The Yoder Family

Abraham D. and Minnie Sue (Harbold) Yoder moved to Winfield in 1917, so that their children might more easily attend Southwestern College. A.D. had been born west of McPherson in McPherson County, Ks., into a large, devout Mennonite family. As was the custom in his family, he was not given a middle name, but only the initial D., signifying that he was a son of David D. Yoder. He left the farm after a back injury made it impossible for him to do the hard physical work of the farm. He met and married Minnie Sue Harbold in Ellinwood, Ks. Their children were: Glenn Eugene, March 15, 1901; Dayton Theodore, September 10, 1905; and Evelyn Marie, June 14, 191 1. In Winfield, A.D. first operated a grocery store, then later, an insurance agency. For about fifteen years, his son Glenn worked with him in the insurance business. A.D. and Minnie joined Grace Methodist Episcopal church (now Grace U.M.C.), and were active members the rest of their years. A.D. died September 10, 1955, and Minnie, June 26, 1971. They are both buried in Highland Cemetery.

Submitted by Janet Holt
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, pg 331.

Emma Lou (Messerli) Yoder

Emma Lou Messerli Yoder came to Winfield to attend Southwestern College, and except for a few years after graduation, lived the rest of her eighty-two years in Winfield. She was born August 2,1899, in Alhambra, 11. She moved with her family to Reno County, Ks., around 1911. At Southwestern she met Glenn Eugene Yoder. They graduated in 1922, and were married in 1923. Their children are: Dorothy Janet (July 16, 1929), and Glenn Eugene, Jr. (September 6, 1932). Glenn and Emma Lou were divorced in 1946. Janet and Gene also graduated from Southwestern College; Janet in 1951 and Gene in 1954. Janet married Leonard C. Holt and continues to live in Cowley County. Emma Lou contributed to Winfield through her activities at Grace United Methodist Church, and as an elementary school teacher for many years. She died April 17, 1982, and is buried in Highland Cemetery.

Submitted by Janet Holt
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, pg 331.

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