Decatur County Kansas Taxpayer List

Summit Township 1888-1889

--all John
Alstrom A.
Alstrom A.
Anderson F.M.
Anderson H.F.
Anderson Hans J.
Anderson Nels
Anderson Nels
Anderson O.
Anderson Y.M.
Barton E.
Benton Thomas
Birkey A.D.
Birkey A.D.
Birkey A.J.
Birkey J.D.
Birkey J.H.
Birky A.D.
Birky E.P.
Birky J.C.
Birky Jas
Bolin Elizabeth
Bolin Jacob
Bundy E.N.
Cameron J.S.
Carlson August
Carlson J.A.
Carlson John A
Colby S.F.
Collins J.J.
Collins T.L.
Collins Thos L.
Colvin H.D.
Colvin H.D.
Colvin H.D.
Colvin H.D.
Colvin H.H
Craig W.H.
Culter R.A.
Culter R.A.
Davis Ernest
De-ke L.
Dimond C.E.
Dimond C.E.
Dimond Chas
Dimond M.L..
Edwards Joel
Edwards Joel
Emahizer J.C.
Emahizer W.E.
Emahizer W.E.
Engel C.S.
Engle C.S.
Ernst A.B.
Fewen J.C.
Fleming W.S.
Foltz J.J.
Foltz J.J.
Fralick Peter
Frewen J.C.
Gillespie Geo L.
Gustavson G.
Guy J.C.
Guy Bros.  
Hafferty Ann F.
Hartley B.
Hartley Clarissa
Hartley L.
Hay Jacob
Haye Jacob
Higgins E.S.
Hunroth Adolph
Ivan E.
Judd Perry
Kahlor M.L.
Keeler C.
Kellogg Ira
Kellogg Ira
Krider J.H.
Krider J.H.
Leake Robert
Leake Robert
Lenkenhemer L.
Light S.W.
Light S.W.
Linstrom John
Lofburrow L.W.
Mangerson Otto
Marcuson S.T.
Martin N.
McClaury S.H.
McFadden D.
McFadden Dan'l
McLaury S.H.
Mearns A.
Meitle Jas
Meitle Joseph
Mel-- Andrew
Moore L.S.;
Nelson P.W.
Nelson P.W.
Noren C.A.
Noren P.O.
Noren P.O.
Olson C.W.
O'Toole S.
O'Toole W.J.
O'Toole W.J.
Perdew W.L.
Perdew W.L.
Peters J.A.
Rafferty J.H.
Rice L.
Rice Luther
Rudquist E.G.
Ruse Walter
Rydquist J.W.
Sage E.G.
Sage E.S.
Sage H.
Sage H.
Sawyer S.C.
Schneider Frederick
Severansen Nels
Springs R.R.
Swanson Nels
Swanson Nels
Swenson L.
Townsend H.E.
Westrail Erik
Westrall Erik
Wright T.J.
Ziegler C.


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