1998 Query Page - 2nd Quarter

Sherry Osburn,, Thu, 01 Oct 1998
I'm looking for information on the family of George W. CRABTREE, son of John and Margaret J. Crabtree, born Aug 1877 in TN. He married Annie L. ??? (b. Oct 1872 IL), they had at least two children, Doxie L. (b. Jul 1891 MO) and Oma O. (b. May 1899 MO). On the 1900 census they are living in Camden County, Missouri near his parents. I've been told that George and family moved to Kansas, but I don't know where, possibly Cowley County.
Sherry Osburn,, Thu, 01 Oct 1998
Does anyone have access to the "Heritage Book of Cowley County, Kansas"? I need information about the article on page 146 about George Washington CRABTREE. Would it be possible to for someone to send me the article by email?
Sue Finnesy,, Sun, 4 Oct 1998
Am searching for information on Jacob (1830-1903) and Elizabeth(1842-1930) BINKEY Both are supposedly buried in Mt. Vernon Cemetary, Cowley Co. They had 10 children: George B. McClellan Binkey 1866-1876 Nancy Elizabeth Ann Binkey 1868-(?) (married a John Farris) Mary Binkey 1869-(?) Allen Binkey 1870-(?) Catherine Binkey 1873-1875 Barbara Ellen Binkey 1875-1875 John Binkey 1876- (?).......... (married Pearl R. Deal) Kezia Elizabeth Binkey 1878- (?)....(married Thomas Dunstan) Josephine Binkey...1880 (?).......(married Frank Jackson) Commens Binkey 1882-1886 Jacob and Elizabeth came to Cowley Co. in 1870 and homesteaded 2 miles northwest of Winfield. Appreciate anyones help or advice........
JACK M NORWINE,, Sun, 04 Oct 98
Searching for information on Nancy WEATHERWAX b c1841 in Arkansas City, Ks. married Henry A NORWINE May 2 1891 in Cowley Co. Ks. Need wedding application, and maiden name of Nancy. Also any decendents of Nancy and first husband, if any. She later lived after marriage in Tonganoxie, Leavenworth Co. Ks with Henry. He returned to Clinton, Henry Co. Mo. in 1897. Did they divorce, she die, or remarry? I found a Mrs Cathrine Norwine, about same age married an Alexander Leonard in 1895 in Palistine, Tx. She is the only possibilities I have of this marriage. Appreciate any help. JACK M NORWINE,, Mon, 5 Oct 1998
Anxious to contact descendants of WILLIAM J. KINKAID (son of Ephriam & Mary Kinkaid) b. Oct. 1866, d. 1941, mar. MINNIE MCCORMICK in 1893. They lived in Winfield, Cowley Co. KS until 1929 when they moved to Wichita where William ran a skating rink. They had daughters, Lillian and Nola. Lillian's married name in 1941 was Sprinkle.
Velma Vinton Onstott,, Wed, 7 Oct 1998
Would like to ask you about the town of "Vinton"...I am doing genealogical research on my family, the "VINTON" family. I am searching for information on my, Jacob Brown Vinton, who at one time lived in Frio County, Texas and was a stock raiser, and he also drove cattle north to Kansas. He and his wife Carmelia, left Texas about 1879 or later, and traveled to Kansas where they established a ranch. ( My father says that he thought it was around the area of Kansas and Oklahoma border.) Both Jacob and Carmelia supposedly died on April 05, 1882, gunned down. Don't know if that is true or myth...but they did leave children behind, who eventually traveled back south to Frio County. Any way that you can let me know how "Vinton" got its name?
Chris Pasek,, Thu, 15 Oct 1998
I was trying to find the death records for the parents of my grandmother NELLA BONWELL HEARD who died jan 23, 1964 in Arkansas City. Her parents were still listed in the 1920 census for Crowley Co in Arkansas City. They are JOHN EDGAR BONWELL i think born March 8, 1853 in Ill. and IVA BELLE KNAPPENBERGER BONWELL born june 23, 1864 also Ill. Also if you know the fees for obtaining copies of birth, marriage and death record and wills I would appreciate that.

I am looking for information on JOHN EDGAR BONWELL B. MARCH 8, 1853 and his wife IVA BELL KANPPENBERGER BONWELL B. June 23, 1864. They were listed in the 1920 census living at 308 1/2 s. Summitt St. in Arkansas City Kansas. They are the parents of NELLA MAY BONWELL HEARD., Fri, 16 Oct 1998
I am looking for information regarding my grandfather Robert William of Dexter, Kansas (Crowley County) his father James William. Please forward any information you may have.

Lubbock Seniors Computer Education Program,, Mon, 19 Oct 1998
Allen A. WOODS. born 5 Sep 1843 in Williams Co. OH, died 19 April 1903 in Maple City, Cowley, KS. Married Sara E. VADEN (born 21 Oct 1849 in OH) on 15 Jan 1865 in Worth Co. MO. Two children: Samuel Isaiah WOODS and Mary WOODS. Need information on children, especially it there are any other children. His father's name was Samuel WOODS Jr.

Send answer to previous query to Janice Woods, Lubbock, TX, Fri, 23 Oct 1998
am interested in any information re my grandfather wm r. mcdonald who lived in winfield and was a civil war veteran from west virginia who was captured and sent to libby prison in richmond then moved to carthage mo and then to winfield - believe he died in 1915 and is buried in winfield

Rosa, Sat, 24 Oct 1998
Here goes hope you can help. I'm trying to find any info on John W Harris who married a Mary Elizabeth Bunch supposedly in ILL. settled around the area of El Dorado, Mulvane and Douglass.on Ignus Diringer pension file Mary states that John W (first husband) died in Atlanta KS. not there. Is found living, and married daughter off in Texas. So far i have three marriages for Mary Bunch Harris Diringer Fisher, all in Kansas. Her daughter Rose married Noah Taylor and told stories of how she and her mother worked in the Douglas House. Ignus Diringer, Mary Elizabeth Bunch, Noah Taylor and Rose Diringer are all buried in Mulvane. Noah died in El Dorado. I'm told Ignus died in MO. Rose died in Wichita and Mary died Mulvane. Any info on any of the people mentioned would be a blessing.Thanks Rosa
Katherine,, Sat, 31 Oct 1998
We were wondering if there is a map available which shows all the cemeteries in Cowley county. Thank you for any assistance.
Michael R. Barnard,, Mon, 02 Nov 1998
Seeking information on Harry Julian FINK, screenwriter. I believe he may have been a resident of Cowley County.
Carole Demongeot,, Mon, 2 Nov 1998
My ggg grandmother Jemima Twaddle HALY lost her husband Daniel HALY in the Mexican War. In Huron County (in 1849) she remarried Benoni STEAMBARGE. He also died. Sometime after 1860 she moved to Kansas from Henry County, Ohio, and died in Kansas in 1893. Our family has never been able to trace her to Kansas. However, there are several photographs taken by "Avery - Sedan, Kansas" This is the only clue we have as to where in Kansas she may have gone (with perhaps a son - John or Joseph). Is it possible to search for either of these names in your material. Anything would be deeply appreciated.
Chris Pasek,, Mon, 2 Nov 1998
I am trying to find information on JOHN EDGAR BONWELL and his wife IVA BELLE KNAPPENBERGER BONWELL. They were in the 1920 census - John at age 66 and Iva age 56. I would like to get a copy of their death records and anything else.
Cathi Stephens,, Tue, 03 Nov 1998
BLACK, William, "a minor" d. 15 April 1889 in Cowley Co., KS at the home of his brother. Was this Wm. BLACK, b. 24 Nov 1875 Allen Co., KS to James C. BLACK and Sarah E. LINDSLEY? Was he at the home of his half brother, John BLACK (b. 24 Jan 1859 - d. 29 May 1913 KS/OK?) who m. Anna SHRIVER on 26 Feb 1882?

The document referring to William BLACK's death in Cowley Co., was dated 12 Oct 1889 and is a statement about the death by Walter M. SHRIVER and B. SHRIVER who appeared before a Notary Public, Hopkins SHRIVER. Are these people related to Anna SHRIVER, wife of John BLACK?

Children of John BLACK and Anna SHRIVER were; Laura Viola b. 4 Dec 1882 KS, d. 2 July 1884 - Lena Verda b. 16 Feb 1884 KS, m. 1901 to Wilkie C. GOAR - Fannie Beulah b. 29 July 1885 KS, m. 1902 Conley T. LATHAM - Jesse D. b. 30 March 1888 in "Indian Territory" and Clyde Opal b. 16 April 1895 in OK.

Any information greatly appreciated.

Elsie Halpain,, Mon, 9 Nov 1998
I am searching Cowley Ks. records for James Pomeroy, married to Jennie Austin on Christmas day 1877. He diedin May, 1939. She was born in Victor, N.Y. on Jan. 24, 1856. They lived in Ionia 2 years & in Winfield for 26 years.
Jim Hoke,, Wed, 11 Nov 1998
I'm looking for information on Isaac Hoch and his two sons Wellington (aka William) and Marion. Isaac Hoch and a third son Clinton moved to Cowley County about 1878 according to the census records of Windsor Township from that time. Isaac, Clinton (whose line I've been able to follow), and Marion had homesteads about a mile north of Cambridge. I suspect Isaac died around 1885 and is buried in Cambridge Cemetery, but can find no tombstone and have no proof, except for the fact that his divorced wife Mary Bowman is buried there.

Any thoughts you might have would be greatly appreciated., Thu, 12 Nov 1998
Ephraim and Mary LAY KINKAID came to Kansas abt. 1871 and settled in Cowley Co. I wish to contact any descendants of their children all of whom lived in Cowley Co. at various times. The children were: Nancy Jane KINKAID BRIDGES (1854-1943), Molly KINKAID HAYDEN (1857-1923), William J. KINKAID (1866-1941), George W. KINKAID (1869-1939), Alvin C. KINKAID (1872-1960), Ida KINKAID LANIER (1874-1970). Information is needed for a planned book on the descendants of Ephriam and Mary KINKAID.
Mickey Ludwig,, Thu, 12 Nov 1998
I'm trying to find someone who might have a connection to Dan Anglemyer b. in Jackson, Michigan.... He married Sarah E. Harvy... They had a son William Harvy Anglemyer.. He would be my g-grandfather b.6-19-1882 in Clovet, Kansas. He married Bessie Green.. Can You help??
C. Stanley,, Fri, 13 Nov 1998
I am seeking information on Civil War veteran Jesse Chatfield. Chatfield was born in Newburg, Orange County, New York. When he enlisted in Company G of the 39th Illinois Infantry in August of 1861 he was living in Palos Township, Cook County, Illinois. He is described as age 24, 5'5", dark hair, gray eyes and a dark complexion. He was single and his occupation was a farmer. During the war he was promoted to corporal and was wounded in his hand during a skirmish. He was discharged in September of 1864 when his enlistment was up. In 1889 he is listed as living in Winfield, Cowley County, occupied in farming. Thanks!
Dee Raymond,, Sun, 15 Nov 1998
My gggrandfather, John Bailey HOLMES, relocated to Rock, Cowley County with quite a few members of his family in 1872. They came from Marion County, IN. It seems strange for a man 52 years old to make such a major move. Can anyone tell me if there was a special incentive offered at that time to encourage people to move to KS....specifically Cowley County?
Donna Hull,, Mon, 16 Nov 1998
Carl Wilbur Hull was born in Cowley Co. in Nov. 21, 1892 to Albert Ross Hull and Melinda Lidora Dawson Hull. I am trying to find information regarding the Hull's. I know that he later moved to Texas but I would like to get more info on his parents, grandparents etc. Thanks for helping.
Susan Gibson,, Mon, 16 Nov 1998
I'm looking for info on my great grandfather, Owen Shanton Gibson; lived in Arkansas City and served as a democrat state representative for that area. He was married twice, and had two "sets" of children. One of his kids, Owen Shoteau Gibson was my grandfather;I don't know of his wives or their families, but he (or his father, also named Owen Gibson--lack of info means I have a horrible time line for this family!), according to my dad, was married to a Sioux tribes woman; they allegedly moved to Cowley County from Wisconsin. I would assume then his 2nd wife was from Cowley County. Anyone have some info or leads? Thanks!
Roy Heim,, Thu, 19 Nov 1998
I am Det. Roy Heim, Tulsa Police Department, Homicide Squad. I will be traveling to Cowley County to spend a couple of days researching family history on December 3rd and 4th. My ex-in-laws were living in the area in the 1880's and we are interested in finding out a little more about them. My ex- father-in-law, J. R. Cissna will be coming with me to do the work. He is in his early 80's so I will have to walk, not run, on this adventure. We have two names to start with and really don't know where to begin since I have never been to the county before. You seem to be the local authority and I was more than impressed with your web site. It was so easy to cruise around in. We will be looking for information on the Henderson and Fleek families. Nettie Jane Fleek was born there about 1880 to a J.R. Fleek and Sally Jane Henderson. We have no information on J.R., but found that Sally Jane Henderson did in Cowley County on March 22, 1878. Nettie died in Oklahoma in 1936. We will also be looking for information on James Ralph Cissna, Sr. who was born in Dexter, Cowley County on February 1, 1888. He was married in Kansas City on March 19th when he was about 19 and died in Oklahoma in 1960. If you have any suggestions to help us, I would sure appreciate it.
Carolyn DENNIS ALLISON,, Thu, 19 Nov 1998
I am researching the BARTHOLOMEW family in Cowley Co., Ks. My Great grandfather was William H. BARTHOLOMEW son of John B. BARTHOLOMEW, Jr. and Esther Ann. Is there anyone on this list that has access to the 1870 Census for Cowley Co and would be willing to look for this BARTHOLOMEW family on it? OR, does anyone know where to find the 1870 Census for this county on-line? Would appreciate any help.
Cindy,, Wednesday, December 02, 1998
Looking for any information on SUSIE ADAMS that married an unknown ARMSTRONG. According to Susie's fathers' obituary in 1895, she was living in Atlanta,Cowley County,Kansas. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Bill Ward,, Friday, December 04, 1998
My grandparents were Edythe HARTENBOWER and Maurice WARD. Maurice had one brother, Emmet, and lived in Dexter. Edythe had many siblings, Ane, Bertha, Matt,Mame, John and Bill, and that is not a complete list. I would appreciate any leads on either family. The WARDS came from Miami County, I think and the HARTENBOWERS from Putnam County, Ill, I think. Thanks for being involved.

Theresa Bowers,, Friday, December 04, 1998
Am looking for any information concerning the following on Allen Dorsch of Dorch not certain of spelling.. A daughter was born.. Virginia Lee or Lea on 11-09-28. Father : Allen Dorsch or Dorch.. banking family Arkansas City or Winfield in Cowley County. Mother: Florence Velma Chambers DOB 12-28-05. (was my grandmother).
Dave Nance,, Friday, December 04, 1998
My great-grandfather FREDERICK WASHINGTON NANCE, b. 1821 Davidson Co TN, moved to Kansas prob. in the early 1870's. He was a Cumberland Presbyterian Minister, and, according to my grandfather, he served as a minister in Kansas, traveling between several rural churches. We do not know for sure where he lived, but his wife, Sarah (Galloway) Nance, died April 1, 1878 in Maple City, COWLEY Co, KS; and, after Frederick Washington's death in 1881 (he died in Butler County KS), his 12-year old son, James Fleming Nance (my grnadfather), went to live with JOHN and FRANCES (NANCE) BOBBITT who lived near Winfield, also in Cowley County, KS. (Frances was his older half-sister). Any information connecting to any of these folks would be appreciated.
Priscilla Fuesting,, Wed, 9 Dec 1998
I am researching the Bullard name and found it in the "Cowley County Heritage Book". I have not actually seen this book. I found the list of names that were taken from it on the internet. Do you know if this book is available at librarys? I did not see the Bullard name on your county home page. Would you please post the name and my address on your page.....thanks
Cindy,, Wednesday, December 09, 1998
Looking for the childrens names of James Woodford Armstrong and Martha S. Adams. They moved to Atlanta,Cowley Co, Kansas around 1884. They were married in Bushnell,McDonough Co, Illinois on DEC.10,1879. They had a daughter and a son. James died June 3,1901 and is buried in Atlanta. Would like to know where Martha is buried. She was not buried with James. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Barbara Book,, Thursday, December 10, 1998
Looking for any information on the surnames of Christy & Derr. These are my grandparents, they lived in Ark City most of their lives. Please send any information to Barb Thank you for any help you can give.

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