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Youle-Cullumber & Bailey

Frank Youle (1878-1954) of Winfield, married Ayala Maude Cullumber (1881-1933) of Cambridge, Kansas. They soiled on a farm north of Winfield.

Their children are: Warren (Ty) (1904-1969) and John (906-1951). Warren became a doctor and set up practice in Wellington, Kansas.

Warren married Helen of Kansas City and Sandra (1939) came to their home. In 1943 she was the flower girl at Louise Youle and Paul Wilson's wedding. Helen and Warren were divorced. Later he married Earlene, and Tyann Ayala Hutton was born (Dec. 28, 1845).

Sandra Youle had polio in her early teens and it left her crippled. She married her childhood sweetheart, George Cole of Wellington. They had one child, Spencer Cole, now of Austin, Texas. George Cole became an orthopedic surgeon. They are divorced.

Tyann is not married. She lives in Colorado.

John Youle graduated from Kansas University and returned to farm the home land. After his mother died, he married Elanora L. Stuber of Winfield in 1933. John farmed until he died in 1951.

John and Elanora had three children: Sara Jane Youle (1936-1987) married Mr. Conforth. Their children are Steven and Tom. Steven lives in Denmark, South Carolina; Tom in Akin. Becky Youle (b. 1939) married Mr. Camp. They had four children: Jeff, a teacher; Carol, a teacher; Timothy; and Joe, who is attending Coffeyville Jr. College this year (1990). Becky is divorced, lives on the home place and works for the City of Winfield. She's in charge of the cemeteries. Michael John (Mike) Youle (1945-1980) served in the armed forces; married Dena, of Winfield. Their children are Brooke Erin (B. 1978) and Michael John Jr. (b. Jan. 1980), born after his father's sudden death.

The mother and grandmother, Mrs. John Youle (Elanora), lives in Winfield. For several years after John's death, she was a dietitian at Newton Memorial Hospital and Wellington Hospital.

Dena has remarried and lives in the home that Mike had remodeled from the "Olive" rural school that his grandfather, Frank, had attended when a boy.

Frank married Florence Bailey of Winfield. They lived north of Winfield and farmed until his death.

In the 1950's, all the Youle brothers and sister, except one, gathered in Winfield to dedicate an outside entrance to the new Sunday school Building at the First United Methodist Church in Winfield.

All the family had donated to the project in memory of their parents (Thomas C. Youle and Alice Hutton Youle) and to honor Alice Youle for being a charter member of this church.

Submitted by Louise Youle Wilson and Elanora Stuber Youle
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, pg 331.

Earle D. & Edith Trautwein Youle

Earle D. Youle (1888-1970) was born to Thomas C. Youle (1849-1893) and Alice Hutton Youle (1850-1936) on a farm north of Island Park, Winfield. Earle's father was born in England, immigrated to the U.S. with his parents and settled in Scales Mound, Illinois in 1852. His mother, with her parents, left Scotland and settled in Elizabeth, Illinois. In 1876 Earle's parents came to Winfield with two sons:
Will (b. 1874) and Tom (b. 1875). Children born in Winfield are: Frank (b. 1878), Winfield (b. 1881), Katherine (b. 1883), Emma (b. 1886), and Preston (b. 1892).
Earle was age four when his father died of cancer. With the help of older brothers, his mother succeeded in rearing the children. They attended "Olive" school. Earle attended Winfield High School and Southwestern College studying business. He taught a short time before becoming a bookkeeper/teller in the Winfield National Bank; later in the State. He spent 50 years in banking.

In 1913 Earle married Edith Pearl Trautwein (1888-1960) in Winfield. Her parents were Augustus Trautwein (1851-1913) who immigrated with his parents from Germany to Des Plaines, Illinois in 1852. Edith's mother, Louisa (Shoup) (1861-1907) of Austintown, Ohio and Henry County, Illinois. They moved to a farm near Udall, and later to Mulvane and Winfield.

Earle and Edith had four children: Louise (b. 1915); Robert (1917-1979); Jeanne (1920-1984); Martha (b 1923). AD graduated from Southwestern College. Louise became a music and art teacher, Robert received a law degree from Columbia University and practiced law in Kansas City, Missouri; Jeanne taught Home Economics; Martha was secretary to the registrar at Southwestern College.

The daughters married U.S.A.F. officers. Louise married Paul D. Wilson, Winfield, stationed in South Dakota; Jeanne married Ray Elton Parsons, Cheney, stationed in Utah; Martha married Winton C. Brown, Hutchinson.

Robert, a navy officer, married Mary Ellen Brownlee of Pretty Prairie. Bob later married Dortha Thompson.

The Wilson's children are Jeannette (b. 1944) in Winfield, graduated from Southwestern, 1966, taught home economics, married Joel Christianson of Wichita. Their children are Karla (b. 1969), Craig (1975) and Jason (1976). Margaret (b. 1953) in Wellington, attended grade school in Winfield, graduated from Wichita State, married Bill Stull, Hutchinson; taught at Kingman. Children are Roger (1980), Rodney (1981), Rebecca (1988) and Robert (1989).

The Robert Youle's children are Harriet (1945), married Fred O'Neal of Kansas City, MO. Their children are Robert and Kate. Mary Ellen (1949) married Phil Cohen of Maryland. Children are Elisha, Zachary and Amira.

The Parson's children are Sharon (b. 1945), married Mike Kraus of Winfield. Children are Kitra and Kirsten. Patricia (b. 1949) married Ron Martin, Winfield. Children are Jeff and Chet. Robert (Bob) (b. 1953) married Teresa Petersen, Arkansas City. Children are Amy and Adam. David (b. 1956) married Shelly Mitchell of MO. One son, Andy. David later married Karen Wolf. One son, Max.

The Brown's children are Marcia (1949), Southwestern graduate, married Lt. Keith Monteith. Children are Emily and Kenneth. Their son, Capt. Ronald (1952) married Tama Carlin, Santa Rosa, CA. Their children are Nicholas, Matthew and Jeffrey.

Submitted by Louise Youle Wilson
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, pg 331.

Thomas C. & Alice Hutton Youle

Thomas C. Youle (1849-1893) was born to John Yule (1802-1888) and Ann Shilotti Yule (1809-1888) in Pontifrost Yorkshire, England. John was a native of Pontifrost. Ann came from Madeley Shropshire. John and Ann were married in 1831. AD eight children were born in England; two died in infancy.

In 1852 John and Ann Yule with heir children Liza, George (b.1838), Charles (b. 1844), Emma, Thomas C. (b. 1849), John (b. 1851), left England to settle in Scales Mound, Illinois. John was a farmer. The children grew to adulthood here. Charles stayed in Scales Mound and married Esther Hocking of Wisconsin. George and John located in Oakland, California. Liza married Greenwood and moved to Newell, Iowa. Thomas C. came to Winfield.

Thomas C. Youle (notice change in spelling, reason not known), married Alice Hutton (1850-1936) of Elizabeth Illinois in 1873. Her parents immigrated from Scotland. Alice taught school several years near Scales Mound where she met Thomas. They lived on the Youle homestead for three years, where Thomas helped his father, John, age 70, farm. Will (1874) and Tom (1875) were born there.

In 1876, Thomas C. and his family moved to a farm one mile north of Island Park, Winfield. Here, six additional children were born: Frank (1878), Winifred (1881), Katherine (1883), Enuna (1886), Earle D. (1888), and Preston (1892). This home with additions and improvements, is still a home.

Thomas C. was a farmer/rancher. He owned a herd of Black Angus cattle in which he was extremely proud. He died of cancer in 1893, age 44. He left the family farm land, cattle, and some life insurance. The oldest was 19 and the youngest less than 2.

Alice Youle remained on the farm and with the help of the three older sons, was successful in keeping the family together. She also provided a home for her niece, Laura Hutton, who lived with them since early childhood.

The children attended "Olive" school, located one mile north of their home. Several years ago, Mike Youle bought, remodeled and added to the structure for his family.

In 1906 Alice, with her family, moved to 1002 E. 7th, Winfield, where educational opportunities were available. Alice kept ownership of the home farm until the 1920's.

Tom went to Alaska during the gold rush. He was a cook and restaurant owner. Winifred worked as a secretary, married, and moved to Salem, Oregon. Emma taught, married, and moved to Idaho. Katherine taught grades 2 and 3, Winfield. Frank married and famed north of Winfield. Earle married and entered the banking business, Winfield.

WM married Vina Moffett, moved to Winfield to run a grocery store. Their children are Mildred (b.1901), Maorie (1904-1989), Tom (b.1909) and Billy (b.1914). In 1918, the family moved to Long Beach, California for Will's health.

Preston married Esther Wirt, settled in Wichita, and worked for Standard Company. They had one son, Wilbur (1913-1957).

Submitted by Louise Youle Wilson
Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, pg 331 & pg 332.

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