Kansas  " N " Counties
Nemaha Neosho  Ness  Norton 

Thomas Bestwick, born 17 Jan 1838 at Mercer county, PA.  Served in Co D, 8th KS Reg.  He was a Sgt.  Died 18 March 1923, Sabetha, Nemaha, KS, buried at Sabetha City Cem. 

James Bestwick, born 18 Dec 1840, Erie Co, PA.  Served in Co G, 13th KS Vol Inf.  Died 4 Oct. 1896 at Sabetha, buried at Sabetha City Cem, Sabetha, KS. 

Charles K. Bestwick, born 1 Jan 1842, Mercer County, PA.  Served in the 8th Kansas Volunteers.  Died 2 Apr 1898 at Sabetha, buried at Sabetha City Cem. 

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JOHN A. (ALEXANDER) HOFFMAN, Shaw Cemetary in Erie,Ks Co. E of the Kansas Vol
Charles Lewis Roper - In Elmwood Cemetery, Chanute, Neosho County, Kansas Unassigned Illinois Voluntary Pension claim 1,203489. He was drafted 29 November 1864 in Bond County, Illinois. He was born 17 December 1831 Trigg County, Kentucky, married Margaret Elizabeth Laws and moved to Kansas 1871-1875 where he farmed until his death 19 August 1903.  My great greatgrandfather   Wanda Mechling Gantt    Carolyn
Lewis Thomas,   Elmwood Cemetery, Chanute, Neosho County, Kansas Pvt 11th Indiana Cav. Enlisted 1 February 1864, Discharged 19 September 1865.Moved to Chanute in the fall of 1869. Married the former Sarah Ann Glasscock of Carrol Co., IN. Kenneth G. Thomas
Michael Kitterman served in the Kansas State Militia as compared to the regular Volunteer Infantry and Cavalry units. He saw service in Company A of the 4th Battalion, 4th Brigade as a private.  He mustered in Oct. 13,
1864 and mustered out Oct. 28, 1864. This was the time of Confederate General Sterling Prices raid along the eastern boarder of the state. Michael Kitterman, born about 1818 in Indiana, married in Wapello county,
Iowa to Abigail Whitman Robinson, a widow, October 30, 1849, moved his family to Canville Township, Neosho county, Kansas, being the first settler in that township. He died Dec. 9, 1885 and is buried in Urbana, Kansas   Virginia Perry
John Alexander Hoffman b. 1822 served in Union. Married to Lucinda Barnes. Thanks  CDeripaska@aol.com

Reuben Judd is buried in Hope Cemetery, St. Paul, Kansas.  He served in the Civil War, enlisted 10 Aug 1862, served in H Co 6th Cal Reg IN, mustered out at Pulaski, IN 6/17/1865.  Married to Anna. Gary Steigh

William H. Johnston was omitted. He served in Company K, 66 Regiment, Indiana Volunteers
and in buried in Chanute at Elmwood. Thanks, Ron mailto:bigronw@erols.com

The following Veterans Names have been submitted by Jack Rogers, who has compiled the information for your use in research. Thank you Jack.
Elliott, J.R.   Co. A, 9th IL Inf
Badger, Richard C.   1845-1890. Co. A, 5th IL Cav
Bender, Samuel   10 Jun 1830-4 Feb 1911. Co. A, 76th IL Inf
Buckwalter, Oliver   25 May 1839 - 8 Apr 1917.  Co. C, 169th Ohio Inf
Bryant, Daniel   d. 24 Jan 1894. 49y10m9d.  Co. G, 132 Il Inf
Craven, Abner J.   1842-1902.  Co. E, 22nd PA Cav
Clements, David    d. 11 Dec 1837 - 10 Sep 1917.  Co. A, 11th MO Cav
Fraser, Charles B.   Sgt. Co. C, 5th Mich Inf
Guy, Robert C.   Co.C, 6th Ind Inf
Reeves, Stephen   1847-1904.  1st MO Inf & Co. F, 13th MO Cav
Roberts, Alfred E.   Co. I, 1st TN Cav
Sailors, W.M.   18 Nov 1844 - 24 Sep 1906.  Co. C, 123 Ind Inf
Smallet, H.B.   Co. B, 134th Ind Inf
Willard, W.H.   Co. G, 8th IL Inf
Holcomb, Joseph P.   Co. I, __ Ohio Heavy Artillery
Reynolds, Mason   Co. E,  9th Kan Cav
Smith, William H.   11 Jan 1847 - 10 Apr 1894.  Co. E, 48th Ind Inf & Co. E, 118th Ind Inf
Showalter, Joseph   6 Nov 1826 - 24 Feb 1901.  Co. I, 13th Kan Inf
Showalter, William F.   d. 26 Sep 1885. 37y7m28d.  Co. E, 48th Ind Inf
Proctor, James M.   23 Aug 1843 - 22 Oct 1898.  Co. D, 16th IL Inf
Edwards, J.S.   Co. E, 9th Ind Cav
Hoffman, John   Co. H, 81st IL Inf
Miller, Samuel P.   1842-1926.  Co. C, 7th PA Inf
Sager, Fredrick   d. Mar 12, 1896. 81y7d. Co. G, 173rd PA Inf
Sweeney, David   Cpl.  54th Ind Inf
Wood, Martin   Muscian Co. N, 122nd IL Inf
Allen, James M.   31 Jan 1842 - 1 Dec 1912.  116th Ind Inf
Anderson, J.J.  2 Jul 1843 - 6 Jan 1907.  Co. K, 7th MO Inf
Anderson, J.M.  1839-1918.  Co. A, 2nd IL Cav
Babcock, Robert   1845-1946.  Co. A, 42nd Ind Inf
Bardwell, Aaron G.  4 May 1834 - 19 Aug 1926.  4th IL Inf
Butler, Rensselaer   21 Mar 1831 - 15 Feb 1904.  Co. E, 34th Mass Inf
Cook, Phillip R.  Feb 1817 - 17 Oct 1891.  Co. E, 61st IL Inf
Crosby, John L.   8 Nov 1846 - 25 Feb 1902.  Co. C, 10th NH Inf
DeHart, J.S.   1842-1923.  35th MO Inf
Dennison, Joseph L.   1837 - 1908. Co. E, 9th Kan Cav
Drake, C.C.   Co. E, 20th Ind Inf
Duckworth, Isaac   1837-1927.  Co. K, 3rd IL Cav
Flack, Samuel   Cpl.  Co. C, 78th IL Inf
Gaston, J.M.   182-1877.  Captain  Co. G, 7th IL Cav
Heady, Alfred T.   31 Mar 1844 - -23 Aug 1891.  Co. K, 21st Ind Heavy Artillery
Hoagland, James   Co. D, 9th Kan Cav
House, Benjamin F.   4 Aug 1841 - 18 Dec 1898.  Co. A, 28th IL Inf
Huffman, John   1842-188. Co. I, 6th Ind Inf
Hurst, M.P.   Co. I, 11th IL Inf
Jeffery, William O.  1844-1931.  Co. I 145th IL Inf
Johnson, Parmenas Haden   25 Dec 1838 - 8 Dec 1893. Co. I,  __ IL Cav
Lemon, James   20 Jun 1841 - 7 Oct 1910.  54th Ohio Inf
Lodge, Elias   1839-1924.  Co. B, 24th Iowa Inf
Lyman, A.W.   6 May 1836 - 9 Apr 1917.  Co. A, 76th IL Inf
McCrary Lewis   24 Dec 1835 - 14 Sep 1921.  Co. H, 39th Iowa Inf
Malsbury, J.D.  1842-1933.  Co. K, 118th Ind Inf & 153 Ind Inf
March, W.T.   Co. A, 123rd IL Inf
Medley, Albert   d. 12 Jun 1913. Co. G, 3rd Wisc Cav
Mock, T.N.  4 Jul 1848 - 8 Apr 1885.  Co. H, 59th IL Inf
Nafus, John H.   2 May 1843 - 1 Aug 1913.  Co. F, 9th Ind Inf
Nation, Seth   13 Apr 1843 - 12 Jan 1918.  Co. A, 8th Ind Inf
Newell, Joseph H.   Co. E, 152nd Ind Inf
Oliphant, Thomas B.   8 Nov 1837 - 21 Oct 1876.  Co. E, 4th MO Cav
Oliver, W.P.   15 Dec 1837 - 20 Mar 1917. Co. D, 122nd IL Inf
Ott, E.W   4 Jul 1842 - 29 Feb 1908.  Co. I, 21st MO Inf
Priest, J.L.   Co. D, 5th Ind Cav
Randall, John M.   25 Apr 1840 - 17 Mar 191.  Co. K,  10th W.VA. Inf
Rice, Edwin A.   17 May 1841 - 12 Jan 1901.  Co. A, 32nd IL Inf
Richardson, Enoch F.   1837-1899.  Co. F, 27th Ind Inf
Sharrock, John W.   25 Aug 1841 - 14 Dec 192.  115th IL Inf
Shellhorn, William H.  24 Sep 1824 - 24 Jan 1893.  Co. D, 133rd PA Inf
Smith, Abijah   Co. B, 72nd Ind Inf
Smith, Charles D.  19 Jun 1844 - 10 Ar 1909.  Co. F, 133rd Ind Inf
Smith, Robert S.   Co. C, 148th IL Inf
Snyder, Joshua W.   Co. H, 47th Ind Inf
Spring, B.A.   15 Dec 1843 - 24 Feb 1930. Co. K, 34th Ind Inf
Stewart, J.W.   Co. F, 9th Kan Cav
Stillwell, Leander   16 Sep 1843 - 10 Aug 1934.  Co. D, 61st IL Inf
Wagner, G.W.   25 Feb 1842 - 10 Jun 1920.  Co. I, 159th Ind Inf
Welch, John W.   1829-1888. Co. H, 194th Ohio Inf
Wherrett, I.N.   5 Jan 1831 - 13 Feb 1910. Captain  - Co. G, 138th Ind Inf and Co. K, 101st Ind Inf
Wells, J.A.   2 Mar 1838 - 15 Mar 1926.  Captain   Co. H, 91st IL Inf
Whelchel, C.B.   Co. I, 153rd Ind Inf
Wikle, John M.   Co. L, 6th Kan Cav
Willson, George   9 Jun 1844 - 13 Jul 1927.  Co. H, 144 Ohio Inf
Abott, Francis M.   1841-1923.  Co. F, 153rd Ind Inf & Co. K, 118th Ind Inf
Aldridge, William P.   18 Jan 1838 - 25 Sep 1918.  Co. H, __Kan Cav
Ashford, Thomas H.   d. 22 Mar 1928. 89y. Lieut.  Co. A, 3rd KY Cav
Baker, Charles Bruce   1844-1920. Co. I, 28th IL Inf
Barnhill, William J.   10 Nov 1843 - 8 Sep 1934.  Co. E, 200th PA Inf
Barton, Benjamin F.  Co. H, 61st IL Inf
Baughman, Samuel   1842-1936. Co. C, 66th IL Inf
Bradley, John H.   1837-1923.  Co. K, 23rd MO Inf
Carmichael, A.   Co. A, 1st Nebraska Cav
Carter, Jasper N.   d. 3 Sep 1916. 74y. Co. E, 1st Ind Heavy Artillery
Clover, Merit A.   1840-1933.  Cpl. Co. H. __ IL Inf
Cone, Luther   1842-1916.  Co. C, 186th Ohio Inf
Crockett, William    Co. H, 133rd Ind Inf
Deck, William B.   d. 1919.  Co. D, 15th Kan Cav
Demoss, Jonathan   d. 9 Dec 1906. 77y. Co. G, 78th IL Inf
Dickinson, Ally   1839-1929.  Co. M, 3rd Wisc Cav
Ditmars, James B.   11 Aug 1833 -3 Apr 1926.  Sgt. Co. D, 9th Kan Cav
Ditmars, George W.   22 Feb 1832 - 22 May 1910.  Co. D, 9th Kan Cav
Dulin, William   1833-1929.  Cpl.  Co. E, 120th Ohio Inf
Ellis, Thomas J.   29 Jan 1835 - 6 Mar 1904.  Co. M, 11th Ind Cav
Farmer, J.D.  6 Sep 1839 - 19 Sep 1905.  Co. C, 2nd Kan Cav
Farris, J.R.   Co. G, 7th KY Inf
Field, George   1821-1902.  Cpl. Co. L, MO State Militia
Francis, Edward F.   Co. F, 80th IL Inf
Fry, Isaiah   20 Feb 1839 - 26 Mar 1906. Co. K, 12th Wisc Inf
Gardner, J.A.   Co. B, 52nd Ind Inf
Grady, James H.   d. 25 Apr 1912. 79y. Co. D, 7th MO Cav
Gray, Charles M.   d. 1 Jan 1906. 63y.  Co. I, 58th Ind Inf
Hare, Robert   d. Jun 16, 1929. 86y. Co. E, 105th PA Inf
Hadden, L.M.   Co. H, 10th Kan Inf
Harmon, G.W.   Captain   Co. A, 105th IL Inf
Harrison, John J.   9 Mar 1844 - 16 Nov 1928.  Co. K, 9th MO Militia Cav
Hart, H.S.   Co. G, 98th IL Inf
Hawkins, Lee J.   1843-1914.  16th Ind Mtd. Inf
Hertzell, Joshua S.   25 Mar 1838 - 28 Jul 1893.  Co. K, 1st Ohio Cav
Hicks, Thomas M.   d.  Sep 13, 1911. 68y. Co. G, 2nd KY Cav
Hose, William H.   1843-1920. Co. D, 77th Ohio Inf
Howke, George A.   d. Mar 6, 1928.  Co. I, 16th MO Inf
Hull, Joel   16 Sep 1840 - 16Sep 1912.  Co. A, 41st IL Inf
Hull, J.G.   Co. E, 9th Kan Cav
Irwin, George L.   Co. C, 2nd Kan Cav
Isett, Guy   d. 1 Jan 1924. 75y. Co. K, 22nd PA Cav
Kelley, Elvina  d. Mar 5, 1920. 86y. U.S. Army Nurse
Kelley, Woodson H.   Co. G, 40th Ind Inf
Killion, B.H.  1840-1908.  Co. F, 28th IL Inf
Kinzle, Richard  d. 1919. Co. A, 13th U.S. Inf
Liens, Andrew J.  d. Jan 12, 1922. 74y. Co. L, __ Ind Light Artillery
Lobauch, Abraham   Co. d, 86th IL Inf
Low, Allen   1830-1896.  Cpl.  Co. f, 5th Ind Inf
Lynch, George C.   31 Mar 1836 - 28 Feb 1913. Co. I, 10th Ind Inf
Malsbury, William   1st Co. Ohio Sharpshooters
Matsler, John   d. 22 Aug 1873. 44y. Co. E, 107th IL Inf
Miller, William    13 Nov 1832 - 3 Sep 1913.  Co. C, 79th IL Inf
Mills, Alvin H.   d. Jan 17, 1913.  Co. E, 19th U.S. Inf
Montague, Henry   10 Sep 1840 - 23 Aug 1911. Co. D, 23 Ohio Inf
Moore, W.H.   Co. H, 9th Iowa Inf
Morris, Frank   d. 21 May 1929.  13th U.S. Inf
Newton Lafayette   d. 16 Jul 1915. 81y. Co. K, 166th Ohio Inf
Nicholas, William A.  1832-1874. Major. 3rd Brigade, 2nd Division, Army of the Potomac
Nye, Benjamin F.   26 Dec 1839 - 19 Apr 1917.  Co. I, 14th Il Inf
Osborn, Elias S.  d. 14 May 1912. 73y. Co. B,  37th IL Inf
Park, E.B.   1839-1914.  Co. B, 42nd Mass Inf
Paul, Charles S.  10 Aug 1835 - 5 Mar 1924.  Co. M, 15th Kan Cav
Phelps, James A.  1839-1915.  Co. F, 51st IL Inf
Phillips, J.S.   1842- 1931.  Co. C, 13th TN Cav
Pickett, William    Lieut.  Co. E,  188th Ohio Inf
Poppino, S.C.   1842-1923.  Co. D, 68th Ind Inf
Prange, Charles F.   d. 16 Jan 1896. 80y. Co. d, 35th KY Mtd. Inf
Ralston, Josiah   2 Sep 1847 - 27 Jul 1915.  Co. D. 12th IL Inf
Raymer, Fred K.   Co. A, 2nd Wisc Inf
Reed, Reuben V.   6 Jul 1820 - -29 Jun 1895. Cpl. Co. F, 71st IL Inf
Rickel, Joel H.   d. 29 Jun 1924. 79y. Co. G, 24th Ohio Inf
Rugg, Levi D.   Co. D, __ Ind Mtd. Rifles
Rush, James   Co. f, 4th W.VA. Cav
Samuels, Thomas N.  1845-1941.  101st IL Inf
Schommer, Peter   d. 1926.  Co. H, 12th Ind Inf
Shirley, Samuel R.   Co. E, 38th IL Inf
Shoemaker, D.M.   Co. E, 17th Ind Inf
Shurtz, Jacob H.   12 Oct 1844 - 9 Aug 1911.  Co. G, 51st IL Inf
Slack, Wilbur C.   20 Feb 1842 - 18 Feb 1908.  Co. D, 68th Ohio Inf
Snyder, H.H.   14 Mar 1844 - 10 Feb 1909. Co. F, 74th Ind Inf
Spear, Elijah   Co. A, 9th Ind Inf
Spencer, James   Co. E, 157th Ohio Inf
Splane, John M.   Co. G, 9th Kan Cav
Stanfield, William   Co. G, 154th Ohio Inf
Swartman, Charles S.  Co. E, 3rd Mich Inf
Sweeney, R.E.   d. 1906.  Lieut. Co. D, 4th TN Inf
Thomlinson, Joseph   Co. I, 17th IL Inf
Troy, John L.   16 Nov 1834 - 31 Jul 1893. Co. I, 42nd Ohio Inf
Tye, J.M.   Cpl.  Co. G, 19th Kan Inf
Tye, D.S.   Cpl. C. E, 9th Kan Cav
Waggoner, Jeriah   Co. B, 11th IL Inf
Ward, I.N.     Co. D, 1st Kan Cav
Welch, Roston L.   6 Sep 1844 - 12 Mar 1931.  Co. K, 38th IL Inf
Welker, Jonathan   16 Jun 1830 - 12 Jan 1920.  6th Ohio Light Artillery
Wells, Hiram   1840-1926.  Co. A, 39th KY Inf
Wertz, Jefferson C.   22 Oct 1838 - 25 Jul 1904.  Co. B, 10th PA Inf
White, J.M.   Co. I, 1st Ohio Inf
Wible, J. Wm.  8 May 1844 - 21 Feb 1923. Co. B, 21 PA Cav
Wible, Warren   Sgt. Independent Co. PA Scouts
Williams, John   24 Aug 1837 - 25 Mar 1921.  Co. F, 14th Kan Cav
Williamson, James J.   21 Aug 1840 - 24 Sep 1908.  Co. C, 128th Ohio Inf
Wilson, Jessie   d. 26 Jan 1903. 65y8m16d.  Co. K, 12th IL Inf
Wright, William H.   Co. I, 150th IL Inf
Kennerley, Robert F.  2 Jun 1839 - 23 Oct 1888.  Sgt.  Co. D, 1st Ind Heavy Artillery
Baldwin, Isaac P.   Co. G, 89th Ind Inf
Collier, John E.   Co. G, 9th Kan Cav
Denham, Thomas   Co. G, 9th Kan Cav
Denny, George   Co. G, 9th Kan Cav
Jennings, Henry   Co. G, 9th Kan Cav
Jennings, James   Co. G, 9th Kan Cav
Jennings, John     Co. G, 9th Kan Cav
Jennings, Joseph  Co. G, 9th Kan Cav
Stepp, George B.  Co. G, 9th Kan Cav
Wimsett, Jacob   Co. I, 116th Ind Inf
Barnes, John M.   Co. A, 7th IL Cav
Seeley, E.O.   Co. F, 8th NY Heavy Artillery
Littler, John E.   6 Oct 1842- 13 Oct 1901. Co. E, 94th IL Inf
Grey, Adam   Co. M, 11th MO Cav
Roberson, J.M.   Co. K, 124th IL Inf
Rowe, James M.   Co. K, 115th Ind Inf
Clements, John W.   4 Mar 1831-12 Feb 1903. Co. H, 121st Ohio Inf
Dickerson, Joseph H.   16 Dec 1846-25 Jan 1924. Co. D, ___ Ind Inf
Hunt, Nathan   Co. I, 36th IL Inf
Houston, R.   Co. B, 12th Ind Inf
Jones, John   Co. G, 81st Ind Inf
Ringle, J.S.   1833-1904.  21s Ind Artillery
Achenbach, Charles H.  Co. D, 3rd PA Heavy Artillery
Apt, Samuel   Cpl. Co. I, 88th Ohio Inf
Bryan, Grandison H.   17 Ap 1843- 6 Jun 1909. Co. I, 21st MO Inf
Carpenter. Lafayette  22 Mar 1844 - 16 Jun 1892. Co. d, 13th Ind Cav
Castle, Henry A.   18 Feb 1834 - 21 Dec 1920.  Co. A, 164th NY Inf
Coffman, Jesse H.   17 Dec 1839 - 18 Sep 1911.  Sgt.  Co. E, 10th Ohio Cav
Craig, Absalom W.   16 Jul 1839 - 21 Aug 1921.  Co. H, 62nd Ohio Inf
Crocket, David  F.  4 Mar 1840 - 15 May 1911.  Co. F, 53rd Ohio Inf
Doolittle, Ormas R.  Co. G, 13th Ind Cav
Ferguson, Robert   Co. C, 116th Ind Inf
Fought, Elias   Co. I, 32nd Ohio Inf
Glow, G. N.  Co. B, 37th Wisc Inf
Heath, Z.T.   11 Oct 1847 - 14 Jul 1919.  Co. E, 143rd IL Inf
Hizey, George W.  9 Jul 1843- 18 Jul 1925.  Co. A, 160th Ohio Inf
Hodgden, Charles   1828-1905.  Co. H, 180th Ohio Inf
Horr, Abner   26 Aug 1840- 1 Jul 1902.  Co. B, 150th IL Inf
Huff, James W.   2 Dec 1843 - 8 Nov 1908.  Co. D, 63rd IL Inf
Longcor, A. J.   Co. I, 12th Ind Cav
Loudyberger, John   Co. B, 8th Ind Inf
Marshall, Steward   4 Aug 1834 - 16 Oct 1913.  Cpl.  Co. D, 31st Ohio Inf
Newell, George H.   Co. F, 193rd NY Inf
Peterson, Alvin   16 Nov 1846 - 1 Dec 1907.  Co. A, 185th Ohio Inf
Reese, L.A.   Co. C, 4th U.S. Cav
Richmond, James F.   29 May 184 - 5 Fb 1923.  Co. C, 10th  W.VA. Inf
Robison, George W.   9 Feb 1842 - 21 Sep 1915.  Co. D, 33rd IL Inf
Rosa, Squire   Co. F, 8th Kan Inf
Slaughter, Johnathan M.   31 Oct 1812 - 23 Oct 1889.  Co. H, Cass County, MO. Home Guards
Spriggs, Hiram   Cpl.  __ Kan Cav
Wallace, John A.   Co. E, 66th Ind Inf
Ashbaugh, Hugh H. 4 Oct 1841- 2 Sep 1911. Co. E, 133rd Ohio Inf
Dixon, Henry  1842-1917. Co. D, 2nd W.VA. Cav
Evans, Joseph  b. 20 Oct 1832. Co. D, 73rd Ind Inf
Gillispie, Henry   Co. F, 71st IL Inf
Kerr, Kanas   18 Sep 1833-2 Jul 1910. Co. F, 172nd PA Inf
Humphreys, Hiram   1839-1930. Co. H, 176th Ohio Inf
Pixley, Enoch   Co. G, 11th IL Cav
Joseph, Charles F.   21 Jul 842 - 7 May 1914. Co. G, 102nd IL Inf
Putnam, James M.  Co. F, 10th Kan Inf
Hoffman, J.A.   Co. E, 10th Kan Inf
Johnson, John R.   Co. A, 24th Ind Inf
Piatt, Jacob   Cpl. Co. C, 142nd IL Inf
Romine, Alfred J.   1835-20 Jan 1907. Co. G, 9th Kan Cav
Burnett, Anthony E.   14 Mar 1837 - 14 Apr 1911. Co. K, 29th Ind Inf
Burnett, James M.   d. 31 Jul 1901.  72y8m24d. Co. G, 149th Ind Inf
Burnett, Virgil  1 Aug 1847 - 14 Jul 1897. Co. G, 149th Ind Inf
Clark, Alva   8 Dec 1841 -31 Aug 1912.  Co. I, 92nd Ohio Inf
Hoover, Phillip C.   8 Jan 1843 - 28 Dec 1928.  Co. C, 59th Ind Inf
Littlefield, Charles C.   1829 - 1913. Co. D, 46th Mass Inf
Proctor, Sidney   8 Dec 1819 - 18 Oct 1902  Co. F, 7th MO Cav
Soward, Rezin D.   Co. I, 11th Ind Inf
Travis, C.W.   30 Jan 1843 - 27 Apr 1927.  Co. H, 144th IL Inf
Ward Lewis F.   Co. D, 98th IL Inf
 Adair, James  Co. G, 22nd Wisc Inf
Campbell, William S.  Co. H, 1st Ind Heavy Artillery & Co. B, 101st Ind Inf
Commons, David M.   21 Feb 1833-21 Jun 1908.  Co. C, 57th Ind Inf
Cram, Henry   d. 20 Aug 1899. 61y4m17d. Co. L, 15th IL Cav
Crosswhite, Jas.  Co. K, 18th MO Inf
Degenhart, Joseph   Co. F, 43rd IL Inf
Dunsmore, John M.   25 Apr 1844- 12 Mar 192. Co. E, 110th PA Inf
Elliott, George S.  1838-1904. Lieut.  Co. D, 54th IL Inf
Elliott, Milton S.   15 Mar 1847- 22 Mar 1927.  Co. I, 54th IL Inf
Eppers, Julius C.   11 Nov 1844 - 21 Sep 1931. Co. K, 19th Kan Cav
Ewing, Chaetham T.  30 Jan 1839 - 22 Jul 1892.  Captain  Battery G, 1st W.VA. Artillery
Forest, John Westley   Co. d, 13th VT Inf
Franklin, Noah  Cpl. Co. E, 63rd Ohio Inf
Free, W.H.   24 Oct 1834 - 11 Dec 1906. Co. G, 164th Ohio Inf
Gilbert, Moses   d. 22 Apr 1885. 39y. Co. K, 99th Ind Inf
Henry, Charles   Co. H, 19th Ohio Inf
Kaupp, Raymond C.   Co. C, 104th IL Inf
Keener, William B   Co. C, & I, 4th PA Cav
Kiphart, Jacob  Co. A, 149th PA Inf
Landis, Joseph K.   1846-1902.  Co. H, 12th IL Inf
Leonard, William B.  Co. C, 47th Wisc Inf
Lendir, Thomas Blanchard   30 Nov 1829 - 11 Dec 1879. Colonel Mississippi Troops. CSA
Milligan, William  E.   Co. G, 6th Kan Cav
Minnich, John  9 Mar 1837- 17 May 1907.  Co. I, 54th IL Inf
Moraign, John H.   25 Dec 1842- 2 Aug 1921.  Co. H, 32nd IL Inf
Morgan, W.M.   1836-1916.  Co. H, 27th Iowa Inf
Ogg, George E.   28 Jul 1836 - 19 Mar 1917.  Co. B, 11th IL Inf
Osburn, Philip   d. 26 Apr 1900. 62y4m26. Co. I, 6th Iowa Cav
Parson, P. E.  Co. D, 13th Kan Inf
Payne, John E.  Co. *, 21 IL Inf
Pierson, Warren J.   Co. K, 14th Ind Inf
Porter, Seth   Co. G, 6th VT Inf
Ricketts, William H.   Co. C, 12th Kan Inf
Rogers, Elijah S.   Co. M, 3rd MO S.M. Cav
Seckman, Henry C.   26 May 1845 - 22 Jan 1906.  Co. G, 18th PA Inf
Shores, Bishop W.   Co. F, 54th IL Inf
Shores, S.A.   Co. A, 54th IL Inf
Smith, Andrew O.   1841-1922. Co. H, 1st Iowa Cav
Smith, Edwin W.   10 May 1839- 6 Ar 1905.  Co. G, 64th IL Inf
Smith, Frank K.   1stLieut.  Co. A, 64th IL Inf
Sperry, John H.   18 Nov 1841-22 Mar 1917.  Co. I, 75th Ind Inf
Strickland, Peter   d. 16 Sep 1876. 60y1m4d.  Texas - Confederate Soldier
Stripp, John W.   10 Nov 1848- 3 Feb 1916.  Co. E, 136th Ind Inf
Whittaker, Albert M.   Sgt. Co. E 171st PA Inf
Woolery, Reuben   1841-1924.  Co. C, __ Minn Inf
Burton, George   d. 23 Jan 1929. 87y3m23d.  Co. D, 37th IL Inf
Garder, Daniel P.   d. 16 Sep 1900. 63y. Co. E, 15th Kan Cav
Turner, Joseph   Co. D, 52nd KY Inf
Wells, James   1817-1898.  Co. A, 9th IL Cav
Alison, Alexander   24 Nov 1819 - 20 May 1897. Co. B, 81st Ohio Inf
Blair, Alexander   13 Nov 1827 - 31 Aug 1914.  Co. E, 180th Ohio Inf
Browning, Samuel R.   23 May 1838 - 21 Feb 1918.  Co. H, 10th Ind Inf
Cook, Leonard D.   18 Feb 1846 - 25 Jan 1938.  2nd NY Artillery


Campbell, Wisley Orville, Co. B 87th Ohio & Co. B 1st Ohio, Norton, Norton, KS (yes, it is Wisley, not Wesley!!)


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