Cowley County

Cedar Creek Cemetery

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Cedar Creek Cemetery
Submitted & © 2003 by: Karen Rodenbaugh

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ALEY Alice M. 12 Jun 1856 10-Oct-04 w/o Tilghman H.
ALEY Tilghman H. 12 oct 1846 10-Oct-04 h/o Alice M.
ALEY Chester B. 2 Sept 1890 8 May 1895 s/o TH & AM
ALEY Mills   6 Dec 1893 19-Nov-50 w/o Howard Aley
ALEY Howard   24 Jan 1889 1-Sep-60 s/o TH & AM
ANKROM John     12 Dec. 1887 77y 3m 3d
ANKROM Ruth     8 Sept 1882 82y 6m 6d
BOHANNON John F. 15 Oct 1864 13-Apr-33 h/o Lura Belle
BOHANNON Lura Belle   29 Sept 1870 8-Jul-54 w/o John F.
KENNEDY Jesse   2 Mar 1831 7 Aug 1899 h/o Sarah A.
KENNEDY Sarah A. 12 Sept 1830 29-Mar-20 w/o Jesse
MYLES Cyrus R 6 Jul 1839 11 Mar 1883 h/o Mary E.
MYLES Mary E. 15 May 1847 27-Aug-38 w/o Cyrus R.
SCOTT Evelyn A. 4-Jul-08 12-Jan-92 d/o Ben & Flossie Aley

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