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My name is John T. Carothers. I am a former cowley county resident. I was born in Winfield in 1947, attended Pleseant Valley R-9 School, and was a 1965 graduate from Winfield High School(located on east 9th). I attended Cowley County Communinty Junior College (65-67).

I moved to Manhattan Ks in 1969, where I took a job with the resident food service. On 7-13-70 , Carla McNally (WHS-65) and I were married in the 1st United Methodist Church in Winfield. In 1981, I graduated from Kansas State University, BS in Agriculture. At that time, I accepted a position with the Animal Science Dept. of Louisiana State University, in Baton Rouge, La. I am the assistant meats lab manager.

My wife and I have three children. Audra(1976), Carmen(1977) and David(1986). We are also the proud grandparents of 1 granddaughter and two grandsons.My mother Mary Carothers and my aunt Helen Dillman reside in Winfield, along with my wife's parents, J.G. and Iris Mcnally.

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