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Rita Wolgamott,, Fri, 19 Mar 1999
I am trying to help a lady who emailed me about a James & Mary Wolgamott that lived in Udall, Ks in the late 1800 or early 1900. I have nothing on her James. If, by change you have ran across the name or know anything, could you email her at:
I have a lot on the Wolgamotts' but nothing on her James.
I have my Home Pages on:

Tom Wilson,, Sat, 20 Mar 1999
I know practically nothing about my paternal side of the family. My Grandfather was named Thomas Jud (or Judson) Wilson. I've been told he was born in Illinois 4 March 1874, migrated to Kansas where he married Emma Marie Norton(b.13 Jul 1884) in December 1900. They had a son named Harold Jud Wilson, b.11 October 1901 in Burden, KS. In 1903 they migrated to the Oakland, CA area. Other members of the Norton and Wilson families, of which I have no record, also settled in the same area. There was also a "Grandma Leoffler"(sp) involved, but I'm not sure with which side of the family. Think y'all can find something to help me out?

Marita Lee,, Sat, 20 Mar 1999
Isaac COOK was born in Grant Co. Wisconsin in abt. 1867, son of William Shannon and Anna BATES--COOK. He resided in Arkansas City, Cowley Co. KS. after 1900.He was a brother of my grandfather Warren R. COOK. Seeking information on the COOK--BATES family. Will be glad to exchange information.
Carothers Family,, Sat, 20 Mar 1999
I am interested in finding Carothers family. My Gr Uncle Ralzemon J (Jerry) Carothers lived in Kansas, but don't know much about him. He migrated there from Michigan. His Father and Mother were Ralzemon J Carothers and Mary A Phelps Carothers. My Gr Uncle visited my Father, Floyd B. Carothers, in Medford Oregon once, perhaps 20 or more years ago. Any infornmation would be helpful.
The Hansens,, at, 20 Mar 1999
I am looking for parents of Mrs. John C. (Emma Horne) Powers. She lived in Udall before she moved to Oxford. I am looking for a marriage license to see what her maiden name was. I am assuming it was HORNE. I think she was born in Washington, IA in 1876, but moved to Kansas and lived there until her death. Her death certificate lists parents as unknown. I am looking for info about any HORNEs in Cowley County.
Mary O'Connell,, Mon, 22 Mar 1999
I am looking for Walter O'Connell married to Grace ___________. Walter was born in Kansas according to the information I have. Grace was born in Illinois according to the information I have. They had three children: Clifford Leon O'Connell born approximately 1915 in Kansas. Harold O'Connell born in 1921 in Kansas. Harold died in a car accident in 1975 in Arkansas City Kansas. Mildred O'Connell who married a man named Wilbur. They lived in Arkansas City Kansas during the 1970's I know. May still be living there. Walter O'Connell was a welder and I understand he had a welding shop in Arkansas City Kansas. I am trying to determine his exact birthdate, marriage date, and burial place. I would also like to know his parents names and approximate birthdates. I would like to know Grace's maiden name, possibly from marriage records, her exact birthdate, and burial place. I don't think they had other children, but if so I would like to know the names of any other children.
Thanks for your help.

Rebecca C. Huddle,, Mon, 22 Mar 1999
Hello, Your index indicates Bertham, Ida A. & Louella Pheasant Gehrett should be found on page 302, but they are not. Do you know what the correct page is. Thank you, Rebecca C. Huddle

George H. McHaley,, Tue, 23 Mar 1999
I am looking for more information on my ancestors who settled in Cowley Co. around the Dexter area. The mother, Anna ( Jones ) McHaley first came to Kansas and was listed in the 1870 U.S. Fed. census of Johnson county in Shawnee township with sons, John and Daniel. Anna is buried in the Maple City Cemetary between sons John and Henry. They first appeared in Cowley Co. in the 1875 Kansas census Liberty twnsp.

Her husband's name was also Henry but I have been unable to find him in Kansas. He may have died in Illinois before they moved to Kansas. John and Daniel were brothers living together for years according to articles found in the Dexter Dispatch and Tribune in 1911. John died August 27, 1926 at age 86 and is buried in Maple City cemetary. I have been unable to locate Daniel's obituary or final resting place. I have visited Dexter and asked the city clerk about Dexter cemetary records and she knew of none. I requested the same at the courthouse in Winfield and they could find no records of the Dexter cemetary. Could you possibly help with info on Daniel McHaley-he seemed to have been alive when brother John died and would have been about 80 years old. Perhaps if you are unable to locate Dexter cemetary records could you possibly pass this on to Lou Tharp. She has been a great help in the past.Thanks very much for any assistance.
George H. McHaley

cathi glassburner,, Tue, 23 Mar 1999
I am beginning a search of by family and came upon this Book when searching for information about Donald Gilliland. There are several Gillilands listed in the index having information contained on page 176. I find that this page is not currently on the website. If you have pertinent information that might help my search, please send it to:
Thank you for any assistance you may be able to provide.
Catherine Gilliland Glassburner

Carole Craig,, Wed, 24 Mar 1999
I have been searching for William Rowe b. abt. 1782 in VA. He married Elizabeth Ambler. Wm. died in 1861 in OH (I think). Wm. and Elizabeth had a daughter named Hester Ann b. abt. 1814. SHE m. John Fletcher Mowbray 4-21-1831 and d. 11-14-1898 in Lattaville, OH. I know the Mowbrays lived in the Fayette Co.-Ross Co. area of OHIO. After reading your information about the Rowes in VA I thought my line must fit with that family someway. I would appreciate any help or lead that you could give me.
Carole Craig

James and Madge Aytes,, Thu, 25 Mar 1999
You have been doing a wonderful job on Cowley Co. I have watched it grow to one of the best sites. I would like to ask you a question about the marriage records for Cowley can anyone go to the court house and look at the records I have a lot of family that were married there in the late 1800 and early 1900 that made the run into Oklahoma and some stayed there in Silverdale and Maple City about half of the graves in Silverdale (Billy Irons Cemetery) are my ancestors. Thank you for your time.
James Aytes, Fri, 26 Mar 1999
I am researching Dr. Harve Marion Stricklen, son of Oliver and Nancy Elizabeth Stricklen. Dr. Stricklen moved to Arkansas City in 1928 and he built Stricklen hospital there. Does anyone have any information that could help me in my research? Thanks in advance,
Mary Ann Ashworth
Pasadena, California

Frank Houser,, Fri, 26 Mar 1999
Researching the family history of Dr. Frank Houser and Christian Hisey who lived in the Atlanta area about 1880, and later Dr. Houser lived in Arkansas City and is buried in Riverview cemetry.
Frank Houser
P.O. Box 486, Newkirk, Ok. 74647

Mark & Dolores Mobley,, Sat, 27 Mar 1999
I'm searching for the PITT name in Cowley County, KS.  Samuel Pitt (b.1810-Ohio; d. 1886-Winfield, Cowley Co, KS) married (1st) Mariah KINSELL/KENSELL, (2nd) Ardelia WORRELL in 1845.  He had the following children: Abigail (PITT) HOGAN, Lucretia PITT, Rosetta (PITT) PHILLIPS, Millard Fillmore PITT, Virginia (PITT) BLEVINS, Verlinda (PITT) BOGNER, Elizabeth PITT, William Augustus PITT, George S. PITT, Hannah Mariah (PITT) DEANER, and Sarah (PITT) DEAN., Sun, 28 Mar 1999
My mother was Alice Kathryn(Wahlenmaier) Epler.
My dad was Walter Newton Epler.
They both are deceased.
They have reference number 315. if you have more county information, i would love to read it.
C. O.Salsbery,, Tue, 30 Mar 1999
Frederick Brown moved to Cowley Cty, Ks. in 1872. He was married to Sarah Ann Summers and had children, Matilda Ann, James Washington(My Gr. Grandfather), William Gaston, Enoch Grandville, Frederick A. Jr., and Anna Belle. He died in Cove, Or. and is buried there. i have lot on descendants but am looking for relatives or ancestors. Willing to share my info in exchange for someone else's. James, Fred,Jr. and Anna Belle are buried here in Burns, Or. Mary Salsbery
Mary Ann Terrill Babb Davis,, Tue, 30 Mar 1999
I was born in Arkansas City and lost my father there at a very early age. I am trying to get some information on his family. His name was Quinn Terrill, his father Walter Terrill and mother Emma Terrill. They would have lived in Ark City around 1910-1932. I would appreciate it if you would add Terrill to your Cowley County surnames list or pass on any info you might have on this name. Thanks.
Roger Bonewell,, Tue, 30 Mar 1999
Bonewell is a surname I would like to add to the Cowley County list., Tue, 30 Mar 1999
Thanks for responding, pages interested in 165, 189, 276, 208, 235, 121, Mainly the Riggs family. Also.. French, Fell, Church.
Can this book be looked at in the college library?, Tue, 30 Mar 1999
I was looking for Briscoe on page 132 of the Hertiage pages but found that page to be empty. Is this correct?
Marilyn Eash,, Wed, 31 Mar 1999
I would like to add the Eash name to surnames of Cowley County and also update the article about Eashes of Cowley County.  Please e-mail and let me know what I need to do. Thanks Marilyn Eash (daughter-in-law of Milton Eash now deceased)
Val and Susan Wood,, Wed, 31 Mar 1999
Back in 1885 my great grandfather owned the Arkansas City Brick Yard with Mr. Endicott. It was located about 1 mile south of town near the South Bridge. His name was David Baer. His wife's name was Betty and she died at an early age. They had 1 daughter Maud, and she was sent away to Lindenwood Girls School in St. Charles, Mo. I don't know how long he lived in Arkansas City, because by 1895 he was living in Purcell, OK. and contracting for the Santa Fe R.R. He, I believe,contracted the bricks for their roundhouses, depots and mainline facilities. I think he supplied the bricks for the old Santa Fe depot in Arkansas City and also one of the schools. Do you have anything in your archives on him? Please let me know. Thank you very much.

Joyce Huntley,, Thu, 1 Apr 1999
I was looking for page 210 but was unable to read it . Im looking for info on Chester Searle if you can help please email me.

JIM KING,, Sat, Apr 3, 1999
ALLEN, HOCKENBURY, SCRUGGS, NERREN- Seeking information on children of Morris Calvin Allen who was born Oct 17, 1845 near Newport, TN. He had two daughters and two sons who moved from Tennessee to Arkansas City, Cowley Co, Kansas area between 1930-1950. Sarah allen married Clarence Hockenbury. Addie Inez ALLEN born October 22, 1893, married CLAUDE LEVERNE SCRUGGS Dec. 27, 1914 in Limestone AL. Inez Allen died September 24, 1980. in Arkansas City. Claude Scruggs and Inez Allen should have children and grandchildren living in arkansas City area. There should also be children of Sarah Allen and Clarence Hockenbury near Arkansas City or Siverdale.
Will Allen married a Cupps and Robert Allen married Bertha. When they moved to Cowley County, Kansas they left brothers and sisters in Giles County, TN. The sisters were HARRIETT ELIZABETH KING and MATTIE TWYFORD. Please contact Jim king at

Ron Peterson ,, Sun, 4 Apr 1999
I am looking for headstone information on the above individual. Is there anyone who does lookups for the Winfield cemeteries? If not can you give me the phone numbers of the caretakers of the cemeteries in the Winfield area, or the name of someone who might know same?
Thank you!

Nancy McLeod,, Sun, 4 Apr 1999
I was just checking out the archives, and found a letter from Kim Tatum to you dated Oct. 1998. She was requesting my address because she has info on the MILLARD's I'm looking for. I had not heard from her, so do you know how I can get a hold of her. Thank you for any that you can give.

Nancy McLeod,, Sun, 4 Apr 1999
I was just checking out the archives, and found a letter from Kim Tatum to you dated Oct. 1998. She was requesting my address because she has info on the MILLARD's I'm looking for. I had not heard from her, so do you know how I can get a hold of her. Thank you for any that you can give.

Denell Burks,, Mon, 5 Apr 1999
I am searching for info regarding BURKS, Alexander Clark.

Jean Miles,, Mon, 5 Apr 1999
Would it be possible for you to tell me what this book has to say about J. Fuller Groom. I am working on some material about his family, and may be able to send you some information at a later date.
Many thanks, Jean.

J. Wallace, Mon, 5 Apr 1999
Do you have a REUBEN WADE HAMPTON or a REUBEN HAMPTON listed in any census or land deeds? Do you have access to the book "Cowley County Heritage Book?" I'm searching for information about both of these HAMPTONS.

Allen King,, Tue, 6 Apr 1999
I read that a Prince Juan Braganza D'Avellar was listed on p 162 of Cowley History. I could not find the reference in the text. I am very interested in the Avellars. Please email any information you may have.

Frank Houser,, Tue, 6 Apr 1999
My grandfather Dr. Franklin A. Houser, was an early day county doctor who came to cowley co. about 1880 from Indiana. He was born in Fairfield county Ohio in 1855 and went to school in Indiana. He settled at Atlanta. He received his license from the state of Kansas in 1901, I think that was the first year a license was required. It states that he was required to practice in Kansas for seven years to be eligible to receive it. He later practiced in Arkansas City from about 1917 until he died in 1926.

Bruce D. Ryan,, Wed, Jul 07, 1999
My major family lines in Cowley County include the Whitsons, Murets, Fishers, and Cochrans. I'd love to be in touch with anyone connected to these families, most of whom lived in Winfield, and areas south, including Hackney.

Bruce Ryan

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