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Blanch Eastman, Burt Eastman from other photos he was Leburtis Darvin Eastman, Bell Eastman
Labin Moore-left Leburtis Darwin Eastman
Grandma Harriett Eastman Mother of Rube & Bert
Hazel Blanch Eastman
Ruben Eastman, Edna Eastman Moore
Ruben & wife Mandy Eastman
Burt Eastman home place Belle Eastman
Mary Bowden,Ruth Bowden,
Margie Taylor, William Bowden
Burt Eastman left George Smith
Leburtis Eastman -man second from left Belle Eastman shorter woman Edna Moore talker woman Following is on back: Ruben's house Fitzgerald Aunt Mandy Niece from her side

© 2005 Submitted by Karen Rodenbaugh

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