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Tannehill Cemetery
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Tannehill Cemetery

Heffron & Silver photos submitted by:  Richard Rose
ARNOLD Donald E. 15-Dec-1928 18-Feb-2000  
AUMANN William 22-Jun-1848 9-Mar-1913 stone says: come to Kansas 7-Apr-1870
AUMANN Ernstine 21-Jul-1861 3-Feb-1917 w/o William Aumann
AUMANN infant Son   31-Aug-1882
BEACH Ruby 3-Feb-1887 13-Oct-1905 d/o W. I. & N. F. Beach
BEACH William I. 19-Jan-1853 18--May-1917
BEACH Nancy F. 24-Dec-1853 4-Jan-1935
COULTER John W.   24-Sep-1889 28y 11m 3d
DWYER Harvey 17-Dec-1822 4-Jul-1897
EASTMAN Frances 1916 2004
FISHER Delilah 4-Jan-1813 7-Jan-1897 w/o Rev. William Fisher
FISHER William Rev. 17-Jan-1813 3-Apr-1885
FULLER Alexander 6-Feb-1829 15-Mar-1896
FULLER Elizabeth 1842 1917 w/o Alexander Fuller
GEISER Edward H. 1879 1950
GEISER Julia H. 1876 1926 w/o Edward H. 
GILLISPIE Mary M. 28-Jan-1865 12-Mar-1891  
GODFREY Calvin A. 8-Sep-1902 10-Oct-1969 California PVT 1911 SVC COMD Unit WW II
GODFREY Edith M. 1876 1957
GODFREY Verne A. 1870 1934
HANSON Henry H. 30-Oct-1831 13-May-1909
HANSON Verne A. 26-Jan-1852 8-Nov-1912
HANSON Garnett Jessie 25-Mar-189? 11-Apr-1961
HANSON William H. 13-Jun-1884 3-Feb-1964
HANSON George W. 17-Jun-1909 23-Oct-1910
HANSON Lulu 31-May-1889 13-Feb-1974
HANSON Henry Phillip 26-May-1877 20-Nov-1949
HEFFRON Martha M. (Silver) November 6, 1869 November 25, 1889 Wife of J. B. Heffron; Daughter of James & Sarah Silver
HUNT Delbert Clyde 15-Apr-1915 6-Oct-1940
HUNT E.E. 13-Dec-1857 24-May-1932
HUNT Julia U. 22-Feb-1857 12-May-1925 w/o E.E. Hunt
KESSINGER Robert S. 9-Jan-1886 11-Mar-1940  
KING C. Raymond 11-Apr-1918 9-Aug-2003
KING Helen Leona 6-Jul-1899 4-Jan-1993
KING Robert Joe 9-Jul-1926 17-Jun-1939  
KING Elsie 1890 1890  
KING Lennie 1884 1906
KING Thos. W. 1853 1905
KING Chalista J. 1859 1905
KING Robert Joe 9-Jul-1926 17-Jun-1939  
KING Loyd J. Jr. 4-Feb-1924 17-Feb-1924
KESSINGER Eugene N.   1893 h/o Sarah Amanda 
KESSINGER Sarah Amanda (Green)   1941  
KESSINGER Henry S. 9-Jan-1886 11-Mar-1940  
LOWE John T. 1852 1913  
LOWE Irene K. 1854 1921 w/o John T. Lowe
MCIVER Alvin V. 30-Apr-1876 14-Oct-1962  
MCIVER Caroline E. 2-Oct-1880 3-Sep-1957
MOORE Willard 10-Mar-1878 26-Jan-1890 s/o W.H. & N. Moore
MOORE Willis 10-Mar-1878 22-Sep-1899 s/o W.H. & N. Moore
MOORE Wm. H.     Co. C 8 Ind. CAV.
MOORE Nancy 22-Apr-1843 8-Aug-1927
MYERS Thomas Eugene 8-Apr-1943 15-Feb-2000
NELSON Isaac   1-Dec-1840 63y 13d   
NELSON Ellen 8-Oct-1850 25-Apr-1909 58y 6m 16d   
NELSON Glennie 20-Jan-1890 16-Aug-1890 s/o L. & E. Nelson
POOR Virginia 27-Jun-1831 10-May-1897 w/o J. C. Poor  
POOR J. R. 11-Nov-1864 24-Feb-1884  
POOR J. C. 10-May-1831 10-Jul-1895  
ROSEBERRY C.C. 16-Nov-1857 7-Jul-1902
ROSEBERRY Hester A. 9-Jan-1860 14-Sep-1912 w/o C.C. Roseberry
SILVER  .      
SILVER Joseph E. March 10, 1825 April 20, 1889 Father of Mary Catherine (Silver) Rose who is buried in Union Cemetery
SILVER Sarah Margaret (Hawkins) July 19, 1835 1909 Wife of James Silver; Mother of Mary Catherine (Silver) Rose who is buried in Union Cementery, Winfield, KS
TETER William H. H. 17-Jul-1851 13-Apr-1932
TETER Ella H. 20-Aug-1853 14-Sep-1931
TETER Philip 26-Feb-1813 1-Jul-1896
TETER Margaret 2-Dec-1819 5-Dec-1893 w/o Philip Teter  
TROUT Emily-King 1827 1920
TROUT James 6-Aug-1829 25-Jun-1898  
WALTON Myrta May 11-Jan-1882 26-Dec-1953
WATTS Curtis C. 1870 1931
WATTS Don 1873 1918 w/o Curtis C. Watts
WERTMAN Sarah A. 1848 1924  
WERTMAN Norman     Co. A 196 Ohio Inf.

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