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Nov. 1885- July 1911

Transcribed by Phil and Sharleen Wurm

These registered births are on record at the Decatur County Clerk of the District Court in Oberlin.  

These were all hand written and very hard to read.  There are questionable dates along with wording that can not be deciphered.  We have worked hard to transcribe them as accurately as possible. Keep in mind that NOT ALL births were registered, and be sure to check for alternative spellings.

Because of the hand writing in Book B it is almost impossible to accurately re-create.  If you have a surname, date of birth, father's or mother's name we will do a look for you.  The dates in Book B start January of 1894 and go through June of 1910.  

Other information that is given on the records include: Date of Return, Sex of Child, Number of child for this Mother, Race or Color, Place of Birth, Nationality of Father and his Place of Birth, Nationality of Mother and her Place of Birth, Residence of Mother, Occupation of Father, Name and Address of Medical Attendant, Name and Address of Person making certificate, and Returned by.  To get a copy of the complete record you can write to the Clerk of the District Court 194 S. Penn, Oberlin, KS, 67749, be sure to include Book and page number when writing, or email me and from the copies I have can provide you with the additional information.


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Surname First Name Birth Date Father's Name Mother's Name Book/page
Landou Female Jan. 18, 1889 Frank Martha Miller A-32
Langmade Female Sept. 21, 1888 George S. Jennie Knight A-28
Langmade Male Sept. 28, 1890 George L. Jennie Knight A-43
LaPlant Female Feb. 10, 1888 John Mary Yord A-21
Larrick Male Jan. 25, 1891 Isaih E. Idah Anna Zimmerman A-45
Lathrop Gladys Nov. 22, 1887 John Chas. Emma Louisa Tilden A-19
Lathrop Florence Dec. 16, 1889 Aron Clara Jullette Davis A-38
Lawrence Artie March 12, 1887 Benjamin J. Amanda Earlds A-10
Leake Female Oct. 2, 1893 Robert Nettie Crichton A-54
Ledgwick Clara June 21, 1890 Edward W. Belle B. Adams A-42
Leichliter Male March 21, 1887 William A. Mary King A-11
Leichliter Male June 24, 1888 John ?. A. Norris A-25
Leichliter Female Oct. 1, 1888 William A. Mary King A-28
Leichliter Male Sept. 25, 1890 John ?. A. Norris A-43
Leichliter Male Oct. 21, 1892 John ?. A. Norris A-51
Leonard Female Aug. 10, 1888 James F. Emma F. Tomkins A-27
Letson Male Dec. 8, 1890 Samuel Clifford Mary Irene Winters A-44
Lewis Male May 19, 1888 John Katherine E. Mildrich A-24
Lilley Female Sept. 8, 1888 David Laura Rouse A-28
Lindler Male Oct. 13, 1892   Alice Houser A-51
Little George Edward Aug. 14, 1886 George M. T. Aggie Amelia Ra??? A-6
Little Female July 19, 1910 A. H. Mary Cormoy C-43
Litton Male Nov. 11, 1891 Augustus Dodge Nancy Ellen Myers A-47
Livingston Female Oct. 19, 1892 Frank Bell Stiner A-51
Lloyd Female May 25, 1892 Walter A. Luella Burrus A-50
Lloyd Sidney B. Dec. 21, 1887 Walter A. Luilla B. Burrus A-19
Lloyd Ware Jan. 27, 1890 Walter Luella Burrus A-40
Logan Johnny March 9, 1887 James Adda A-10
Logan Female Aug. 15, 1887 Daniel Elisha Mary Cornelia Wood A-15
Lohoefener n/a Jan. 22, 1896 August Louisa Honroth A-55
Lorig Male Jan. 8, 1892 Victor Rosa Liepold A-48
Louden Male Dec. 9, 1888 William Nancy Caroline French A-31
Loufborrow Ada Sillian July 29, 1887 Wm. K. Lillian W. White A-14
Love Walter A. May 24, 1888 James Mary Thomas A-25
Lundquist Male Aug. 10, 1910 John L. R. Rydquist C-43
Macfee Male Nov. 15, 1887 Geo. W. Betty J. Eddy A-18
Maddux Male Aug. 11, 1887 Charles Abigail Morrison A-15
Marietta Female April 10, 1891 Harmon R. Evalyn Wilbur A-46
Marietta Female Dec. 26, 1892 H. R. Eva Wilbur A-52
Marietta Female July 15, 1910 W. G. Clayton C-43
Marks Male May 12, 1891 Robert A. Lizzie G. Campbell A-45
Martin Male Aug. 20, 1888 Smith H. Elmyra Caster A-27
Mason Female Dec. 2, 1888 Peter Lizzie Loggins A-31
Matheson Wm. A. Oct. 30, 1889 Alexander E. Emma Snider A-37
Maulsby Female Dec. 13, 1890 Frank Alma L. Tilden A-44
May Female July 10, 1888 Asbury Mary C. Amerine A-26
McCalla Male Nov. 28, 1892 W. R. Mary C. Munger A-52
McCarty Male June 25, 1893 Charles Catharine Tuckson A-53
McChesney Male Feb. 17, 1886 S. C. Mary D. Robbins A-2
McClaury Male Sept. 17, 1887 Sheldon C. Jennie A. Payne A-16
McConnel Male Jan. 26, 1888 Samuel Francis Minnie Maud Prescott A-21
McCoy Thomas L. Oct. 10, 1891 David L. Mabel A. Hopkins A-47
McCuan Female Oct. 12, 1887 Sterling Augustus Fannie Nomion A-17
McElroy Female Nov. 6, 1886 Samuel W. Dee Burnett A-8
McElroy Female May 8, 1891 Samuel W. Dee B. Burnett A-45
McElroy Mead Oct. 14, 1892 Samuel Dee B. Burnett A-51
McGinnis Male May 20, 1888 Geo. Listley Hardisty A-25
McGloughen Female Feb. 6, 1892 A. D. Crabil A-48
McGloughon Male Oct. 21, 1889 A. D. Alice Crabil A-37
McIrvin Male Nov. 26, 1887 Jasper Marion Hattie Bell Chapman A-19
McIrvin Female Sept. 14, 1888 John E. Roena Clara Bent A-28
McIrvin Female Oct. 12, 1891 Jasper M. Hattie B. Chapman A-47
McKee Female Sept. 1, 1887 Albert M. Elizabeth Casey A-16
McKee Male Jan. 21, 1889 Alfred M. Bessie Casey A-32
McKenna Leo Oct. 16, 1889 Wm. I. Lola Weimer A-37
McKinzie Male June 17, 1886 Wm. Harrison Mina Lash A-5
McNeal Female Dec. 28, 1885 Taylor Roeno Tennessee Hudson A-1
McNeal Female May 30, 1889 Grant Hattie Vernon A-34
Mead Daniele Rives Oct. 30, 1888 Wm. Briscoe Maud Bradley A-29
Mearns Male Nov. 5, 1887 Andrew May Annie Calvin A-18
Meier Elizabeth Aug. 11, 1886 Frank Margaret Longmeir A-7
Meier Mary May 17, 1888 Frank Margaret Longmeir A-24
Meier Female May 31, 1892 Frank Margaret May Longmeir A-49
Melten Female Dec. 19, 1889 James J. Chariott Ingrem A-39
Merrell Male Dec. 1885 Dudley Lueiuda Wilkinson A-1
Miles Female June 22, 1889 Mathew Jackson Violet Lesta Conway A-35
Miller Male Dec. 31, 1886 Erastus Allen Lillie Bacon A-9
Miller Female April 27, 1887 James Edward Velma Farlow A-12
Miller Male Jan. 18, 1888 Chas. J. Buhamah Beal A-21
Miller Female May 1, 1888 Geo. B. Rebecca Cromer A-24
Miller Female Nov. 8, 1888 H. J. Minerva Burints A-30
Miller Male July 4, 1889 Geo. M. Rebecca Cromer A-35
Miller Clay C. Oct. 10, 1889 Chas. Phirham Beal A-37
Miller Female Sept. 17, 1891 Charles E. Ruhama Beal A-47
Miller Male Aug. 15, 1893 S. S. Mary E. McMichael A-54
Miller Female Oct. 22, 1893 William Loona Davis A-54
Miller Female Aug. 10, 1910 J. H. Sadie Bisnett C-44
Miller Male Jan. 3, 1887 James Everett ? Berry A-9
Milleson Female Dec. 17, 1888 John Wm. Maggie Mastden A-31
Milleson Male June 7, 1886 John William Maggie Mastden A-5
Milton Female Nov. 3, 1887 James Wattie A. Jug?aus A-17
Milton Female March 1, 1889 Eli Arbella Goodin A-33
Minich Female Aug. 18, 1891 Winfield S. Jennie A-46
Mintier Female Aug. 21, 1890 James C. Nellie Eugene Sparks A-43
Mix Female Oct. 16, 1890 Millard E. Elizabeth O. Mead A-43
Moon Male Oct. 10, 1892 Asbury P. Niola Madera A-51
Moore Female Oct. 26, 1887 James E. Sarah Black A-17
Moore Male Feb. 27, 1888 William M. Nancy Edith McKinney A-22
Moore James Perry March 1, 1888 John Ewing Mary Alice Sowers A-22
Moore Female Nov. 26, 1888 John H. Clara J. Baker A-30
Morgan Benjamin Henry Sept. 6, 1886 R. L. Hattie F. Wildwing A-8
Morris Male Jan. 19, 1886 Thomas O. Amanda Mellissa Edgerton A-2
Morris Female July 8, 1886 Jonathan Elonza Luvilla Violet Hally A-5
Morris Male Feb. 28, 1887 William F. Enie L. Barrett A-10
Morris Loretta R. Aug. 16, 1887 John A. Glaphrey S. Smith A-15
Morris Female Nov. 8, 1888 David Mattie Stoan A-30
Morris Male Nov. 13, 1892 Wm. F. Emma L. Barrett A-52
Morrish Anna Belle Nov. 1, 1890 Sidney J. Belle Masingill A-44
Morton Female Jan.8, 1888 Samuel A. Minnie G. Webb A-20
Morton Hazel Ruby April 17, 1890 Henry Smith Nora Caston A-41
Morton Female Sept. 18, 1892 Smith Maria Castin A-50
Morton Female Sept. 18, 1892 Smith Maria Castin A-50
Moser Male June 24, 1890 Elmer Ellsworth Cornelia Allyn A-42
Moser Male July 4, 1892 Elmer Ellsworth Cornelia Allyn A-50
Mount Male Sept. 26, 1886 Wesley Applegate Rose Belle Fair A-7
Mugg Male Dec. 8, 1888 John S. Sarah Elliot A-31
Mugg Male Jan. 23, 1889 John S. Sarah Elliott A-32
Mumm Female Oct. 7, 1910 Unknown Jessie Mumm C-43
Murtland Male May 22, 1886 James M. Annie E. Rist A-5
Myers Male Dec. 21, 1889 Frank M. Josephine A-39
Nance Female Aug. 29, 1887 Lewis Mary Sherlock A-16
Nausler Lela Maud March 11, 1888 John D. Edith E. Phillips A-23
Nausler Mable Clare March 11, 1888 John D. Edith E. Phillips A-23
Neal Female May 25, 1886 James C. Viola E. Tolle A-5
Neiswanger Female April 10, 1886 Abram Josephine Dunn A-4
Nelson Bessie May 19, 1888 Edward B. Mary L. Lane A-25
Nelson Male Oct. 20, 1889 Edward B. Mary Lane A-37
Nelson Female March 24, 1890 John Annie J. Mathias A-40
Nelson Male Sept. 9, 1892 J. B. Susie Brooks A-50
Neubamer Male June 10, 1890 Hugo Augusta Wreigen A-42
New Female June 1, 1888 John W. Lettie Jane Jones A-25
New Male March 8, 1890 John W. Jennie Jones A-40
Newsome Male May 19, 1886 James Asbury Frances Marion Randell A-5
Newsome Mable Edith May 26, 1888 James Asbury Francis M. Randall A-25
Newton Female Aug. 17, 1910 W. J. Nellie Parks C-43
Nichols Mary July 25, 1888 Emory Jane Jones A-26
Nicholson Male Dec. 22, 1885 James William Mary Catherine Thompson A-1
Nidigh Male June 4, 1892 Lee Jennie B. Kennedy A-48
Norris Male Dec. 6, 1888 C. S. Said Spiles A-31
Norris Male Aug. 23, 1890 C. P. Laid Shiles A-43
Norris J. M. Sept. 21, 1910 Jack C. Gibbs C-43
Northstine Edwin Cleveland Oct. 2, 1886 John Henry Lydia Eve Wagner A-8
Norton Male Feb. 11, 1893 Homer B. Gertrude C. Higgins A-52
Oconnor Male Nov. 23, 1891 Jno. J. Lula Parshall A-47
O'Grady Male July 20, 1893 Jno. P. Kate Blake A-54
Olmady Male March 4, 1891 John P. Catherine M. Blake A-45
Orr Male May 28, 1890 Chas. William Mary Jane Nettleton A-41
Orr Male June 27, 1892 Chas. N. Mary Jane Nettleton A-50
Orwig Arthur Cornelius March 15, 1888 Cornelius Resner Jennie Ellen Headley A-23
O'Toole Male March 14, 1887 James Bernard Ida E. Heron A-11
O'Toole Male March 3, 1889 John B. Ida Herron A-33


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