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This information is a combination of letters my grandmother Hazel (Peter) Jordan had received and research she had done covering many states and putting in a lot of hours to get the information correct. Her and my grandfather Leonard Jordan traveled to cemeteries and had taken photos as well as visited with family to get this information. ....... Karen

Charles Turner Hoyt, 1820 – 1899, married Henrietta Whittier, 1820 -1912 . Charles was the brother of Samuel Hoyt 2nd., and uncle to Edward Jonathan Hoyt, better known as “Buckskin Joe.” Charles and Henrietta had 7 children, with two of them living to raise families. One died at age 18 and the others much younger. The two that lived were Hollis Ammi Hoyt and Olis Hoyt 1857 –1939, married Belle E. White 1858 – 1940. Hollis Ammi, B.16 April 1846 D. 21 March 1925 married Emily Elizabeth Cocks B. 28 Sept. 1855 D. 25 November 1937. Hollis and Emily were married 18 February 1875 outside of Good Hope, Ill. This family moved to Arkansas City, KS. In 1881, before moving to a farm in Wilmot. They had a total of four children. The first was Ada Sedell, next was Olis Almer, then Ida May and last was Arthur Roy.

Ada Sedell had written a letter giving information she remembered as a child. She was born in a log cabin close to Good Hope, Ill. on March 7, 1877, she came to Arkansas City and at the age of 7, they moved to Wilmot. On September 16,1893 Cherokee Strip opened, her father ran in the strip, she was 15 yrs. of age at that time. She remembers going to Chilacco School in 1884, seeing the first building go up. She remembers the old Newman store, old board walks, and street cars. She lived on a farm until the age of 8. At one time they lived by the Santa Fe Depot. She remembers when there were more Indians on the street than white people and how they begged for food. At one time they lived north of Riverview Cemetery across the street. She attended school at Queen Village Dist. # 19, 2 ˝ miles East of Wilmot.

Ada also remembered watching Buckskin Joe her 2nd cousin walk a tight wire across two of the tallest buildings in Arkansas City in the rain. Ada married Isaac Fell and they lived in Arkansas City until 1905 when they moved to Atlanta. Mr. Fell was held up, robbed, shot and killed on December 19 1908. At that time they had lived in Perry, Ok. for about a year. Ada brought her three children back to Kansas, Bessie May age 10, Roy Cecil age 5, and Eva 15 months old. They went to live on Grandfather Fell and Aunt Lizzie’s farm.

Olis Almer B. 16- Sept-1879 D. 7-March 1945 married Georgia Brookings B. 30 April 1884, to this union was three children Bert Hoyt B. 9 May 1904, Valda Marie 2 April 1906 – June 1906, Edna B. 20- Feb. 1908. At the time of this writing was living in Benton, Arkansas.

Second marriage of Olis (alias J.B. Brant) this information taken from a newspaper clipping: Mrs. Ida Brant of Cameo, wife of J.B. Brant died at Palisade Hospital Sunday evening of Septic Peritonitis and was buried in the Odd Fellows cemetery on Tuesday afternoon. Funeral services are being held in the Catholic Church. She had been brought to the hospital a few days before Sunday, a doctor was telegraphed for at Salida to perform an operation but she died before he reached her. Mrs. Brant was 24 years old, leaves 4 small children, all boys, the youngest being 9 months old. This boy being 9 months old is Willie (Brant) Hoyt.

Third marriage for Olis was to an Indian woman by the name of Rachel, they were divorced. Fourth marriage was to a lady named Helen, she had a daughter by a previous marriage. They were divorced. Fifth marriage for Olis was to Lura Peter-Jackson, she sued him for divorce on Tuesday June 7, 1932.

Ida May married Thomas Alonzo Peter B. 26 Aug. 1876 D. 21 Oct. 1938. He was the child of Charles and Maria (May) Peter. To them were born three children: Aubry Harold Peter B. 22 Dec. 1905, Elsie Marie Peter, B. 22 July 1907 Hazel Eva Peter B. 20 Aug. Thomas Alonzo (Lon as he was called) died on their 32nd. Wedding anniversary. He is buried in the Wilmot Cemetery NW part. Ida May Hoyt-Peter married John William Piper May 9, 1940 in Winfield, Ks. Ida died 30 Nov. 1945 and is buried in the Wilmot Cemetery in the NW part. John Piper died 23 Nov. 1945, he is also buried in the Wilmot Cemetery in the NW part.

Hazel Eva Peter married Joel Leonard Jordan on 2 Nov. 1927 at Newkirk, Ok. They had three children Lewis Leonard Jordan B. 8 Oct. 1928, at Newton Memorial Hospital, Winfield, Ks. Lester Leroy Jordan B. 20 Jan. 1934, born at home 6 miles east and 3 North of Winfield, Ks. and Janet Loreen Jordan B. 1 Nov. 1940 born in the car, back of the Newton Memorial Hospital at Winfield, Ks.

Lewis, Lester & Janet have lived most of their lives and raised their families in Cowley County.

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