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Nov. 1885- July 1911

Transcribed by Phil and Sharleen Wurm

These registered births are on record at the Decatur County Clerk of the District Court in Oberlin.  

These were all hand written and very hard to read.  There are questionable dates along with wording that can not be deciphered.  We have worked hard to transcribe them as accurately as possible. Keep in mind that NOT ALL births were registered, and be sure to check for alternative spellings.

Because of the hand writing in Book B it is almost impossible to accurately re-create. If you have a surname, date of birth, father's or mother's name we will do a look for you.  The dates in Book B start January of 1894 and go through June of 1910.  

Other information that is given on the records include: Date of Return, Sex of Child, Number of child for this Mother, Race or Color, Place of Birth, Nationality of Father and his Place of Birth, Nationality of Mother and her Place of Birth, Residence of Mother, Occupation of Father, Name and Address of Medical Attendant, Name and Address of Person making certificate, and Returned by.  To get a copy of the complete record you can write to the Clerk of the District Court 194 S. Penn, Oberlin, KS, 67749, be sure to include Book and page number when writing, or email me and from the copies I have can provide you with the additional information.


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Surname First Name Birth Date Father's Name Mother's Name Book/page
Dale Female Nov. 28, 1892 Wm. A. Laura V. Fowler A-52
Daly Male Dec, 22, 1890 Henry Pratt Ida Florence Launders A-44
Daniels Jorann Aug. 3, 1887 Joseph Lulu Bell Hold A-15
Danielson Male July 19, 1910 John Mary Kinsey C-43
Danks Purdy June 16, 1889 Isaac Ruben Plinda Brown A-34
Darlinson Roxie Claire Feb. 10, 1887 George Washington Angie Nettie Barrowcliff A-10
Darlinson Female Feb. 9, 1889 Geo. Angie Nettie Barrowcliff A-32
Davidson Male Oct. 23, 1910 Clyde Rena Berger C-44
Davis Female Aug. 2, 1886 Abner Young Elizabeth Catherine Simpson A-6
Davis Fenny Dec. 18, 1890 Allover Conrad Sarah Wilson A-44
Davis Female Sept. 17, 1910 E. F. A. Kane C-44
Day Frank Dec. 10, 1888 William Willett Cora Call A-31
Dayton Male May 6, 1887 John Maggie Wilson A-12
Dayton Female July 15, 1889 John Maggie Wilson A-35
Decker Male April 26, 1886 Joseph Olive Mary Cochran A-3
Decker S. Earle Sept. 24, 1886 Samuel D. Addie E. Morrow A-7
Decker Female Sept. 30, 1887 James Martha Evett A-16
Decker Male Feb. 12, 1889 Sam'l D. Addie Morrow A-33
Decker Male March 11, 1890 James I. Martha Evett A-40
Deeter Female Aug. 19, 1910 J. W. L. E. Holsinger C-43
Demeut Male Aug. 12, 1886 James A. Izora A-7
Dibble Female Dec. 23, 1889 Daniel W. Rosabelle Page A-39
Dillon Male Sept. 15, 1886 John Wesley Ada A. Wilson A-7
Divine Female March 18, 1892 Jno. G. Priscilla M. Tomkins A-49
Donley Female Aug. 31, 1889 E. Elliot Ida Ellen Shunn A-36
Doolittle Male Nov. 27, 1885 Henry Clift Laura E. Manney A-1
Doolittle Nina July 15, 1887 Henry Cliff Lena E. Manney A-14
Douglas Female June 25, 1887 Hopsono Anna Laura Miller A-13
Douglas Male June 3, !890 Frederick Andrew Elizabeth A. Graley A-42
Douglas Male April 24, 1891 Hopson O. Laura Anna Miller A-46
Douglass John Albert April 8, 1886 Franklin Albert Minnie Ormsby A-3
Dowman Female May 5, 1887 Watson B. Susie Elizabeth Sprague A-12
Doyle Female Aug. 28, 1887 Freeman Ardilla Sharp A-16
Doyle Female Feb. 25, 1889 Frank Ardilla Sharp A-33
Dugon Joseph Curtis Nov. 13, 1886 Joseph Lister Keziah Jane Martin A-9
Duncan Male June 2, 1886 J. C. Lizzie McLanken A-5
Duncan Female May 6, 1888 Wm. Amanda Horton A-24
Duncan Female June 22, 1889 John Elizabeth McLaren A-35
Duncan Male Sept. 24, 1890 Ira A. Barbara Ellen Berry A-43
Duncan Male Oct. 16, 1890 William M. Amanda M. Horton A-43
Dupree Oscar Perry Feb. 26, 1888 John R. Lillie M. Jolly A-22
Dyer Male Aug. 25, 1886 James Addison Emma George A-7
Dyer Madge July 17, 1889 Joseph Addison Emma George A-35
Dyer Male Jan. 24, 1890 Joseph Addison Emma George A-40
Eader Female May 2, 1888 Geo. W. Mary Alice Pool A-24
Easton Female Nov. 3, 1888 Chas. Ida West A-29
Edwards Dewitt Sept. 2, 1888 Joel Clarissa Alice Morse A-27
Edwards Female Jan. 3, 1890 William Sarah Elizabeth Worley A-40
Eigheny Female March 25, 1886 George W. Harriet L. Miller A-3
Elliott Male Sept. 30, 1888 Edward M. Sarah E. Reager A-28
Elliott Nellie W. April 2, 1890 Edwin M. Sarah E. Reager A-41
Ellis Ethel May May 17, 1890 John T. Mary Powers A-41
Emahizer Female Jan. 11, 1891 John C. Helen Ruth Geiger A-45
Embroson Female Nov. 18, 1889 Albert Myrtle Tedso? A-38
Emond Female Aug. 25, 1888 Thomas G. Mary E. Bailey A-27
Enes Male Nov. 12, 1889 W. G. Jennie Ryther A-38
Entricon Female March 19, 1887 Ferdinand Mary A-11
Ernst Charles B. Oct. 4, 1887 Ambrose B. Estella M. Herren A-17
Ernst Eugene Edward Dec. 18, 1888 Ambrose Basil Estell Margaret Herron A-31
Evans Female Oct. 5, 1887 William F. Ellen Florence Brown A-17
Evans Male Aug. 31. 1893 Wm. P. Ella Florence Brown A-54
Fair Frances Harris Sept. 14, 1889 Perry Cordelia E. Brogan A-36
Fair Female July 7, 1891 Perry Cordelia Brogan A-46
Fair Male March 10, 1892 David Shelton Hattie Coney A-48
Fargo Female Aug. 25, 1890 Albert Calista Cartwright A-43
Farmer Male Sept. 29, 1887 Josepru Sarah E. Dooley A-18
Farraut Female April 3, 1886 Henry Wesley Sarah Emma Fryer A-3
Fawcett Vera Nov. 24, 1887 Thomas Flora  ???? A-19
Fitzpatrick Female June 18, 1887 Martin Mary Bayles A-13
Foley Male May 31, 1890 John A. Mary Ella Matthews A-41
Foltz Male April 14, 1888 Judson J. Florence Olive D ???? A-24
Forsman Male March 12, 1892 Olaf P.   A-49
Fortin Peter John Oct. 9, 1888 John D. Anna Emma Beauregard A-29
Fortin Luly Nov. 15, 1889 John Babtist Phillomen Sorrel A-38
Fortin Male Jan. 12, 1893 Waha Mate Duly A-53
Fraker Male Oct. 10, 1910 John ? Calhoun C-44
Frask Male Oct. 3, 1887 Almon B. Minnie Parker A-16
Frazier Eva Nov. 23, 1889 Oscar Guy Lottie Belle Smith A-38
Fridge Male July 25, 1910 Anelin Emma Smith C-43
Frost Harrison Dean Jan. 7, 1889 Clarence Eva Dean A-32
Fulmer Ellen Nov.4,1887 William Joseph Violet Louisa Timms A-17
Garland Female Nov. 12, 1887 Frederic Clara Ann Miller A-18
Geiger Female Nov. 1, 1889 A. C. L. Francisca P. Hopp A-39
Geiger Female Sept. 22, 1891 A. C. L. Francisca P. Hopp A-47
George Male June 6, 1889 Isaac N. Eva Mittie A-34
Gettys Male Dec. 19, 1885 Charles William A. Florence May A-1
Gettys Claud L. June 23, 1886 John W. Marvilla Carson A-6
Gibb Hazel July 5, 1910 C. E. Mary Lippincolt C-43
Gibbens Male April 7, 1886 Edward Everett Jessie Olivia Murphy A-4
Gibbens Male Sept. 27, 1889 Edward Everett Jessie Olivia Murphy A-39
Gibbens Male Sept. 27, 1889 Edward Everett Jessie Olivia Murphy A-39
Gibbs Female April 12, 1887 Dennis D. Margaret A. French A-11
Gibbs Male Feb. 14, 1888 Jonathan Mariah Quanz A-22
Gibbs Male March 11, 1889 Jonathan D. Mariah Quanz A-33
Gilbert Female July 16, 1886 Charles Hooker Sarah Frances Glass A-6
Gilbert Male Aug. 25, 1910 D. P. ? Caster C-44
Gillespie Female Sept. 3, 1910 Thomas Josephine Nauer C-44
Gleason Female Nov. 9, 1886 Robert Olive Myrtle Rhea A-9
Goit Francis Elizabeth April 7, 1888 Wm. S. Marrietta Fletcher A-23
Goss Gerald V. Feb. 1, 1886 Peyton J. Louisa Mullery A-2
Goss Female Nov. 5, 1887 Payton J. Louisa Mullery A-17
Goss Male Aug. 12, 1892 Peyton Louisa Mullery A-51
Graccer Female Sept. 25, 1886 George Leonard Martha Rachel Begeman A-7
Graccer Female March 7, 1888 George Matilda Bruggeman A-23
Graves Female Jan. 28, 1891 Christian Rachael Larissa Roady A-45
Griffith Female Aug. 28, 1887 Henry A. Sylvenie Ernestine Dixon A-16
Haden Female June 8, 1888 Wilford Laura Vernon A-25
Handwork n/a Jan. 18, 1896 Ambrose Katie Mierson A-55
Hann Cora Maud Nov. 1, 1886 John Reva Davis A-8
Hanson Female July 20, 1910 Otto Bozena Votapka C-43
Hanson Female Nov. 4, 1910 Herman Carmilla Votapka C-44
Hare Male Aug. 8, 1889 W. S. Ida Gallentine A-36
Harford Arthur Cornelius Aug. 15, 1889 Riley R. Elsie Banks A-36
Harris John Aug. 23, 1888 John D. Sarah Jane Gordon A-27
Harris Female May 24, 1889 Jas. Maggie Suiter A-34
Harris Female June 29, 1892 Samuel W. Alice Gilbert A-50
Hatch Female Nov. 6, 1888 Franklin Jennie Dibble A-30
Hatch n/a March    1896 Joseph Newton Mary Eliza Roberts A-55
Hawkins Male Nov. 4, 1889 Charles Lidia McLelon A-38
Hayes Male June 9, 1890 William Kelly Clara May Smith A-42
Hegree Alva April 26, 1886 Andrew E. Isabell F. Oakland A-3
Heitman Christina Mary Nov. 13, 1885 John Frank Mary Baumgarten A-1
Heitman Female July 17, 1887 John Frank Mary Baumgarten A-14
Heitman Female Nov. 5, 1888 John Frank Mary Baumgarten A-30
Heitman Female Oct. 1, 1891 Jno. Frank Mary Baumgarten A-47
Heitman Male July 16, 1893 J. Frank Mary Baumgarten A-53
Henry Female Feb. 18, 1888 Isaac B. Calysta Ann Failin A-22
Henshaw Male Dec. 3, 1885 Frederick Sedyord Caroline Essex Woodward A-1
Henshaw Mable Francis Jan.6, 1888 Fred L. Caroline E. Woodward A-20
Heulburt Female Nov. 9, 1885 Horace Harriet Gilbertson A-1
Higgins Blanche Aug. 17, 1888 James W. Emma H. Abbott A-27
Hildebrand Grove Allen Nov. 6, 1888 Edgar H. Maggie R?tt A-30
Hill Male June 5, 1889 Newton Anna Lodora Hughes A-34
Hill Male April 19, 1890 Newton Anna L. Hughes A-41
Hillyer Female Aug. 21, 1889 William G. Liilie Grace Hoover A-36
Hitchcock Male March 15, 1886 John Baxter Juliett Wendell A-3
Holland Female Nov. 20, 1887 Asa F. Lucilla Hughes A-18
Holland Male Oct. 8, 1888 Samuel Ida C. Trovenius A-28
Holler Female April 1, 1886 John Harriet L. Guy A-3
Hook Charles Edwin Oct. 18, 1886 George William Anna Laura Witmore A-8
Hook Male Feb. 24, 1888 George William Anna Laura Witmore A-22
Hook Male Nov. 15, 1889 Geo. Wm. Anna Lorna Witmore A-38
Hoover Male Sept. 15, 1889 William M. Elizabeth Leichliter A-39
Hopkins Female July 27, 1887 Charles E. Lydia McClelon A-14
Hopps Female Oct. 7, 1910 Frank Shirley   C-43
Hosier Female April 25, 1886 Lafayette Sarah Amanda Jackson A-4
Hoskins Female Nov. 30, 1889 Henry H. Laura Phillips A-38
Houghbaul Female June 2, 1887 William Enie Marchbouk A-13
Howland Female Nov. 17, 1890 Henry Henrietta Vails A-44
Huddle Female Feb. 27, 1888 Lewis Adella G. Morris A-22
Huddle Female Feb. 25, 1892 Lewis Adella G. Morris A-48
Hudson Male Aug. 7, 1893 William Bettie Cooper A-54
Huffman Female April 13, 1887 George W. Hanna  Rathbun A-12
Huffman Male April 13, 1887 George W. Hanna Rathbun A-12
Hughes Female Jan. 18, 1889 Joseph Ellen Marting A-32
Hull Stillborn Nov. 23, 1891 Hiram L. Mary E. A-47
Hull Male Oct. 19, 1910 Chas. ? Love C-44
Ireland Male Oct. 21, 1891 William Ella A. Stever A-47
Jackson Female June 5, 1887 Benjamin Caroline L. Kelly A-13
Jackson Zella Belle Nov. 23, 1889 Geo. Washington Nettie Allice Hunt A-38
Jackson Male Nov. 8, 1889 Unknown Edith Millie Jackson A-39
James Male July 2, 1891 William Attee Elizabeth R. Reeder A-46
Janousek Female Oct. 25, 1910 Joseph L. Maggie ? C-44
Johnson Male June 8, 1888 Robt. M. Jennie Morton A-25
Johnson Gwendoline Aug. 19, 1890 John R. Ida Emma Bryon A-43
Johnson Male Sept. 19, 1892 G. O. Jenie Vansickel A-50
Johnstone Male July 24, 1888 Arthur Hope Elizabeth Rebecca Weitzell A-26
Joiner Female Sept. 26, 1888 Elias Edward Salina Mary Pelkey A-28
Joiner Mable Pauline Oct. 1, 1889 Ed. E. Salina Mary Pelkey A-37
Jones Female July 26, 1890 Frank Martha Carper A-42
Kale Neri E.   Charles Dowelda   ? A-18
Karnes Female Jan.4, 1888 Winfield G. Cora O. Stewart A-20
Karns Ella May 16, 1887 Patten Martha Dyke A-12
Karns Della May 16, 1887 Patten Martha Dyke A-12
Karns Female March 9, 1892 Siegel Minnie Ward A-49
Katzenmeyer Female May 1,1892 Maximilian Lydia Thomas A-50
Kaufman Clarence Jan. 20, 1887 Lewis A. Nettie Sims A-10
Keefer Male Oct. 4, 1888 Henry W. Anna M. Mc???? A-28
Keeler Male Feb. 8, 1888 C. H. Mary Anna Dillon A-21
Keeler Female Dec. 11, 1890 Christian Anna Mary Dillon A-44
Keifer Shelley July 18, 1890 Walter Eugene Alberta D. Miller A-42
Kellett Male Sept. 11, 1892 John Sarah Ann Morris A-50
Kenworthy John Orey April 12, 1887 Orey Dive Nancy Ann Hoover A-12
Kerr G???? July 12, 1888 Thomas R. Blanche Bradbury A-26
Kindig Female Nov.4, 1886 Rueben O. Fannie R. Kulp A-8
Kious Female Feb. 7, 1886 Joseph Milton Minerva Jane Moler A-2
Kious Female Jan.3, 1888 Jas. Minerva Moler A-20
Kious Female July 9, 1889 James Minerva Moler A-35
Kirk Male Sept. 7, 1887 James N. Josephine Sprague A-16
Knowles Male July 23, 1892 Chase L. Minnie E. Rollings A-51
Kulp Zena Maud Jan. 14, 1887 Jacob E. Lura Dell Albert A-10
Kulp Male Sept. 17, 1887 Jonas C. Anna Rupp A-16
Kulp Male Oct. 19, 1889 Jonas Anna Rupp A-37


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