, 10th Kan Inf
Denny, Lewis   Cpl. Co. K, 6th Kan Cav
Moss, Paschal Y.   Co. K, 6th Kan Cav
Murphy, Jeremiah   Oct. 11, 1830-Mar 11, 1888.   Co. H, 112th IL Inf
Paulk, Noah   May 6, 1811-Jan 2, 1886.  Co. C, 37th Iowa Inf
Pearson, William N.   1842-1929.  Co. A, 6th Kan Cav
Williamson, Dawson   d. Sep 20, 1895. 68y4m20d.   Co. C, 37th Iowa Inf
Mills School Cemetery
Hess, John   1845-1889.  Co. E, 13th MO Cav
Monmouth Cemetery
Coffland, Thomas J.  Nov 15, 1833-Dec 22, 1878.  Cpl.  Co. H, 9th KanCav
Collins, Benjamin F.   1840-1918.  Co. F, 10th Kan Inf
Coursey, Hugh D.   July 9, 1819-Apr 23, 1889.  Co. F, 34th Ohio Inf
Eby, Jacob   d. Nov. 29, 1872. 44y.  Sgt. Co. K, 5th Kan Cav
Evans, James H.   1845-1924. Cpl.  Co. K, 13th Iowa Inf
Hooke, John  1837-1909.  Co. D, 49th IL Inf
Jeter, G.S.  Mar 20, 1842-Dec 5, 1895. Co. A, 23rd MO Inf
Painter, George  Jan 27, 1832-Jul 9, 1896.  Co. A, 11th Ind Inf
Ratcliff, William   Jul 3, 1844-Mar 11, 1897.  Cpl. Co. K, 46th MO Inf
Snow, Joseph M.  1832-1879.  Co. I, 43rd MO Inf
Walker, W.D.  1845-1914.  Co. M, 12th Ohio Cav
Wilson, B.F.   Co. E, 52nd Ohio Inf
Wilson, John   Jul 10, 1818-Jul 18, 1902. Co. I, 6th Kan Cav
Mt. Olive Cemetery, Pittsburg, Kansas
Ball, Singleton   Co. G, 19th KY Inf
Bartholomew, Jno.   Co. F, 3rd Iowa Cav
Bench, William   Co. K, 19th Iowa Inf
Brandon, Benjamin   Co. D, --- IL Cav
Brewer, George M.   d. Jan 19, 1894. 57y7m11d. Co. C, 75h Ind Inf
Copple, W.H.   Co. I, 23rd MO Inf
Craig, James B.   183901916.  Cpl. 16th Iowa Inf
Crawford, F.M.   Nov 1, 1846-Feb 16, 1891.  Co. A, 12th Ohio Cav
Creager, John   Sgt. Co. G. -- Iowa Inf
Crocker, George W.  1826-1902.  Co. G, 32nd IL Inf
Cross, Charles F.   d. Apr 4, 1913.  Musician Co. C, 63rd PA Inf
Cummings, N.T.   Colonel  17th WV Inf
Curran, Milton   1835-1888.  Co. D, 10th TN Inf
Curtis, Jas. W.   Co. B, 33 IL Inf
Davis, French E.   1844-1900.  Bugler. Co. E, 5th WV Cav
Downing, George H.   1833-1918.  Co. G, 106th IL Inf
Dunlap, Jas. R.   12 WV Inf
Emert, G.H.   Co. A, 8th MO Inf
Finneli, E.  1820-1904.  Cpl. Co. I, 23 Iowa Inf
Funderburg, Peter   d. Jan 27, 1921.  Co. O, 9th Ind Inf
Gaines, Frances M.   Co. B, 20th KY Inf
Gardner, Samuel   Co. F, 47th MO Inf
Gates, James O.   1843-1902.  Co. F, 4th Iowa  Cav
Gilmore, John   Co. C, 2nd Kan Cav
Hare, George W.  Co. I, 45th IL Inf
Hatfield, M.V.   Feb 28, 1846-Jun 2, 1901.  Co. H, 100th Ohio Inf
Harvey, George   Co. C, 6th NY Inf
Hefton, W.M.  d. Mar 1, 1900. 68y. Cpl. Co. D, 143 IL Inf
Hester, William H.   Co. M, 19th Kan Cav
Holden, Peter F.   Jan 9, 1826-Jul 23, 1895. Sgt. Co. A, 1st ND Cav
Hoop, Joseph   1844-1910.  Co. B, 37th IL Inf
Holt, William T.  Co. O, 53rd Ind Inf
Jacobs, Leonard   Co. F, 39th KY Inf
Johnson, J.W.  Co. I, 141st IL Inf
Kelly, George W.   Co. G, 32nd IL Inf
Kerlee, William H.   Oct 29, 1842-Feb 27, 1922.  Co. D, 8th IL Inf
Langford, Melvin   May 20, 1840-Mar 29, 1913.  Co. E, 48th IL Inf
Lemaster, Joseph   1844-1910.  Co. B, 37th IL Inf
Luse, L.T.   1839-1906.  Co. F, 76th IL Inf
McAdams, Walter   Co. H, 10th Iowa Inf
McClure, G.M.   Co. B, 39th Iowa Inf
McNally, John   Jun 4, 1834-Jan 31, 1911. Captain   Co. D, 2nd W.VA Cav
Maning, Barney   Co. C, 4th IL Cav
Martin, William  Feb 22, 1833-Dec 9, 1907.  16th ___Inf
Matteson, Dennis M.  Sep 18, 1830-Jan 7, 1898.  Co. F, 58th IL Inf
Mitchell, Wilford    Co A, 84th IL Inf
Moore, Charles H.   Jul 9,1838-Jul 6, 1913.  Co. I, 34th Ohio Inf
Morris, Jno.   Co. H, 143rd IL Inf
Nichols, J.H.   d. Oct 7, 1891. 55y4m6d.  Co. I, 11 IL Inf
Oskin, -----   Oct 5, 1840-Feb 18, 1910. Co. F, 19th IL Inf
Payton, William    Jan 2, 1842-Jan 27, 1892.   1stSgt.  Co. K, 3rd WV Cav
Pease, Thomas L.   1846-1935.  Pvt. Co. E, 133rd IL Inf
Pearson, C.W.   Co. E, 14th Kan Cav
Perry, G.P.   Co. __, 56th IL Inf
Poling, Philip   Co. H, 115th IL Inf
Raymond, William E.   Apr 9, 1845-Nov 25, 1922.  Co. F, 11th Mich Inf
Rogers, John   Co. G, 148th IL Cav
Rusing, C.C.   Co. B, 51st  MO Inf
Sample, A.J.   Co. F, 2nd MO Cav
Samples, Ezekiel   d. Feb 9, 1988.  Co. E, 85th IL Inf
Schnackenberg, John   d. Oct 11, 1911. 1stSgt.  Co. C, 5th MO Cav
Seward, Isaac H.   Co. I, 11th IL Inf
Shout, Isiah   d. Jun 17, 1891. 34y.  Co. I, 64th Ohio Inf
Smith, David   Co. C, 8th Iowa Cav
Smith, P.M.   Co. K, 5th Kan Cav
Stafford, William A.  1828-1906.  38th Ind Inf
Stanton, Chalres W.   Lieut.  Co. H, 114th IL Inf
Stuart, William A.   Co. B, 151 IL Inf
Suter, Jacob   Co. A, 44th IL Inf
Swan, Daniel  1846-1912.  Musician.  Co. F, 85th PA Inf
Sweet, Young A.   May 6, 1842-Aug 14, 1906.  Co.__, 15th Ind Cav
Sylvia, Thomas   Co. I, 51st IL Inf
Tatham, Samuel L.   Dec 4, 1832-Oct. 29, 1890.Co. F, 10th Ind. Inf
Toms, E.P.   May 5, 1840-Apr 6, 1908.  Co. B, __, Ohio Inf
Trueblood, Manford   d. Dec. 19, 1911.  Co. K, 11th Ind Cav
Vannice, Isaac R. Cpl.  Co. B, 72nd Ind Inf
Wanzer, Syril E.  1850-1903.  Co. K, 36th ____ Inf
Watson, Alexander   May 15, 1836-Dec 19, 1912.  Captain   Co. D, 52nd IL Inf
Weaver, William   Co. K, 29th Ohio Inf
White, J.G.   Jun 3, 1836-1902.  Co. I, 112th IL Inf
Williamson, John H.  Oct 31, 1846-Feb 25, 1932.  7th IL Inf
Wood, Lyman   1stSgt.  Co. F, 146th IL Inf
Wright, James F.  1844-1909.  Co. F, 137th IL Inf
Young, George   Jan 11, 1842-Jan 13, 1885.  Pvt. Co. L, 6th Kan Cav
Myers Cemetery
Baker, Robert   Co. K, 74th Ohio Inf
Hemphill, Jno.   Co. F., 80th IL Inf
Parker, James K.   Aug 23, 1845-Jan 11, 1936.  Co. D, 129th IL Inf
Slawson, Jesse   Co. I, 8th Kan Inf
Pittsburg (Hobson) Cemetery, Pittsburg, Kansas
Bates, Edward G. b. Dec. 9, 1844 ---. Co. A, 123 Ohio Inf
Bishop, J.C.   Co. A, 49th MO Inf
Chapman, Leonard   Co A, 1 MO Engrs.
Crockett, J.N.   Lieut.  Co. I, 15th KY Inf
Hobson, George   Feb 17, 1837-Apr 5, 1891. Cpl.  Co. G, 4th Iowa Cav
Hobson, Isaac   Co. B, 3rd Iowa Cav
Shafer, S.S.   Co. E, 18th MO Inf
Snyder, David   Co. K, 150 IL Inf
Winans, A.F.   Co. C, 13 Ind Inf
Rosebank Cemetery, Mulberry, Kansas
Adams, J.H.   Co. F, 98th IL Inf
Amos, D.O.   Co. G, 46th Iowa Inf
Boulware, Samuel G.  1841-1925.  Pvt. Co. F, 118th IL Inf
Bridgewater, Arttie  d. Oct 9, 1927.  Pvt. 45th Kan Inf
Chancellor, Henry Clay  1847-1922.  123 IL Inf
Davis, Alfred H.   Co. I, 18th NH Inf
Dixon, George W.   Co. M, 15th MO Cav
Hendeson, Elmore   Co. F, 8th Iowa Cav
Hunter, W.H.   Co. F, 5th IL Inf
Johnson, George A.   Co. L, 14th U.S. Cav
Johnson, George W.   Co. K, 42nd MO Inf
McOleiff, P.H.   Co. E, 37th IL Inf
Palmore, Robert D.   Mar 29, 1838-Feb 12, 1907.  Co. F, 5th MO Cav
Partridge, Samuel   Co. F, 30th IL Inf
Perkins Robert   Co. B, 40th IL Inf
Prewett, Willis  d. Mar 6, 1892. Pvt. Co. E, 27th KY Inf
Ross, David   Co. G, 35th Ind Inf
Slater, Thomas   Jan 15, 1830-May 23, 1921.  16th IL Inf
Stoker, Oswald   Aug 1834-Sep 8, 1885.  Co. D, 9th IL Inf
Tripp, Benjamin F.   Co. B, 81st IL Inf
Whitesell, Henry J.   Co. F, 72nd IL Inf
Sheffield (Pleasant Valley), Cemetery
Bennett, Ora   Co. E, 17th IL Inf
Foulk, Phillip   Co. E, 173rd PA Inf
Major, Lucien M.   Sep 22, 1831-Nov 11, 1902.  Captain.  9th MO Cav. CSA
Smilie Cemetery, near Mulberry, Kansas
Adams, Robert   d. Nove 29, 1898. 79y. Co. D, 6th Kan Inf
Spangler Cemetery
Blevens, Clark M.   Jun 17, 1827-Apr 8, 1891.  Co. C, 125th IL Inf
Sweet, Hiram   Dec 29, 1825-Nov 15, 1885.  Co. G, 25th Iowa Inf
Union Center Cemetery
Hussong, A.B.   Co. G, 117th IL Inf
Young, Thomas    32nd Wisc. Inf
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