First Presbyterian Church
Since 1870 when Winfield was founded interested people were attending worship in various buildings. The Home Mission the Presbytery of Emporia supplied the pastors, In November 1872 they sent a pastor who held services in the Baptist Building. On January 19, 1873 received its charter. The state issued a Charter of Corporation on November 21, 1873, so this was needed to conduct business. From 1873 to 1877 services were held mostly in the new Cowley County Court House.

A new church at 10th and Millington was dedicated on September 23, 1877. This building was remodeled around 1900. Because of the growing membership, a larger church was needed. The cornerstone was laid on July 14, 1912. The first service in the new building was held on July 15, 1913. Our present church was dedicated on May 3, 1914. The first church building was sold to the U.S. Government and used as a Post Office for many years. It is the present Administration Building for School District 465.

Christian Education is a large part of our church. A new education building was dedicated on February 21, 1954. Property south of the church was used for youth activities. An elevator was installed in 1954. The Mariam Root Memorial Library was established and dedicated on March 14, 1965. It is a growing library and well used by members.

Our Centennial was celebrated in 1973 with much fanfare, including a special Worship Service, Parade of Banners, and a banquet. Many memorial gifts were given by members and friends. Mariners is a vital group in our church – singing, as well as instrumental. We have three choirs and three hand bell choirs for youth and adults. In more recent years we have support groups for the divorced and the bereaved. Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts have both used our church facilities through the years. Our church was instrumental in establishing the first Winfield Council of Church. Our church has participated in many community gatherings and projects – such as combined Christmas Eve Community Services, youth cantatas, Ministerial Alliance Parade, etc. In 1988 a complete history book of our church was published. If you would like to know more about we Presbyterians, please call our Church Office and read this History Book.

Following is a prayer to keep in your heart – “Welcome to all who enter. May the faithful find salvation, the careless awakened, the doubting find faith, the tempted receive help, and the scornful find comfort. May the aged find consolation and the youth be inspired. We invite you to worship with us. In Christ’s Name. Amen.”

Submitted by Lois Torrance.


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