Civil War Veterans

The data presented here is totally gathered from secondary sources, is not complete, and very likely contains errors and omissions.  The sources used include local newspaper articles, GAR post membership lists, the 1883 Pensioner's Roll, county cemetery records, Museum files, and data gathered from descendants. The qualifications for inclusion on this list include living in the county, membership in a GAR post in the county, or being buried in the county.  If you have additions or corrections please email me.  I want to thank Luanne for typing this list.

Veterans List
Decatur County Pensioners on the Rolls, January 1, 1883
  Decatur County Civil War Veterans Pictures 

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Grand Army of the Republic Information (GAR) 


Last Name First Name Rank Company Regiment State For more Information on the Vet contact...
Aiken W. D.   H 46th Inf Illinois  
Allen J. W. (Justin) Capt. I 31st Inf Wisconsin  
Allen Joseph   H 30th Inf New York  
Andrews Samuel   I 148th Inf Ohio  
Ater M. C. (Milton)   E 1st Cav Ohio  
Atkinson E.     7th Art Ohio  
Babcock E. D.   C 85th Inf New York  
Bacon Frank     4th Inf Ohio  
Bailey George W. Pvt. C 51st Inf Illinois  
Baker J. D. Pvt. C 30 Inf Ohio  
Baldwin I. B. (Ira) Pvt. D 140th Inf Pennsylvania  
Bariteau A. W. 1st Lieutenant I 5th Heavy Art New York  
Barnard J. A. (Jason) Pvt. F 78th Inf Ohio  
Barnes Ezekiel Pvt. H 36th Inf Iowa  
Barnes G. H. Pvt. E 123 Inf Ohio  
Barnes G. H. Sargent E 132nd Inf Ohio  
Barnes J. A.     103rd Vol Pennsylvania  
Barnes J. H. Pvt. G 103rd Inf Pennsylvania  
Barnett Meit Serg't D 25 Inf Illinois  
Barnhard Janson          
Barrowcliff Russell Pvt.   Militia Pennsylvania  
Bartholomew Henry          
Bateman E. M. Sargent E 40th Inf Iowa  
Baughman Daniel Pvt. C 11th Cav Indiana  
Beaman W. C. Pvt. L 3rd Cav Iowa  
Bebb James E. Pvt. F 93rd Inf Ohio  
Bebb Thomas D. Pvt. A 26th Inf Ohio  
Becker J. F.          
Beckwith Edgar L. Pvt. H 10th Cav Michigan  
Bell A. A. Capt. H 128th Inf Illinois  
Bell James A. Pvt. G 43rd Inf Indiana  
Bell William J. Pvt. D 29th Inf Indiana  
Benton Almon Pvt. I 2 Inf Kansas  
Bertram G. Webb Pvt. E 11 Inf Kansas  
Beswick J. M. D. Serg't F 77 Inf Ohio  
Biggs G. Pvt. D 60th Inf Indiana  
Bishop W. H. Pvt. I 70th Inf Indiana  
Bogenrief James W.   A 95 Inf Illinois  
Bolt F. H.          
Booth R. L. Pvt. C 6th Light Art Wisconsin  
Boughman Daniel          
Bouts A. Pvt. I 104 Inf Illinois  
Bovard Jos. O.   G 11 Inf Pennsylvania  
Bowman Aaron Serg't E 38 Inf Indiana  
Boyer Samuel   H 130th Inf Ohio  
Bradbury W. A.          
Brawner N. H. Pvt. F 1st Cav Iowa  
Breithaupt Charles F. Pvt.   13 Inf Iowa  
Breithautt Charles Pvt. F 13th Inf Iowa  
Brook J. S. Pvt. C 2nd Illinois  
Brooks Joe          
Brothers John A. Pvt. C 43rd Inf Ohio  
Brouhard Wooda E. Pvt. C 49th Inf Iowa  
Brown A.          
Brown Aaron          
Brown Dehace Pvt.   29th Inf Iowa  
Brown I. S. Pvt. E 3rd Cav Missouri  
Brown William A. Pvt. A 16th Inf Illinois  
Brown William A. Pvt. F 51st Inf Missouri  
Brown George Sargent L 8th Cav Illinois  
Bruce D. W.   F 6 Cav Kansas  
Brunk Peter          
Bryant Bowater Corporal A 33rd  Inf. Indiana  
Burger Chasles W.   G 178 Inf Ohio  
Carnes J. W. Pvt. D 53 Inf Illinois  
Carney S. P. Pvt. B 25th Inf Iowa  
Carver Charles          
Caster Daniel Pvt. B 194th Vol Ohio  
Caster Daniel   D 194th Inf Ohio  
Cavanaugh Thomas H. Reg. Adjt. C 6th Cav Illinois  
Chapin H. H. Pvt. C 8 Inf Minnesota  
Chapin John C. Pvt. C 17 Cav Illinois  
Chapman M. J. Pvt. E 16 Inf Ohio  
Chilson J. M. (James Matt) Pvt. F 129 Inf Indiana  
Chilson Jas.   F 129 Inf Indiana  
Claar Henry Pvt. C 91st Inf Ohio  
Clark Hamp          
Coffey Isham Pvt. A 115 Inf Illinois  
Colby S. F. Pvt. A 13th Inf Wisconsin  
Collins Thomas L. Pvt. B 3rd Inf Iowa  
Colvin H. D. (Homer) Pvt. E 72nd Inf Illinois  
Comer John D. Pvt. H 13th Inf Iowa  
Conger E. A. (Elijah)   C 150 Inf Illinois  
Conner John D. Pvt. C 13 Inf Iowa  
Conquest J. R. Corporal A 7th Cav Iowa  
Conquest J. R. Pvt. A 7th Cav Iowa  
Cook Joseph W. Pvt. D 1st Cav Rhode Island  
Coulter David J.          
Cramer J. w. Corporal I 15 Inf Iowa  
Cramer J. W. Pvt. D 53rd Inf Illinois  
Cramer Jerimiah H.          
Crawshaw A.          
Criager Peter          
Crichton Archibald Pvt. L 1st Light Art Illinois  
Culbertson Joseph S. Pvt. H 12th Cav Illinois  
Curley Philo   A 25 Inf Wisconsin  
Cyrus Gustavus Pvt. B 19th Inf Wisconsin  
Daniel James Dudley     115  Inf Indiana  
Daniel T. J.          
Daniels Jas. D.   B 115 Inf Illinois  
Daniels Lemuel Pvt. G 9 Cav Iowa Ginger Daniels
Daum George          
Davidson Jas.          
Davis H. C.          
Dawson David B. Corporal   10 Inf Indiana  
Day I. L.   C 69 Inf Indiana  
Dayton W. W.          
Decker S. D.   B 18 Inf Ohio  
Deeter C. H. Corporal B 11 Inf Ohio  
Dersinger George          
Dibble D. K. Pvt. A 25 Cav New York  
Dimmick Joseph O. Pvt. C 8 Inf Iowa  
Donahue D.    F 136 Inf New York  
Doom James E. Pvt. H 1 Cav Nebraska  
Doty Elton P.   D 1 Cav Rhode Island  
Douglas Justus G.          
Drum David Pvt. H 10 Inf Illinois  
Dufford Henry C.   A 127 Inf Illinois  
Dugan J. L. Pvt. G 4 Inf Iowa  
Duncan John Pvt. D 17th Cav Illinois  
Edmonds M. A.   I 7 Inf Iowa  
Edwards John G.          
Edwards W. J. Pvt. D 18 Inf Illinois  
Eiler Daniel Webster     13 Vol Kansas  
Ellsworth J. F. (Jonathan) Pvt. A 151Inf Pennsylvania  
Ewing Archibald C. Pvt. K 15 Inf Indiana  
Farlow George Pvt. H Inf Ohio  
Farrow Dr. Confederate        
Flowers Cyrus Pvt. E 12 Inf Illinois  
Foster Silas J.   D 21 Inf MO.  
Frost David G.   B 116 Inf Ohio  
Fry Adolphus Pvt. I 120 Inf Indiana  
Funk Larkin Pvt. B 3 Cav Indiana  
Furman G. S. Pvt. K 143 Inf Pennsylvania  
Gallentine Thomas          
Garrison Benj. F.          
Garwood Gilbert Serg't E 31 Inf Indiana  
Gaston Dwight          
Gates Albert E.          
Geisenheimer Caleb Pvt.   4 Wisconsin  
Gillette Ed F. Pvt. A 117 Inf Illinois  
Glecker Jonathan Pvt. F 143 Inf Ohio  
Gore Milton H. Pvt. K 37 Inf Kentucky  
Green "Frank"          
Green J. P. (John) Pvt. G 3 Cav New York  
Griggs M. M. Pvt. I 139 Inf Illinois  
Gustavus Cyrus Pvt. B 19 Inf Wisconsin  
Hackney James B. Pvt. K 122 Inf Ohio  
Ham Will          
Hamilton John   I 112 Inf Illinois  
Hamp C. G. Pvt. H 4 Inf Michigan  
Hamp Christian Pvt. D 89 Inf Indiana  
Hancock Ben   A 43 Inf Missouri  
Hand George H. Capt. D 4 Cav Arkansas  
Hanna Alex   K 180 Inf Indiana  
Hannaman Thomas Pvt.   Inf Illinois  
Harmon Elijah Pvt. I 18 Inf Missouri  
Hartley Ira W. Pvt. D 40 Inf Wisconsin  
Hayward John Pvt. K 19 Inf Michigan  
Heming Albert   F 21 Inf Ohio  
Henry Bartholomew Pvt.   3 Batt Iowa  
Higgason Francis M.   C 83 Inf Illinois  
Hix R. M.          
Hixson Lewis B.   G 186 Inf Pennsylvania  
Hogan E. C. Pvt. B 6 Inf Missouri  
Hollister A. H. (Alfred) Pvt. F 21  Cav Nebraska  
Hollister William M. Pvt. A 12 Inf Iowa  
Hoover Benjamin Pvt. A 58 Inf Pennsylvania  
Howey D. R. Pvt. I 102 Inf Illinois  
Howland Jesse H.          
Howland John H. Pvt. G 36 Inf Ohio  
Huddle Daniel B. Pvt. A 8 Inf Ohio  
Hudsonpillar R. F.          
Huggins George Pvt. I 26 Inf Michigan  
Hughes James          
Hughes James A. Corporal L 6 Cav Ohio  
Hughes Joseph          
Hughes W. F. Corporal   24 Inf Indiana  
Hunter George Pvt. F 33 Reg "Army" Indiana  
Husted George W.   L 10 Cav Michigan  
Hyde A. W. Pvt. L 4 Cav Wisconsin  
Jackson Billy     10 Inf Iowa  
Jackson James Pvt. C 43 Inf Wisconsin  
Jackson William S. Pvt. I 10 Inf Iowa  
Janes Logan Pvt. G 93 Inf Iowa  
Jeppe Frederick Pvt. C 43 Militia Missouri  
Johnson William N.   K 11 Cav Illinois  
Jolly Beaden B. Pvt.   9 Inf Iowa  
Jones James Pvt. I 7 Inf Wisconsin  
Jones M. V.     5 Cav Kansas  
Jones O.   E 22 Inf Iowa  
Jones Roller   E 15 Inf Pennsylvania  
Keefer J. J. Pvt. F 4 Cav Pennsylvania  
Keeler C. H.   H 13 Cav Illinois  
Keener Isaac          
Keller Chris          
Kennedy Thomas J.          
King A. J. Pvt. H 46 Inf Illinois  
King Neb.     Militia Ohio  
Knowles Edwin Corporal B 119 Inf Illinois  
Knowlton Peter Corporal K 5 Cav Illinois  
Koehn Charles Corporal K 5 Cav Illinois  
Krack Martin Pvt. H 7 Inf Missouri  
Large Phillip First Sarg. D 8 Inf Illinois  
Lawhead Alfred Pvt. G 15 Inf Iowa  
Lawrence Albert          
Leib Henry F. Pvt. B 90 Inf Ohio  
Lewis C. J.   G 20 Inf Illinois  
Love William   B 43 Inf Ohio  
Loveall James Pvt. I 146 Inf Indiana  
Mapes Alonzo          
Marquart Phillip   D 14 Inf New York  
Martin Edmund Pvt. B 9 Cav Kansas  
May W. T. S.          
McCain Andrew Pvt. I 33 Vol New Jersey  
McCalla F. M. Pvt. H 11 Inf Illinois  
McCartney Benjamin E.   D 1 Engineers Missouri  
McCarty W. A. Pvt.   24 Inf Indiana  
McCaulla George M.   C 40 Inf Ohio  
McClaury S. H. (Sheldon) First Lieu.   Cogswell's Lgt. Artillery Illinois Obituary
McClure G. G. Pvt. H 11 Inf Illinois  
McCue John Sr.          
McCune Ed. R.          
McDonald J. Pvt. E 22 Inf Iowa  
McDowall Mart Pvt. I 16 Inf Iowa  
McGonigal Jas. B. Adj. I 99 Inf Indiana  
McGonigal W. C. Lieut. K 2 Cav Indiana Obituary
McGonnigal Jas. B. Pvt. A 39 Inf Indiana  
McKay William W. Pvt. D 115 Inf New York  
McKinstry Ozias Corporal B 34 Inf Indiana  
McKinzie N. S.     11 Inf Indiana  
McNamara Edward Pvt. M 5 Artillery New York  
McNeal Taylor Corporal A 44 Inf Missouri  
Miller Adam W.   F 92 Inf Illinois  
Miller C. W.   G 9 Inf Illinois  
Miller Emanuel          
Miller George M. Pvt. C 141 Inf Ohio  
Miller Henry   B 99 Lgt. Inf. Indiana  
Miller Henry   B 99 Lgt. Inf. Indiana  
Miller James B.   F 84 Inf Indiana  
Miller Jas. Serg't H 10 Inf Illinois  
Miller Milton          
Miller N. E. Pvt. H 20 Inf Indiana  
Miller W. W.          
Miner S. ( Dr. Selden) Surgeon   9 Cav Illinois  
Montgomery L. W.          
Moody D. S.   L 6 Mass.  
Moody D. S.   C 4 Inf New Hampshire  
Morris L. H. Pvt. B 16 Inf Wisconsin  
Morrow William   A 33 Inf Iowa  
Morrow Wm. W.          
Morton William Pvt. H 140 Inf Ohio  
Mullen H. L. Corporal G 54 Inf Illinois  
Munger Silas O. Corporal E 40 Inf Iowa  
Munson O. E. Pvt. A 1 Reg Army Wisconsin  
Neal C. W. Pvt. A 42 Inf Missouri  
Neal P. T. Corporal A 42 Inf Missouri  
Neal Presley          
Newton George Pvt. B Militia Kansas  
Nichols Geo. E.   L 12 Cav Illinois  
Norris C. P. Serg't I 8 Inf Iowa  
Oare Charles Serg't F 17 Inf. Ohio  
Ost Julius          
Otis Leander V. Pvt. F 30 Inf Illinois  
O'Toole Steve          
Paddock Chasles H.   I 95 Inf Illinois  
Parker Lewis G. Pvt. A 2 Artillery Illinois  
Patchin A. L.          
Patten L. K. Pvt. H 101 Inf Illinois  
Patten L. K. (Luther) First Sarg. F 1 Heavy Art. Maine  
Perry William Pvt. G 95 Inf Illinois  
Persinger George   K 5 Inf E. Tenn.  
Pettifer William          
Pettys S. P.   C 9 Cav Illinois  
Presler John Pvt. K 42 Inf Indiana  
Rafferty James Pvt. C 10 Inf Iowa  
Rawson A. J. Pvt. K 47 Cav Iowa  
Raymond J. B. Pvt. E 12 Militia Mass.  
Redd James A. Pvt. F 78 Inf Ohio  
Redman William          
Rees Soloman Pvt. E 147 Inf Indiana  
Reitogel Geo. F. Serg't H 101 Inf Pennsylvania  
Relph William         Obituary
Rice J. M. (John) Serg't I 21 Inf Ohio  
Richardson Andrew Serg't K 22 Inf Iowa  
Rickey George M.          
Rider Nathan S. Pvt. B 14 Inf New York  
Roberts James E. Pvt. K 105 Inf Ohio  
Rogers Nicholas          
Ross Jeremiah Pvt. C 3 Wisconsin  
Royce Jahn W. Pvt. G 65 Inf Illinois  
Rushton S. R. Pvt. E 24 Inf Iowa  
Russell A. M.   F 3 Cav Wisconsin  
Russell George W. Pvt. A 6 Inf Wisconsin  
Salisbury John Seymour   G 83 Inf Illinois  
Salisbury Marion Corporal   83 Inf Illinois  
Salisbury Marion Corporal   83 Inf Illinois  
Salisbury   Pvt. C 48 Inf Illinois  
Sawyer Samuel C.          
Scheler Conrad Pvt. I 27 Inf Wisconsin  
Scott David          
Seavey George Pvt. D 11 Inf Maine  
Sellers Daniel     Inf Iowa  
Sellers John W. ??          
Shafer Jas. J. Pvt. G 83 Inf Illinois  
Shaffer James I. QM G 85 Inf Illinois  
Shaw Geo. E. Pvt. D 11 Inf New York  
Shepherd David Pvt. L 4 Cav West Virginia  
Shill G. W. Pvt. B 19 Inf Ohio  
Short John W. Pvt. I 2 Cav Missouri  
Silvers Francis M. Pvt. A 4 Inf Indiana  
Silvers S. M.          
Simons Levi W.   G 25 Inf Wisconsin  
Simpson H. E. (Herbert) Pvt. A 104 Inf Illinois  
Sims J. R. H. Pvt. H 13 Inf Iowa  
Sims J. R. W. Pvt. G 13 Inf Indiana  
Skeen R. H. Pvt. B 13 Inf Iowa  
Smith Fred (Fredrick)   B 7 Cav Illinois  
Smith J. M. Pvt. B 6 Inf Wisconsin  
Smith James A.   B 6 Inf Wisconsin  
Smith John L. Pvt. G 140 Inf Indiana  
Smith M. D. (Martin) Pvt. A 1 Engineers New York  
Snell Charles Pvt. I 82 Inf Ohio  
Snyder Frederick   L 17 Inf US  
Sorick John   B 1 Cav Dakota  
Spears Thomas J.          
Squires John (Confederate)          
Stever N. G. (Nathaniel) Pvt. C 8 Inf Mass.  
Stillson Ed   K 1 Cav Maryland  
Stillson Ed     2 Inf Missouri  
Stimmel John          
Stock Richard Pvt. D 11 Inf Iowa  
Stowell H. A. (Henry)          
Street W. D. Pvt. I 19 Cav Kansas  
Strong Nelson Ward Pvt. D 12 Lgt. Art. Michigan  
Sylvester Lyman First Sarg. B 6 Inf Michigan  
Symonds Robert   C 8 Cav Illinois  
Tarbox A. J.          
Tarbox A. S.          
Taylor David   I Inf Iowa  
Taylor E. J. Pvt. H 34 Inf Iowa  
Taylor Lemuel Pvt. F 34 Inf Illinois  
Tegarden W. H.     1 Cav Missouri  
Tharp John Wagon Master K 22 Inf Wisconsin  
Thomas Charles E. Pvt. F 24 Inf    
Thomas Charles E.     2 Canon & Art. New York  
Throckmortin L. A. Pvt. H 9 Inf Iowa  
Tingley J. B. Pvt. K 169 Inf Pennsylvania  
Toler James F. Pvt. H 85 Inf Illinois  
Tolle John Pvt. D 84 Inf Illinois  
Tolle S. O. Pvt. D 84 Inf Illinois  
Toops William Pvt. C 7th MO Cav Illinois  
Trickey Geo. M.   E 76 Inf Illinois  
Turby Joseph Pvt. C 21 Inf Illinois  
Turney Patrick   E 3 Inf Vermont  
Ufford J. C. Flag Carrier        
Uhelin John   G 69 Reg. Indiana  
Usher Robert Pvt. H 138 Militia    
Vale J. E.   I 53 Inf Ohio  
Vale John F. "Frank" Sargent I 53 Inf Ohio  
Van Nice Jacob B   A 3 Cav Indiana  
Van Pelt J. F. Pvt. H 13 Inf Iowa  
Van Pelt T. J. (Thomas)   H 13 Inf Iowa  
Van Waltzner Fred          
Veach J. R. Pvt. G 57 Militia Pennsylvania  
Venrick William          
Vernon David Pvt. F 148 Inf (Nat'l Guard) Ohio  
Vernon William Pvt. B 145 Inf Ohio Obituary
Vernon William Pvt. I 194 Inf Ohio Obituary
Wagar E. B. Pvt. A Cav Iowa  
Walker Stephen          
Walton James          
Wamsley R. B. Pvt. F 44 Inf Iowa  
Watts William   A 51 Inf Indiana  
Wear Ira          
Wells T. J. (Thomas) Pvt. I 27 Inf Wisconsin  
Wells Thos   E 55 Inf Mass.  
Wenke John F.   I 31 Inf Illinois  
West N. S. Pvt. H 9 Inf Iowa  
Westcoat Quinton   C 93 Inf Illinois  
Weston S. M.   I 16 Inf Wisconsin  
Weston Solon M. Pvt. C 16 Inf Wisconsin  
Wheeler Wm. J. jr.          
White Joseph Pvt. C 102 Inf Illinois  
Whiting Benjamin   H 38 Inf Iowa  
Wickham J. D. Fifer G 44 Inf Iowa  
Wickham Samuel W. "Squire"          
Wiggins Van B. (Buren) Pvt. B 15 Inf Iowa  
Wilber A. A. Pvt.   23 Artillery New York  
Wilbur A. C.          
Wilbur Aaron A. Lieutenant   23 Lrg. Artillery Indiana  
Wilfong Eli   G Inf Michigan  
Wilkes Fred R. C. Sarg. M 1 Cav Iowa  
Wilksain R. D. Pvt. L 6 Artillery Pennsylvania  
Williams Benjamin Serg't D 11 Inf Wisconsin  
Williams Thomas Pvt. D 1 Cav Pennsylvania  
Wills J. R. Serg't H 1 Inf Michigan  
Wilson J. C. Pvt. A 47 Inf Indiana  
Wilson J. C. Pvt. B 24 Inf Iowa  
Wilson John, Rev. Pvt. G 5 Hvy. Artillery New York  
Wilson Robert D. Pvt. L 6 Hvy. Artillery Pennsylvania Obituary
Winchel H. P. Pvt. A 46 Inf Illinois  
Winslow Alvah W. Pvt. A 35 Militia Pennsylvania  
Wisdom F. M. Pvt. E 15 Inf Iowa  
Wolbach David Pvt. G 4 Cav Illinois  
Wolf W. W. Pvt. L 7 Inf Iowa  
Wonderly E. D. Pvt. H 38 Inf Wisconsin  
Worley C. B. (Caleb)   I 31 Inf Illinois  
Wylder George W. Cooper D 32 Inf Illinois  
Young P. D. Drummer E 29 Inf Iowa  
Young Samuel Corporal K 22 Inf Wisconsin  

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