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Tisdale Cemetery
Photo submitted & © 2003 by: Karen Rodenbaugh

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Photos & info submitted & © 2004 by: Louise Havens

Information submitted by: Karen Rodenbaugh

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Partial listing
BAILEY F. M. 3-Apr-1843 11-Dec-1915 h/o Louisiana Bailey
BAILEY Louisiana 12-Nov-1846 21-Jan-1919 w/o F. M. Bailey
BAILEY Stella G. 28-Mar-1886 15-Aug-1968 PHOTO
BAILEY Elijah M. 6-Mar-1888 4-Mar-1967 PHOTO
BAILEY R. Amanda 1874 1941 PHOTO
BAILEY John W. 1872 1944 PHOTO
BAILEY William M. 21-Mar-1912 29-Sep-1988 PHOTO
BAILEY Leona M. 13-Mar-1914 11-Jan-1990 PHOTO
BARTLOW Iven L. 9-Jul-1830 3-Jun-1900 PHOTO
BARTLOW Martha E. 31-Aug-1831 20-May-1908 PHOTO
Bowman George W. Sep. 30 1838 Oct. 30 1917 Aged 84y 1m
PHOTO    Obituary
Bowman Penninah Emma Spitler Sep. 12 1831 Feb. 16 1908 Wife Of G. W. Bowman Aged 76y 5m 4d
PHOTO    Obituary
Bowman Edwin July 13 1867 March 19 1947 Hamilton County Ohio s/o George W. & Penninah
PHOTO    Obituary
BROCK Alb't C.     WW ll 1917 - 1918 / G-A-R 1861-1865 Corpl. Co. D. 21 KY. INF.
BYNUM Peter L.     Co. B. 154 IND. INF. G-A-R 1861-1865PHOTO
CONRAD James Edward 1873 1910 PHOTO
CONRAD Grover C. 30-Sep-1886 11-Dec-1958 PHOTO
CONRAD Angeline 31-Jul-1836 20-Sep-1904 PHOTO
CONRAD Abraham 26-Mar-1822 18-Mar-1904 PHOTO
HAMM Charles Philip 23-Sep-1928 10-Jun-1991 US ARMY Korea marker beside stone star w/ Korea in center and each point has Army, Air Force, Navy & Marines represented flag in top point of star PHOTO
Havens Frances Emma Bowman April 15 1863 December 12 1943 Hamilton County Ohio d/o George W. & Penninah
PHOTO    Obituary
Havens James William November 20 1866 March 10 1937 b. in Cass County Missouri s/o George & Eliza A. (Corder) Havens
PHOTO    Obituary
Havens Charlie Newton Jan. 5 1895 Oct. 20 1964 Father Parents of: Sherman - Frances - John s/o James W. and Frances E. (Bowman) Havens B. in Washington County Arkansas
PHOTO    Obituary
Havens Mary Mitchell Huffmaster Mar. 11 1892 Jan. 6 1958 Mother d/o John Martin and Lydia Warren (Pearson) Huffmaster b. in Washington County Arkansas
PHOTO    Obituary
Havens Frances Warren December 13 1931 March 1 1945 d/o Charlie & Mary Havens b. Wilmot Kansas d. in Winfield Kansas
PHOTO    Obituary
MILLER Etta 12-Jul-1899 23-Apr-1957 w/o Lester Miller PHOTO
MILLER Freda Joan 17-Feb-1934 21-Feb-1935 PHOTO
SHIELDS Eugene L. 15-Apr-1923 12-Aug-1994 WW II CPL. US Army PHOTO
SMITH Solomon 6-Mar-1828 5-Jun-1905 military stone: Co. 6 1 ILL. INF MEX. WAR / G-A-R marker 1861-1865 also has stone saying FATHER
SMITH Elizabeth J. Wall 9-Jul-1826 27-Jun-1876 w/o Solomon Smith also has sone saying: MOTHER
WOODARD S. E. 2-Oct-1841 22-Jun-1910 h/o Armilda Lee
WOODARD Armilda Lee 30-Mar-1853 23-Mar-1917 w/o S. E. Woodard

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