Kansas " O " Counties
Aaron Lane Lanning,  buried Sutton Cemetery in Osage County. b. November 3, 1845, Trenton, Mercer County, New Jersey; son of Ralph Lanning and Diana Bendy.  Served 122 Illinois Infantry, Co. D. Died March 12, 1935, Melvern Osage County, Kansas,  Bobbie Athon
Valley Brook Cemetery (4 miles South, 1/2 West of Overbrook)
Branson, Milton L.      1828-1899
Bryson, James H.        1829-1890
Carlson, Thomas         1831-1897
Coleman, James C.       1834-1888
Collier, John           1843-1922
Featherston, William    1828-1899       Co. M, 2nd Rec., Wis. Vol. Cav
Felch, Samuel V.        d. 1906
Gracy, H.L.             1821-1900
Kates, Richard          d. 1899         Co. B., 89th Ind. Vol.
Louk, Emery G.          1842-1919
McCain, Hugh H.         1842-1908
McCracken, Charles T.   1822-1896
Morse, Elmer J.         1843-1897
Nichols, George F.      1845-1902
Radcliff, B.T.          1833-1894
Sharer, Charles D.      1845-1925
Sharer, Joe             1840-1898
Steffy, Samuel          1831-1896
Stout, Amos             d. 1882
Wadsworth, Edson F.     1844-1934
Watts, R.D.             1818-1888
Submitted by Jean Gilmore

David Hubb LONG  born 03 October 1842, Henderson Co., Illinois. died 24 May 1908, Carbondale, Osage Co., Kansas.   Buried Carbondale Cemetery, Lot 403. Mustered in 30 November 1861. Pvt. Co. D,  2nd Regt. Kansas Volunteers, Cavalry.  Discharged 14 January1865,  Fort Leavenworth.   Married 11 October 1866 at Richland, Shawnee Co. Kansas to Mary E Stovall. They are parents of 10 children.  Nancy John  

THORNBRUGH, Alfred L., 2nd Lt. 
Company A- 16th Kansas Cavalry
1837- 16 March 1884
Buried in Oak Hill Cemetery- Quenemo, Osage County, Kansas
Lt. Thornbrugh is the ancestor I used to join MOLLUS. Thanks so much
Jack Sanders


Osborne County Veteran:         Birthdate:                      Deathdate:                    Cemetery:
ADAMS, James                        circa 1840                     unknown                                  Sumner
            Military record:  Company D, 68th Illinois Infantry, Union Army, Civil
ADDISON, Jonathan W.           July 30, 1837                 May 4, 1915                  Osborne, A-80
            Military stone:  Company I, 15th New Hampshire Infantry; also
Company E, 1st New Hampshire Heavy Artillery, Union Army, Civil
War.  Jonathan was a native of Canada.
AILLS, Jacob W.                      unknown                                  unknown                                  Delhi
            Military stone:  Company E, 139th Indiana Infantry, Union Army, Civil
AILLS, John R.                         unknown                                  unknown                                  Delhi
            Military record:  Private, Company A, 139th Infantry, 35th Division,
            World War I.
ALVEY, Benedick Joseph         December 15, 1817       March 3, 1863               Osborne, B-35
            Military stone:  Company C, 93rd Indiana Volunteer Infantry, U.S.
Army, Civil War.  Benedick was born in Washington County, Kentucky,
and died at Buntyn Station, Tennessee.  He was the son of Henry and
Mary Alvey.  Benedick’s place of burial is unknown but a stone to his
memory was placed in the Osborne Cemetery by his descendants.
ALVEY, Henry            James              December 19, 1841       August 30, 1885            Osborne, B-35
            Military stone:  Sergeant, Company D, 135th Indiana Infantry, Union
Army, Civil War. Henry was born in Perry County, Indiana, and was
the son of Benedick and Melvina Alvey.
AMMONS, John Peak              1834                             1894                             Cheyenne
            Military stone:  Private, Company H, Thomas Legion, North Carolina
            Infantry Regiment, Confederate States of America, Civil War.  John
            was born in Cherokee County, North Carolina and was the son of
            Thomas Ammons.
ARCHER, William McPherson  May 4, 1841                  October 22, 1920           Mount Herman
            Military record:  Civil War veteran.  William was born in Point Pleasant,
Ohio, and died at Waldo, Russell County, Kansas. 
BACON, William S.                  February 5, 1827           unknown                                  Delhi
            Military stone:  Private, Company K, 22nd Michigan Infantry, U.S.
Army, Civil War.  William was born in Canandague, New York.  There
is no deathdate engraved on his tombstone.
BAKER, George K.                  October 21, 1841           January 30, 1918           Rose Valley
            Military Record:  Private, Company G, 148th Pennsylvania Infantry,
            Union Army, Civil War.
BALDWIN, Edward S.             March 20, 1838             October 29, 1890           Osborne, A-56 
Military record:  Captain of Company __ , 4th Michigan Cavalry, Union
            Army, Civil War.  Edward was born in Riga, New York, and died in
Marceline, Missouri.  He was the brother of Chan W. Baldwin and lies in
an unmarked grave.
BARNETT, Robert                   unknown                                  unknown                                  Pioneer
Military Stone:  Private, Company A, 2nd Tennessee Cavalry,                   Adventist
Confederate States of America, Civil War.
BARR, John Thomas                 January 26, 1846           January 30, 1943           Downs, 0-4
            Military record:  Union Army, Civil War.  John was born in
Monongalia County, Virginia (now West Virginia).
BARRETT, James                    1828                             1894                             Bethany Center
            Military stone:  Sergeant, Company G, 35th Indiana Infantry, Union
Army, Civil War.          
BARRY, Robert                       Unknown                     December 25, 1891       Downs, 0-45
            Military stone:  Company F, 65th Ohio Infantry, Union Army, Civil
BATES, Davis                          April 15, 1815                August 8, 1899              Downs, 0-23
            Military record:  49th Independent; served as a recruiter for the Union
Army; Civil War.  Davis was born in Milroy, Mifflin County,
Pennsylvania, and was the son of John and Ruth Bates.  He was a close
friend of Abraham Lincoln.
BATES, Seth Platt                    1833                             April 5, 1922                 Downs, 0-25
            Military stone:  1st Lieutenant, Company E, 23rd Connecticut Volunteer
            Infantry, Union Army, Civil War.
BEACH, Chauncey                   July 11, 1818                 December 28, 1901       Vincent
            Military record:  Civil War veteran. 
BEAR, William Lamkey            April 16, 1828                November 26, 1880       Osborne, A-79
            Military record:  Captain, Company B, 1st Regiment, Pennsylvania
            Reserve Volunteer Cavalry; and Lieutenant Colonel, 195th Pennsylvania
            Volunteers, Union Army, Civil War.  William was the son of Andrew and
Elizabeth Bear and was born in Petersburg, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
On July 1, 1851, he married Mary C. Young and together they had four
children, Oscar, Samuel, Clarence, and Clara.  He was the co-leader of
the Pennsylvania Colony which founded Osborne, Kansas, in May 1871.
In public office William served as Prothonotary of Lancaster County,
            Pennsylvania, and later was Osborne County’s first county representative
to the Kansas Legislature.  He was also elected as Osborne County
            Superintendent of Public Instruction for a term.  In 1996 William was
            named to the Osborne County Hall of Fame as one of the county’s
            outstanding citizens during its’ first 125 years.
BELL, James C. Scott               February 2, 1849           September 23, 1911       Bristow
            Military stone: MUSJS, Company F, 138th Illinois Infantry, Civil War;
also Sergeant, Company A, 7th U.S. Infantry, 1869-71.  James was born
in Morgan County, Ohio, and was the brother of Robert H. Bell.
BELL, Robert H.                      April 28, 1847                July 28, 1926                 Bristow
            Military record:  Sergeant, Company G, 15th New York Infantry, U.S.
Army, Civil War.  Robert was  born in Morgan County, Ohio.
BENSON, General Martin Luther
            February 2, 1812           June 28, 1885                Downs, 0-3
            Military record:  Sergeant, Company K, 130th Illinois Infantry, U.S.
Army, Civil War.  Martin was born in Providence, Rhode Island, and
died in Jewell County, Kansas.  He was the son of Martin and Amey
Benson.  Martin was a member of the 1847 John C. Fremont expedition
and was a surveyor for the Union Pacific Railroad prior to the Civil
War.  During the war he became Paymaster General for the Union
Army and afterwards was appointed Chief U.S. Government Surveyor. 
He was named to the Osborne County Hall of Fame in 2001.
BIGGS, Robert R.                     February 16, 1824          June 28, 1904                Zimmerman
            Military record:  Captain, Company A, 19th Ohio Infantry, Union Army,
Civil War.  Robert was born near Zanesville, Ohio.
BLISS, Cornelius Freeman         December 10, 1828       Mary 11, 1886               Bristow
            Military record:  Civil War veteran.  Cornelius was born in Essex,
Chittenden County, Vermont, and was the son of Ambrose and Esther
BOEDECKER, August             August 22, 1840            July 8, 1914                   Round Mound
            Military stone:  Private, Company B, 14th Iowa Infantry, August 15,          Immanuel
            1862—November 18, 1864, Union Army, Civil War.  August was born       Lutheran
in Hessen, Hanover Province, Germany.
Bottorff, Samuel                 February 16, 1830          January 16, 1903           Downs, 0-14
            Military record:  Corporal, 108th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry,
Union Army, Civil War.  Samuel was born in Pennsylvania. 
                                                February 20, 1818          November 18, 1893       Bloomington
            Military stone:  Private, Company E, 55th Illinois Infantry, Union Army,
Civil War.  Amos was born in Illinois.
BOWEN, William Henry           April 18, 1826                October 26, 1903           Kill Creek
Military stone:  Private, Company C, 32nd Iowa Infantry, Union                Presbyterian
Army, Civil War.  William was born in Jefferson County, New York.
Bowman, Reverend Martin    1826                             July 22, 1900                 Natoma
            Military record:  Chaplain, Company H, 22nd Iowa Infantry, Union
Army, Civil War.
Boyce, Robert Alec                August 29, 1839            January 29, 1929           Osborne, F-56
Military record:  Private, Company C, 118th Illinois Infantry, Union
Army, Civil War.  Robert was born in Preble, Ohio.
Boyd, Martin Van Buren         November 18, 1840       December 30, 1917       Osborne, F-71
            Military stone:  Sergeant, Company C, 151st Illinois Infantry, Union
Army, Civil War.  Martin was born in Lima County, Ohio.
Brickell, Thomas O.            July 3, 1830                   November 12, 1907       Sumner
Military stone:  Private, Company F, 105th Pennsylvania Infantry, U.S.
            Army, Civil War.  Thomas was born in New York and died at Fairbury,
            Jefferson County, Nebraska.

Respectfully Submitted, 
Von Rothenberger
Osborne Area Chamber of Commerce
Executive Director

WILLIAM LARZALERE Highland Cemetery, Minneapolis, Kansas Company D & F 69th Ohio Volunteer Infantry b: October 20, 1831; d: February 20, 1905
WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON LASH, SR. Bennington Cemetery, Bennington, Kansas Company G, 170 Ohio Infantry, (National Guard) b: January 09, 1844; d: February 17, 1907
Henry Gilbert Baldwin  Buried: Baldwin Cemetery, Ada, Ottawa Co, KS, USA. Enrolled: Private, Company I, 8th Regiment, Vermont Volunteers on December 17, 1861, at Marlboro, Vermont. Mustered in Feb 18, 1862 at Brattleboro, Vt for three years from June 4, 1861.  Appears on a muster out roll, dated June 22, 1864, due soldier $3.84, bounty $100: Remarks: Wounded at Port Hudson, LA, May 27, 1863, in body. Appears on a muster roll in a Brigade Hospital near Port Hudson, Louisian, May and June, 1863. Discharged June 22, 1864. Applied for invalid pension jan 9, 1880, age 43 years. (Strangely, he applied for his pension well after he had moved to Kansas, but had an Arkansas lawyer apply for him. Not sure what that was all about.) Widow Ellen S. Baldwin awarded monthly pension of $12 per month, effective April 8, 1894. From: Norris Taylor, Jr.
SMITH, Presley T. b. 20 June 1844 at St. Francois co., MO (son of Presley T. and Margaret Jane (TRAPLEY) Smith).  He married 7 June 1865 Amanda NICHOLAS (daughter of Thomas Travis & Zilla (Moore) Nicholas). He enlisted 8 Dec 1861 at Rolla, MO as a private in Co. B, 6th Regiment of Missouri Cavalry Volunteers. Discharged 3 Jan 1865 at New Orleans, LA. He died 26 July 1921 at Minneapolis, KS and is buried in the Minneapolis Cemetery in the veterns
section.  Lisa Smalley
NICHOLAS, Thomas Travis b. Nov 1815 Nashville, TN married (1) Glaphrey BUCK (2) 8 Oct 1845 Zilla MOORE. He enlisted 17 Oct 1861 in Co K, 10th Missouri Regiment Infantry as a private. Discharged 28 May 1862 at St. Charles, MO by reason of "Surgeons certificate of Disability". He died 28 sept 1904, Minneapolis, KS and is buried in the Minneapolis Cemetery.   Lisa Smalley 
George Washington Boyer, Jr. was born on Feb. 22, 1834 in Pennsylvania (probably Dover, York Co.), the second son born to George Washington and Elizabeth Lark Boyer.  The family moved to Pittsburgh ,then Eaton, Ohio (George, Sr. was in the hotel business in both locations), and later homesteaded in Pocahontas, Illinois. George Washington, Jr. and his six brothers all served in the Civil War in Company E. of the Third Illinois Cavalry.  All seven brothers survived the war. George, Jr. moved with his wife Lydia and children from Clinton, Missouri to Delphos, Kansas in approximately 1874. He was a farmer. He died in Delphos, Kansas in 1921 and is buried in a family plot in the Delphos cemetery, Ottawa Co, Kansas. Pat Stempski--George Jr. was the brother of my great-great grandmother, Rosanna Boyer Miller.

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