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       Alien Enemy List  

 President Woodrow Wilson required all "alien enemies" to register with the U.S. Marshal in their county of resident after the US declared war with Germany.  "Alien enemies" were considered any persons who had emigrated from a country with which the U.S. was at war, and who had, for whatever reason, not been naturalized.   Registration was conducted from November 1917 to April 1918

Cloud   Aurora     Kieger       Aloys        M  20-Jun-76       Germany      Reyersheim                   TRUE
Cloud   Clyde      Hagner       Charles      M  13-Oct-78       Germany       Greiswald                   TRUE
Cloud   Clyde      Oelkens      Herman       M  21-Nov-75       Germany          Bremen                   TRUE
Cloud   Clyde      Kinsvater    Frank        M  28-Feb-90       Germany        Wulsburg                   TRUE
Cloud   Clyde      Koch         Charles      M  17-Feb-54       Germany        Lorraine                   TRUE
Cloud   Clyde      Barning      Herman       M  29-Dec-80       Germany       Bril Kamp                   TRUE
Cloud   Clyde      Wagner       Cordie       F  28-Jun-82 United States        Nebraska          Bond     TRUE
Cloud   Clyde      Koch         Mary         F  27-Feb-61       Germany       Luxemburg    Schumacher     TRUE
Cloud   Concordia  Hgsner       Carl         M  24-Mar-66       Germany       Schwarzen                   TRUE
Cloud   Concordia  Goldenstein  Herman       M  16-Feb-81       Germany           Esson                   TRUE
Cloud   Concordia  Tieking      John         M  01-May-88       Germany      Stadt Leer                   TRUE
Cloud   Concordia  Dillenboch   Otto         M  04-May-72       Germany         Betborg                   TRUE
Cloud   Concordia  Barkowsky    August       M  07-Aug-59       Germany         Althoff                   TRUE
Cloud   Concordia  Walburga     Mary Imelda  F  07-Nov-75       Germany           Baden         Wurth     TRUE
Cloud   Concordia  Tieking      Lena         F  01-Apr-81       Germany      Lothringen      Obringer     TRUE
Cloud   Concordia  Joos         Juliana      F  25-Mar-71       Germany        Oberwihl          Joos     TRUE
Cloud   Concordia  Idelphonsa   Mary         F  09-Jul-78       Germany      Kissenbach        Winkle     TRUE
Cloud   Concordia  Hysner       Corinne      F  10-Apr-68 United States        Nebraska       Richard     TRUE
Cloud   Concordia  Hinericks    Mary         F  04-Jul-79       Germany       Oldenberg      Hinricks     TRUE
Cloud   Concordia  Hilgert      Mary         F  21-Nov-85       Germany        Thiengen       Hilpert     TRUE
Cloud   Concordia  Goldenstein  Stella       F  26-Jan-81 United States        Missouri        Hughes     TRUE
Cloud   Concordia  Dionysia     Mary         F  19-Jun-86       Germany       Kusenbach       Winkler     TRUE
Cloud   Concordia  Dillenbach   Nettie       F  16-Jan-76 United States        Illinois        Turner     TRUE
Cloud   Concordia  Canisius     Mary         F  26-Feb-74       Germany           Haide         Maier     TRUE
Cloud   Concordia  Barkowsky    Louisa       F  13-May-61       Germany         Errelen      Gerhardt     TRUE
Cloud   Glasco     Wischinski   Carl         M  19-Jun-84       Germany          Tuchel                   TRUE
Cloud   Glasco     Wisinsci     Elsa         F  29-Aug-97 United States          Glasco      Heinning     TRUE
Cloud   Miltonvale Lange        Paul         M  07-Apr-76       Germany Oberfrankenhein                   TRUE
Cloud   Miltonvale Lange        Oswald       M  22-Feb-41       Germany         Kossern                   TRUE
Cloud   Miltonvale Braun        John         M  10-Dec-58       Germany      Mittenthal                   TRUE
Cloud   Miltonvale Finkheiner   Charles      M  19-Apr-66       Germany      Mittenthal                   TRUE
Cloud   Miltonvale Lange        Nellie       F  16-Jan-81 United States          Aurora          Ming     TRUE
Cloud   Miltonvale Lange        Emilie       F  10-Dec-46       Germany          Saxony       Roesner     TRUE
Cloud   Miltonvale Finkbeiner   Maggie       F  29-Jul-80 United States      Miltonvale      Loveland     TRUE
Cloud   Miltonvale Brown        Agatha       F  08-Jul-50       Germany     Wurttemberg    Finkbeiner     TRUE
Cloud   Rice       Berk         John         M  08-Mar-56       Germany           Hesse                   TRUE
Cloud   Rice       Trost        John         M  18-Jan-51       Germany           Hesse                   TRUE
Cloud   Rice       Berk         Dorothea     F  23-Feb-60        Canada         Ontario   Christoffer     TRUE
Cloud   Rice       Trost        Mary Anna    F  22-Aug-57        Canada         Ontario       Hoffman     TRUE





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