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Soldiers of the American Revolution

Living in Clyde, KS

From the Clyde, KS Herald Sept. 4, 1903


Alderman, W. R. B 38th WI Inf. Pvt Lichtenberger, J. K 151st IN Inf. Pvt
Ames, T. C 52nd IL Inf. Pvt Macauley, J. C 99th IL Inf. Pvt
Brown, Wm. G 21st NY Cav. Pvt McArthur, Jas. B 10th IL Inf. Pvt
Byrne, D. B 129th OH Inf. Pvt Nicholas, John F 30th OH Inf. Sgt
Babbitt, Sam Sig. Corp USA Pvt Pitsch, Peter A 10th KS Inf. Pvt
Boggs, J. N. D 16th IA Inf. Pvt Prettiman, Eli H 77th OH Inf. Pvt
Belgard, Henry H 113th IL Inf. Pvt Patterson, J. A. H 6th IA Cav. Pvt
Brooks, N. I 75th IL Inf. Pvt Page, I. N. B 57th MO Inf. Pvt
Crom, Joseph C 144th IL Inf. Pvt Pentico, S. G 9th KS Cav. Pvt
Cyr, Edward A 76th IL Inf. Pvt Parker, C. M. D 1st WI Inf. Pvt
Doran, Samuel Sig. Corp USA Pvt Rupe, J. B. L 2nd CO Cav. Sgt
Dilley, W.H.H. C 112th IL Inf. Pvt Smith, G. W. E 89th IN Inf. Sgt
Fullerton, John B 12th IL Inf. Pvt Smith, U. J. H 126th NY Inf. Pvt
Freeman, C. J. F 27th IA Inf. Pvt Smith, Andrew D 63rd OH Inf. Capt
Gasway, W. F. B 40th IN Inf. Pvt Smith, F. B. 8th IL Cav. Sgt
Geyer, N. D 59th IN Inf. Pvt Sohlinger, Jacob F 115th OH Inf. Pvt
Graves, N. F 3ed US Inf. Pvt Stimson, R. E.  G 1st MI Cav. Pvt
Groff, Wm. D. A 210th PA Inf. Crpl Truesdell, F. R. G 13th MI Inf. Pvt
Honey, Quincy F 6th KS Cav. Pvt Tiff, R. J. K 1st WI H Art. Pvt
Howard, Marion            Vinlove, Oliver E 12th IL Cav. Pvt
Jarrett, J. W. I 7th IN Inf. Pvt Valcour, Edward            
Kinch, Sam K 135th PA Inf. Pvt Woodward, R.  G 14th IA Inf. Pvt
Kent, Isaac K 123rd IN Inf. Pvt Wilcox, A. J. I 26th WI Inf. Pvt
Knox, Jacob E 57th PA Inf. Pvt
Linn, Charles K 1st MO Eng. Pvt

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