World War I 

Draft Registration Records

This list of men who registered for the WWI Draft from Decatur County was taken from copies of the actual Local Board for the County of Decatur, State of Kansas Oberlin, Kansas.   It states: "List of names of persons whose registration cards are in the possession of this local board."   

WWI Draft Registration Information
For more information on the registration how it can be a great genealogical resource. 


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Last Name First Name Age Marital Status Address Township
Calahan Arthur George     Oberlin  
Calhoun Henry     Cedar Bluffs  
Camby George H. 29 M Oberlin Sappa
Campbell Daniel Green     Oberlin  
Campton Alivan Cyrus     Oberlin  
Cancine Francise 30 M Dresden---alien Dresden
Capps Cyrus Luther     Kanona  
Carlin Charles Russell 29 M Dresden Dresden
Carlisle Arthur Leon 24 S Traer Finley
Carlson Carl Oscar 22 A Oberlin Summit
Carman Carol     Selden  
Carman Charles Freddrick 23 M Selden Prairie Dog
Carman Clarence Edwin 29 S Selden Prairie Dog
Carmin Fred     Cedar Bluffs  
Carpenter Lewis Edward     Traer  
Carper Clinton Edward 23 M Jennings Pleasant Valley
Carper Glenn 23 M Jennings Allison
Carper Harold C. 21 S Jennings Jennings
Carper Judd Emery     Jennings  
Carper Michael F.     Jennings  
Carper William Everton 30 S Jennings Garfield
Carr Rollie Monroe 23 M Cedar Bluffs Beaver
Carroll Edgar 21 S Dresden Lyon
Carstens George Henry 22 S Jennings Jennings
Carstens Henry William     Jennings  
Carter Forrest Bradley 21 M Norcatur Lincoln
Carter Jesse     Jennings  
Carter Levi Mordecai     Jennings  
Caspar Matt     Jennings  
Casper Vincent Romine     Oberlin  
Caster Elton Edmond 21 S Oberlin Olive
Caster Fred G.     Oberlin  
Castle George     Oberlin  
Castle Robert 24 S Plesant Dale, NE Liberty
Cathcart Clyde Clifton 27 M Oberlin Sherman
Cathcart Joseph Vale     Oberlin  
Cathcart Leon Clark 25 M Norcatur Roosevelt
Cathcart Robert L.     Lebanon, NE  
Cathcart Shirley 23 M Danbury, NE Harlan
Cevely Harry Fred     Oberlin  
Chambers Arthur Leslie 26 M Norcatur Grant
Chambers Charles C.     Norcatur  
Chambers John Wesley     Norcatur  
Chandler Wilbur Harvey 21 M Jennings Jennings
Chapin William Leroy     Oberlin  
Chapman Martin Jay     Dresden  
Chenoweth Alford Luther     Jennings  
Chilson Ross     Oberlin  
Chilson Roy     Oberlin  
Chmelik Frank 21 S Jennings Allison
Christensen Albert     Lebanon, NE  
Cilek Lewis William     Jennings  
Claar Elbert Ross 24 M Selden Cook
Claar Herman Bird     Selden  
Claar John Horace 23 M Oberlin Oberlin City
Claar Joseph Leon     Selden  
Claar Ralph Silas     Selden  
Claar Samuel Ray     Selden  
Claar Winfred Henry 29 M Selden Prairie Dog
Clark Chalmers 25 S Oberlin Oberlin City
Clark James Ralph     Oberlin  
Clark Robert B. 22 S Oberlin Oberlin City
Cleland George Myers 26 M Norcatur Lincoln
Cleland Hugh 24 M Oberlin Harlan
Cleland James 27 M Oberlin Harlan
Close Arthur Wellington     Oberlin  
Cochran George Melvin     Cedar Bluffs  
Cochran James Edgar     Oberlin  
Cody Alfonzo Lonzo 25 S Oberlin Olive
Cody Elmer Kint 23 M Oberlin Olive
Cody George McKinley     Oberlin  
Cody Herbert Elton     Oberlin  
Cody Louis Glenn     Kanona  
Colbert Owen William     Oberlin  
Coldren Edwin Weaver     Oberlin  
Coldren Harry Maine 22 M Oberlin Oberlin City
Cole Jewett Elles     Clayton  
Coleman Ebenezer Joanna     Jennings  
Collins Glenn Elmer     Cedar Bluffs  
Colvin John Lee     Oberlin  
Conley Jesse L. 24 S Jennings Jennings
Conley Russell G. 22 S Jennings Jennings
Conry Robert John     Oberlin  
Consine Jose 25 S Dresden---alien Dresden
Cook Charles D.     Oberlin  
Cook Jacob Miller     Oberlin  
Cook Melvin Davis 23 S Dresden Dresden
Cook Robert Lee     Lebanon, NE  
Cook William Edward     Lebanon, NE  
Copeland John     Clayton  
Corcoran Charles Emmett     Oberlin  
Corcoran Clarence Valerian 21 S Oberlin Bassettville
Corcoran Clyde Charles 30 M Oberlin Oberlin
Corcoran James Mathew 23 S Oberlin Bassettville
Corcoran William Jefferson     Oberlin  
Cornell Lewis Simmons     Oberlin  
Coulter Addison Isaac     Oberlin  
Coulter Eugene Elijah     Oberlin  
Coulter Lester Aldevard     Danbury, NE  
Counter Fred John 23 M Oberlin Bassettville
Counter Henry D. 28 M Oberlin Oberlin
Counter Perry M.     Oberlin  
Counter Thomas T. 26 S Oberlin Sappa
Cox Alva F.     Norcatur  
Cox Wesley Isac 26 M Norcatur Grant
Cozad Charles Albert     Norcatur  
Crabill Minor Eldon     Norcatur  
Craig Claude Ernest     Norcatur  
Cramer Clarence Cecil     Oberlin  
Cramer Hug Merridith 25 S Oberlin Olive
Crane James Andrew 26 S Marion, NE Sherman
Crowley William 21 S Oberlin Oberlin City
Croy Arthur Alexander 26 M Norcatur Roosevelt
Cullison Otha Wesley     Oberlin  
Curley Claud W.     Selden  
Curry George Walter     Oberlin  
Curry Wayne Ogre     Oberlin  
Cutshall Jason Ancel     Oberlin  
Daugherty James Bernard 23 S Dresden Dresden
David William Carson     Danbury, NE  
Davis Edwin C. 27 M Norcatur Altory
Davis Elmer J. 30 S Norcatur Lincoln
Davis Henry Malton 23 M Kanona Altory
Davis William Ora 28 M Norcatur Lincoln
Davison Clyde Ellsworth     Oberlin  
Davison Edgar Nelson     Oberlin  
Dawd James 24 S Oberlin Harlan
Dawson David Brown 30 S Selden Cook
Dawson Elmer Ellsworth 23 S Selden Cook
Dawson William Gilbert     Selden  
Dean Daniel Edward 23 S Oberlin Liberty
Decker Chester Gelang     Danbury, NE  
Decker Delaware Taylor     Cedar Bluffs  
Decker Ernest Benjamin     Oberlin  
Decker Ira Freeman     Traer  
Decker Roy Irwin     Traer  
Decker Walter Emmanuel     Traer  
Deeter Jesse Ward     Norcatur  
Deeter Warren     Norcatur  
Delgado Eligio 21 S Morelia, Mexico---alien Jennings
DeLong Charles Ernest 25 M Oberlin Oberlin City
Deming John C.     Oberlin  
Demmer George     Herndon  
Demmer John 30 M Traer Finley
Demmer Matt     Herndon  
Demmer Paul     Herndon  
Dempewolf Alphonse 23 S Dresden Dresden
Dempewolf Frank John 28 S Dresden Dresden
Dempewolf George William 21 S Dresden Dresden
Deupree Walter Corwin     Dresden  
Dickey Claud 28 S Lebanon, KS Altory
Dickey Ray Leonard     Norcatur  
Diederich Bernard Leo     Selden  
Diederich Charley Joseph     Selden  
Diehl Clayton Carr     Oberlin  
Diehl Levi Harold 23 S Oberlin Oberlin
Diehl Robert Scott 21 S Oberlin Oberlin
Dilley William Curtis     Norcatur  
Dillman Forest Earl 30 M Traer Finley
Dimmick Orin     Cedar Bluffs  
Dixon Charles Edward     Norcatur  
Dochow Joseph Samuel 25 S Jennings Allison
Dodd Austin Elmer 28 M Cedar Bluffs Liberty
Dodson Marcus Layfayette     Jennings  
Dorning James Francis     Oberlin  
Douglas Hugh Orean     Oberlin  
Dowd Ambrose 22 S Oberlin Oberlin City
Dowd James     Oberlin  
Dowd Paul Sewell     Oberlin  
Dowdall Clarence Amos     Oberlin  
Dowdall Ira John 21 S Oberlin Liberty
Dowden Joseph Royal JR. 21 S Oberlin Oberlin City
Driskell Clarence Americus     Oberlin  
Duncan Frank Cary 29 M Norcatur Lincoln
Duncan James Wayne     Selden  
Dunkleberger Oscar Monroe     Lebanon, NE  
Dunn Jesse W. 27 M Selden Bassettville
Durham Phillip Lang 28 S Rexford Cook
Duvall Reginald H. 29 M Norcatur Lincoln
Dwyer Johnnie Thomas     Jennings  
Dyer Roy 25 S Oberlin Harlan

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