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Neal Freeman, 500 W. Eubanks, Oklahoma City, Ok 73118,, Thu, 01 Jan 1998
My great-great Uncle, James Hershel WOOD born Oct 28, 1852 in Henry County, Kentucky moved to Cowlely county cir 1880 from Madison, Missouri. His marriage in Burdenville on Dec 7, 1881 was the first for the town. He married a Hattie Smith born in Oct 1852. They had three children Carroll E. born Dec 1885, Ronald W. born Oct 1888 and Beatrice L. born July 1890. There are some school records at Burden High School and James ran a store in town but after 1900 nothing. He and two brothers, Thomas W. WOOD and his wife were in the Cowley COunty Census of 1880 and my grear grandfather and John WOOD moved to the area in 1883. Any one know what happed to James. Thomas died in Missouri and John died in Oklahoma.
K.Don Thompson, Grand Junction, CO,, Sat, 3 Jan 1998
Seeking birth and marriage dates for GOATLEY, Hiram who was born in Cowley County abt 1857 - 1860. He married Ada SEAMAN 1875 -1876. A daughter, Mary Ella was born 23 Nov 1876 in Cowley County. Hiram, Ada, Mary Ella and Ada's parents Andrew Jackson, and Lusette Seaman moved to Colorado between 1877 - 1878. Any help on the Goatley line appreicated
Carmen Boyd,, Wed, 7 Jan 1998
I was wondering if there is anyone that does quick lookups in the Cowley County cemetery books, if they exist. I have a "cousin" I just located in Arkansas City and believe she and her husband were buried there and would like for someone to check. Know anyone that might have those books - or the best place to write to check?
I'm currently researching my Kennedy family line. Apparently there are two lines of Kennedy in the County. Mine homesteaded in the Otter Township in 1873.
Carol Jo Bishop, Marlow,Ok,, Sat, 10 Jan 1998
I am searching for Emeline FILLOON. She was from Iowa and she married John FILES. Her second husband name was R.I.HOGUE. She died August 9,1911 in Winfield, Cowley County, KS. I don't know if she had any children.
Nora Probasco, 10 Feb 1998,
I am interested in PROBASCO surname info, family trees and research. I am starting a central PROBASCO database to direct researchers to others who are researching their line. The PROBASCO's have been in Cowley County since the 1870's.
JOHN HOFFMAN, 3280 S. Academy, #58, Colorado Springs, Co 80916-3223,, Tue, 13 Jan 1998
I am searching for any relative or descendant of Charles Wesley Hoffman and Lou Doyle Hoffman; or their children: Maggie, John Thomas, Charles Linzley and Nannie. Charles Wesley died around 1890, possibly in Cowley County. Lou died in a house fire in Arkansas City in 1894. I desire to contact any descendants to reunite the lost branches of the family.
James A. Nether,, Wed, 14 Jan 1998
Seeking any information on Charles and Garnet (MORGAN) REESE and any children if they had any. Garnet was living in Arkansas City in 1967 when her mother Jessie Marie (NETHERY) MORGAN died. Also, looking for information on her brother Fred D. MORGAN. Jessie Marie is buried in Arkansas City along with her husband Fred MORGAN and their son Kenneth MORGAN who died in 1914.
Lee Nelson,, Thu, 22 Jan 1998
I'm looking for my Great-grandparents who lived in Tisdale, Ks. I have the Kansas St Historical Cencus Records of 1886 & 1895 listing them there as Farmers. I am looking for their birth and death records so I can find out who their parents were. I believe they are both buried in the Tisdale Cemetary along with one of their children, William Emmett Woodard. Sanford was born in Ohio and Armelda was from Indiana.
The Ishmaels,, Thu, 22 Jan 1998
Would like to find descendants of my grandfather' George W Carrell's relatives. Namely, John Carrell, or J.W Carrell, living in Arkansas city in 1893, was a gardener , lived on 10 th st. Thomas Carrell, or Carroll, worked for the Santa Fe RR, and wife Alice lived on South F st, Arkansas City, in 1916, had a son John born early in 1900's. These families often got their names spelled CARROLL and would like to know which spelling it really should be.
Ron Casteel,, Thu, 29 Jan 1998
I am looking for James and Hester Mitchael page 180 and it is probably their daughter Elizabeth Ellan pgs 180 & 187. I have no dates on them and surprised they show up in Kansas. Pls advise what it says about them in this book. I tried our local library but no copy.
John Franklin,, Wed, 11 Feb 1998
Please send me any information that you might have about the county in the 1888-1898, it would be very helpful if you know of any files records etc in that time range.
Diana L. Martin,, Sun, 1 Mar 1998
I would love to get some info on my grandmother Elizabeth Martin who is buried in the Martin family plot @ Riverview Cemetary, but my family has got me going in different directions. I am also interested in James Pollard Martin who was my ggrandfather. My father is from Ark City and the only time I seem to get there is when there is a death in the family. Any help would be appreciated.
JRWhiskey,, Mon, 2 Mar 1998
I'm most interested in what is said/written regarding William Erskine Marr. I and others are having a very difficult time with documentation regarding his arrival to VA (supposingly ca. 1720; originally from Scotland). Only documentation that exists (that we have found) are letters, paragraphs, etc. from his grandchildren remembering..... I have info of most of the other names listed. My father is direct descendent of William Erskine Marr's son Samuel (b. 12/1/1740). William had two other sons, Henry Munday and Barnabas.
Betty Allen,, Tue, 3 Mar 1998
I am trying to help a friend find information on the above family, which is connected to the HOCKETT and MCCOLLIM families of Cowley County. It is believed they lived in the Akron area.
Susan Taylor Cook,, Fri, 06 Mar 1998
I visited Winfield and learned from the County Courthouse that I would need to write to Topeka to get my Great Grandmothers death certificate. She died on March 27,1929. I understand that she was buried in the Cambridge cemetery. I would like to find Martha Angeline Downes gravesite and learn if she has a gravestone. She was around 80 years old when she passed away. My thanks to you for any information you can send to me.
Roland Wilkinson,, Sun, 8 Mar 1998
I am searching for information on Thomas A. "Tom" Wilkinson he was in Winfield, Ks. on the 1870, 1875 state census, and the 1880 census. His wife was Anna C. Stewart, and they had 3 children Samuel I. Wilkinson, Helen Amelia Wilkinson, and Fredrick Wilkinson. I know that he travelled from Wisconsin to Kansas sometime in the late 1860's, and later died in Ohio in 1903, and is buried in Walworth Co., Wisconsin. Just wondering if you may know any more about them while they were in Kansas.
Pat,, Sun, 8 Mar 1998
I am interested in any information on the names of the Lowrie and/or the Pingry families from the Cowley County area.
Elizabeth Cowley,, Fri, 13 Mar 1998
I am searching info on my G-Grandfather Shoemaker. I believe he was in Cowley County, Ks by 1871, but have not had access to any census of that time. Henry Thomas Shoemaker -b: 1838 d: abt 1913 --in Winfield, Ks, Cowley Co married: Katherine {?? della Camp??}
1.Samuel-b: abt 1866
2.Margaret{Maggie}b: 1868
3.Elizabeth b: 1872--b: Kansas
4.Adam b: 1876 b: --Kansas
5.Arka Jane b: 1881
This info came from a census in 1880 in Benton County, Arkansas. That is the only time I have found Henry T. Shoemaker listed. Two of his children were born in Kansas, so I am assuming it might have been in Cowley County, Kansas., Fri, 13 Mar 1998
My mothers aunt, Haidee Etta Duncan married an Elmer Brooks on August 15, 1906 and they lived in Cowley County and also near New Kirk, Oklahoma. They had 11 childen and some lived in Oklahoma and also in Cowley County, Kansas. My grandmothers name was Martha Belle Duncan Beck. She married William Franklin Beck and they lived in the Winfield, Kansas area for several years. If any of these are of interest we would like to exchange information with you.
Ronda, #3 Eagle Shore Dr. Conway, AR 72032,, Sat, 14 Mar 1998
I am looking for information on my grandfather Emil Charboneau father John or his father Lois. Emil Charboneau birth date was July 3 or 4 1898. Died August 1986 in Dodgecity (Ford). Was married to Clara Jane Wilson. They had two children. Any information would be great.
BOB BIESER,, Wed, 18 Mar 1998
My name is Bob and I want to find out more about the inventor Harry E Perrigo. He invented a free energy device sometime between 1916 and 1927. I know he lived in Kansas City for that time span. Do you know anything about him, or where I find more info on him.
Carolyn West,, Wed, 18 Mar 1998
I am researching the Lycan, Dyer & West familys. The Lycan family settled in Burden, Cowley Co., in 1879 from Mo. & the West & Dyer family settled in Burden in about 1885. We know the Lycans are buried at Burden Cemetery. I have the Deed for the lots. I do not know the location of the Cemetery. Any help you can give me for the places to go for census & Marriage records would be appreciated.
Sue Dutton Rodgers,, Fri, 20 Mar 1998
BARTON, Ora Mrs. and/or KUPER(Cooper?), Drucilla.  I am needing to connect with someone doing family research on these two sisters. ADAIR: I believe this may have been their maiden name.  They would have been born ca. 1875-85.   I'm sorry I don't have much information, this has been the most difficult area of my family research.

My great grandmother, Mary Elizabeth (was also named Carpey) ADAIR was born 10 Jan 1873.  She married Green Berry Benbrook abt 1890 and they lived all their lives in Miami, Oklahoma.  Carpey died 23 Sept 1957 in Miami.  In her obituary two sisters were listed:  Mrs. Ora Barton and Mrs. Drucilla Kuper (Cooper?) and stated they resided in Arkansas City, Kansas.  Anyone having information on either of these two women PLEASE get in contact with me.

On Carpey's death certificate her father is listed as Adair Burleigh.  At first I wasn't certain whether Adair was a first name or last.  However, on her oldest son's death certificate his mother is shown to be Carpey ADAIR.  My assumption is that ADAIR was the family name, but I've found much misinformation on Carpey, so I am open to ANY suggestions on her family.  Am anxious to correspond with anyone who might be able to shed light on my big MYSTERY!!!  Thanks.  Sue Dutton Rodgers

Charlene Kimbrell,, Thu, 26 Mar 1998
I am searching for info on FARRAR, James Franklin and Joseph Wesley. Also need to find out about Co. E-5 Kansas Cavalry. Which conflict and when and where? Know that James Franklin served in this unit and moved to Arkansas City area sometime after 1886 from Pawnee Oklahoma. Both men are burried in Riverview Cemetary at Ark. City.
Gloria McCray,, Fri 27 March 1998
I am the great-great-grandaughter of Seyphrena Marrs and Ezekial Lisenby. My great-grandfather, John Thomas Berry and his wife, Allie Amanda Lisenby Berry moved from Illinois to Caldwell, Kansas. They later were in the "Running of the Cherokee Strip" and settled in a little town named Carrier, Oklahoma near Enid, Oklahoma. Do you think there is a possibility that my people and yours are related in some way? I live in Independence, Kansas now. My father would really love to know if you have any information on Sephrena (Isafina, Isyphena, Icypheny) Marrs and her ancestors.
Patty Sewell,, Mon 30 Mar 1998
I'm working on my genealogy and have loads of ancestors from Cambridge, Winfield, Burden and Grenolo, Kansas. Their names are Pinegar - Sutton - Finney - Apple. I'm interested in sharing in
Jennifer Allison,, Mon, 30 Mar 1998
Looking for information on Orin CLARK who lived in Beaver Township in 1900 and his son Jay CLARK who lived in Cresswell Township in 1880 I am having lots of trouble finding out anything on this family and would greatly appreciate some help.

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