World War I 

Draft Registration Records

This list of men who registered for the WWI Draft from Decatur County was taken from copies of the actual Local Board for the County of Decatur, State of Kansas Oberlin, Kansas.   It states: "List of names of persons whose registration cards are in the possession of this local board."   

WWI Draft Registration Information
For more information on the registration how it can be a great genealogical resource. 


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Last Name First Name Age Marital Status Address Township
Eakin Roscoe Allison     Dresden  
Eakins Floyd Earl 28 M Oberlin Olive
Earnest Homer Lee 27 M Selden Bassettville
Earnest James Clark 28 M Oberlin Summit
Eastburg Frederik     Idaho Falls, Idaho  
Eaton Chriss Harrison 27 M Oberlin Olive
Ebert Willie Dewey     Lebanon, NE  
Ecker Mathias     Traer  
Eckhart Benjamin Edward 28 M Norcatur Lincoln
Eckhart Charles Adam     Norcatur  
Eckhart Jacob William     Norcatur  
Eckhart John Frederick 30 S Norcatur Lincoln
Eckhart Samuel Albert     Norcatur  
Edwards Clyde Elmer 30 S Oberlin Oberlin City
Edwards Raymond Jefferson     Oberlin  
Ehlers Chris John 22 S Dresden Custer
Ehlers Fred Ottis 27 S Dresden Custer
Ehlers Willie 25 S Dresden Custer
Ehlors Bryan     Dresden  
Eicher William Franklin     Norcatur  
Eiler Everett     Oberlin  
Eiler Harry Howard     Oberlin  
Eldon Kempthorne     Oberlin  
Eller Jay Vernard     Oberlin  
Eller Ora Earl     Oberlin  
Eller Ralph Carter     Oberlin  
Elson Preston Alfred 26 S Traer Finley
Elson Richard Theador     Oberlin  
Elvin Harry Edward 22 S Oberlin Summit
Emahizer Arthur James 28 S Oberlin Oberlin City
Emahizer Bert Elmer     Oberlin  
Emerson Charley Solomon     Oberlin  
Emery Norman Delwin     Danbury, NE  
English Walter Sherman 28 M Allison Allison
Engstrom Encoh Edward 28 M Oberlin Oberlin City
Enyeart William     Traer  
Erickson Adolph Clifford     Jennings  
Erickson Carl Leslie 22 S Jennings Allison
Erickson Lawrence Oscar 26 M Jennings Allison
Ericson Axel Levin     Dresden  
Eubank Ernest Jennings     Oberlin  
Eubank Joseph Alexander     Norcatur  
Eubank Paul     Norcatur  
Euhus Henry William Chris     Oberlin  
Everest Lyman Hobart     Cedar Bluffs  
Everist Clyde E. 23 M Oberlin Harlan
Everist George Austin     Cedar Bluffs  
Ewing Earl R.     Oberlin  
Ewing Leo Ray     Oberlin  
Fair Cecil Bryan     Oberlin  
Fair Leonard 23 S Oberlin Oberlin City
Farris Robert Harry 21 S Jennings Jennings
Fawcett Oscar Emer 27 M Kanona Altory
Feaster Bert Clarence 24 S Selden Bassettville
Feely Clarence Earl     Jennings  
Feichter Ernest Elswerth     Lebanon, NE  
Ferguson Orville Ruben     Oberlin  
Ferguson Samuel Clifford 27 M Selden Cook
Fiala John     Oberlin  
Fiala Joseph     Kanona  
Firkins Edwin D. 27 M Jennings Jennings
Fisher Alpheris Hayes     Selden  
Fisher Bert     Cedar Bluffs  
Fisher George Andrew 28 M Traer Logan
Fisher Harvey     Oberlin  
Fisher Thomas John     Geneva, Ne.  
Fitzgerald William Marion 23 M Oberlin Oberlin City
Flanders Clyde Edgar 22 S Norcatur Lincoln
Flanigan Albert Earl 27 S Oberlin Oberlin City
Flaska Charley 21 S Jennings Jennings
Flaska Leon Joseph     Jennings  
Fleckenstein Adam     Selden  
Flesher Elvin Alden     Clayton  
Flinn Williams Amos     Cedar Bluffs  
Foley Amily 24 S Norcatur Grant
Foley Archie Roy 27 M Danbury, NE Sherman
Foley Clarence 25 M Norcatur Lincoln
Foley Leroy     Norcatur  
Foley Lester Mirl 25 S Lebanon, NE Grant
Foley Thomas Edgar     Norcatur  
Ford Alonzo James     Norcatur  
Forsyth George Bert     Jennings  
Fortin Boin     Dresden  
Fortin Everett George     Dresden  
Fortin Fred John 23 M Dresden Custer
Fortin George Henry     Oberlin  
Fortin Hector Theodore     Dresden  
Fortin Lloyd Joe 24 S Dresden Custer
Fortin Peter John 28 S Dresden Dresden
Fortney Elmer     Oberlin  
Fortney Henry Brown     Oberlin  
Fortney Roy 22 M Oberlin Oberlin City
Fossler Lawrence Henderson     Norcatur  
Foster Alfred Highman     Dresden  
Foster Elfred Lyman     Dresden  
Foster Eliphalet Jackson 30 M Jennings Lyon
Foster William Henry 23 M Jennings Jennings
Foster William Ralph 25 S Dresden Dresden
Fourtner Harry 28 M Jennings Altory
Fowler Delos Cennell     Oberlin  
Fowler John Winecoop     Oberlin  
Fraker Alfred 26 M Oberlin Oberlin City
Frank Thomas Edward     Clayton  
Franzman Philip Karl     Cedar Bluffs  
Franzman Rolland Howard     Cedar Bluffs  
Fredrickson Andrew Johan     Dresden  
French Thomas McKinley 22 S Oberlin Summit
Frerichs William Frerick     Oberlin  
Frewen Frank     Norcatur  
Frickey Charles Lewis     Oberlin  
Frickey John Henry     Oberlin  
Friedemann Carl Otto 23 S Oberlin Liberty
Friedemann Oscar Henry     Oberlin  
Friedemann Robert Jacob     Oberlin  
Fringer Clinton Dennis 29 M Oberlin Custer
Fringer Frank Lynn 25 M Oberlin Custer
Fringer Rolly Pearle     Oberlin  
Fringer Verman 22 S Oberlin Custer
Gaines Moses Alvin 27 M Dresden Summit
Gallatin John W.     Clayton  
Gallentine Abraham Vernon     Clayton  
Gallentine Daniel Webster     Norcatur  
Gallentine John Kelley 25 S Clayton Garfield
Galloway William Myers 22 M Norcatur Lincoln
Gardner Arthur 24 S Traer Finley
Gardner George W. 29 S Traer Finley
Gardner John Thomas     Traer  
Gardner Jonas Randolph 21 S Traer Finley
Gardner Patrick Henry     Traer  
Garrett Louis O. 21 M Oberlin Sappa
Garton Freddie     Jennings  
Garver James Franklin     Oberlin  
Gaumer Walter J.     Oberlin  
Gay Charles Alonzo     Lebanon, NE  
Geiger Willard Tyler     Oberlin  
Geisinger Floyd Goldburn     Oberlin  
Geisinger Joseph Sebastian 25 S Jennings Allison
Gibb Clarence Eugene     Jennings  
Gierhart Glen William 27 S Oberlin Oberlin City
Gilbert Eli Ezra 29 M Achilles Bassettville
Gill Lawrence W.     Kanona  
Gillespie Ora Elton     Clayton  
Gillette Lom Foster     Oberlin  
Gillispie Ora Elton     Clayton  
Gillispie Thomas W.     Clayton  
Gilreath Wiley Barton 28 M Clayton Pleasant Valley
Gilsdorf William H. 29 M Oberlin Sappa
Glasenapp Frank Henry     Norcatur  
Gomez Eucario 21 M Morelia, Mexico---alien Jennings
Goodrich George Walter     Oberlin  
Goodrich Uriel Emerson     Oberlin  
Goodson John Elmer 23 S Allison Allison
Goscha Peter     Selden  
Gottfried John     Dresden  
Grant Charley William     Selden  
Grauerholz Allen E. 22 M Oberlin Oberlin City
Graves John Clarence     Oberlin  
Graves Josiah E.     Oberlin  
Green Harlan Britton     Dresden  
Green Perl L. 27 M Jennings Jennings
Green Willie Ambrose     Jennings  
Greenlee Dale Lincoln 28 M Jennings Allison
Gregory James Henry     Norcatur  
Grice John Richard     Oberlin  
Griffin Tully Alfred 22 S Oberlin Oberlin
Griffith Charles Willoughby     Clayton  
Griffith Vanentine H.     Oberlin  
Grill Gustaf 23 M Herndon Logan
Grill John Henry     Herndon  
Groneweg George Herman     Selden  
Groseclose Albert Lee     Norcatur  
Grossniklaus Edd     Oberlin  
Guenther Fred Earl     Oberlin  
Guenther George John 24 S Oberlin Oberlin
Guenther Phillip Chas 22 S Oberlin Oberlin
Guinn James Benjamin     Cedar Bluffs  
Guinn Lyle     Oberlin  
Gundersen Nils Fredrick 26 S Oberlin Oberlin City
Gunthert William Henry 23 S Oberlin Olive
Gustafson John Burton 24 M Oberlin Oberlin City

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