Decatur County Kansas Taxpayer List

Lincoln Township 1893-94

Last name First name
Abernathy F.M.
Amer. Invest. Co.  
Anderson & Fitzpatrick  
Anderson W.P
Ballard J.W.
Barr G.L.
Bell W.J.
Benicklow H.A.
Bishop W.
Brooks Joseph R.
Brunk Peter
Bunch J.W.
Burton Geo W.
Burton Thomas
Butterfield C.D.
Carringer C.C.
Carringer V.M.
Carter J.W. for (Henry Scott)
Carter V.M.
Chapin H.H.
Charles A.M.
Charles N.
Charles W.B.
Cleland James
Coppedge A.P.
Conklin M.A.
Crabill Francis
Davis D.M.
Davis Wm
Daugherty L.A.
DeVaughn Sisters  
Dewey A.B.
Dixon Jas
Duncan J.C.
Duncan John
Dunsmore Geo
Eakins R.A.
Eckhart John
Farmers Elevator Co.  
Fisher Ludwig
Fitzpatrick M.C.
Flemming W.S.
Fletcher F.F
Fosler Geo
Fossler L.
Frazier Oscar
Fry A.
Gaston D.
Gaston S.
George A.N.
Gill Frank
Gill W.H.
Harris Bros & Co.  
Harris W.J.
Hickman R.
Holben S.
Hollister E.H.
Hollister W.H.
Hollister W.M.
Hoskins L.
Hovey D.R.
Howard L.P.
Johnson A.J.
Johnson Andrew
Johnson John
Jones Marion
Keller C.F.
Kious H.M.
Kious J.
Kious J.H.
Kious J.M.
Kious Jao
Kious Jno
Kuch Maria
Lake C.
Lincoln Land Co.  
Macfee E.D.
Mayes W.J.
Mavity A.A.
Mavity J.H.
Mavity John J.
McCormick J.
McCue Julia
McFee Ed
McGlothin A.D.
McNeal Grant
McNeal Taylor
Meinhardt Eliza
Melton E.F.
Miller Jacob
Miller Milton
Miner S.
Miner S. Jr.
Miner Ted
Moler P.P.
Moore C.R.
Moore Mary R.
Moore R.E.
Murphy B.F.
Nelson N.
Nelson Nels
New J.W.
New John
Olney Jay
Parks A.V.
Perry Aaron
Perry Aran
Phelps Wm
Randall J.E.
Reager J.V.
Rep. V. & S. W. R. R.  
Rockwell M.E.
Roberts J.N.
Sharp I.
Sharp Isaac
Sharp M.
Shepard D.
Shick J.A.
Shick J.M.
Shick Mary R.
Shirley W.L.
Simering H.
Simmons C.C.
Smith Bros.  
Smith & Foley  
Smith Jr. C.H.
Smith C.L.
Snell James
Spier W. Jennie
Stapp W.L.
Starling Geo
Stimmel John
Storee Mrs. N. E.
Summit J.
Sweeney E.P.
Taylor Henry
Thomas J.W.
Tolle J.H.
Tufflemoyer J.K.
Turner D.B.
Vandoren H.R.
VanPelt & Olney  
VanPelt Chas A.
Venrick D.
Venrick David
Venrick  Wm
Watson M.F.
Whiteside T.M.
Williams Jeff
Worral C.
Worral C.C.
Wray G.B.


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