World War I 

Draft Registration Records

This list of men who registered for the WWI Draft from Decatur County was taken from copies of the actual Local Board for the County of Decatur, State of Kansas Oberlin, Kansas.   It states: "List of names of persons whose registration cards are in the possession of this local board."   

WWI Draft Registration Information
For more information on the registration how it can be a great genealogical resource. 


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Last Name First Name Age Marital Status Address Township
Nation Samuel     Jennings  
Nauer John Silvester 21 S Selden Cook
Nauer Moritz     Jennings  
Nauer Moritz Julious 23 S Selden Cook
Nauer Will Joseph 27 M Selden Cook
Nedrow Felix Simon 26 M Norcatur Lincoln
Neff Florentz Henry     Dresden  
Neff Frank William     Oberlin  
Neff Milo Henry     Dresden  
Neff Paul David     Dresden  
Nellans George 23 S Jennings Jennings
Nellans John Erwin 25 S Jennings Jennings
Nellans Orvill Baxter     Jennings  
Nelson Albin Fritz 25 S Norcatur Lincoln
Nelson Carl Ludwig     Jennings  
Nelson David Nathel 30 S Oberlin Summit
Nelson Frank Benson 21 S Norcatur Lincoln
Nelson George Patrick     Dresden  
Nelson Homer 29 M Dresden Dresden
Nelson John Adolph Leonard     Oberlin  
Nelson Oscar William     Oberlin  
Nelson Tandy W.     Dresden  
Nelson Virgil 23 S Dresden Dresden
Nemeth John Alexander     Traer  
Nett Roy Delmar     Selden  
New Fred 26 S Norcatur Lincoln
New George Fremont     Norcatur  
New Grover Cleveland     Norcatur  
New James Franklin     Norcatur  
New Roy Glen 22 S Norcatur Lincoln
New Stephen Benjamin     Norcatur  
New Walter Alva     Norcatur  
Nicholson Elmer     Jennings  
Nicholson Oscar Christian 22 S Jennings Lyon
Nicholson William Allen     Norcatur  
Nicodemus Herman Royal     Oberlin  
Nicodemus Homer Clerence     Oberlin  
Niemann Julius N. 25 M Dresden Dresden
Nitcher John Franklin 28 M Oberlin Oberlin
Nitsch John Chris 22 M Oberlin Oberlin City
Nitsch Paul Augus     Oberlin  
Noble Perry Thomas     Oberlin  
Noland Garland Edward 23 M Oberlin Liberty
Noone William Patrick     Jennings  
Norris Albert O.     Clayton  
Norris Perry 23 M Clayton Pleasant Valley
Norris Roy 28 M Clayton Garfield
Norton Chris     Jennings  
Norton Frank Barnard     Oberlin  
Noyes Don DeMott     Dresden  
Noyes Paul Bryan     Dresden  
O'Connell Lawrence Joseph 28 M Dresden Prairie Dog
O'Hare Jasper Charles     Norcatur  
Ohnsat Bernhard Leo.     Dresden  
O'Leary William Thomas 24 S Jennings Jennings
Oliver Fred 22 S Cuba, KS Allison
Oliver Leonard Edd 23 S Selden Prairie Dog
Oliver Thomas Ora 26 S Selden Prairie Dog
Olson Harry A. 22 S Herndon Sappa
Olson Henry A. 28 M Oberlin Sappa
Olson Ole A.     Oberlin  
Ormsby Lemuel     Cedar Bluffs  
Orr Arthur Alexander     Kanona  
Orr Dean 24 S Kanona Altory
Osburn Benjamin Delmar     Jennings  
Osburn Fred 27 M Oberlin Harlan
O'Toole Earl John 30 M Oberlin Oberlin City
O'Toole James Emmet 25 S Oberlin Oberlin City
O'Toole Mark Joseph 22 S Oberlin Oberlin City
Otter Joseph     Jennings  
Owens Vinning J. 23 M Oberlin Olive
Pachner Frank     Oberlin  
Paddock Claude Houston     Oberlin  
Paddock Jay DeVere     Oberlin  
Palmer Homer Chester 28 M Dresden Dresden
Palmer Ralph Harlen 29 M Dresden Dresden
Pankaskie Leo Joesph     Dresden  
Park Thomas C. 28 S Kanona Altory
Parker Leslie Tilden     Oberlin  
Paschke Alwin B. C. 27 S Oberlin Sappa
Paschke Fred W. H. 28 S Oberlin Sappa
Patrick Leon Clerk     Oberlin  
Patterson Arthur Lee     Traer  
Patterson Waitman T.     Traer  
Patton Fred Byron     Oberlin  
Pauley Enoch Anders Jr. 24 S Oberlin Center
Pauls Peter Daniel 24 M Dresden Dresden
Pavlicak Edward 29 M Jennings Custer
Pavlicek Ferdinand 25 S Jennings Jennings
Pavlicek Willie George     Oberlin  
Payne Earl M. 30 M Traer Finley
Payne Sumner C. 26 M Traer Finley
Pears Charley Robert     Clayton  
Pears Harley Elmer 26 M Clayton Pleasant Valley
Peck Jell Harry 29 M Selden Prairie Dog
Pelkey Cadet Dewey     Norcatur  
Pelkey Frank Francis     Norcatur  
Penn Andrew     Oberlin  
Penny Byron Finnis     Oberlin  
Penny Glen Leslie     Oberlin  
Perrin Gilbert Austin 27 M Dresden Dresden
Perrin Ralph Elmore 22 M Jennings Allison
Perry Charles Thomas 24 S Dresden Dresden
Peters Samuel James     Oberlin  
Peterson Arthur Henry     Oberlin  
Peterson Edwin Rudolph 23 S Oberlin Bassettville
Peterson Fredolph Julius     Dresden  
Peterson George Axel 24 S Oberlin Oberlin City
Peterson Henry     Lebanon, NE  
Petracek Adolf 26 S Jennings Jennings
Petracek Charley 27 S Jennings Jennings
Petracek Edward     Jennings  
Petracek Emil     Jennings  
Petracek Ernest     Oberlin  
Petracek Joe 21 S Jennings Jennings
Petracek Julius Leonard     Jennings  
Petrasek Henry 21 S Jennings Jennings
Petrasek William 23 S Jennings Jennings
Pettis Claude H.     Oberlin  
Pettis Elba C.     Oberlin  
Phillips Geo. Washington 22 S Dresden Dresden
Phillips Harvey Carrel 24 S Dresden Dresden
Pierce Dewey Raymond     Oberlin  
Pierce Floyd Sperry 22 M Cedar Bluffs Liberty
Pierce Lewis Ira 30 M Oberlin Olive
Pierce Van Dou     Jennings  
Pierce Wayne     Oberlin  
Piner Emory R. 30 S Jennings Jennings
Piner Pressley M. 24 S Jennings Jennings
Playford George 21 S Oberlin Harlan
Plotts Archie Lester 21 S Oberlin Sherman
Plotts Ernest Erwin 30 M Danbury, NE Sherman
Plotts Leroy Clyde     Oberlin  
Ploussard Nick James 21 S Traer Logan
Pollnow Arthur Herman     Oberlin  
Pollnow Charley Albert     Oberlin  
Pollnow Hugo August     Oberlin  
Pool Charles Wesley 22 S Norcatur Lincoln
Pope George Henry     Selden  
Pope Peter Adam 28 S Oberlin Bassettville
Porter Myron Edward     Dresden  
Porterfield Clark     Traer  
Post Lewis Arden     Selden  
Powell Jacob B.     Norcatur  
Powell Thomas Edward     Norcatur  
Prachejl Henry Anthony     Jennings  
Preston Fred Samuel 27 S Oberlin Olive
Price Eugene Floyd 22 S Jennings Jennings
Price John Thomas     Dresden  
Pricer Clyde Ora     Lebanon, NE  
Pruitt Fred Robert 27 M Cedar Bluffs Beaver
Pryor Archie Ellsworth 29 M Cedar Bluffs Beaver
Pummer Frank Adam     Herndon  
Pummer Math Joseph     Herndon  
Rae Pearl Jimmie     Cedar Bluffs  
Railsback Frank D. 24 M Oberlin Oberlin City
Railsback Jacob Clyde 29 M Oberlin Custer
Ralph Otis William     Cedar Bluffs  
Ralston James N.     Oberlin  
Randall Arthur Alexander 28 M Jennings Lyon
Randall Charles Edward     Jennings  
Randall Lewis Earl 26 M Jennings Lyon
Randall Oscar Clyde 30 M Dresden Lyon
Rasure Paul Clifford 23 S Jennings Jennings
Rathbun Harry     Traer  
Ratzlaff Benjamin 26 S Selden Cook
Ratzlaff Henry Evert 29 S Selden Cook
Ratzlaff John Harry     Selden  
Ratzloff Herman Roy     Selden  
Raymond James Benjaminq 25 M Oberlin Liberty
Raymond Myron Guy 28 M Oberlin Oberlin City
Reager Albert Clinton 23 M Oberlin Center
Reager Clyde Emmet 25 M Oberlin Oberlin
Reager Floyd LeRoy 29 M Norcatur Lincoln
Reager Joseph Wilbur 29 M Oberlin Oberlin
Reager Roy Clifton 21 S Oberlin Center
Reasoner Horace Parrall 24 S Oberlin Olive
Redman Lawrence Edward 29 M Lebanon, NE Grant
Redman Myron Everet 27 M Lebanon, NE Grant
Reed Aaron Raymond 21 S Norcatur Lincoln
Reed James Louis     Jennings  
Reed Roy S. 25 M Herndon Finley
Rees John Voyle     Jennings  
Rees Roy Burnham 21 S Jennings Pleasant Valley
Reeves Arthur     Oberlin  
Reeves Eber     Oberlin  
Rehm Fred Jacob     Oberlin  
Reist Elam Henry 30 M Oberlin Oberlin City
Reist Horace Bengamin 28 M Oberlin Oberlin
Reist Norman Irvin 25 S Oberlin Oberlin
Relph Carl Newton 22 M Cedar Bluffs Beaver
Relph George Dewey     Cedar Bluffs  
Relph James Grant     Cedar Bluffs  
Relph James Wilbur     Cedar Bluffs  
Relph Joseph Earl 25 M Cedar Bluffs Beaver
Rempe Ben H. 30 M Oberlin Oberlin City
Rezner Harold Kelley     Oberlin  
Rezner Murrel D.     Oberlin  
Rezner Walter E. 21 M Oberlin Sappa
Rhamy James Richard     Selden  
Rhodes Milo Franklin     Dresden  
Rhodes Ralph Raymond 22 M Dresden Dresden
Rice Dot 22 S Jennings Jennings
Richardson James William     Kanona  
Richter Frank     Oberlin  
Ridgeway Robert Wesley     Oberlin  
Riggs James Hopwood     Clayton  
Riley Clell 21 S Superior, NE Summit
Riley Emmitt Baldwin     Oberlin  
Riley James Harlie 21 S Oberlin Oberlin City
Riley Robert Ross 27 S Oberlin Oberlin City
Riley William Swearingin 24 S Norcatur Lincoln
Ritchey Alonzo James 23 S Jennings Jennings
Ritten Ben Albert 23 S Dresden Dresden
Ritter Ernest Cleveland     Norcatur  
Roach Mike 22 S Oberlin Oberlin City
Robb Stanley Lee 23 M Jennings Pleasant Valley
Robbins Park Manson 21 S Oberlin Roosevelt
Roberts Jay Simpson 22 S Jennings Allison
Roberts Toal Ray     Danbury, NE  
Robertson Claude Oren 29 M Oberlin Oberlin City
Robertson Frank 23 S Oberlin Custer
Robertson Jesse Irvin 25 M Oberlin Summit
Robinson Harvey Roy     Cedar Bluffs  
Rodewald Edward Henry     Jennings  
Rodtfeldt Fred     Norcatur  
Rogers Charles Leonard     Marion, NE  
Rogers Charles William     Marion, NE  
Rogers Clifford Almon 23 M Jennings Jennings
Rogers Curtis Alton     Norcatur  
Rogers Glenn 21 S Jennings Pleasant Valley
Rogers Neil Wilbur 29 S Oberlin Oberlin City
Rogers William Clark 25 M Oberlin Oberlin City
Rohan Charles     Jennings  
Rohan Frank     Jennings  
Roller George Walter 30 M Jennings Jennings
Ropert George V. 28 M Oberlin Center
Roshong John Bernard     Traer  
Roshong Oakley Bingaman     Traer  
Ross Edwin Conger     Selden  
Rothmayer Amos Peck     Cedar Bluffs  
Rothmayer George F. 28 S Cedar Bluffs Finley
Rouse Orton Theodor     Jennings  
Rowh Carl H. 23 M Clayton Garfield
Rowley Harlan Benjamin     Dresden  
Rubendall Earl Edwin 21 S Oberlin Liberty
Rubendall Walter Lee 26 M Oberlin Liberty
Rudriquez Luis Garcia 24 S Cedar Bluffs--Alien Beaver
Ruebesam Leonard William 23 S Norcatur Lincoln
Rule Blakey Luellan 26 M Clayton Pleasant Valley
Rushton William Lonson     Jennings  
Rusicka Louis F.     Oberlin  
Ruzicka Emile Albert     Oberlin  
Ruzicka James     Kanona  
Ruzicka Joe 23 S Oberlin Center
Rydquist Erhard Ferdinand     Oberlin  
Rydquist Ernest David G.     Oberlin  
Rydquist Eugene Walford 30 M Oberlin Summit

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