Cowley County

Wilmot Cemetery

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Wilmot Cemetery
Photo Submitted & © 2003 by: Karen Rodenbaugh

Located north of Winfield City Lake

Partial Listing
Andes James Willis 28-Nov-1985 9-Apr-2006
Bence Merle J. 14-Mar-1908 20-Apr-1979  
COOK Elmer Floyd 13-Jan-1904 19-Nov-1947  
COOK Erma Belle 8-Nov-1908 10-Nov-1987 p/ Henry Arthur & Elizabeth Belle (Bowen) Eastman
DAGGETT Annie 1865 1947 PHOTO
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DAGGETT Geo B.M. 1860 1935 PHOTO
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DAGGETT Harriet Merry Nov 17, 1826 Aug 12, 1871 PHOTO
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DAGGETT William IV Aug 22, 1823 Apr 9, 1901 PHOTO
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DAGGETT William III Feb 10, 1797 1872 PHOTO
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Deichman Florence A. (Peterson) 15-Aug-1906 24-Oct-1999  
Deichman Homer F. 12-Dec-1900 1-Jul-1984  
DOOLITTLE Truman 17-May-1911 24-Jun-1998

p/ George Fredrick & Anna Marie (Allender)


Duncan Wayne W. 13-Oct-1915 21-Dec-2002  
EASTMAN Celia Edna 20-Jun-1918 20-Jun-1918 p/ Henry Arthur and Elizabeth Belle (Bowen) Eastman
EASTMAN Elizabeth Belle 9-Jul-1884 20-Jul-1947 p/ Jasper Newton & Mary Ellen (Marlow) Bowen
EASTMAN Charles H. 4-Dec-1850 3-Jan-1935 h/o Nancy Jane Lepley
EASTMAN Nancy Jane (Lepley) 2-Mar-1850 26-May-1926 w/o Charles Henry Eastman
EASTMAN Thomas Rhuben 10-Aug-1874 29-Jun-1961 s/o Charles Henry & Nancy Lepley
EASTMAN William Edgar 8-Jan-1878 2-Jan-1961 s/o Charles Henry & Nancy Lepley
EASTMAN Henry Arthur 17-Mar-1882 15-Dec-1962 s/o Charles Henry & Nancy Lepley
EASTMAN John Henry 1-Aug-1904 22-Aug-1976 h/o Grace Gardener s/o Henry Arthur & Elizabeth Belle Bowen Eastman
EASTMAN Grace 11-Sep-1908 29-Aug-1993 w/o John Henry Eastman d/o James William & Boyd Gardner
EASTMAN Maggie Louisa (Bowen) 3-Mar-1877 27-Jan-1971 w/o Thomas Rhuben Eastman
EASTMAN Margery Alice (Gleyre) 19-Aug-1898 6-Nov-1936 w/o Thomas Arthur Eastman
FELL Ada Sedell (Hoyt) 7-Mar-1877 4-May-1970 w/o Olis Elmer Hoyt
GRAY Roger Gene 2-Jun-1933 15-Apr-1997 p/ Cecil Roger 7Gladys (Bates)
HAVENS Daniel Bert "Bert" November 17 1902 March 4 1973 Parents of Cecil & Gary b. & d. in Cowley County KS s/o James William & Frances Emma (Bowman) Havens
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HAVENS Goldie Ellen May June 4 1905 October 9 1993 Parents of Cecil & Gary b. in Oklahoma d/o Linder and Minerva (Fawn) May d. in Cowley County KS
Photo    Obituary
HAVENS Gary Ray February 11 1942 June 9 1968 b. in Wilmot KS s/o Bert and Goldie (Fawn) Havens
Photo    Obituary
HAVENS Joshua Ray Jan. 15 1988 Feb. 18 1991 s/o Dale Ray Havens
Photo    Obituary
Heineken Theodore 1860 July 31 1887  
Heineken Mary Louise Jan 17 1859 March 24 1887  
Heineken Ralph March 24 1887 March 24 1887  
Henderson Arletha V. (Holt) 1 Mar 1891 25-Oct-1950  
Henderson Rowena Volene 14-Oct-1916 5-Sep-1935  
Henderson Roy 19 Apr 1891 12-Mar-1936  
HIATT George William 15-Mar-1893 2-Mar-1947 p/ James Jackson & Emma Evelyn (Burge)
Holt Aubrey Sheldon 13-Apr-1911 23-Sep-1999  
Holt Betty S. (Bals)      
Holt Calvin C. 2-Feb-1902 22-Oct-1976  
Holt Clara E. (Kennedy) 15 Nov 1869 13-Apr-1953  
Holt Craig C. 2-Oct-1959 27-Jan-1960  
Holt Daniel E. 27-Mar-1900 2-Mar-1993  
Holt Emberson H. 17-Jan-1904 8-Feb-1977  
Holt Eunice D. (Daniels) 8-Dec-1901 22-Jul-1978  
Holt John W. 25-Apr-1964 10-Feb-1938  
Holt June (Wood) 18-Jun-1920 3-Jun-1995  
Holt Katherine A. 1-Sep-1970 2-Sep-1970  
Holt Leroy B. 11 Feb 1898 26-Apr-1978  
Holt Lois E. (Johnson) 20-Apr-1902 14-Feb-1933  
Holt Mabel E. (Lanier) 14-Mar-1905 14-Oct-1979  
Holt Pearl W. (Early) 24-Aug-1912    
Holt Stella 11 Jan 1895 25 Jan 1895  
Holt William L. 1-Nov-1905 6-Jan-1933  
Holt Wilma L. 12-Apr-1937 13-Apr-1937  
HOYT Hollis Ammi 16-Apr-1846 21-Mar-1925 h/o Emily Elizabeth Cocks
HOYT Emily Elizabeth Cocks 28-Aug-1855 25-Nov-1937 w/o Hollis Ammi
HOYT Olis Elmer 14-Sept-1879 7-Mar-1945 h/o Ada Sedell
Johnson Alvin L. 10-Mar-1929 4-May-1996  
Kampschroeder Laura Bence (Wallace) 26-May-1921 27-Sep-2002  
Kennedy Alta S. (Throckmorton) 4 Mar 1899 19-Jan-1998  
Kennedy Earl V. 24 Oct 1895 29-Sep-1986  
Kennedy Laura Mae (Lanier) 16 Oct 1896 17-Feb-1971  
Lanier Iva M. (Adams) 9 Aug 1894 28-Dec-1986  
Lanier Jesse Homer 23 Jul 1895 13-Apr-1982  
Lanier Rachel Naomi (Holt) 20 Jan 1896 17-Jan-1940  
McPherson David Franklin Dec 8 1822 June 30 1899  
McPherson Sarah Silence Scribner May 18 1822 April 17 1905  
Morgan Lela Grace (Wilsom) 11-Jun-1920 3-Jan-2001  
PETER Thomas Alonzo 26-Aug-1876 21-Oct-1938 h/o Ida May Hoyt & Margaret May Eastman
PETER Ida May (Hoyt) 10-Apr-1887 30-Nov-1945 w/o Thomas Alonzo Peter
Peterson Alma Ardella (Wadsack) 25 Aug 1883 16-Jul-1966  
Peterson Christian H. 18 Apr 1877 22-Nov-1949  
Peterson Leona A. 16-Feb-1903 29-Sep-1978  
REEVES Leland Edward 26-Jan-1939 2-Jul-1998 p/ Ralph Leonard & Ora Geneva (Dunn)
Ruggles Doyle Anderson 2-Apr-1912 20-Mar-1983  
Ruggles Edith (Waite) 10-Jan-1921 18-Aug-1995  
Russell Glenice Ardine (Henderson) 9-Mar-1925 18-Feb-1983  
TICE Thomas T. November 28, 1843 Feb 20, 1922 Photo
Wadsack Cyrus Morton 17 Sep 1886 8-Oct-1985  
Wadsack Ruth Ann (Hoefgen) 13 Aug 1892 13-May-1968  
Wadsack William Otis 21 Sep 1892 11-Apr-1995  
Wallace Earl Thomas 7 Sep 1897 5-Jan-1981  
Wallace Ima Lavern (Kennedy) 17-Dec-1903 28-Oct-1999  
YOUNG Dorothy Jane (Hiatt) 21-May-1907 17-0ct-1992 p/ Henry Arthur & Elizabeth Belle (Bowen) Eastman

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