World War I 

Draft Registration Records

This list of men who registered for the WWI Draft from Decatur County was taken from copies of the actual Local Board for the County of Decatur, State of Kansas Oberlin, Kansas.   It states: "List of names of persons whose registration cards are in the possession of this local board."   

WWI Draft Registration Information
For more information on the registration how it can be a great genealogical resource. 


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Last Name First Name Age Marital Status Address Township
Haas George 24 S Traer Logan
Haas John 30 S Traer Logan
Haas Mathias     Herndon  
Haas Mike 27 S Traer Finley
Hackney George William     Oberlin  
Hackney Philip Sheridan 24 M Oberlin Bassettville
Haden Hallie La Grande 30 S Oberlin Oberlin City
Haden Joseph Jackson 23 S Norcatur Lincoln
Hagan Charles Wesley     Clayton  
Hagan John Walter     Clayton  
Hagan Wilfred Riley     Clayton  
Hahn Robert     Selden  
Hahn Wilbert August 25 S Jennings Allison
Hale William Fremont     Dresden  
Haley Jesse Edwin     Jennings  
Hallman Fred Lamb     Pueblo, CO  
Hamilton Arthur Elmer     Oberlin  
Hamilton Ralph Edward 27 S Oberlin Oberlin City
Hamit Charles Claud     Oberlin  
Hamper Elmer E.     Traer  
Hanchett Earl Melvin     Selden  
Hanchett Harry R. 24 M Oberlin Oberlin City
Hanchett Herbert Lyman 30 M Oberlin Oberlin
Hancock Loren Dudley     Norcatur  
Handwerk Frank H. 27 S Oberlin Sappa
Handwerk John A.     Oberlin  
Handwerk Leo 23 S Oberlin Oberlin City
Handwerk William Ambrose 25 S Oberlin Oberlin City
Hanson Glenn Franklin 24 S Oberlin Oberlin City
Hanson Herman William     Kanona  
Hanson James Earl     Oberlin  
Hanson John Wesley 22 S Oberlin Oberlin City
Hanson Otto Theodore     Jennings  
Hanson Ray     Oberlin  
Hardesty Charles Edward 24 M Jennings Pleasant Valley
Harding Thomas Logan 23 M Norcatur Grant
Hare Wilbur Person 25 M Clayton Garfield
Haresnape Lee Wade 26 M Jennings Garfield
Harger Andrew Zalmon     Danbury, NE  
Harmon Charley Clayton     Oberlin  
Harmon Clarence Fremont 23 S Oberlin Center
Harmon Francis Ulen     Oberlin  
Harmon Levi Morton 27 S Oberlin Center
Harmon Victor Blanchard     Dresden  
Harmon Leo William     Oberlin  
Harold Jess     Dresden  
Harold Ora     Dresden  
Harold Walter     Dresden  
Harold William Casper 25 S Dresden Dresden
Harris Charles Raymond 24 S Clayton Pleasant Valley
Harris George Leslie 27 M Traer Finley
Harris Nathan William     Jennings  
Harris Rollie Emery 23 S Clayton Pleasant Valley
Harris Roy Lee 26 S Clayton Pleasant Valley
Hartzler Rufus Roy 30 M Danbury, NE Sherman
Hasenyager Charles Frank     Norcatur  
Hatch Arthur Warren 29 M Oberlin Center
Hatch Edward Washington 27 S Kanona Altory
Hatch Harvey Clarence 30 M Oberlin Center
Hatch Walter Lewis 21 S Oberlin Center
Hawkins Jacob Hayes     Oberlin  
Hawley Edward Frank     Traer  
Hayes Willie Leroy     Oberlin  
Hayward Denzil Harry     Oberlin  
Hayward Kenneth Lester 22 S Oberlin Roosevelt
Hayward William Otto     Oberlin  
Heatherington E. Dent 26 S Jennings Jennings
Heatherington Ila M. 26 S Jennings Allison
Heaton Harry Lee     Oberlin  
Hegree Edwin Theodore     Kanona  
Heilman Henry William 21 S Jennings Altory
Heim Anton 30 M Selden Dresden
Heitman Carl Fred 22 S Oberlin Oberlin City
Heitman Ivo Leo 23 M Oberlin Oberlin City
Heitmann Henry J. 21 S Oberlin Oberlin City
Heller George J. 30 M Kanona Altory
Heller Glen 21 S Kanona Altory
Heller John C. 25 S Kanona Altory
Helmer Rozell Russell 27 M Dresden Dresden
Helmkamp Ewald 23 M Traer Finley
Hendricks Charlie Clifford     Lebanon, NE  
Hensell Merle Stanley     Clayton  
Hertz Charles Earl 27 M Traer Finley
Herzog John     Herndon  
Hess Estell Vern     Lebanon, NE  
Hess Frank Wesley     Cedar Bluffs  
Hess Joseph Frank     Jennings  
Hesseltine Charles LeRoy 30 M Oberlin Oberlin City
Hesseltine William Henry Franklin 26 S Marion, NE Sherman
Hessenflow Silas Willard 28 M Norcatur Lincoln
Heston Mayo Dickens 26 S Oberlin Oberlin City
Hickert Albert Nicholas22 22 S Jennings Allison
Hickert Henry Mathew     Jennings  
Hickert Joseph Nicholas 24 S Jennings Allison
Higber Oscar Wesley     Jennings  
Higgins George Mason     Oberlin  
Hill Floyd Manly     Cedar Bluffs  
Hill Melvin Andrew     Oberlin  
Hill Ralph Wright 23 M Oberlin Oberlin City
Hines Chester Arthur 25 M Selden Cook
Hines Ernest 28 S Oberlin Oberlin City
Hitchcock Alexander Wendell     Oberlin  
Hitchcock Homer James     Oberlin  
Hitchcock Raymond Deforest     Oberlin  
Hix John Wilbur     Clayton  
Hoffbauer Paul 21 S Traer Logan
Hoffman Albert     Oberlin  
Hoffman Frank 29 M Oberlin Liberty
Holben Archie Arthur     Norcatur  
Holben Harold 30 M Oberlin Harlan
Holliday Allen B.     Cedar Bluffs  
Hollman Fred Lamb 23 S Oberlin Oberlin City
Holmes James R. 30 S Traer Finley
Holmes William Andrew     Oberlin  
Holsinger Ray Robert     Norcatur  
Hoobler Earl Clark 26 M Lebanon, NE Grant
Hoover Fermen 21 S Lebanon, NE Grant
Hoover Frank 26 M Clayton Garfield
Hopkins Olvin     Jennings  
Hopkins Walter Isaac     Jennings  
Hopkins Warner L. 30 M Cedar Bluffs Finley
Hoppas Charles Thurman 28 S Dresden Dresden
Hoppas Eugene 24 S Kanona Altory
Hoppas Frank C. 29 S Dresden Dresden
Hoppas Harry Lesly 22 S Dresden Dresden
Hoppas John A, 21 S Kanona Altory
Hoppas Moss Johnson     Dresden  
Hoppas Samuel Talbert     Dresden  
Hoppas Stephen Alvin     Dresden  
Hoppas William Eugene     Dresden  
Horelica Emile Vinc     Buckholts Milan, Tx.  
Horn Bert     Oberlin  
Horn Frank William     Oberlin  
Houtsma John N. 28 M Kanona Altory
Howard George Frederick     Oberlin  
Huber Howard Stern     Oberlin  
Huber Paul Noah 22 S Oberlin Oberlin City
Huber Wayne Lewis     Selden  
Huddle Lewis George     Selden  
Huff Clint Leonard 21 S Lebanon, NE Grant
Huff Jesse Meretith 22 S Lebanon, NE Grant
Huff Noah Emery     Lebanon, NE  
Huff Roy Leonard     Lebanon, NE  
Hughes George Fredrick     Norcatur  
Hughes Haden H. 30 M Traer Finley
Hughes Nova Otis 24 S Oberlin Oberlin City
Hughes Richard Walker     Oberlin  
Hugley Harvey 23 M Jennings Altory
Hull Charles Wesley     Oberlin  
Hull John Edward     Oberlin  
Ireland William H. 26 S Oberlin Oberlin City
Jackson Augustus Williams     Cedar Bluffs  
Jackson Dewey D.     Oberlin  
Jackson Frank Marshal 26 S Dresden Summit
Jackson Milton Otis 21 S Oberlin Oberlin
Jader Andrew E. 23 S Selden Cook
Jaderborg Carl Elmer 22 S Selden Cook
Jaderquist Erick Albert     Selden  
Janousek Anthony 21 S Kanona Center
Janousek Frank     Kanona  
Janousek Fred 26 S Kanona Center
Janousek James Jr. 28 M Oberlin Custer
Janousek Joseph     Jennings  
Jeffries Lewis Albert     Jennings  
Jenkins Elmer Clarence 27 M Selden Prairie Dog
Jenkins Russell 21 S Selden Prairie Dog
Jennings Clarence Ira     Dresden  
Jennings Erle Bedford     Jennings  
Jensen Leslie Frank     Jennings  
Jergensen Pete Masen 24 S Oberlin Liberty
Johnson Benjamin Franklin     Oberlin  
Johnson Bennie Carrodotis     Lebanon, NE  
Johnson Carl E. 27 S Jennings Altory
Johnson Gustave Adolph     Kanona  
Johnson John Andrew     Norcatur  
Johnson Marion Oliver     Cedar Bluffs  
Johnson Oliver     Oberlin  
Johnson Oscar     Kanona  
Johnson Otto Alfred 22 S Jennings Altory
Johnson Robert Peter     Norcatur  
Johnson Samuel     Jennings  
Johnson Simon     Oberlin  
Johnston George Laurence     Oberlin  
Johnston James Frederick     Oberlin  
Johnston James Monroe     Oberlin  
Johnston Marvin 28 M Selden Prairie Dog
Johnston Millard Earl     Oberlin  
Johnston Oren 22 S Oberlin Summit
Jolley James Delors 30 M Oberlin Olive
Jones Charles Henry     Oberlin  
Jones Harrison M. 27 S Oberlin Summit
Jones Homer 30 S Oberlin Summit
Jones John 28 S Jennings Jennings
Jones Raymond Harold     Oberlin  
Jones Sam Harmonisus     Norcatur  
Jones Thomas Allen     Oberlin  
Jones William Garfield     Dresden  
Jones Glenn     Dresden  
Jordan Jay Lewis     Oberlin  
Jording George Victor     Oberlin  
Jorn Christian George 22 S Oberlin Oberlin City
Juenemann Alphons Mathew     Selden  
Juenemann Frederick Adam     Selden  

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