Chambers Family

The Chambers family came to this country from Ireland to Maryland.

My g-grandfather James Wesley Chambers, son of Matthew and Mary (Beakley) Chambers was b. 1850 in Wayne Co. Indiana.

From Indiana they moved on to Poweshiek Co. IA about 1865.

James Wesley m. Mary Barnett in Lafayette Co. MO. She was the daughter of Edwin Ryland and Susan (Cody) Barnett.

About 1876, they came to Cowley Co. and first settled around the Hackney area. They later moved on to East Bolton Township southeast of Arkansas City.

In 1896, James and Mary bought a farm in Kay Co. Oklahoma just across the state line from Kansas on the Arkansas River.

James and Mary had eleven children, 9 boys and 2 girls and they were:
Edwin Lee, b. 1875, Waverly, MO
Addie Cecilia, b. 1877, Arkansas City, KS
Stella, (my grandmother), b. 1879, Arkansas City, KS
Matthew, b. 1882, Arkansas City, KS
Grover Cleveland, b. 1884, Arkansas City, KS
Raymond Earl, b. 1886, Arkansas City, KS
Cody Wilkins, b. 1888, Arkansas City, KS
Forest Wesley, b. 1890, Arkansas City, KS
Emmett, b. 1893, Arkansas City, KS
Roy Clarence, b. 1896, Kay Co. OK
Floyd, b. 1898, Kay Co. OK

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Edwin & Susan (Cody) Barnett
Mary Barnett Chambers' parents
Edwin & Susan (Cody) Barnett
Stella & Matthew Chambers
Stella & Matthew Chambers
sister & brother abt 1905
Chambers family
Chambers family abt 1900 in Kay Co. OK
Four generations
Four generations;
  • Susan (Cody) Barnett
  • Mary (Barnett) Chambers
  • Addie (Chambers) Dowler
  • Russell Dowler

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