Decatur County Kansas Taxpayer List

Oberlin Township 1893-94

Last name First name
1st National Bank  
1st National Bank of Kirwin  
Adams Gussie
Adams J.M.
Addleman N.G.
Allen A. W.
Allen Harriet
Allen J. W.
Allen & Son J.W.
Anderson J.A.
Andrew R.H.
Arehart F.
Atwood N.S.
B. & N. R. R.  
Babcock Ed
Bacon Frank
Banck of Oberlin  
Bank of Jennings  
Banta D.O.
Banteau Ardelia
Barnard Mary
Barnett W.A.
Baumgarten C.H.
Baumgarten H.J.
Baumgarten S.F.
Bausman Benj.
Beardsly M.A.
Bebb Rose
Beckwith A.M.
Bellamy C.A.
Bennett W.A.
Benton Otis L.
Benton & Smith  
Bertram G. webb
Bishop A.
Bishop Andrew
Bivans Joseph
Blickenstaff J.W.
Bliss F.F.
Boettger Fred
Bond M.A.
Borin C.
Bowen D.A.
Bowman J.A.
Bradley Riben
Branson W.P.
Branstool Geo
Breton H.
Bretz G.B.
Briggs E.R.
Brogan C.
Brown Elmer
Brown Francis
Brown Guy R.
Brown J.H.
Brown Wm
Burger C.W.
Burnett W.A.
Burton G.W.
Caldwell J.R.
Caster O.W.
Casterline F.W.
Chandler C.E.
Chicago Lumber Co.  
Church R.E.
Clark A.L.
Clark Isac
Clark Oliver
Coe Mrs. Jeanette
Colby Geo
Coldren E.M.
Cole E.H.
Cole I.H.
Cole Isaac
Colhapp R.H.
Colt J.B.
Colvin H.D.
Cook J.W.
Cook Wm A.
Crowe Jennie
Culp J.E.
Dale W.
Davidson Mary J.
Davis D.M
Dean Jennie
Dean Mrs.Penne
Dean W.H.
Decatur Co. Abstract  
Douglas F.A.
Douglas H.O.
Drath Udo
Drath W.S.
Drullinger W.S.
Dunn J.A.
Dunn J.B.
Dunn Jno
Dygert E.H.
Eddy J.M. & J.J. by (H.R. Marietta)
Eells J.W.
Emahizer J.C.
Endlick Jacob
Ernest C.M
Eskew F. & W. by ( J.C. Lathrop)
Farrington J.M.
Fetteroff Geo
Finley P.W.
Fisher Jr. Z.T.
Flannigan J.D.
Flemming W.S.
Flemming W.A.
Flemming & Street  
Foltz J.J.
Ford Evan
Fortney B.M.
Foster B.S.
Fowler C.W.
Fowler C.N
Fox Mina
Frewen J.C.
Frye A.H.
Gaylord J.W.
Geiger A.C.T.
Gibbons E.E.
Gibbons Jesse
Gifford J.
Gilbert G.E
Gilmore S.J.
Glazier L.C.
Granger D.M.
Granger D.W.
Granger J.H.
Graves C.
Gregory G.E.
Gregory W.H.
Griggs A.J.
Griggs O.
Gunther John
Gunther Phillip
Guy Dora
Hagensick H.A.
Hamilton Sarah L.
Harper J.
Harris Bros.  
Haskett Eli
Haskins J.W.
Hayward John
Heaton Pearl
Herrick E.S.
Hewitt Isaac
Hill Maria
Hilliard Isabella
Hinson John
Hitchcock Juliet
Hixon Robt
Hodge Goe F.
Hodge John
Hodge Mary E.
Hollinger D.B.
Hollister A.H.
Holmes A.H.
Holmes E.M.
Hopp Adam
Housel L.O.
Houston Jas
Hudson Joseph
Hunter Hattie B.
I. O. O. F.  
Ingram W.C.
Jackson Geo
Jackson H.
Jackson J.J.
Jackson James
Jansen Thos
Johnson G.O.
Johnson I.E.
Johnson John H.
Johnston J.R.
Jones J.A.
Jones M. V.
Jones N.V.
Keefer Martha
Keeler Anna
Kellog Frannie
Kellog Price
Kellogg Ira
Kentner Mrs. A.B.
Ketels E.
Keys Geo W.
Kindig R.O.
Knowles M.J.
Knowles Mary J.
Krauss Chas W.
Krider J.H.
Kulp J.E.
Laney W.H.
Larrick I.E.
Lathrop J.C.
LaTourette H.C.
Leake Robert
Lee Eunice R.
Leib H.F.
Leib Henry
Leichliter A.W.
Leipold N.
Lesher Peter
Lewis Invest. Co.  
Lincoln Land Co.  
Lloyd Luella
Lloyd Virginia
Lloyd W.A.
Logan Wm
Logan Rand & Co.  
Loomis L.M.
Loplant John
Love J.E.
Love W.R.
Love Wm
Lovesing Wm
Luttrell J.W.
Luttsell John
Lytle A.M.
Maddox Abbie
Maddox C.S.
Malone C.W.
Marks Lizzie
Marks R.A.
Marquart Anna
Marquart Charles
Marrietta H.R.
Marrietta W.H.
Mason J.E.
Mathews Nancy
Mathews Perry
McClaury S.H.
McClury Emma
McElroy S.M.
McElroy S.W.
McGee A.H.
McGonagal B.
McLaughlin Patrick
Mead Wm B.
Meade Wm
Metcalf A.J.
Meyers Chas 
Miller C.W.
Miller J.A.
Miller M.J.
Miller M.V.
Miller N.E.
Miller Robert
Miller W. A.
Milleson M.J.
Milleson O.C.
Miner E.S.
Mintier L.
Mintier M.
Mix Lee
Mix M.E.
Mix Mrs. R.F.
Monson L.C.
Montgomery T.E.
Moon A.P.
Moore Jas
Morgan Janet
Morgan Jarret
Morrison T.C.
Moser D.C.
Moser E.E.
Moser Bros.  
Neal John J.
Neff C.E.
Nelson E.
Nelson E.B.
Newberg J.A.
Newcomb R.J.
Nickolson J.W.
Nitcher A.
Nitcher Luther
Nitcher Tennesee
Northam Chas
Oberlin Loan & Trust Bkg. Co.  
O'Conner Lulu
O'Grady J.P.
O'Toole  W.J.
O'Toole Bros.  
Palmatier W.E.
Palmer C.A.
Palmer Parmeline
Parker Ella R.
Parker L.G.
Patchin A.L.
Patchin Claretta
Patchin E.J.
Patchin Julia
Pathcin & Co. E.J.
Pauly E. A.
Payne Frank
Peas M.
Pennsylvania Invest. Co.  
Phillips Hattie E.
Phillips Owen
Pollnow August
Polonow A.
Pratt A.C.
Pratt Marya
Preland W.
Preland Wm
Quinn J. A.
Ramsey Chas
Randall E. J.
Randall E. T.
Rathbone F. P.
Rathbone H.
Reasoner R. A.
Redd J. A.
Robinson O.M.
Rodehaver J. C.
Rollings W. E.
Rowland L. E.
Runnels S. T.
Rush John W.
Samuels Joe
Seaglin John S.
Selby J. R.
Seymour Frank
Sharp I.
Sherlock Mary A.
Shields Leota
Shultz T.
Shultz Theodore
Simmons G. W.
Simpson H. E.
Smith J. H. (D.O. Banta for)
Smith Esther E.
Smith W. A.
Smith Wm
Smith Bros.  
Snyder L. E.
Southern Agency & Trust Co  
Spring Emily L.
Stearns Mary G.
Steele Art
Steiner W. F.
Stevens T. H.
Stevenson Wm
Stickley Annie E.
Stillson E. D.
Stuart Mary
Taylor E. J.
Tedrow J. L.
Therry A. L.
Thomas J. E.
Tilden Chas
Tilden E.
Tilden Egbert
Tinder Johanna B
Turley W. H.
Ufford W. E.
Upetegraff A.
Vale J. F.
Vawter Geo
Vawter Geo B.
Vinson N. J.
Wallick N. S.
Wear  Emma
Wear  J. O.
Weidemeyer H. E.
Weller A. A.
Weller C. A.
Weller Carri
Wells F. L.
Weston S. M.
Whitnak H. C.
Wilber C. A.
Wilcoxon G.
Willcoxon Geo 
Williams J. W.
Wilson J. C.
Wilson Lou S.
Wilson  John
Witham Chas M.
Witham James A.
Witham Jas H.
Wood M.
Wood M. V.
Worley S. J.
Wyatt Geo
Yarnell Freeman
Zerwika G. J.


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