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Highland Cemetery
Submitted & © 2003 by: Karen Rodenbaugh

Photos & information submitted & © 2004 by: Mary Wilson

Some information & obits submitted by Richard Donham, Debra Riff & Lesa Gardner

Some information submitted by Diane Smith Battershell

Some information submitted by Steve Kennedy

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Highland Cemetery

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Highland Abbey
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Highland Mausoleum

Highland Abbey Crypt Listing with photos

Partial Listing
  AHLERICH Rose Feb. 6, 1915 Mar. 31, 1978  
  AHLERICH Walter 20-May-1916 Aug. 9, 1986  
PHOTO ARNOLD Ella 3-Dec-1835 15-Feb-1921  
PHOTO ARNOLD Robert 8-Jul-1854 4-May-1918  
PHOTO AUSTIN Vera T 28-Nov-1918 22-May-1936  
  CAPPS Clarissa Ayn 25-Sep-1964 11-Jun-1979  
  CHANCE Henrietta (Stull) 24 Jan 1867 30 Jul 1941 w/o Cyrus E
  CULLUMBER Cleo Wilfred 1 Sep 1920 20 Jan 1999  
  Chance Cyrus Edwin 15 Nov 1864 21 Jun 1929  
PHOTO CONN Bessie N. 9-Feb-1888 18-Dec-1955  
PHOTO CONN Charles W. 11-Apr-1886 20-Nov-1948  
  DEWITT William A. 14-Feb-1905 1-May-1905 SSA Anna
  DEWITT Anna M. 17-Feb-1905 13-Apr-1905 SSA William
  DEWITT Rex William Sept. 27, 1949 Oct. 28, 1968  
  DEWITT Harold Christopher Oct. 8, 1911 Apr. 17, 1995  
  DEWITT Alfred L. Oct. 2, 1910 Nov. 14, 1968 SSA Dorothy
  DEWITT Dorothy Jan. 10, 1912 10-Jul-1978 SSA Alfred L
  DONHAM Charles Ray 9-Jun-1909 Aug. 15, 1990 SSA Lucille
  DONHAM Lucille Oct. 8, 1917 Aug. 21, 1978 SSA Charles Ray
  EASTMAN John Eugene 28-Dec-1939 19-May-1990  
PHOTO EVERS Helen F. 25-May-1907 20-Mar-1989  
PHOTO EVERS Laura N. 10-Apr-1882 25-Mar-1952  
PHOTO EVERS James W. 9-Feb-1879 9-Sep-1956  
PHOTO FARRIS Dorothy M 17-Sep-1921 24-Jun-2001  
PHOTO FARRIS Jack W 8-Mar-1921 28-Oct-1975  
PHOTO FARRIS * Jack Warren 8-Mar-1921 28-Oct-1975  
PHOTO GILSTRAP Orvan E "Gill" 8-Jan-1917    
PHOTO GILSTRAP Mary Palmer 23-Dec-1924 16-Apr-2003  
PHOTO GLASS Mary Story 2-Mar-1898 20-Feb-1979 indented name in cement bordering STORY family area
PHOTO HALL Bessie 0-00-1884 0-00-1959  
PHOTO HALL Bert 0-00-1884 0-00-1959  
PHOTO HALL Clarence L 20-Mar-1886 17-May-1965  
PHOTO HALL Diantha E 0-00-1887 0-00-1964  
PHOTO HALL Emmet G 0-00-1885 0-00-1965  
PHOTO HALL Earie E 7-Aug-1885 27-Jan-1955  
PHOTO HALL Golda M 23-Nov-1889 8-Mar-1980  
PHOTO HALL Robert E Lee 14-Oct-1919 2-Nov-1951  
PHOTO HALL Robert Lee 18-Nov-1947 2-Nov-1951  
PHOTO HALL Wm Allen "Sonny" 1895 1918  
  HINSHAW Charles Theron MD 6 Oct 1899 13 July 1989  
  HINSHAW Theophilus Everard MD 1 Nov 1858 23 Dec 1938  
  HINSHAW Anna Pearl (Wilkinson) 10 Apr 1867 7 May 1931 w/o Theophilus E
  HINSHAW Thomas Justin 8 July 1891 April 1963  
  HINSHAW Everard 18 June 1887 19 March 1952  
  HINSHAW Nina (Foster) ca 1909 14 Aug 1964 w/o Everard
  HINSHAW William Ellis 26 July 1867 29 Nov 1945 h/o Bertha
  HINSHAW Bertha Mae (Smith) 17 Aug 1878 26 Jan 1950 w/o Wm Ellis
PHOTO HORN William   19-Jul-1936  
  Humboldt John Vernon 17-Jan-1914 27-Apr-1964  
  Hutto Robert E. 18-Nov-1930 31-Dec-1999  
  JORDAN Dale   5-Aug-1989  
  JORDAN Ida May   20-Sep-1973  
  JORDAN Juanita E.   19-Nov-1984  
  JORDAN Lela V. Darnell   7-Mar-1988  
  JORDAN Olive M.   29-Jan-1987  
  JORDAN Joel Leonard 3/16/02 20-Apr-1982 h/o Hazel Eva Peter
  JORDAN Hazel Eva Peter 8/20/09 28-Nov-1990 w/o Joel Leonard
  JORDAN John     Lt. 28 Blk T Sp 5
  JORDAN Anna     Lt. 28 Blk T Sp 7
  Kampschroder Walter L. 22-Jan-1913 19-Mar-1997  
  KEELER R. Howard Dec. 4, 1904 18-Jan-1975 SSA Bertha Mae
  KEELER Bertha Mae 1-Jan-1906 Apr. 28, 1989 SSA R. Howard
  Kennedy Alma Mae (Nachbor) 6-Aug-1904 19-Oct-1994  
  Kennedy Caroline C. (Peterson) 21 Apr 1881 5-Apr-1913  
  Kennedy Cyrus N. 25 Oct 1867 25-Jun-1948  
  Kennedy David W. 22 Oct 1856 4-Feb-1953  
  Kennedy Ethel R. (Butler) 22-Feb-1908 24-Nov-1993  
  Kennedy Laura Ann (Wilson) 8 Oct 1861 5 Mar 1837  
  Kennedy Lawrence Edward 12-Mar-1902 22-Jan-1983  
  Kennedy Mary Frances (Auxier) 27-Jul-1913 6-Apr-1996  
  Kennedy Myron Lee 10-Nov-1909 1-Aug-1997  
  Kennedy Virgil Oswald 9-Mar-1900 6-Apr-1999  
PHOTO LAWRENCE Robert Lee 3-Dec-1921 30-Jan-1977  
PHOTO LAWRENCE Irma Dean 7-Aug-1922 10-Apr-2002  
  McROBERTS Wallace Everett 27-Jan-1909 14-Apr-1977  
  McROBERTS Fern Erzella 20 Nov 1916 15 May 2001  
PHOTO MONTGOMERY Ardis 0-00-1901 0-00-1963  
PHOTO MONTGOMERY Frank 30-Nov-1876 20-Jul-1963  
PHOTO MONTGOMERY Havana 2-Sep-1879 5-May-1947  
PHOTO NADEN Mary Alice 6-Aug-1865 12-Feb-1950  
PHOTO NADEN T.R. 20-Aug-1949 6-Jun-1949  
  PARSONS Clara Doris Peter 3/12/26 18-Mar-1970 w/o George parsons
  PARSONS J. Lark March 25, 1880 May 7, 1962  
  PARSONS Etna R. July 9, 1882 -February 23,1980  
  PETER Kathryn Nelson   14-Jul-1955 Lt. 2 Blk A Sp B
  PETER Ralph Denny   16-Mar-1963 Lt. 001 Blk A Sp A
  PETER Arthur L.   19-Feb-1988  
  PETER Edna Mae   23-Sep-1958  
  PETER Henry Nelson   9-Oct-1949  
  PETER June   26-Jul-1996  
  PETER Aubry Harold 12/22/05 14-Jul-1973 h/o Pearl Doris Firebaugh & Eunice Talma Bennett Rising
  PETER Pearl Doris Firebaugh 12/27/09 5-Jul-1964 w/o Aubry Harold Peter
  PETER Eunice Talma Bennett   13-Dec-1983 w/o Aubry Harold Peter
  PETER William Walter   5-Jan-1996  
PHOTO POTTER Gerogia Faye 13-Jun-1920 16-Jun-1948  
PHOTO POTTER Mildred C 5-Sep-1913 22-May-1936  
PHOTO POTTER Stephen Anson 14-Oct-1944 16-Jun-1948  
PHOTO POTTER Walter Anson 1-Oct-1918 18-Feb-2000  
  Rolingson William Robert 12 Feb 1852 17 Jan 1944  
  Rolingson Alice (Stull) 12 Nov 1863 1 Jun 1957 w/o Wm Robert
  Rolingson Paul Stull 18 Jun 1895 28 Feb 1916 s/o Wm Robt & Alice
  Ruggles Jesse Ray 25 Aug 1889 5-Jan-1967  
  Ruggles Ora Alice (Kennedy) 11 Sep 1885 17-Oct-1965  
PHOTO SHAW Dorothy Belle 30-May-1869 30-Oct-1944  
PHOTO SHAW Gertrude H 8-Dec-1896 6-Dec-1945  
PHOTO SHAW John D 3-Jan-1922 23-Sep-1954  
  Sherrard Bernice Fern (Kennedy) 24-Feb-1902 17-Oct-1941  
  Sherrard Deborah Bea (Matson) 18-Aug-1907 8-Dec-1984  
  Sherrard John Ellis 19-Aug-1903 3-Dec-1988  
PHOTO SKINNER Jennie E. 4-Jun-1874 11-Dec-1952  
PHOTO SLOAN Felix V. 28-May-1883 18-Sep-1960  
PHOTO SLOAN Lottie Cook 2-Feb-1893 19-Jan-1985  
  Smith Flavius Ralls MD 22 Nov 1863 25 Mar 1957 s/o Wm & Ellen G
  Smith Ella J (Simmons) 13 Feb 1864 8 Feb 1927 w/o Flavius R
  Smith Edward Orceneth MD 19 Jan 1869 13 Apr 1926 s/o Wm & Ellen G
  Smith Amabel (Dickeson) 12 Nov 1875 19 Feb 1924 w/o Edward O.
  Smith Paul S 17 Sep 1897 9 Feb 1942 s/o Edward O & Amabel
  Smith Gladys V (Ziegler) 29 Dec 1899 22 Jul 1989 w/o Paul S
PHOTO STORY Homer 15-Jan-1890 11-Apr-1950 indented name in cement bordering STORY family area
PHOTO STORY Esther A. 15-Oct-1887 5-Jan-1977 indented name in cement bordering STORY family area
PHOTO STORY Amanda Jane 1-Sep-1840 25-Apr-1932 indented name in cement bordering STORY family area
PHOTO STORY James B. 12-Dec-1857 21-Dec-1933 indented name in cement bordering STORY family area
PHOTO STORY Nancy H. 27-Oct-1866 25-Feb-1956 indented name in cement bordering STORY family area
PHOTO STORY Robert H. 24-Dec-1922 18-Jun-1945 indented name in cement bordering STORY family area
PHOTO STOUT Charles T 5-Feb-1909 7-Feb-1988  
PHOTO STOUT Ivan Hoe 3-Sep-1890 14-Dec-1957  
PHOTO STOUT Agnes Rule 4-Mar-1895 13-Aug-1948  
PHOTO STOUT Zelma B 15-Feb-1900 16-Jun-1973  
PHOTO STOUT Myrtle E. 22-Aug-1881 5-Dec-1974  
  STUBER Leota P. February 13, 1908 September 10, 1987  
  STUBER Ward S. April 8, 1907 January 11, 1974  
  Stull John Wesley 1 Jun 1836 17 Jan 1925  
  Stull Eliza/Elizabeth Ann (Jackson) 16 Sep 1834 29 Jul 1920 w/o John Wesley
  Stull Marilda Jane 28 Dec 1861 6 Mar 1950 d/o John W & Eliza Ann
  TATON Arthur Carlton Oct. 21, 1903 Sept. 16, 1990  
  Tharp Ora F (Wood) Amrine 1 Sep 1896 18 Oct 1974 m/1 Walter Amrine m/2 M A Tharp
  Wadsack Cora Elizabeth (Henderson) 29 Mar 1883 28-May-1961  
  Wadsack George Leslie 10 Jan 1882 9-Feb-1953  
  Wadsack Lawrence E. 21-May-1911 17-May-1994  
  Wallace Leroy J. 11-Feb-1933 10-Jan-1997  
PHOTO WATTS Clara B 0-00-1884 0-00-1964  
PHOTO WATTS John W 0-00-1872 0-00-1945  
PHOTO WILSON Anson Allen     Dates Unreadable
PHOTO WILSON Blanche 9-May-1900 31-Dec-1985  
PHOTO WILSON David 0-00-1879 0-00-1936  
PHOTO WILSON David O 17-Oct-1857 4-Apr-1943  
PHOTO WILSON Donald I 10-Jun-1920 9-Oct-1944  
PHOTO WILSON Emma E 21-Nov-1862 5-Oct-1922  
PHOTO WILSON Helen Drake 17-Mar-1921 14-Feb-1948  
PHOTO WILSON Ira 30-Jun-1897 15-Apr-1989  
PHOTO WILSON Iva May 20-Nov-1887 17-Oct-1948  
PHOTO WILSON Homer F 28-Jul-1881 8-Nov-1950  
PHOTO WILSON Thomas 23-Dec-1872 23-Oct-1940 son of R. S. & H. J. Wilson
PHOTO WILSON Thomas R 25-Oct-1843 27-Mar-1911  
PHOTO WILSON Thomas S 23-Dec-1872 23-Oct-1940 son of R. S. & H. J. Wilson
PHOTO WILSON Wesley A 21-Feb-1944 7-Sep-1953  
  Wood James William 10 Aug 1869 19 Apr 1962  
  Wood May Elizabeth (Ludlow) 24 Jun 1872 8 Feb 1853 w/o James Wm
  Wood Flavy Smith Aug 16 1891 23 Apr 1944 s/o James Wm & May E Wood
  Wood Ruth L (Martin) 26 Jul 1895 18 May 1989 w/o Flavy S
  Wood Clair N 23 Mar 1899 16 Mar 1976 s/o James Wm & May E
  Wood Golda B (Demieville) 19 Dec 1903 13 Jan 1968 1st w/o Clair N
  Wood John Samuel 24 Jan 1894 6 May 1974 s/o James Wm & May E
  Wood Ernest H/N 2 Jul 1905 5 Apr 1982 s/o James Wm & May E

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