Decatur County Kansas Taxpayer List

Olive Township 1888-1889

Last Name First Name
? Wm
??? John
?rley Wm.
1st Nat.Bank of Oberlin  
Allen Jas Se.
Allen Jas Sr.
Allen & Allen Jas Sr.&J.B.
Bantie D.O.
Barratt Fletcher
Barrett Fletcher
Be?te? D.
Beal A.H.
Beam Frank
Borin C.
Brabbury C.E.
Bradbury C.E.
Bradley H.J.
Bradley N,J.
Butler Jas M.
C???? Frank
Caley Frank
Calhoun W.T.
Calhoun Wm T.
Capson Snn
Caster Dan
Caster Dan
Cody J.L.
Coleman J.F.
Debber G.E.
Decker S.D.
Decker S.D.
Dehart Nettie R.
Deys D.
Dibble G.E.
Dibble Wm
Dibble Wm
DiHost Nettie
Ewing A.C.
Ewing J.
Ewing John L.
Ewing John T.
Ewing Sarah
Ewing Sarah S.
Fair Ada E.
Fair H.
Fair H.G.
Fair J.
Fargo Albert
Fargo J.B.
First Nat.Bk.Oberlin  
Frosh D.G.
Frost D.G.
Gilder F.E.
Gregg Geo W.
Guy C.E.
Guy J.C.
Guy Bros.  
H--- G.W.
H--- G.W.
Hale Or Hate G
Hale or Hate Myron
Hallewell W.A.
Hallowell W.A.
Hand Annie
Hatch D.V.
Hatch D.V.
Hatch F.F.
Hate G.
Hayward Susan
Hedge H.B.
Hershner John A.
Hobough W.
Hobough Wm G.
Howard Hannah
Howard Hannah
Howard John W.
Howard P.H.
Howard P.H.
Howard P.H.
Howard P.H.
Howqard John W.
Hyde C.W.&N.H.
Keys Geo E.
Kramer . D.W.
Lathrop J.C.
Lee Geo
Lee Geo
Lee Geo C.
Lee M.
Lee Melinds
Lee W.H.
Livingston F.
Livingston L.
Love J.E.
Love J.E.
Love Wm R.
Love Wm R.
M?(maybe)Martin D.W.
Metcalf Geo A.
Metclaf A.J.
Mil;ler Geo M.
Miller C.
Miller C.J.
Miller C.S.
Miller C.S.
Miller Geo.M.
Miller Harry C.
Miller Henry C.
Miller Mary
Miller Mary A
Monti Sarah
Morris W.F.
Morris Wm F.
Morris Wm F.
Morris Wm T.
Morton D.W.
Moser D.
Mosier D.C.
Mount W.A.
Mount W.A.
Mount Wesley A.
Mount Wesley A.
Mount Wesley A.
Nelson Ed. B.
Nelson S.S.
Nelson S.S.
Nicholson J.W.
Nickersin J.AW.
Palmer C.B.
Palmer C.B.
Palmer Clara M.
Palmer Cornelius
Palmer S.
Park J.M.
Park Jas      M .Sr.
Park Jas M.
Parks T.W.
Pearson W.T.
Preston D.E.
Preston O.E.
Ragan C.B.
Reed Frank
Reed Frank
Riley John
Riley John
Riley John V.
Riley John V.
Riley W.
Riley W.L.
Royce A.A.
S?iner J.K.
Scott David
Shickman James
Ship---- ?B.
Shipman Jas
Simpson Jas
Simpson Jas W.
Smith M.
Smith Martin D.
Spear W.L.
St.Bank of Oberlin  
State Bank  
Stiner W.M.
Stinn J.K.
Stinn Wm A.
Tayler Mary S.
Taylor Mary S.
Turner Emma J.
Turner Emma J.
Turner Emma J.
Turner Emma J.
Uehkin Adolphs
Uehlin A.
Vale E.W.
Vale J.F.
Vale J.T.
Vale J.T.
Vale M.L.
Vale M.L..
VanPelt N.M.
Walker J.R.
Walker J.R.
Walker J.R.
Warner D.W.
Wells J.
Wells Thos.S.
Wells W.E.
Wilkius L.C.Jr.
Wilson Amos B.
Wilson John
Wilson Mrs.L.S.
Withmeys H.W.
Wooley C.B.
Worley J.L.B.
Wurling or Worling ?.B.


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