The PERRIGO Family

The Perrigo (or Perigo) Family has roots going back into the Middle Ages of Central Europe. Originally the French mane was "Perigueus," after which a very old and prominent city was named in southwestern France. During the persecution of the Huguenots the family, Perigueux, scattered throughout the world, the Anglican form of the name was born, and eventually some European descendants migrated to the New World. These family proginators originally settled in the Massachusetts and Virginia Colonies.

The Perigo family name has been recorded in Cowley County, Kansas since the late 1800's. Mary Perigo (widow of E. Perigo) was an employee of the Baden Hotel. She was from England, resided in Winfield from 1884 to 1908 and is buried in Union Cemetery. She had one son.

Current Cowley County Perigos are descendants of Elmer and Mary Perrigo who originally lived in Union County, Iowa and whose lineage dates to Orange County, Indiana as early as 1775. In 1905 they moved to Elk County and raised six children.

Francis and Phyllis Perrigo moved into Cowley county (Burden) on February 27, 1962 from Moline. Both were employees of the Winfield State Hospital for many years. He died in 1984 and is survived by his wife who is retired but still remains active in the community. Francis was descended from Elmer and Mary Perrigo. Phyllis was born and raised in Oxford as a Copeland.

Fearol Perrigo moved to Winfield from Grenola, Kansas where she and Fred Perrigo raised three boys, Joe, Jack, and Jim. Following a divorce in 1969, Fred moved to Wichita where he continued working as an aircraft worker until his retirement (1982). He died May 30, 1986 a descendant of Elmer and Mary Perrigo. Fearol sold the family farm and moved to Winfield in May 1969. She was employed by the Winfield State Hospital until her retirement September 1, 1984 after 26 years, and continues to work part-time today. Fearol has also worked several years in area nursing homes. She demonstrates her creative talents in activities of crocheting, knitting and arts/crafts.

Jim Perrigo has predominately lived in Winfield since 1969 where he completed his high school education and attended Arkansas City Community College. He has worked since 1972 for the State of Kansas including the Winfield State Hospital and the Winfield Correctional Facility.

Jack and Judy Perrigo moved to Winfield after their marriage in May 1967. Jack has worked at Binney & Smith Crayola Factory since 1966. Judy operated a beauty shop (Judy's Stylistic) in and around Winfield for many years and is currently employed in the offices of Snyder Clinic. They raised three children: Brian, Brant, and Kristy. In 1982 the family returned to live in Elk County while commuting to work in Winfield daily.

I have lived in Cowley County for several years between educational programs and relocation. I was graduated from Southwestern College in 1968 and a Doctoral Candidate in the Untied Methodist Ministry. In Winfield I am active in church, and historical research of the region.

Sumitted by Joe Wayne Perrigo
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, pg 260 & 261.

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