Decatur County Kansas Taxpayer List

Oberlin Township 1888-1889

Last Name First Name
Cameron Rebecca
Adams John E.
Addleman Mrs.N.G.
Allen A.W.
Allen J.W
Allen J.W.
Allen J.W.
Allen O.
Babcock L.
Bank Of Oberlin  
Barnard J.H.
Barnard Mary
Bauteau A.W.
Bebb J.E.
Bennett W.A.
Bennitt W.A.
Best L.M.
Bishop J.C.
Bk.Of Oberlin  
Bogue G.F.
Bogur G.F.
Bourn C.
Boyles Jennie E.
Bridel Robert
Briggs E.R.
Burger C.W.
Burrus & Lloyd Lelia & L.
Butter J.M.
Calvish J.L.
Calvish J.L>
Campbell G.W.
Campbell Geo
Carmichael & Co.  
Caster Lucretia
Caster Lucretia
Casterlin F.W.
Chandler C.E.
Clark J.&M.W.
Clark J.&M.W.
Clark Jacob
Clark & Son  
Colby Geo
Colby Geo.
Counter H.E.
Counter H.E.
Crannell E.W.
Crowe Timothy
Darlinson A.N.
Darlinson A.N.
Decker S.D.
Diffendafer Lillie J.
Doon E.
Douglas F.A.
Douglas F.A.
Douglas Hop
Douglas Paul
Dyer J.A.
Eddy J.J.
Equitable Mort.Co.  
Ernest A.B.
Everly M.E.
Finley R.W.
Finley R.W.
First Natl.Bank  
Fitch &Rull  
Foltz J.J.
Foltz J.J.
Foltz J.J.
Foster B.S.
Foster B.S.
Fox Mina A.
Freeman Farmall  
Gibbens E.E.
Gustafson Gus
Guy J.C.
Herman H.
Hile Mrs.
Hitchcock J.B.
Hitchcock J.B.
Hitchcock J.B.
Hitchcock J.B.
Hitchcock J.B.
Hixon&Carpenter John&O.
Hodge Geo F.
Hoff A.
Hudiburg G.W.
Hunt Nancy
Hunt Philena J.
Jackson J.J.
Jackson W.S.
Keefer J.J.
Kellogg John R.
Keyes Geo. W.
Keyes Geo.W.
Keyes Geo.W.
Keys Geo W.
Kindig R.O.
Kindig R.O.
King A.J.
King A.J.
Lathop J.H.
Lathrop Clara J.
Lathrop J.C.
Lathrop J.H.
Lathrop J.H.E.
Liepold&Co. N.
Loofbourrow M.K.
Loomis L.
Loveland W.A.
Loveland W.A.
Marks R.A.
Marks R.A.
McBride L.G.
McClaury S.H.
McCraw Mrs.Fannie
McKenzie Mina
Mead F.F.
Miller J.A.
Miller N.V.
Millisen Mrs. M.J.
Mix M.E.
Mix M.E.
Mix M.E.
Moon A.P.
Moses D.C.
Moses D.C.
Nelson E.B.
Nitcher Thos
O.L.T.& Bkg.Co.  
O.L.T.&Bkg Co.  
O.L.T.&Bkg. Co.  
O'Toole J.B.
O'Toole J.B.
Parker L.G.
Patchin A.L.
Patchin E.J.
Patchin Ed.J.
Pearman J.W.
Penn Invest. Co.  
Pension Goe
Potter H.J..
Quinn J.A.
Reeder Wm.E.
Reeder Wm.E.
Riley Racheal
Robertson O.M.
Robinson G.W.
Rodehaver Mrs.S.J.
Rowland J.M.
Runn--- S.T.
Runnels & Reeder Mrs.G.T.&W.E.
Schamoni Anna
Scott Tully
Shaves D.G.
Simpson R.E.
Smallwood C.
Snyder L.E.
St Bik.of Oberlin  
Steven N.G.
Thomas C.E.
Thompson Wm B.
Tilden Egbert
Tilden Egbert
Tildon C.H.
Vance E.C.
Vance E.C.
Watkins Wm.
Watson J.C.
Wilcoxen Ella  G.
Wilcoxen Geo J.
Wilcoxen Samuel
Wilkes T.R.
Wilson J.M.
Wilson J.Walter
Wilson Lou S.
Wilson Lou S.
Wilson Sarah A.


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