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Nov. 1885- July 1911

Transcribed by Phil and Sharleen Wurm

These registered births are on record at the Decatur County Clerk of the District Court in Oberlin.  

These were all hand written and very hard to read.  There are questionable dates along with wording that can not be deciphered.  We have worked hard to transcribe them as accurately as possible. Keep in mind that NOT ALL births were registered, and be sure to check for alternative spellings.

Because of the hand writing in Book B it is almost impossible to accurately re-create.  If you have a surname, date of birth, father's or mother's name we will do a look for you.  The dates in Book B start January of 1894 and go through June of 1910.  

Other information that is given on the records include: Date of Return, Sex of Child, Number of child for this Mother, Race or Color, Place of Birth, Nationality of Father and his Place of Birth, Nationality of Mother and her Place of Birth, Residence of Mother, Occupation of Father, Name and Address of Medical Attendant, Name and Address of Person making certificate, and Returned by.  To get a copy of the complete record you can write to the Clerk of the District Court 194 S. Penn, Oberlin, KS, 67749, be sure to include Book and page number when writing, or email me and from the copies I have can provide you with the additional information.

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Surname First Name Birth Date Father's Name Mother's Name Book/page
Tausley Male Jan. 15, 1888 Miles Laura B. Goodrich A-20
Taylor Wm. Lloid ( Female) Nov. 27, 1889 Josep Hannah Frazier A-38
Taylor Female Jan. 28, 1890 Tanas Mary L.  ? A-40
Taylor Male Dec. 16, 1891 Cyrus H. Alice A. Chapman A-48
Taylor Female March 7, 1893 F. J. Della Miller A-53
Taylor Female Aug. 21, 1910 John ? Hulbert C-44
Temple Golden Ernest Sept. 11, 1886 John Eliza Ann A-8
Thiesen Female July 24, 1910 Claus Eva Stale C-43
Thomkins Female April 20, 1888 Chas. C. Jessie Cowell A-24
Thompson Female Aug. 23, 1887 George Mary A. Edgerton A-15
Thompson Female Dec. 22, 1887 Harry E. Ida May Mount A-19
Thompson Male Aug. 14, 1889 Geo. W. Mary A. Edgerton A-35
Thorn Female Dec.2, 1886 John Violet R. Robins A-9
Tilden Geo. Marshall Dec. 4, 1888 Charles H. Roivella E. Potwin A-31
Toll Male Aug. 7, 1910 Oscar ? Page C-43
Turner Male Jan. 23, 1892 Wilson Emma J. Howard A-48
Ubank Male June 24, 1910 Joseph E. Shick C-43
Underwood Wm. Madison Dec. 16, 1889 Wm. Harrison Mary Beck A-39
Underwood Laura Ann Dec. 16, 1889 Wm. Harrison Mary Beck A-39
Upson Male April 3, 1887 Frank B. Katie O'Shay A-11
Upson Male Oct. 29, 1892 Wm. F. Fillie Penny A-51
VanEpps Male June 12, 1889 Edwin Maggie Brown A-34
VanGundy Male July 25, 1910 Ja- Lula Andrews C-43
Vanpelt Female May 30, 1889 Frank David Amercus Ellen Barnes A-34
Venrick Female May 24, 1886 Samuel C. Martha N. Day A-5
Vernon Male May 16, 1887 Ellsworth Josie Roberts A-12
Vernon Male Aug. 31, 1889 Ellsworth Josie Roberts A-36
Vernon Female Oct. 28, 1910 W. ? Harris C-44
Vessey Female Sept. 21, 1887 Frank S. Lucy Leichliter A-16
Vessey Female Dec. 3, 1888 Robert M. Martha A. Leichliter A-31
Vessey Male April 13, 1889 Frank S. Lucy Leichliter A-33
Vessey Male Oct. 8, 1892 Frank Lucy Leichliter A-51
Vittator Female Sept. 25, 1889 James Mary J. Ragon A-36
Wagar Male Jan. 17, 1888 Edwin B. Chlor E. Abbott A-20
Wagnor Female Nov. 10, 1888 Theodore Emma Vigley A-30
Walker Male Dec. 13, 1892 Dener B. Maggie R. Capps A-52
Wallace Alberta B. March 14, 1889 Louis G. Flora E. Benidist A-33
Wallace Male Oct. 13, 1889 Wm. Sultona Zimmerman A-37
Wallace Male April 5, 1889 Louis G. Flora E. Benidist A-33
Warden Male April 1, 1887 Millard Ara??ta Wheeler A-11
Warrick Male Feb. 29, 1888 John Eliza A-22
Waterman Male March 1, 1886 Harry Warren Olive May Pelkington A-2
Watson William Walter May 30, 1887 John Elizabeth Tauber A-13
Watson Female Feb. 26, 1888 Jack Emerson Maggie Dolphin A-22
Watson Female Feb. 21, 1889 C. C. Rosy Hicks A-33
Watson Male May 8, 1889 Cossins M. Emma J. Adams A-34
Watson John Thomas June 7, 1889 John Elizabeth Tawley A-34
Watson Female Dec. 14, 1889 John E. Maggie E. Dolshin A-38
Watson Female June 6, 1890 Andrew Ellen F. Carmicheal A-42
Weaver Female Feb. 5, 1886 George Vashti McKerghess A-2
Webb Female Sept. 15, 1888 E. L. Melissa Cook A-28
Wells Female Feb. 20, 1890 Harry Edward Jennie Ellen Cozad A-40
Wells Male Dec. 7, 1891 Federic H. Jennie Lindsey A-48
Wertz Female Aug. 15, 1910 W. K?????? C-43
Wheelock Male Feb. 3, 1890 George H. Artemissia Cooper A-40
Whelpley Female Feb. 24, 1886 James Edwin Hannah M. Brown A-3
Whelpy Female Nov. 19, 1890 James E. Sarah J. Anderson A-44
Whitzell Male Dec. 30, 1887 John H. Louise Weber A-20
Wickem Female April 30, 1888 Samuel Mary E. Saunders A-24
Wickham Male July 10, 1886 Jacob Douglass Anna Louise Sorick A-6
Wilbur Male July 27, 1893 C. A. V. B. Burnett A-53
Wilburn Female March 23, 1886 Robert S. Alice Doom A-3
Wilcoxen Pearl Mable Oct. 18, 1889 Randolf Hartford Frankie Bell A-37
Wilkins Oria Ellis Jan. 10, 1887 Levi G. Cora Alice Coulter A-10
Wilkins Male Nov. 17, 1887 Levi G. Cora A. Coulter A-19
Williams Female April 3, 1886 Erastus Mary A. Redfield A-3
Williams Female March 1, 1888 Walter M. Maggie Buchan A-22
Williams Male Oct. 9, 1888 Jefferson Ella Bailes A-29
Wilson Charles Henry Kendall July 20, 1886 John Rachel Whitehead A-6
Wilson William Robert Hill July 20, 1886 John Rachel Whitehead A-6
Wilson Male Aug. 31, 1886 William T. Eliza May Bridel A-7
Wilson Alty Etta Sept. 20, 1886 James Elbert Mary Ellen Earles A-7
Wilson Female April 18, 1888 William May E. Bridle A-24
Wilson Female May 16, 1888 J. Walter Mina E. Bern A-24
Wilson Male Jan. 16, 1889 John T. Mary A. Brown A-37
Winters Stella A. June 4, 1888 Chas. Clara Cowl A-25
Wintjin Male June 19, 1910 E. C. Mamie Hastings C-43
Witham Female April 11, 1893 James Lydia Gowin A-53
Wittmeyer Herbert May 29, 1888 Elmore Mary Jane Smith A-25
Wittrig Male July 13, 1890 Jacob Josephine Lund A-42
Wolf Male Nov. 13, 1886 Wilson Wesley Isabelle Smith A-9
Wolf Edna May March 9, 1888 Wilson Wesley Isabelle Smith A-23
Wolfe Male Aug. 19, 1888 Geo. B. Eleanora Pyles A-27
Wolkey Female July 8, 1910 Rush Susie Speer C-43
Woods Female Jan. 23, 1889 Alonzo L. Esther A. Young A-32
Woodward George April 28, 1887 Marion W. Jennie Isaacs A-12
Wooster Blennie Mary Feb. 28, 1886 Gaylord Clark Mary Eve Schriner A-2
Worrall Female Jan. 2, 1886 Charles Clinton Eliza Freeman A-1
Worrall Irena July 30, 1887 P. J. Evea Venorman A-15
Wright Male Feb. 11, 1893 Charles Wilson Mary Margaret Mose A-52
Wyatt Female March 17, 1886 George Eva L. Vale A-3
Wyatt Male April 14, 1887 John E. Mary E. Woods A-12
Wylder Alfred Sherman Dec. 30, 1887 Geo. Wesley Matilda Peterson A-20
Wylder Male June 26, 1892 Geo. H. Matilda Peterson A-50
Yarnell John April 9, 1888 Freeman Florence Heeley A-23
Zumwalt Female Nov. 11, 1888 James M. Emma McLimans A-30


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