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Deborah Morgan February 2, 2000
Looking for the last name of VANMIDDLEWORTH.  Any one with this name in their family tree or anyone with any information on the last name VANMIDDLEWORTH would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Mary Achterof March 3, 2000
I am looking for information on Frank George Eaves b. 1902 married Blanche BOLINGER b. 1904 daughter of Otis V. and Mae BOLINGER.  Known children were Frances Mae b. 1931 Kansas, Florence Irene b. 1932 Kansas and Dorothy Elizabeth b. 1934 Kansas any information on this family would  be appreciated.


Lauretta Matthews April 19, 2000
My great-grandmother and father John and Lucy BRADNEY lived in Ashland Ks in 1892. My great aunt was born there. Lois M BRADNEY May 28, 1892 I looking for any information concerning that time period. 


Judy Dilworth May 1, 2000
I am looking for information about Charles MANNING born in Ashland, KS in 1890. We have pictures of him in Pratt, KS and Pittsburg, KS. He ended up in Montana in the early 1900's.


Rick Sealock May 13, 2000
Looking for Charles Robert MARTIN b.25 Sep 1854 Bowling Green KY, emigrated to KS with "MEYERS" Family. Married a "MEYERS" daughter who died young, remarried Anna Eliza JONES 8 Oct. 1893, had Louis Lee, Lulu May, Leila Adeline, Charles Jr., and Mary Edna in Minneola KS 1895-1903, Died in Wichita 5 May 1939.


Kathleen Marsh May 25, 2000
Alfred T. KIRKMAN, born in Iowa about 1850 to John George KIRKMAN and Mary BOYD, was in Minneola, KS in 1922. Looking for any information about him.


Pamela McCune July 11, 2000
Looking for information on William H. McCUNE father of William Thorton McCUNE born at Ashland on February 19, 1912 and then migrated to Idaho.


Le Juan Shrimplin September 2, 2000
In 1907 Thomas Philip MURPHY and Allie Josephine RICHARDS moved in a covered wagon from Rice County, Kansas to Englewood, Clark County, Kansas. A total of eight children were born to this union, Sarah L., Elizabeth, Mary B., Jennie M., William J., Allie Florence, Sylvester Baker, and Charles Roy. In 1908 Allie Josphine RICHARDS died and is buried in Englewood Cemetery. Thomas Philip married Nina Mae WILLIAMS on 20 December 1911. I would like to correspond with anyone who has information about this family. My husband, Thomas Edward SHRIMPLIN, is the son of Allie Florence who married Edward Boston SHRIMPLIN


David Pope September 15, 2000
My father was born in Ashland in 1905. His father, Elmer James POPE had lived in Woodward OK in 1903, and in Enid OK by 1910. I'm looking for any information on their Ashland residency. Elmer had owned a hardware store at some time in his life, and it might have been in Ashland. Anyone have anything?


Diane Glover November 28, 2000
I am looking for info on Walter BENTLEY born abt. 1884 in Ashland, Kan who married Grace Lillie ADAMS born 2-15-1882 in Ashland, Kan. Any available info would greatly be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Kim Campbell December 1, 2000
I am looking for Edwin GEE born in 1844 in Savannah Mo. He married Rachel THRAILKILL and they had the following children: Rolan, Sterling Price, Robert, Thomas Jefferson, Frank, Magnolia and Sybil. I have reason to believe that Rolan may have been a lawyer in Ashland. Rolan would have been born about 1869. Any info would be appreciated.


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