Cowley County

Pleasant Valley Cemetery
Submitted & © 2003 by: Karen Rodenbaugh

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Organized in 1891

ABEL Francis C. 3-Apr-1920 3-Apr-1920 s/o F.S. & A.M. Abel
ABEL Arda M. 9-Jun-1890 3-Mar-1974  
ABEL Fred S. 6-Mar-1889 13-Apr-1975  
ABEL Charles E. 14-Apr-1899 12-Jun-1924 s/o J.E & M.R Abel
ABEL John E. 11-Mar-1856 25-Oct-1948  
ABEL Mary R. 20-Nov-1863 24-Jul-1949  
ABEL Ola F. 24-Aug-1894 14-Sep-1972  
ABEL Roy M. 23-Dec-1886 18-May-1970  
ADAMS Rena 1877 1925  
ANDERSON JNO     Corp'l Co. C 2nd. PA. Cav.
ANDES Rhonda      
ARIE Lavern Harley      
ARIE Lenora E      
ARMSTRONG W. B. 7-Jan-1849 23-Sep-1914 dbl stone w/ Exira Armstrong
ARMSTRONG Exira 1-Jun-1861 16-Jul-1927  
ARMSTRONG George A. 8-Feb-1895 8-Oct-1961 Kansas Pvt.Co. D 313 Engineers WW I
ARMSTRONG Irene O. 1-Jun-1904 24-Dec-1973 "Mother"
ARMSTRONG John G. 18-Feb-1887 6-Nov-1972  
BELL Elizabeth   29-Jan-1901 84y 29d
BENSON Francis M. 1857 1925 dbl stone w/ Martha L Benson
BENSON Martha L. 1860 1950 w/o Francis M. dbl stone
BRADSHAW Sylvanus A. 13-Jun-1837 6-Sep-1900 w/o Elzorah same stone as Claudie A. & Irl Bradshaw
BRADSHAW Elzorah 22-Oct-1846   same stone as Sylvanus & Claudie A. Bradshaw
BRADSHAW Claudie A. 9-May-1875 1-Oct-1905 same stone as Irl & Sylvanus A. Bradshaw
BROWN John Wilkes 1832 1907  
BROWN Guy P. 18-Dec-1870 11-Jun-1952 dbl stone w/ Ellen Worstelle f/o Edna, Paul, & Mary
BROWN Ellen Worstelle 15-Nov-1873 11-Mar-1957 dbl stone w/ Ellen Worstelle m/o Edna, Paul, & Mary
BRYANT Otis Blair      
BRYANT Doris Pearl      
CROFT Alberta      
CROFT Bennie Lee     Military Marker
CROFT Justin E      
DAVIS Bertha Stephens 1878 1968 separate stone from the Stephens stone
DIBBLE Mary E. 1839 1911  
DILLON Nancy Carolina      
DILLON Gerald O      
DILLON Nancy M. 17-Nov-1863 17-Dec-1892 w/o O. Dillow
DONLAY Thelma J      
DONLAY Aaron G      
DOWLER Chester H      
DOWLER Darrel M      
DOWLER Gerald O      
DOWLER Helen Mead      
DOWLER Nancy Carolina      
DOWLER Patricia Maud      
DOWLER Robert William      
DOWLER Rosetta M      
DYER George K. 27-Nov-1922 9-Nov-1944 Pvt. 104 Inf. 26 Inf. Div WW II
DYER Grover W. 20-Oct-1892 1-Oct-1979  
DYER Sarah G. 30-Apr-1888 1-Nov-1945  
DYER Doris L. 29-Aug-1930 4-May-1931  
FISHER Carrie L. 1860 1926 w/o Josephus M. dbl stone
FISHER Josephus M. 1860 1940  
GODFREY Irl A. 1-Jan-1896 26-Dec-1981 dbl stone w/ Jeanne M. married 29-Oct-1921 f/o Joan, Beverly, James, & William
GODFREY Jeanne M. 29-Jul-1896 28-Aug-1973 dbl stone w/ Irl A. married 29-Oct-1921 m/o Joan, Beverly, James, & William
GOOD Lena Pearl 18-Jun-1882 8-Mar-1950 2 stones 1 marked Pearl Good m/o Josephine Good
GREENE Daniel Chelsley 14-Sep-1829 20-Aug-1904  
HILL Wynn 7-Dec-1896 6-Jul-1971 Kans. Pvt. Co. H Inf. WW I
HILL Lydia M. 14-Dec-1899 22-Dec-1972 "Mother"
HILL E. Grace 21-Apr-1898 3-Aug-1984  
HITE Joyce Norton 6-Jul-1945 8-May-1988 m/o Cameron & Garth
HODGE Joseph T      
HODGE S Margaret      
HODGE William K      
HOLLAND Edith Wise 9-Jul-1865 26-Nov-1934  
HOLLAND Jean Muret 9-Feb-1906 21-Jul-1909  
HOLLAND NG 11-Mar-1940 7-24-1874 s/o of W & S Holland
HOLLAND NG same as above- diff pic   s/o of W & S Holland
HOLLAND Ransome B 22 Jul 1861 17-Mar-1910  
HOLLAND Sally Grice 1/5/1823 9/26/1886 w/o West Holland. Born near Goldsboro NC and died in Hackney KS
HOLLAND West 6/7/1820 19-Sep-1903 h/o Sally Grice Holland .Born in NC
HOLLAND Zora Muret 1-3-1867 27-Dec-1959  
HOORNBEEK Florence A     Photo Photo
HOORNBEEK John W Sr.     Photo Photo
HOORNBEEK John W Jr.     Photo
JONES Charles D      
JONES Sarah A      
KEMPTON Rittie AG no date 9/11/1894 d/o W. & S. Holland
KNOX A. A. 1-Oct-1840 3-Mar-1907 h/o Sophronia Knox "Father"
KNOX Sophronia 23-Jul-1845 21-Apr-1924 w/o A. A. Knox "Mother"
KOERTING Viola      
KOERTING William H      
LITTLE Amy E. 20-Aug-1854 9-Feb-1913 w/o A. J. Little dbl stone
LITTLE Andrew J. 14-Dec-1854 9-Mar-1923  
LITTLE Nancy   6-Sep-1891 18y 1m 13d
MCCLINTOCK Mary A. 1836 1909  
MORTON Valo      
MUMAW Daniel 1843 1926 h/o Anna Mumaw Co. B 142 PA. Inf.
MUMAW Anna 1845 1925 w/o Daniel Mumaw
MUMAW M. Musy 31-Jul-1878 18-Aug-1968 w/o John Mumaw dbl stone inscription "What we keep in memory is ours unchanged forever" "Mother"
MUMAW John 12-Feb-1874 22-Dec-1936 h/o M. Musy Mumaw dbl stone inscription "What we keep in memory is ours unchanged forever" "Father"
MUMAW Infant Son 5-Jan-1905 7-Jan-1905 s/o J & M. M. Mumaw
MURET Carving       Carving done by Raymond Muret & sits not far from his is titled "Buffalo at Rest"
MURET Edward D      
MURET Raymond C. 1-Jun-1916 1-Dec-1999 dbl stone with Helen R. Muret
MURET Helen R. 3-Mar-1917    
MURET William M. 11-Jun-1884 10-Apr-1979 dbl stone w/ Beulah E.
MURET Beulah E. 18-Mar-1891 30-Aug-1975 dbl stone w/ William M. Muret
MURET Ernest C. 27-Apr-1883 13-Mar-1964 h/o Addie May Muret dbl stone
MURET Addie May 31-Dec-1885 1-Feb-1917 w/o Ernest C. Muret dbl stone
MURET Fred H. 5-Mar-1916 14-Aug-1996 Col. US Army WW II - Vietnam
MURET Infant Son   31-Aug-??42 s/o Clifford & Harriet
MURET Rose      
NORTON Joe Keith 11-Mar-1942 8-May-2000 inscription Son, Father, Brother, & Friend
NORTON Wilma A. 7-Oct-1908 13-Apr-2001 m/o Gene, Jerry, Joe, & Joyce
OLBERDING Laura B      
POTTER Lieugenyer Holland 4-16-1857 27-May-1907  
REYNOLDS Millard Filmore     Photo
REYNOLDS Robert E     Photo
REYNOLDS Melvina Trimble     Photo
REYNOLDS R Victoria     Photo
ROBERTS Merrill      
ROYER Elizabeth      
ROYER Kenneth M      
SCHIFFERDECKER Lou Annette      
SCHIFFERDECKER George Weston      
SCUDDER Carolyn S. 27-Apr-1948   m/o Joyce & Glenn
SCUDDER Laurence A. 23-Jul-1908 7-May-1984 f/o Joyce & Glenn
SHAW Wilson 00-00-1840 00-00-1908  
SHAW Nancy V 00-00-1841 00-00-1909  
SHAW * Wilson no date    
SHEHAN Peter      
SHIVERS Minnie 6-Aug-1889 2-Jun-1964  
SITTER Lucinda A. 1858 1947  
SMITH Sherril O. 10-Jun-1908 25-Jul-1994 PM 2 US Navy WW II
SMITH Cora L. 1881 1980  
SMITH Harry 1882 1968  
SMITH Celestine 1845 1920  
SMITH Fred C. 4-Jun-1876 16-Aug-1910  
SNYDER J W     Co. K 36 Cav. Inf.
STEPHENS Belle S. 1849 1934 same stone as Harry W. & Bertha
STEPHENS Harry W. 1876 1935 same stone as Belle S. & Bertha
STEPHENS Bertha 1878 1968 same stone as Belle S. & Harry W.
STEPHENS Harry W. 16-Mar-1876 26-Jul-1935 military stone: SPAM War Sgt. 5 PA. Inf.
THOMPSON Donald L. 17-May-1918 29-May-1990 SSMB 1 US Navy WW II
TOLLES Anna M. 12-Jan-1991 10-Dec-1991  
TRENT Emeline H. 1902 1992  
TRENT Charles V. 1902 1980  
VICKERY Angie L      
VICKERY Lewis L      
VICKERY Earl L      
VICKERY George Henry      
VICKERY George W      
VICKERY Emma A      
VICKERY Mabel E      
VICKERY Lloyd F Sr.      
VICKERY Wentworth      
WALTON John H     Photo
WALTON Glenn A     Photo
WALTON Juanita J     Photo
WALTON Roger J     Photo
WALTON Lucius 1829 1898  
WALTON Elvin C. 1859 1875  
WALTON Lillian A. 1869 1923  
WALTON Julia L. 1830 1908  
WALTON Marie L. 1865 1898  
WALTON Clara B. 1874 1932  
WALTZ Mary L     Photo
WALTZ Ernest C     Photo
WATTS Family Stone        
WATTS David O 5-14-1874 6-Sep-1946  
WATTS Dora B 8/8/1872 24-Apr-1960  
WATTS Erwin K 9-23-1898 30-Jan-1977  
WATTS Jessie D 9-25-1895 2-Jun-1919  
WHITEHILL Lucetta 1868 1951 m/o Minnie, Merril & Clarence
WHITEHILL Winfield P. 1861 1933 f/o Minnie, Merril & Clarence
WHITEHILL A. L. 1863 1939  
WHITEHILL Harvey P     Photo
WHITEHILL Katherine A      
WHITEHILL Clarence W      
WHITEHILL Merril C      
WHITEHILL Vada L      
WHITSON Cora B      
WHITSON John Dudley      
WILSON Harry Robert 23-May-1900 24-Feb-1968  
WILSON Cleota Mary 30-May-1902 5-Nov-1994  
WILSON Wesley O 1-16-1875 6-Jun-1962  
WILSON Mary 11-3-1878 5/12/1821  
WINTER Joseph 20-Jan-1854 7-Jan-1928 Photo1 Photo2
WINTER Maude E. 1-Jun-1877 10-Mar-1961 Photo
WINTER John L. 30-Dec-1911 23-Nov-1962 Photo
WITT Robert P. Jr. 14-Dec-1896 1-May-1981 Pvt. US Army WW I
WOODRUFF Edgar J. 28-Jul-1850 3-Oct-1904  
WOOLEY Jas. H.     Sergt. Co. A 38 Ind. Vet Inf.
WRIGHT Hester A. 12-Jan-1841 3-May-1922  

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