Cowley County

Liberty Cemetery
Submitted & © 2003 by: Terry Craft

Oh boy, getting to this one is an adventure! It's east of Cowley 1, north of 166. If you turn north on 1 east of Ark City, it is 3 miles north and 1 mile east. BUT, there is no road going east anymore. The best thing to do is after you go up the big hill on 1, start looking for a gate into a field to the east. There are two gates close together but one of them goes into a pasture. You want the next one. It's ok with the landowner to go across the field, just make sure you close the gate if it is shut. The road goes around through the field and when you get on the other side of the hill, you will see a few hedge trees out in the middle of the field to the southeast. The road sometimes doesn't go all the way to it, but we usually drive all the way if the crops are not up. You cannot get there if it is muddy (unless you walk). It is a full mile across the field to it.

Bendure S. H.   Sep 12 1882 tombstone above inclosed in fence
Corbin Sarah A   Jan. 22 1901 wife of J C Corbin Aged 65 yr 8m 18 dys
Corbin Joshua   Jan 11 1888 PHOTO
Hall Jimmie A Oct. 9 1893 Oct. 23 1918 PHOTO
Haney John 3 Feb 1835 Oct 14 1889 Co. L 7th Mo. Vol. Cav
Hawkins Marinda 1846 1932 Mother
Hawkins Mortague 1840 1900 Father
Hoover Jennie L   Oct 8 188_ dau of L W & H Hoover
Mark Robert   ___ 19 1881 24 yrs
Mark Samuel Jan 11 1810 Jan 23 1885 75 yrs
Mark Sarah Apr 8 1818 Mar 13 1886 wife of Samuel
McClothern       Son of F. M. & K. E. McClothern
McClothern Daughter     Dau of F. M. & K. E. McClothern
McClothern Robert     PHOTO
McDade Philip F Nov 20 1855 Feb 22 1906 PHOTO
Mosler Jacob Jan 26 1839 Oct 25 1881 PHOTO
Norton C V 1833 1914 PHOTO
Norton Catherine 1843 1916 his wife
Park Mary A   Oct 16 1889 PHOTO
Powell Ada J     Dau of N A & S S Powell Aged 1 mon 20 days
Smith James   May 9 1890 78 yrs
Sproules Wm J. Aug 26 1867 May 4 1893  
Steele Isaac Oct 20 1940 Dec 10 1882 PHOTO
Steele Pollie A Apr 19 1843 Nov 5 1900 wife of Isaac
Stover H C     son of H S & A J Stover
Thompson Geo 1831 1907 PHOTO
Thompson Gilbert Mar 19 1835 Apr 12 1901 PHOTO
Thompson Dr Samuel Mar 20 1833 Feb 25 1900 PHOTO
Wycauf Nettie M Nov 25 1873 Sep 24 1893 PHOTO
  Viletta   Nov 23 1880 14 yrs
  Florence M   Dec 12 1878 8 months

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