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Nov. 1885- July 1911

Transcribed by Phil and Sharleen Wurm

These registered births are on record at the Decatur County Clerk of the District Court in Oberlin.  

These were all hand written and very hard to read.  There are questionable dates along with wording that can not be deciphered.  We have worked hard to transcribe them as accurately as possible. Keep in mind that NOT ALL births were registered, and be sure to check for alternative spellings.

Because of the hand writing in Book B it is almost impossible to accurately re-create.  If you have a surname, date of birth, father's or mother's name we will do a look for you.  The dates in Book B start January of 1894 and go through June of 1910.  

Other information that is given on the records include: Date of Return, Sex of Child, Number of child for this Mother, Race or Color, Place of Birth, Nationality of Father and his Place of Birth, Nationality of Mother and her Place of Birth, Residence of Mother, Occupation of Father, Name and Address of Medical Attendant, Name and Address of Person making certificate, and Returned by.  To get a copy of the complete record you can write to the Clerk of the District Court 194 S. Penn, Oberlin, KS, 67749, be sure to include Book and page number when writing, or email me and from the copies I have can provide you with the additional information.


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Surname First Name Birth Date Father's Name Mother's Name Book/page
Palmatier May Dec. 1, 1887 Warren E. Ida May Snyder A-18
Palmatier Ray Dec. 2, 1887 Warren E. Ida May Snyder A-18
Palmatier Male Feb. 16, 1891 Warren E. Ida M. Snyder A-45
Palmer Male Aug. 5, 1910 Oshirm Ella C-43
Park Harvey Duane Aug. 3, 1888 Claude M. Lida Lucretia Tanner A-27
Parker Female Dec. 21, 1893 L. G. Ella Round A-54
Parker Female June 28, 1910 John Elba Walker C-43
Patchin Male Feb. 5, 1891 Edmond J. Gloretta Smith A-45
Patchin Male May 13, 1892 Edmond John Gloretta Smith A-49
Patterson Male Jan.23, 1889 William E. Pe?eie Ellis A-32
Pauley Female June 23, 1886 Enoch A. Hannah A. Sutton A-5
Pauley Male April 30, 1889 Enoch A. Hannah A. Sutton A-33
Pauley Female Feb. 10, 1892 Enoch A. Hannah A. Suton A-48
Pauley Male Feb. 8, 1893 E. A. Hannah A. Suton A-52
Pawter Lillian Margaret Dec. 30, 1890 George B. Charlotte M. Marks A-44
Payne Rossey Melvin Oct. 24, 1886 James Vandiver Cassa Ann Harding A-8
Payne Female July 4, 1888 William Riley Isabell Hendricks A-26
Payne Male Oct. 7, 1888 Charles Vandiver Cassa Ann Harding A-29
Pease Female Sept. 25, 1887 Charles R. Jessie A. Howe A-17
Pelkey Male May 5, 1886 Henry P. Julia Mary Heulbert A-4
Penn Male Oct. 25, 1886 Frank E. Clara Miller A-8
Penn Male Nov, 7, 1888 Frank E. Clara A. Miller A-30
Penson Female Nov. 20, 1891 Illegitimate Harriet E. Henson A-47
Perry Sam'l C. Nov. 11, 1887 A. Franklin Susan Howell A-18
Perry Female April 1, 1888 Ben. F. Mary C. Rouse A-23
Perry Female April 1, 1888 Ben. F. Mary C. Rouse A-23
Petracek Male Aug. 10, 1910 Frank (Rosa) Cilek C-43
Phillips Female Sept. 20, 1887 Owen Amand V. ?loat A-16
Phipps Male May 22, 1891 Robert J. Aethalinda McKee A-46
Pickens Peral Caroline April 16, 1887 William Mary E. S??sford A-12
Pierce Male Jan. 26, 1889 Geo. L. Nanny B. Squires A-32
Pierce Female June 5, 1889 Hanford Edmondson Eliza Emma Saunders A-34
Pierce Female Aug. 24, 1891 Stephen Ella Brown A-46
Pierce Female April 29, 1893 Steven Stella Brown A-53
Pilcher Laura May 8, 1886 William Edmond Lizzie Augusta Harvey A-4
Pine Male Sept. 1,1887 Francis M. Mabel H. Hawkins A-16
Plotts Child Oct. 12, 1886 James E. Averetta Lodge A-8
Pope Rosa Alice Dec. 24, 1887 Floyea Rena Whitney A-20
Pope Male April 26, 1890 Floyd Sirena Whiting A-41
Pope n/a April 14, 1896 Floyd Sirena Whiting A-55
Powell Female Jan. 13, 1889 John N. Mary Coe A-32
Pressler John March 18, 1886 John Rebeccah Mangias A-4
Preston Male Dec. 10, 1885 Oliver E. Mary Elizabeth Shelby A-2
Preston Female Oct. 16, 1887 Oliver E. Mary Elizabeth Silby A-17
Pucket Male Aug. 15, 1887 William Nelthy Jeannette Throckmorton A-15
Quinn Male Aug. 20, 1889 Thomas Agnes Tobin A-36
Ramsey Male Nov. 21, 1892 Charles Irena Lemon A-51
Randall Edna May April 8, 1888 Ed. I. Hannnah N. Johnson A-23
Randall Female Aug. 23, 1910 Thomas Ada Keever C-44
Rathbone Female Sept. 29, 1890 Coker Frfield Annie Bell Alford A-43
Rathbun Male June 20, 1887 Benjamin Nancy Caroline Hemper A-13
Ray Male Feb. 10, 1888 Frank Laura Rouse A-21
Ray Male March 3, 1893 Calvin Fannie Morgan A-53
Reager Female March 13, 1890 Winfield L. Nancy J. Bryant A-40
Reasoner Female Oct. 23, 1887 Robert Carrie Estelle Barnhill A-17
Reasoner Harlan Feb. 4, 1889 Robt. A. Carrie Estella Barnhill A-32
Reasoner Male Feb. 11, 1893 Robert A. Carrie Barnhill A-52
Reece Female Sept. 17, 1910 J. V. Nellie Roberts C-44
Reeder Female Feb. 27, 1893 Wm. E. Margaret Beal A-53
Reynolds Male July 12, 1887 Charles C. Ann Maria Prewith A-14
Rezner Female Aug. 22, 1910 Merl Ollie Ecord C-43
Rice Female April 2, 1887 Unknown Mary Rice A-11
Richardson Jennie E. Aug. 12, 1887 Alexander Alice E. Ashcroft A-15
Riggs Female Nov. 25, 1887 J. Douglas Mary C. Wiltsey A-19
Riggs Male March 31, 1886 Jonathan D. Mary C. Wiltsey A-3
Riggs Female Oct. 11, 1889 Jonathan D. Mary Wiltsey A-39
Riley Female Jan. 4 1889 John V. Lulu Bishop A-31
Rinkenburger Female Jan. 27, 1889 Louis Maggie Eckhart A-32
Roberts Female Dec. 12, 1889 Benjamin K. Ida M. Jacobs A-39
Roberts Male April 14, 1890 William Harrison Emma Jane Bacon A-41
Robinson Female Nov. 1, 1886 William Mary Ann Goldswith A-8
Robinson Male Oct. 14, 1887 Charles A. Lizzie Cornish A-17
Robinson Male Dec. 5, 1887 Geo. W. Louisa Jane Brown A-19
Rockford Male Nov. 23, 1887 Jared A. Ida M. Allen A-18
Rogers Neal Feb. 24, 1888 I. L. Wilber Flora L. (Rogers Wilber)? A-22
Rogers Male Oct. 17, 1892 Isaac L. Flora Wilbur A-51
Rogers Male Sept. 3, 1910 Jonas M. Kannan C-43
Roland Male March 16, 1888 Joseph Marion Loretta Evagelina Rutherford A-23
Roland Male Feb. 2, 1890 Joseph M. Lottie E. Rutherford A-40
Roland Male March 20, 1887 Joseph Marion Lottie Rutherford A-11
Rooney Male April 31, 1888 Thomas T. Elizabeth Wood A-24
Rooney Agnes May Sept. 28, 1890 Francis Thomas Sarah Elizabeth Wood A-43
Rooney Male Feb. 20, 1893 Thomas T. Elizabeth Wood A-52
Rupert Male Oct. 20, 1886 Ephraim Rosa Ann Hali??? A-8
Ryan Female Dec. 10, 1890 Thomas Belle Oconner A-44
Salisbury Female Aug. 11, 1887 Francis O. Rosella A. Moreland A-15
Salisbury Male May 25, 1889 Edward W. Lida Brooks A-34
Sandan William July 3, 1886 William Nancy Caroline French A-5
Sandquist Male April 8, 1888   Augest Hulton A-23
Satzson Lydia June 17, 1888 Miles Mariah Quingley A-25
Sayles Male Feb. 23, 1887 John H. Alpha Ettie Grindell A-10
Schultz William August July 23, 1887 Theodore Amelia Christian A-14
Scott Kempthorne June 28, 1886 Tully Emma J. Kempthorne A-6
Scott Male June 29, 1887 Joseph R. Matilda Stowins A-13
Scott Male July 27, 1888 Tully Emma J. Kempthorne A-26
Scott Harris Morton Aug. 26, 1888 Henry Hattie E. Lawrence A-27
Scott Female Aug. 29, 1910 Roy Fern Boyles C-43
Seamans   Feb. 14, 1887 Charles Sarah E. A-10
Shafer Female March 14, 1887 Frank H. Frances Annette Witchell A-10
Shamoni Mary A. July 15, 1889 Adolf Anna Bugess A-35
Shearer ( Glenn A. )            June 7, 1888 John Adam Ella F. Orrill A-25
Shelby Edith Dec. 13, 1889 James R. Mary Taylor A-39
Shmith Charlie Dec. 26, 1887 Wm. H. Ella S. Taylor A-20
Shunn Female Feb. 5, 1888 Geo. Eva Van Winkle A-21
Shunn Male Feb. 5,1888 James De?ly Lyon A-21
Siegenthaler Male Feb. 7, 1890 John Bertha Leheen ? A-40
Simpson Chester Aaron June 11, 1887 Henry Aron Gertrude Albert McDowell A-13
Sines Female Dec. 8, 1889 John Wesley Ella Worley A-38
Sing Male Sept. 22, 1887 Charles H. Matilda Ward A-18
Sitten Male Nov. 26, 1885 Alfred D. Nancy E. Stires A-1
Sitten Male April 19, 1887 Augustus Dodge Nancy Ellen Myers A-12
Small Grace Zona Sept. 14, 1889 Benjamin Mary Lanith A-39
Smith Harry Fleming Nov. 9, 1885 Frank Henry Alice Isabelle Bariteau A-1
Smith Male Nov. 4, 1885 Unknown Seava Smith A-4
Smith Male Feb. 6, 1888 Geo. W. Flora C. Hanon? A-21
Smith Male Nov. 7, 1888 George Lucie E. Chase A-30
Smith Elizabeth Ellen Feb. 7, 1889 Thomas Emma Louisa Kellogg A-32
Smith Male June 22, 1889 Geo. W. Flora C.  ??? A-35
Smith Female Oct. 28, 1891 Frank H. Isabelle Baritaeu A-47
Sorig Wary Seipold March 6, 1887 Victor Rosa Seipold A-10
Sowry Nettie May Dec 7, 1885 Solon Emerson Florence Birdella Hawkins A-1
Speenburg Male July 7, 1888 Leondas Daniel Gertrude Rider A-26
Stahn Male March 16, 1892 Jordan Ella G. Wilcoxen A-49
Stapp Clyde Aug. 8, 1887 William S. Alice Harrison A-15
Stapp Claude Aug.8, 1887 William S. Alice Harrison A-15
Starling Male Feb. 23, 1892 Geo. Eliza Bateman A-48
Starzenski Victor Karal Mania July 20, 1886 Maurin Matheas Mania Anna Augusta Theresa Klug A-6
Stedman Female May 24, 1890 Malvin A, Sarah Ann Wood A-41
Steele Female July 6, 1888 Henry C. Mary B. Cheneworth A-26
Steiner Bessie May 12, 1893 John Sarah Ellen Riley A-53
Stephens Male Sept. 27, 1910 Charlie I. C-44
Stevenson Male Feb. 23, 1893 Wm. T. Maggie Marks A-53
Stewart Edna Fay Sept. 17, 1886 Edward Everett Anna Blanche Rodehaver A-8
Stewart Benjamin Nov. 20, 1888 David Lovina Robertson A-30
Stillwagon Harry Newton Oct. 15, 1888 Charles Newton Anna Elizabeth Hanna A-29
Stiner Male Jan. 30, 1892 Wm. F. Celia Elizabeth Perswell A-48
Stiner Male Dec. 11, 1892 Wm. F. Mary Stanbrough A-52
Stinson Female Oct. 22, 1888 James A. Catherine Hensley A-29
Stopp Male Oct. 19, 1889 Wm. L. Allice Harrison A-37
Strain Male July 15, 1910 C. B. Grace Harris C-43
Street Female March 30, 1886 William Daniel Louisa Edna VanCleave A-3
Street Female Oct. 7, 1887 Geo. F. Mary Elizabeth Zimmerman A-18
Street Female Oct. 7, 1888 Geo. F. Mary Elizabeth Zimmer A-29
Street Male July 9, 1890 William Daniel Louisa Edna VanCleave A-42
Street Male Oct. 20, 1892 Wm. D. Louisa E. VanCleave A-51
Strong Female March 27, 1891 Carson A. Minnie E. Shipps A-45
Swain Female March 30, 1887 Reuben Florence Caston A-11
Swain Female Jan. 6, 1889 Reuben Florence Caston A-31
Swaine Male April 23, 1892 Luther B. Clarkie Ward A-49
Symer Female Feb. 6, 1888 Perry Rodey Rouse A-21
Syon William July 4, 1888 Thomas Mary Jane Mullen A-26


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