Lugton family

David T. was born Oct 1854 in Ohio to George R Lugton, born 1831 in England and Elizabeth Davis. (David's grandfather's name was also George. He had emigrated from England to America shortly before 1850 with his family, but prior generations were from Scotland). George and family eventually moved to Lawrence, KS and operated a boarding house while David was a young man. George was widowed in 1872 and remarried later to "Elmyra." They moved to Cowley county sometime after 1880 I believe. George's daughter/David's sister, Cornelia, born 1866, was fostered out or adopted out after her mother Elizbeth died in 1872. Cornelia, or "Nellie," married a Quaker widower, Aaron Miller, and eventually moved to Whittier, CA.

David T Lugton married Rosa Lorena Fredricy. She born about 1860 in PA. I'm not sure where they met and married, but it may be Cowley county. They operated a farm that I know of, and possibly raised horses. He may have worked as a house painter sometimes (or possibly his sons did), either in Winfield or Arkansas City. They had four children born either in Winfield or Arkansas City---
Rose, b. 1888
Georg T, b. 1890, d. 1950 KS
Charles Guy (my grandfather), b. July 1892, d. 1989 Tulsa, OK
Bess Margarite, b. 1895, d. about 1985 in CA.

Grandpa (Charles "Charley" Guy) Lugton and siblings moved away from Kansas as adults for work opportunities. Grandpa Charles Guy moved to Oklahoma to work in the oil fields and met and married Ilo Ross about 1933, of Lincoln County, OK. They had three daughters, all of whom are still living. They stayed in Oklahoma the rest of their lives. Younger sister Bess went to California and married in California after 1920. She married Floyd Shields and together they owned and operated the locally famous Shields Date Gardens in Indio, CA. Rose married Harvey Capron and they had 4 children. They moved to California prior to Bess. George T died about 1950 in Kansas. He may have lived sometimes in Ohio where other relatives still resided. He married, but had no children of his own (only step children).

George T and Charles Guy served in the Army short terms in WWI.

Submitted by Connie Harrell

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