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South Prairie Cemetery
Information provided by Melodi Bowen & Submitted by: Karen Rodenbaugh

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South Prairie Cemetery
Photo submitted & © 2004 by: Karen Rodenbaugh

As late as 1981 it was called Windsor Cemetery & sometime prior to that
it was Gospel Ridge. It has not been updated since 1984.
? Mort. Mkr child ? ? no data
? stone no data ? ?  
ASKINS Mary Ellen ? 14-Mar-1922  
BARGER Carl Elmer 26-Oct-1915 7-Apr-1928 death or burial date s/o Fred William & Millie Luella Barger
BARGER David G. 11-Oct-1898 16-Feb-1958  
BARGER Fred William 11-Jun-1883 27-Feb-1950 "Father"
BARGER George W. 0-00-1853 4-Feb-1939  
BARGER Infant ? 27-Oct-1951 d/o Roy & Ruth (one date on stone)
BARGER Infant ? 23-Jul-1919 death or burial date d/o Fred William & Millie Luella Barger
BARGER Infant Daughter 16-Jul-1919 17-Jul-1919 d/o F.W & M.L
BARGER Millie Luella 31-Oct-1891 15-Apr-1964 "Mother"
BARGER Rosa E. 20-Mar-1903 28-Mar-1983  
BARGER Sarah E. Faulkner 8-Apr-1861 9-Oct-1926 born:Mercer Co. W. VA w/o George W.
BEAMER Harlena L. 0-00-1937 0-00-1937  
BEAMER James Henry 26-Sep-1849 24-Jan-1899  
BEAMER Mattie J. 11-May-1851 16-Nov-1926  
BEAMER Noah 23-Jun-1880 11-Jan-1961 "Father"
BEAMER Viva C. 3-May-1885 16-Oct-1958 "Mother"
BELDEN Effie L. ? 16-Sep-1912 w/o J.S
BOGGS Fannie C. 25-Dec-1885 22-Jan-1883  
BOGGS Mary A. ? 9-Jul-1879 23y 7m 2d w/o I.H
BOYSE Benjamin 27-Oct-1835 14-Aug-1902  
BRIGGS Charles O. 30-Nov-1858 7-Jun-1923  
BRIGGS Ira D. 17-Nov-1885 7-Mar-1945  
BRIGGS Rose Estella 10-Apr-1864 18-Sep-1918 "his wife" Charles O.
BURNS Paul 22-Sep-1882 24-Nov-1899 died of Typhoid Fever
CORRELL Clarence ? 31-Aug-1888 11m 1d s/o W.H & Laura
CORRELL Clyde E. ? 29-Jan-1887 4y 1m 10d s/o W.H & Laura
CRANE or CRAINE Ruth ? 7-Nov-1898 6y d/o Mrs. Belle Craine died of Dipteria
CROOP Leliah 16-Feb-1885 9-Feb-1887 d/o J.E & L.E
DALE Joseph L. ? 10-Jun-1879 7y ? s/o M & A.M
DEAL Johny W. ? 0-Sep-1879 1 y
EDWARDS Ruth ? ? Miles Mort. Mkr (Cedar Vale & Winfield Ks mkr
EDWARDS Vienna A. 0-00-1860 0-00-1945  
EDWARDS William C. 0-00-1855 0-00-1934  
GILLASPIE Laura J. ? 11-Jan-1881 or 87 w/o G.W.
GODDARD Allen 0-00-1839 20-Jan-1917 73y
GODDARD Ella S. 17-Dec-1892 24-Nov-1965  
GODDARD Pearl 3-Aug-1888 2-Jan-1968  
GODDARD Sarah E. 0-00-1846 0-00-1934  
HANCOCK Harold 1908 1982 "Father"
HANCOCK Joseph H. 1877 3-Jun-1927 "Father"
HANCOCK Marjorie 1910 1969 "Mother"
HANCOCK Retta 0-00-1880 0-00-1965 "Mother"
HANCOCK Richard Lee 25-Nov-1929 1-Apr-1933  
JAMERSON Golda L. 23-Aug-1900 ?  
JAMERSON Ruth 8-May- 19-Aug-1901 10y 7m
LEDGERWOOD Mrs. 0-00-1861 25-May-1899 .death or burial date, left behind husband & 10 children
LUNDY Bessie P. 4-Jun-1889 28-Oct-1905 d/o R.L & R.C
LUNDY Clayton 0-00-1895 21-Aug-1958  
LUNDY Cleo 0-00-1900 17-Jul-1936  
LUNDY Rachel C. 6-Aug-1864 17-Feb-1960  
LUNDY Robert L. 2-Aug-1864 23-Sep-1940  
MAHAN Archie M. 29-Sep-1901 11-Jul-1905  
MAHAN Ben W. 0-00-1898 0-00-1975  
MAHAN Daisy L 24-Aug-1878 6-Oct-1910 could be 7-Oct-1910
MAHAN George W. ? 31-Jan-1953 82y
MAHAN Henry N. 21-Mar-1900 26-Nov-1900  
MAHAN Infant Son 6-Mar-1897 6-Mar-1897  
MAHAN Maydie G. 0-00-1887 0-00-1974  
MAHAN Velva 18-Nov-1907 24-Dec-1968  
MARSLAND Charles E. 6-Jul-1876 3-Mar-1886 s/o H. & N.E (this stone old & hard to read)
MILLER Stella M. ? 9-May-1879 9m 2d d/o J.H & S.A
NEWMAN Alexander C. 0-00-1846 11-Feb--1929  
NEWMAN Charley W. 7-May-1890 25-Oct-1967  
NEWMAN Flora F. 0-00-1857 21-Jan-1934 "Mother"
NEWMAN Hyle Walker 31-Oct-1919 4-Nov-1919 s/o Charley & Pernie
NEWMAN Leslie F. 9-Jul-1896 17-Nov-1900 s/o A.C & F.F
NEWMAN Marion Dick 0-00-1867 18-Aug-1932  
SMALL Arthur M. 17-Nov-1888 16-Apr-1902  
SMITH Arthur A. ? 1-Oct-1834 5y 5m 3d
SMITH Children ? ? of E. & L.
SMITH Samuel D. ? 5-Oct-1881 18y 9m 13d or 3d (this stone old & hard to read)
SPENCER Gracie E. 22-Jul-1884 11-Dec-1905 w/o E.S d/o Mrs. Beamer
SUMNER Alice P. 0-00-1861 0-00-1942  
SUMNER Mary E. or F. 11-Dec-1882 8-Mar-1938  
SUMNER Phillip W. 0-00-1864 28-Sep-1949 85y
SUMNER Stephen Sanders 22-Jun-1885 1-Jul-1956  
SWEEZEY Ruth ? 21-Jun-1886 65y
WINTERS Newton ? 4-Nov-1898 6y died of Diptheria s/o William

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