Decatur County Kansas Taxpayer List

Allison Township 1888-1889

Last Name First Name
Arnett Geo
Bentz A.
Bentz Anton
Bradbury E.E.
Briggs A.J.
Brooks A.E.
Cass J.J.
Cass John J.
Cattin C.G.
Chinawith E.A.
Colby S.F.
Conrad L.A.
Conrad L.A.
Cordsen H.F.
Crippen Lawrence&Co.  
Dutton Lewis
Ellsbemy J.C.
Erickson A.F.
Erickson A.F.
Finley S.
Finley S.
Foltz E.E.
Foltz J.J
Foltz J.J.
Goodrich Harriet
Green W.M.&A.
Green W.M.&A.
Guaranty Invest Co.  
Gurt W.L.
Guy Bros.  
Hahn N.A.
Hentges Theodore
Hickert H.
Hill J.M.
Holcomb E.J.
Holcomb T.W.
Hudson P.D.
J.L.T&BKG Co.  
Kinser J.R.
Kirts J.W.
Lashbrook L.S.
Lass G.B.
Leonard J.F.
Leonard J.L.
Leonard P.J.
Leonard P.J.
Leshume John C.
Lewis Moses
Lewis Moses
Liberknecht Wm
Loenard J.F.
Luekey J.B.
Mackey Will P.
Marcy Jas
Marcy Jas
McGinley Bros  
McGinley Bros.  
McGinley Bros.  
McKenna E.
McKenna Ed
McKenna Ed
Meek H.H.
Meeks H.H.
Morris L.K.
Mullen H.L.
Olney Jay
Osborne B.F.
Osborne B.T.
Palmer W.W.
Parker E.E.
Pauls J.P.
Pauls J.P.
Pauls J.P.
Pine Sam'l
Price Sarah
Remmel N.
Rice J.M.
Rice Jno M.
Rupe H.E.
Rupe John
Schwabucher H.&J.
Shield John
Shields Stephen
Shroeder H.
Shroeder H.
Shroeder Herman
Shroeder Herman
Shroeder Herman
Sm--- C.C.
Smalley M.S.
Smith Ellison
Smith Ellison
Smith J.M.
Standfast G.J.
Standfast G.J.
Stephensen Grant
Stephenson L.S.
Stephenson Lewis
Stewart E.W.
Strickler Frank C.
Strickler Frank C.
Thornbrue J.A.
Thornhul J.H.
VanDuger C.B.
Warren Anderson
Wedgewood Albert
Wedgwood Albert
Wente Christian
Wheelock C.D.
Wheelock C.D.
Wheelock G
Wildon T.N.
Young Geo


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