Cowley County

Silver Creek Cemetery

Submitted & © 2003 by: Karen Rodenbaugh

Located west of Burden on hwy 160,
S onto 201st. Rd 1 mile & W on 122nd. Rd
aprox. 1/2 mile on S side of road.

? Minnie   10-15-1879 1y 18d d/o J. ?. & S. J.
? ?   ? stone w/ just "FATHER"  PHOTO
?? ??     found 16 woren & broken stones w/ no information
AGAN John 26 July 1849 20 Oct 1916 PHOTO
ALLEN Matilda J. 7-21-1851 2-23-1883 w/o F.W. Allen   PHOTO
ALLEN Dolly E. 12-27-1874 8-15-1890 d/o F.W. & M.J Allen   PHOTO
ALLEN Vergie 2-5-1893 3-6-1894 1y 1m 2d  PHOTO
ALLEN Francis W. 11-29-1829 1/6/1916
ALLEN Caroline 11-3-1858 2/20/1951
BANNETT Mary E. 8-26-1849 2-5-1891 w/o W. F. Bannett  PHOTO
BROWN Martha M. 9-20-1861 8/17/1915 widow of A. Dudgeon w/o J. J. Brown   PHOTO
CHASTEN Sarah no dates  
CRAWFORD Charles   1836 ?
CUMMINGS Mary A.   3-1-1879 w/o T. S. Cummings  PHOTO
DUDGEON Andrew 6-3-1850 5/14/1905
DUDGEON Mary M.   10-17-1881 25y 1m 20d w/o A. Dudgeon
GARDENER F. S. 1871 3-7-1892
GILMAN Anna E. 1873 1924
HALL Mary   6-5-1881 age 63yr. 1 mo. 1 da. w/o Hendrick Hall  PHOTO
HARKINS Jane 12-25-1841 8-30-1892
HOEL Herbert   11-24-1892 1y 11m 11d s/o W. B. & G. V. Hoel   PHOTO
JACKSON Roy 11/22/1913 11/22/1913 s/o B. F. Jackson  PHOTO
JACKSON James   9-18-1887 56y   PHOTO
JACKSON Mary Ann   9-26-1880 23y w/o James Jackson   PHOTO
KNOX Julia A.   10-6-1879 w/o J. Knox 50y ?m 8d  PHOTO
MAY Katey 10 Cct 1864 10-25-1879 22y first w/o Linder. H. May  PHOTO
MAY Irwin W.   5-12-1883 2y 7m 2d s/o J.L. & ? May
MAY Cornelious 5-15-1810 7-15-1874 s/o J.L. & ? May father of 12 children
MAY Clarence   1-16-1885 9m 10d s/o P.B & C. May
MAY Minervia M. 1875 1968 "MOTHER" on stone  PHOTO
MAY Hazel 1896 1896 d/o S.L. & P. E. May  PHOTO
MAY Linder H. 1861 1944 "FATHER" on stone  PHOTO
MAY infant   6-15-1892 d/o J. B. & L. M. Teter  PHOTO
MILLER Mary D.   8-4-1879 6m 13d d/o H.C. & M.E. Miller  PHOTO
PATE Carrie Edna   10-20-1878 d/o E. ?. & ?. G. Pate  PHOTO
PETER Inez   1-24-1887 d/o C.N. & M. Peter
PETER Maggie 5-8-1884 5/17/1904 w/o Thomas Alonzo Peter d/o Charles Henry & Nancy Jane Lepley Eastman Given name:Margaret May Eastman  PHOTO
PETER Inez   1-24-1887 d/o C. N. & M. Peter  PHOTO   PHOTO
PETER Cora   10-3-1876 d/o William & M. B. Peter
PETER infant son   4-11-1882 s/o William & M. B. Peter
PHOTO  Same stone as above
PETER Chas Nelson 5-3-1847 3-7-1883 h/o Maria May s/o John Nelson Peter & Emily Wardrup  PHOTO
PETER Maria May 18-Mar-1850 5-Aug-1912 w/o Charles Nelson Peter  PHOTO
SANDERS B.F. 1840 1930
SANDERS Floyd   12/18/1917 s/o H. & M. Sanders  PHOTO
SHEPARD T. J. 9-28-1899 12/19/1900 s/o P. A. & M. C. Shepard  PHOTO
STEEL Graft M. 4-24-1819 7-25-1893
TETER Infant   6-15-1892 d/o J. B. & L. M. Teter  PHOTO
TETER Meldred 12-2-1895 9/17/1900 d/o J. B. & L. M. Teter  PHOTO
TREDWAY David II   ??1879 1y 7m 2d s/o M.B. ? Tredway  PHOTO
TREDWAY Aaron 10-27-1846 12-21-1896 CO. 1 113th. Ill. VOL.  PHOTO
TREDWAY Malona   ?. 2-1880 d/o ? Tredway  PHOTO
WEIGLE Evelyn J. 2-2-1842 8-27-1880
WEIGLE Mary A. 1-23-1852 1-5-1899 w/o J. Weigle  PHOTO
WHITTED Anne   9-13-1881 36y 3m 11d  PHOTO

Misc. stones - there are many broken stones with no information
If you have information about someone who is buried here and we do not have their name posted. please send us the information and will include it on the page.

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